If You Don’t Like Us, Let Us Leave

The recent article on myself and the Traditionalist Worker Party was a typical story to come out of the Jewish controlled media. I wasn’t particularly surprised or blown away by anything, other than that I feel like I should send the ADL and SPLC a fruit basket for all the nice things they say about me. I don’t think even my own mother has called me intelligent and charismatic as many times as various Leftist organizations have in recent memory. All jokes aside, if you want to get into the minds of the public, go to the comments section of any article dealing with the subject of race in America.

Comment sections are tricky things. They’re a platform for anonymously voicing their honest opinions about the subject material. It is no surprise with the rise of nationalism that many far-left and cuckservative publications and websites have shut down their comment sections or put in place heavy moderation to suppress public opinion.

While the general narrative by the Left is that Whites aren’t hated or discriminated against, within just a few minutes of the article going live, the anti-White hate started pouring in. The irony of Bernie Sanders supporters talking about the working class then turning around and calling low-income Whites “rednecks” and “White trash” seems to be lost on them.

The Leftist agitators aren’t interested in the working class activists of previous generations. They’re just interested in attacking White people. When poor Blacks or Hispanics say they have concerns over economic and social issues, the Left applauds. When White working class people express their concerns over millions of lost jobs, decreasing wages, lower life expectancy and demographic replacement, we are instantly told to sit down, shut up, and accept our replacement.

Here is just a small selection of the comments found on the Washington Post article, that all seem to have a common thread.

own country uuuu
Leftists cheering our demographic displacement

Leftists cheering our demographic displacement

Many of the commentators on the article are proposing an interesting idea that I wholeheartedly agree with, letting us form our own nation. In the view of liberal America, the idea that White people want to opt out of the failed multicultural experiment is considered the ultimate sin. White people are supposed to accept rape, job loss, murder, and endless assaults as part of our noble and quiet fall into non-existence. This mindset is pathological in the psyche of the radical Left, nearly a religious devotion to their supposed cause.

As an example of how far this goes one only needs to look at the story of Karsten Nordal Hauken, a leftist politician from Norway. Mr. Hauken was brutally sodomized at knife point by a Somali “refugee” and after the criminal was arrested and served his jail sentence, the “refugee” was deported back to Somalia. Mr. Hauken told reporters that this violent rapist wasa product of an unjust world. A product of an upbringing marked by war and deprivation” and that he felt “guilt and responsibility” for the guilty rapist being deported.

In what sane world is a man who broke into someone’s home, held him at knife point and then forcibly sodomized him not spending the rest of his life in prison, …let alone being held a pity party by one of his victims?

Contrary to the Leftist mindset, I don't think these guys are going to support homosexuality and liberalism

Contrary to the Leftist mindset, I don’t think Anjem Choudary is going to support homosexuality and liberalism

The Left claims to fight “Homophobia”, “Rape Culture,” and “Capitalist Interests” but they actively support importing and facilitating terrorism, mass sexual assaults and economic war against the working class through their immigration and multicultural policies.

In an amazing case of Orwellian doublethink, the useful idiots of the organized Left promote policies to increase rape, increase capitalist exploitation of the working class, and to institute demographic and religious changes that could lead to the implementation of Wahhabi Sharia law in the West which would be the end of both feminism and the homosexual movement that the Left fights so hard to promote.

At the behest of the organized Jewish community, White Leftists are dedicated to their own demographic and cultural extinction and will do anything to bring this future to pass. The Left however has been able to come up with a proper answer on how to deal with those who refuse to go quietly into the night and accept their genocidal plot.

Some Leftists say they want to kill us, others say they want to brainwash us but an increasing amount say they just want us to go away. While divorce is a terrible thing, sometimes it is necessary and likewise, sometimes political divorce is necessary. This is the one circumstance where the degenerates are opposed to a clean and easy no-fault divorce.

If the Left wants to have their endless immigration and rising tide of extremism, abortion, attacks on the family, and radical feminism, let them have it. The best solution politically for people who have irrecoverable differences is to let them go their own way, to chart their own course. That’s the beauty of sovereignty. No matter how much I object to what’s going on over the wall, it’s not my business.

In a way where both sides win, if Leftists and nationalists were able to peacefully separate into our own nations, we would no longer have to worry about Red States vs Blue States, Flyover County vs the Coasts, Multiculturalism vs Local Communities; we could live according to our guiding principles without stepping on one another. If California or New York wants to have gay marriage, let them have it. If Mississippi and the rest of the Bible Belt wants to have only Traditional Marriage, let them have it.

