Europe on Fire: Only Nationalism Can Stop This

The Left loves to talk about the supposed “benefits” of mass Third World immigration, multiculturalism and diversity. The Leftist think tanks and places in academia love to hide from diversity in gated communities with small armies of private security to protect them from their own invention. Multiculturalism in any country, not just European nations, leads to ethnic and religious conflict.

Differences of values between tribal groups is inevitably going to end up with national disunity, distrust between the communities and outright violence. Even anti-nationalist media outlets cannot escape this reality as shown by the recent attack on a 60 Minutes Australia camera crew in Sweden by Third World immigrants. The reality of multiculturalism is that it leads to a breakdown of the organic nation and in many cases, outright violence.

This has been most recently witnessed by the tragic attacks in Belgium at the Brussels airport and subway system. At the time of this writing there have only been these two attacks, but there’s a possibility of more radical Islamic violence in the coming hours and days.

Media reports from the Associated Press tell us that,

Bombs exploded at the Brussels airport and one of the city’s metro stations Tuesday, killing at least 31 people and wounding dozens…About an hour later, another bomb exploded on a rush-hour subway train near the European Union headquarters. Terrified passengers had to evacuate through darkened tunnels to safety… The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the Brussels attacks, saying in a posting on the group’s Amaq news agency that its extremists opened fire in the airport and “several of them” detonated suicide belts. It said another suicide attacker struck in the subway. The posting claimed the attack was in response to Belgium’s support of the international coalition arrayed against the group.

First of all I want to point out that the issue here is not simply “Islam.” This is another attack by ideologically Saudi backed Wahhabi extremists. If we had supported Muslim leaders like Bashar al-Assad in Syria when groups like ISIS popped up, we wouldn’t be dealing with these terror attacks. The foreign policy of America and the European Union in supporting radical Islamic extremists against moderate and often times secular Muslim rules like Assad, Saddam, and Qaddafi have led to the growth of radical Sunni extremism. bombing victim

Nationalist rulers in the Middle East were fighting a war on terror long before America or the EU was, but every time the opportunity is presented, the West supports radical Islamists over secular nationalists, often to favor the interests of the Zionist State over peace and stability in the region and the safety of the citizens of the West.

The attacks in Brussels join those in Paris, San Bernardino, London and other places in the West that are dealing with our horrific foreign and domestic policies. The sexual assault attacks on German women in Cologne and countless other sexual assaults and rapes done by migrants are products of the situation that our corrupt leaders created. The blood of the victims and the pain of the injured is on the hands of our globalist political class. They can hide from the situation they created while the people suffer and die.

We have thrown open our nation’s doors to millions of people who have different religious and cultural values that are totally incompatible with Western Civilization. Europeans have been fighting back against aggressive attacks from the Muslim world for over a thousand years. Somehow people are still surprised that when you let millions of Muslims, many of them with ties to extremism or Wahhabi Sunni Islam, …there might be consequences. The descendants of those who attacked Tours, Constantinople and Vienna have brought war back to Europe and we must awaken Europeans to this reality.

As I write this I know that the body count of the attack in Brussels will likely rise. Families have been torn apart through the loss of husbands, wives, and children. Multiculturalism and mass immigration have real consequences to real people. These insane and diabolical policies of the Establishment are making orphans out of children and tearing apart communities. Brussels will not be the last attack, just as Paris or the beheading of Lee Rigby in England wasn’t the last attack.

The European population is decreasing while the foreign population rises, with an increase in radical Islamic recruitment, bombings like this will likely become commonplace. The only way to stop them is to through the rise of true nationalism.

We must rekindle the spirit of the defenders of Vienna to secure a future for our Faith, Family and Folk

We must rekindle the spirit of the defenders of Vienna to secure a future for our Faith, Family and Folk

It is the duty of nationalists to work through all honorable means to change our governments and their policies both in regards to foreign and domestic laws and policies. These invaders who are taking the lives of our countrymen must be made to feel unwelcome and then sent home. Silence is capitulation to the policies that are not only demographically displacing us in the long term, but killing men, women and children here and now.

We are at war.

It’s time to realize that and begin to retake our streets and nations for the cause of Faith, Family and Folk. The next bomb that “refugees” set might just strike someone you love. The danger is real, the crisis is escalating, and only nationalist solidarity and combined action can halt the rise of globalism that is reaping a tragic harvest of blood and shattered lives of our people.

