The Return of the Orthodox Nationalist

There are few people who have impacted my life as much as Father Matthew Raphael Johnson. Father Johnson is an Orthodox priest who has influenced by view on Christian history, theology and my own personal beliefs more than any other member of clergy. On top of being a priest, Father Raphael has a Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska in political science, a published author with a dozen books under his belt and the former head of the Barnes Review.

Most of our readers are familiar with Father Raphael through his popular podcast series The Orthodox Nationalist, that originally aired on the Voice of Reason Network. These podcasts are some of the most interesting and informative podcasts available online today. Covering subjects of Russian history, Orthodox theology, classic Russian authors and modern politics; The Orthodox Nationalist provided insight for countless thousands into topics seldom covered in the West.

One cannot be well informed on geopolitics if one does not understand the history of the key players of both the past and the current age. Father Raphael provided this knowledge, in-depth looks at the history of Russia and her people and insight into the push of the New World Order.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I would not have the views I had today if it wasn’t for the dedicated writing and podcasts of Father Raphael.

 After taking a bit of a break, Father Raphael is coming back with all new episodes of The Orthodox Nationalist airing here at the Traditionalist Youth Network. Our dedicated readers can look forward to new articles and podcasts from Father Raphael to help guide them spiritually and politically in the modern age.

If you have never listened to an episode of The Orthodox Nationalist, I encourage you to start. I guarantee that you will soon be binge listening to these informative, fun, and enlightening podcasts.

Keep posted here at Trad Youth for the newest episodes of The Orthodox Nationalist, coming very soon to a computer near you!



Excellent news!

I had a similar intellectual journey, Matt. I have this good man to thank, in large part, for my eventual conversion to Trad. Catholicism. I can’t cite the exact podcast but there was one in which he expressed to the listener that eleven of Our Lord’s closest companions gave their lives, in the most gruesome ways, as a final testimony to confirm that Jesus was indeed God incarnate. They did this not for land, not for riches, not for women – for the Truth. They could have cried uncle at any time to save their lives, as most of us would. Hell, in the nationalist circles most of us flee at the mere word “racist.”

Of course it was many more than eleven of the twelve who died for this Truth. This was powerful to me and was enough to send me down this road where now I’m despised not only for being a nationalist but a TradCat as well. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My wife and three oldest children will be baptized this Easter Vigil. Thank you, Fr. MRJ!

Trump IS Hitler

Sven, is there any reason that Anglin is never on anymore is it is just a scheduling thing? EDIT* this account is a sock I use to troll National Review.

Sven Longshanks

He has connection problems where he is, so in order to make a podcast it would mean checking in to an expensive hotel for the night, so until he can get somewhere with a good connection or an alternate solution, Lee will be filling in for him.


This is wonderful news, as a devoted Orthodox/Nationalist listener I am very grateful to Tradyouth for making these podcasts available, and very glad to hear Fr. Johnson will continue. Just two days ago I was listening to one of these that was on radio aryan, and remember thinking that with all the incredible current happenings how good it would be to hear Fr. Johnsons perspective and amazing insight.

Matthew Raphael Johnson

I truly appreciate the work of Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrot in putting this back together for me as well as sponsoring my website. They’re the only ones to preserve all the original audio. I don’t even have them anymore. It’s only been recently that I’ve realized how popular this podcast was. Essentially a set of university lectures with no props or frills of any kind, I thought it would be a disaster on radio. I was happy to be wrong; mystified, but wrong. I’m not used to kind words. I thank you.

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