There is no longer a consensus on what an “American” even is or what American “values” supposedly are. The differences in religion, culture, ethnicity and customs divide the American Empire in ways that these various forces cannot coexist. One will always dominate the other and lead to further strife. In order to avoid ethnic, religious, and cultural strife and to give both the Left and Right what they want, the only solution is to peacefully separate from one another and then govern our own nations based on the will of the people who live there.

Regions that don’t want mass immigration should be allowed to have restrictive policies for immigrants. Those that support multiculturalism should be allowed to have it. If people want to have the Bible as the guiding text of their region, let them have it; if people want to have the writings of Marx and the Enlightenment to guide them, let them. I do not want to rule over people who do not share our values and worldview, I simply want to be left alone and not have bureaucrats and people with diametrically opposed values hundreds of miles away governing how my family and my community run our affairs.

America serves no one but globalism, we must allow each ethnic community to determine their own future and pave the way to self determination for all

America serves no one but globalism, we must allow each ethnic community to determine their own future and pave the way to self determination for all

If the Left is tired of “racism” and “White supremacy” and every other buzz word they like to spout, then give us our own sovereign and independent Homeland to live in. If White people are the problem, solve the problem by giving us our own “Safe Space” somewhere on the North American continent to where we won’t interfere with multiculturalism and diversity. This plan would empower ethnic communities, not just Whites, to take charge in regions where they are dominant and allow them to celebrate their culture, history and to make decisions for the best interests of their people.

Black communities should be allowed to hire Black police officers to patrol their streets. Hispanic areas should be allowed to have Spanish as the tongue used in schools and in local governments, Muslim communities should be allowed to implement Islamic laws according to their Faith, White communities should be allowed to maintain the homogeneous nature of their towns and cities. Each people would be sovereign, independent and allowed to govern themselves according to their values in a way that stops the half measures we have today that makes no side happy and instead be allowed to embrace true nationalism for their Faith, Family and Folk. Those who ascribe to multiculturalism should be allowed to do so in their own territory.

For Leftists they must only look at the rise of nationalism in Europe to see that this current system is unsustainable. As Whites are demographically pushed to the brink, we will begin and already are pushing back. The way to solve this conflict of ideologies and worldviews is to peacefully sit down and break apart the already failed American Empire, just as the peoples of the USSR did in the late 1980’s. To remain shackled to one another will only lead to conflict, disunity and animosity. If Leftists truly think we are the problem standing in the way of their multicultural utopia, then let us go.

Only through peaceful separation can we hope to bring about a true solution to the current battle over Identity, religion and values that is plaguing America from Coast to Coast. So I ask this of you liberals, if you hate us so much; why won’t you just let us go?


Dustin Jarl


“Containment of” and “separation from” leftism was already tried, and it did not work. Leftism, practically by its own definition, is a global movement with a global agenda, never forget. Because of that there really isn’t enough room not even in the whole world for them and us. That is the reason why they won’t “let you separate”; these commenters are not serious when they say stuff like that, they’re just being anonymous morons making a poor attempt at tongue-in-cheek humor.

Look, these people are fundamentally losers, that’s really what unites them all. Not even “have-nots” but “cannot-haves”. And you’re not doing yourself a favor by trying to pander to the likes of them with your “Workers’ Party” and your pitchfork symbol and that hick banjo music you guys just released. They don’t want you, in fact they’re making fun of you right now for trying to pander to them. They’re the lowest common denominator, meaning that they will always go for the lowest common political denominator, which is socialism, not you.

You need to change your image, guys. Bigtime. You need to attract the winners, not try to pander to the losers with a “workers’ party” and pitchforks and hick music and all the rest of that nonsense. (You’ve seen the result of doing the latter in the WaPo comment section today.)


I think the image just needs to be streamlined into something a little more modern and revolutionary. Separatism is reactionary, it implies retreat and surrender. The appeal to the disenfranchised white working class is extremely important and timely given the Trump and Sanders insurgencies, but at this stage we need to some kind of a common front for attacking and dismantling Jewish capitalism at its core. We need to be seen as attacking the system rather than retreating from it. But the argument presented in this piece is certainly a useful rhetorical device for exposing the extreme hypocrisy of liberalism.

Great publicity from the Washington Post, Heimbach et al are certainly on the right track!!