You can either sit on the sidelines and watch as your people and culture are displaced, while your cities go up in flames, and as those you care for are shot or bombed by people who shouldn’t even be in the West in the first place, or you can stand and fight. The choice is yours, but I plan to follow in the example of Charles Martel and the countless European defenders of Mother Europa. We will fight, we will struggle, and we will win.



Great article sir. Another bitter and tragic element to all this is the apostasy from the Church, as people trade in the Truth, Way, and Life for the jew run euro-sodom, this is the inevitable result. Thank God there is still some sanity in the Eastern countries such as Hungary and Poland who are showing real resistence to this insanity.

J.j. Cintia

I will not sully my honor by offering any to these globalist swine. They can kiss my ass. This obvious attempt at creating hostility and disharmony is the stupid inferior cowards way of imposing a police state without having the guts and courage to declare martial law. These cowards and swine make me sick. They have no honor. They have no courage. The sooner they are removed and replaced the better. These invaders are merely opportunistic scum. They will flee in terror once the raw power of our weapons crash onto their empty sloping skulls. Only the traitors are keeping our natural military superiority from destroying them.


I disagree that the Arabs have been a threat to Europe in the last 600 years but for the last 40 with the fake war on terror. Also, I find it interesting Matt, that with your intelligence, you aren’t intelligent enough to see through false flags and enemy blaming. You accept the media portrayal, I assume on all false flags as a given while laffing at us posting the Jew looking at his smart phone cause he’s bored in the partly, at least, fake event
I do take note of your FFF slogan which is equivalent to 666 in secret society numerology and in your disguised pyramid emblem of your arm bands. Could it be you actually support what you feign to oppose?


Just replace false flag with patriarchy and enemy blaming with victim blaming and you sound just like an SJW kook


The word replacement is ironic. The premise nonetheless is the same. Enemy blaming? False flags? Come on, Alex Jones. is that way ——–>


false flag- when international Jewry uses agents and dupes to foment a crisis and blame it on an innocent target- I don’t get your point- what does that have to do with patriarchy. Enemy blaming is what false flags are all about. They get dupes or goy or sheep to focus their wrath on innocent parties by a coordinated storyline of which the media sells as fact.
I hope this site isn’t claiming that Jew news is ever accurate and truthful when it’s bad for Jews. This is a 700 year ongoing fact from which we are smart to be skeptical of any event that offers as proof heresay testimony from “trusted” sources. I am sure the enemy trusts these sources will spread the exact words needed to get the effects the elites wish for.
Do you follow me?


Muslims are not innocent. And I’m very aware of the Jew. But what good is it going to do to attribute godlike powers to them as if they had this carefully planned out ages ago? If whites get their crap together, the Jew is powerless.


they have had it and they need to know it to motivate them. I have a saying “If you aren’t fighting the Jew you are fighting for the Jew!” I think it’s pretty accurate


“If you aren’t fighting the Jew you are fighting for the Jew!”

True, but what if someone is fighting the jew idirectly?

In this case Heimbach is attacking jewish power indirectly by attacking it’s ally and lackey: saudi arab Wahhabism.

On top of that, arabs are still semites. Are they as vile as jews? Of course not, but they do have a semitic mentality like jews

Also, we can’t prove whether an event is a false flag or not. So we should always assume an event is NOT a false flag as long as it benefits us( jew wise racists) to do so.


With Jews, it’s more than a race problem. It is a Talmud indoctrination problem. Unfortunately, when you don’t name the Jew, the clueless will never get the hint. We have to be bold. Fortune favors those who are. We really have to become strong enough to say fuck you to their outlets of media choice. TO feel we have to play by their rules gives them a huge advantage. Heimbach clearly is compromising message to get airplay but think about it. Would the Jews give him airtime if that message was a concern to them?
Jews are the only ppl that pose a real threat on the rest of mankind. If you believe Muslims do, you are taking Jewish bait. They always sell others as the threat and it has always been them


I would say that there are many factors behind jewish behavior, talmudic is one, but race and genetics are also a factor.

This is an unavoidable point of view when you remember that the rabbis practiced eugenics.


well, it’s a factor but the need to take over the world, is a taught ideology mindset. The need to fear all goyim is an ideology mindset that is brainwashed in early, IMO

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