We have a front. NorthwestFront.org.

I am migrating to the Northwest Homeland this year where with help of my Orthodox brothers I will be setting up Traditionalist “Legionaire” outpost Northwest.

Focus Northwest!

Derek Wolf

Yeah, “pandering” to the workers is a terrible idea.
That’s why when Germany went full nationalist to protect itself, it only pandered to uppity scholars, bankers and doctors.


Derek: And what was the result of Germany going “full nationalist”? Germany made things far worse for itself by doing that, didn’t it?


Could you describe these “winners” in some detail & give us actionable methods to attract them? Be specific.


First of all, drop “workers’ party”, the pitchforks, the the hick music, etc. Stop pandering to the hicks.

Second, stop all this nonsense about running away to the middle of nowhere in Montana.

Third, you have to stop sounding like such victims. #3 is probably the hardest because many of you are victims. But you can’t ever sound like it. You are here to restore order, not to clamor for your slice of the victim pie.

Fourth, you have to look the part. Don’t look like a skinhead. No more beer gut for Matt Heimbach. Etc.

Ezra Pound

This is a fun thought experiment, but the people in a position to allow the emergence of an ethnostate on the territory of North America exist beyond ideology, and they’re never going to let us go peacefully. Leftism is an instrument for them, not an actual ideology they believe in (I’m not talking about the true-believing spokespeople, who certainly do believe in it.) It is absolutely masturbatory to imagine that “leftists” are in a position to let us go on our merry way, even if they wanted to. The oligarchy that owns and operates the going concern called “UNITED STATES” will never allow a separate political entity to exist in competition with it, not without a whole hell of a lot of dead bodies anyway. Not trying to force black pills on anyone, just trying to be realistic.


The US is a spent force, economically, politically and militarily. It would probably be a relatively small pile.

Derek Wolf

Great read.
Secession into sovereign states may be the only way to preserve (restore?) Freedom of Association.

Left as one blob of multiculturalism, the dominant party will eventually erase the culture and identity of all minor parties in the US. A great example is the Arab Muslim takeover of Western Europe.

Now, a legitimate concern is the safety of each state after secession.
For instance: would the Communist Party in Chicago make alliances within or outside of the US, with the intention of overtaking another state?
Would we be at higher risk to be attacked by, say, the UN as they did to countries like Yugoslavia?

We have a greater world-presence as the USA. But, multiculturalism is a time-bomb that will inevitably destroy the USA anyways. Thought experiments like this are healthy and necessary to find solutions.

Ted Bundy

We are in much more danger now. The despicable jew controlling and manipulating our money, gov and its in house pets to attack with no provocation. The NA Pavement Ape is the perfect weapon designed to keep YT subdued and compliant.
YT better learn to aggress.


Ukraine said to the Crimeans, this is our country, if you don’t like it, you can leave. So they left.

Leftists blindly presume that our land, homes, businesses, bank accounts, children, and guns belong to them because they bought and bribed 51% of the voters.

John Q. Whiteman

I believe that southern states would be open to secession, but their black populations would constitute a fifth column for Washington.


“So I ask this of you liberals, if you hate us so much; why won’t you just let us go?”

Because they are manipulated by the Jews. Logic is not their strong point.

Talking about the Left, the leftists, the liberals, and so on, is not a very precise way to describe what is going on. Most White people in the United States vote for the Right. And most of those who vote for the Left are not anti-White. So, in the end, the anti-White radical Left represents very few White people. It is all the more ridiculous that they would tell normal White people to move to some other country.

They are a small minority, but they are in a position of power thanks to the Jews. They are completely dependent on Jewish money, the Jewish media, Jewish activists, and the protection of Jewish power. They are like the Black Lives Matter movement. The role of BLM and of White people in the radical Left is to give the impression that the problem comes from the violent Blacks and the violent left-wing Whites, when in fact, it’s the Jews behind it all.

“The useful idiots of the organized Left” who work “at the behest of the organized Jewish community” shouldn’t be called leftists or liberals at all. They are completely different from the mass of normal White people who vote for the Left. Someone should invent a new name for them, an appellation that would evoke the idea of a nasty aggressive Jewish-controlled anti-White moron.

J.j. Cintia

The Left is the garbage heap of history. The rainbow of hateful scum is living a delusion given to them by the hook-nosed fools who erroneously believe they will rule a world of compliant slaves. The only thing those leftovers of failed evolution have in common is inferiority and delusions of grandeur. That whole false unity is just a Giant Cargo Cult waiting for Free Shit. Its not ideology that holds them together but endless promises of Free Shit. Cut off the Free Shit and they will kill each other over the scraps. Irregardless of their looney tune claims of lording over Whites, just being here and begging for scraps is cold testament to their obvious inferiority. Parasites all, they can babble on about their power but without the theft of White taxes they will be slaughtering each other for the scraps they have left.

Ed Edgerton

Why don’t they let us go? As Tim Murdock explained, under the current anti-white order, whites cannot be allowed self-determination anywhere. If whites were allowed an explicitly white ethnostate anywhere, then the whole anti-white world order would soon collapse, since it would become clear that it was based on lies. Everyone would want to live in the white ethnostate, especially Jews, and it would inevitably become an inspiration for whites unfortunate enough to live outside of the ethnostate.

Sid Secular

Attaway, Matt. If it comes down to it, we may need to separate from this vile, demented, evil, zombified mass/mess. Looking forward to learning more and a discussion of the alternatives at our upcoming meeting with the local Party rep. and to contributing to the party newsletter.

Gubbler Chechenova

Why is US so retarded?

We have to keep in mind that college kids are now treated like kindergarteners.

Pride is like teeth. You have lose your baby teeth to have a stronger set of adult teeth.

Similarly, you have to lose your baby pride to gain adult pride.

To lose baby pride, young people have to swallow their immature pride and learn to take orders and criticism and realize there’s more to truth, humanity, and the world than their childish rants and righteous posturing.

When kids act lazy and stupid, they must be criticized and made to realize the insipidity of their childish ways. They must let go of baby pride and develop real virtues and abilities that will imbue them with adult responsibilities that will serve as the basis for adult pride.

But our culture encourages young people to stick with their baby pride. So, we have all this babytalk as political discourse: ‘micro-aggressions’ gaga-goo-goo, ‘triggering’ waaaaaah we cwy, ‘safe spaces’ me and my sandbox goo goo, ‘slut pride’ me dwess and talk anyway I want but want respect goo, bogeyman of ‘KKK’ and ‘white supremacist everywhere mommy mommy there is monster under my bed me cwy goo goo gaga.

Black Lives Matter is pure baby pride and babytalk based on unreality.

Blacks now complain that grades and checking for grammar is ‘racist-wacist, goo goo gaga’ because blacks aint so keen on punctuation, spelling, and shi*. (Maturity be ‘racist’ since so many blacks be childlike and shi*.)

Homo and tranny agenda has turned American Culture into child’s play of make-believe lalaland.

We live in a world where ‘pride’ is synonymous with celebration that George Takei likes a man’s penis in his fecal hole and where ‘courage’ is synonymous with Bruce Jenner putting on a dress and demanding to go wee-wee in the women’s restroom.

US is turning into Infantania or Infantasia.

Real pride is about growing up and growing a new set of teeth. It’ s not about holding onto baby teeth and demanding that food be soft and tender so that baby teeth can chew pablum forever. Goo goo ga.

Gubbler Chechenova

Come to think of it…

All new orders and societies require some degree of supremacism, be it racial, cultural, spiritual, ideological, or whatever.

For communist nations to be established, the communist had to have ideological and political supremacism over the populace and ban all competing ideologies.

Once most people came to accept communism, then the communist system could be more tolerant and lenient.

Same for Islam. For there to be Islamic civilization, the Muslims had to use ruthless violence and ban all pagan practices. Muslims tolerated Jews and Christians but barely. They had to know who was boss. In Muslim civilizations, Islam was supreme.

Only when that was established could Muslims be somewhat more lenient.

This is true even within a single ideology. When it was Stalin vs Trotsky, both tried to purge the other side. It was winner takes all. Stalin won, and he had to wipe out all competing factions. It was partisan-politics supremacism.

No order was ever established by equality and niceness. All new orders was established by the supremacy of the new dynasty, new clan, new ideology, new military, new something.

The nature of power is competitive. Various groups contend for power. Eventually, for one side to take power and impose its system/vision over the land, there has to supremacism.

This was true even among the Nazis. Hitler vs Rohm. The Night of the Long Knives. Hitlerian supremacism over contending factions and groups.

This is why the globo-homo elites are hard at work. It’s why they are in supremacist mode. They took elite power, and they are now trying to consolidate their power for the future.

Since there aren’t enough globalists to secure permanent globalist dominance, globalists like Soros seek more diversity via massive immigration so that no single gentile group will have gain critical mass to challenge globalist power.

In a way, the breakup of the USSR was bad for globalist power. If USSR had remained intact when communism collapsed, globo oligarchs may have been able to play off the various nationalities of former-USSR against one another. But since Russia became mostly Russian, Russians could use Russian nationalism to take back some power from globo oligarchs.

All this yammering about ‘white supremacism’ is really smoke-and-mirrors to maks the agenda to secure globo-Homo dominance forever. And to do this, globalists tolerate no competing narratives or views. Since globalists see white gentiles as the most capable potential challenger to globalist power, they invoke the bogeyman of ‘white supremacism’ to shame and paralyze white identity and interests, which are legit.

Vilify white supremacism to push globo-Homo supremacism.

Anyway, look at Israel. It was only possible cuz Zionism had supremacism over the Arabs. Imagine if Zionists had sought equality with Arabs from day one.

Arab vision of Palestine was utterly different from Zionist vision of Israel. If both sides had equal power and say in everything from the outset, Israel and its western/modern system would never have succeeded. For Israel to be possible, there had to be Zionist supremacism that expelled Arabs from much of the land. There had to be Zionist power to create a new nation along European models of modernity, business, science, and development. Only after Israel was created and Jewish power was secure in Israel could Jews be more tolerant toward remaining Arabs in Israel(who live better than most Muslims in Muslim lands though with lingering humiliation of being second-class citizens).

And only a fool would say modern South Africa would have been possible if white conquerors/settlers had opted for total equality in everything with the blacks in that region from day one. The cultures, values, and ideas of two civilizations were utterly different. They were not compatible. One side had to gain supreme power to enforce its vision and system over the other. And it was because whites did that that modern South Africa was possible.

But PC forbids any such moral ambiguity since it reduces the world into cops and robbers of good and evil. And of course, there’s nothing worse than ‘white supremacism’!!

Even democracy in Japan and Germany were imposed by American military supremacism. The Japanese and Germans didn’t have a choice. They had go along with the new system whether they liked it or not.

And USSR created communist Eastern Europe via Soviet military and ideological supremaism, or the Moscow Line supremacism.

It’s just how new orders are created at the outset.

So, if white supremacism was necessary to found and build America, so what? All systems were built on supremacism of a people, culture, ideology, vision, and etc.


It might involve a large pile of bodies, or not.
CS Lewis (forward to Smoke on the Mountain) said “the Sin of Fear, cowardice,” was especially bad for a Christian.

“Perhaps, if the moment comes, our bite will prove better than our howls. If not, we shall have to confess that two millennia of Christianity have not yet brought us up to the level of Stoics and Vikings. For the worst according to the flesh a Christian need face is to die in Christ and rise in Christ.
Some were content to die, and not to rise, with Father Odin.”

– CS Lewis, Smoke on the Mountain, p 10

“And behold, the Lord comes with ten thousands of his holy ones [agiais], to execute judgement”
– Jude 1.14

ps mike

The breakup of the Soviet Union had nothing to do wtih sitting down and peacefully working things out. It had to do with the collapse of the ruble. The judeo bolshevik scum looted the country, then they bought state owned assets for 10% of its value with the stolen loot, giving a little extra kick-back money to the key people who helped arrange the sale. The split happened only after they essentially went bankrupt.

No one in power is going to give anything to you unless you place them in a situation of duress. You have to have some leverage, some position of strength, and you have none.

I live in southern California. I’m not sure what the future holds here. I’m working class and have hispanic friends as well as whites. My younger hispanic, as well as white friends all have guns and don’t care much for authority. I’ve been seeing opportunity in that, as many hispanics are not jew wise. Well, I’m starting to change that. Like most working class folk, they know the system is rigged. So far not one hispanic has excoriated me for my criticism against jews. My older white friends all thought something was seriously wrong with me and were genuinely concerned, although none of them wanted to distance themselves from me.

This fight is going to involve age, class, who employs you, guts, as well as race. I want all the allies I can get in this fight against the elites. That includes hispanics who are more willing to fight than many whites. If and when we separate, I need to at least look forward to taking a nice chunk of loot with me. Why just sit back and let the jews turn the hispanics against us without employing the same class warfare that the dirty rat kikes employed against the czar in Russia.

One of my all time favorite movies is Braveheart. Watch that movie and then tell me that race is the only thing that matters.

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