Traditionalist Worker’s Party and Keystone United Event: A First Person Perspective

On February 13th, 2016, the party cadre of the Traditionalist Worker’s Party co-hosted an energetic encounter with the leaders of the community organization, Keystone United, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

This conference was a historical development within the racial advocacy and third positionist movement for one stark reason: the approximately sixty individuals in attendance came from all walks of life, and all were liberated from superfluous contradictions, snobbery, or subcultural hangups. Some wore suits, others preferred bomber jackets. A few speakers had Ph.Ds, but many work with their hands–equally valuable in their insight.

Respected elders and movement veterans shared their wisdom, but the young average age of attendees inspired them to keep the faith. Quirky computer nerds found full coherence with well-adjusted family men (a few with a penchant for power lifting). Artists exchanged ideas with writers on ways to synthesize their gifts and create unstoppable propaganda. Zionist-outlawed rebellious musicians found kinship with religious leaders in their shared racially-motivated persecution. There was even a bake sale!

The ugly classism that is pervasive within more conservative elements in our patriotic movement was smashed here. Those who came with economic burdens were not treated with shaming, but instead to love and solidarity, the values both TWP and KU/KSS share above all. There were no pretentious $200 “catering fees”, because a pint of Guinness and stimulating conversation is all the nourishment a truly dedicated Political Soldier needs.

The genuine diversity at this event was enlightening, it was the kind of diversity that accurately represents the population at large, and shows just how our ideology is permeating against all the odds in our society from top to bottom. Regardless of our differences, we all had the most important thing in common: We’re going to awaken the sleeping Occidental Giant, and no Jew is going to tell us what to do!

The subjects of conversation ranged from the big picture problem of the criminally ignored plight of America’s rural “white privileged” poor and the havoc the global capitalist de-industrialization project is wreaking throughout our heartland.  Immediate questions also sparked important conversation, such as how we can pool our talents and resources to raise money to fight back against the horrifying and malicious indifference of the genocidal African National Congress towards South African white peasants currently being decimated by drought.

To the elitist fools that look down on blue collar whites: these are the people with heart that’ll fight and die for you, and you should be ashamed if you don’t feel the same.

To those who pigeonhole themselves with Hollywood expressions of racial politics: that nerd who you’re tempted to give a wedgie to may just have the technological skills to create a serious movement capable of addressing the problems effecting all of us.

To those who attended the event last Saturday: Let us continue building the new archetypical man, capable of bringing our race to the light. This new man both sharpens his mind and strengthens his body, and spits in the face of the frivolous materialism of our age.

Hail Victory!



“The subjects of conversation ranged from the big picture problem of the
criminally ignored plight of America’s rural “white privileged” poor and
the havoc the global capitalist de-industrialization project is
wreaking throughout our heartland.”

moving production out of cities and into small towns again would certainly solve many of these problems. It’s the often forgotten other half of dismantling the neocon agenda.


I always wondered whether the unemployment and low wages in rural areas were done on purpose to force ideal candidates into the military.

Just another way “freedom” is semantic BS. There’s no freedom when the choice is abject poverty or the armed forces.

ps mike

I think it absolutely is being done on purpose. I just wish theses whites would fight for the homeland instead of the jew agenda. The thing that gets me is their idiot parents are so proud of this. I understand that everyone is 18 and dumb at this point in their life, but what the fuck is wrong with their parents. Nobody ever says anything other than calling them heroes.

ps mike

In fact, the more I research history, the more I realize racial identity politics is a dead end. We are reacting against the lie of cultural Marxism and diversity, but it’s only that…a reaction. Money has always bought people off, and it always will. Most people did not emigrate to America for religious freedom. The working class came here because they were being killed off by their own people, for hunting dear or fishing on royal property.

It’s about class warfare. It always has been, and always will be. Race is only a component and NOT the big picture. The poor need to find allies wherever they can, since the rich will always be able to buy their own armies.

Fr. John+

It’s not just all-white enclosed RESIDENTIAL enclaves that are mentioned in the saying, ‘The Rich can always AFFORD their own Apartheid.’

IT is an elitism of PRIDE and HUBRIS, PRELEST and PRIVILEGE, from Patriarch to peon.

It is what brought about the Bolshevik Revolution.

It will now bring back the reverse side of the pendulum swing. Populism, Narodnost, Monarchy, Orthodoxy.

Even AA over at Daily Stormer, today said this: “Not having a state religion has proven to be a disaster. A state religion unifies the nation, and provides guidance to those who are not intelligent enough to understand what is going on around them.

Ted Cruz is the perfect argument against democracy….”-

Because of this:

The times, they ARE a’changin’…..


Rich people love exclusivity. For all the talk of “socialists” being “envious”, it’s the wealthy who are the little men, constantly having to be reminded how great they are because deep down they know money doesn’t make a man.

The wealthy still have stay at home wives, all white neighborhoods, 99% white schools, and life without fear that a Mexican or H1B Paki is going to replace them at their CEO job.

Deep down inside, many of them feel a thrill go up their leg knowing that the man on the street can’t have any of the aforementioned privileges (a home cooked meal, time off to spend with their family, job security) . They sure played a role, at the very least in the Jew’s passenger seat, so I say fuck them all. Those wealthy people who do not outright support us are our de facto enemy, because they’re the ones with the power to put our nations first.

marc beesley

Great to see,rid our movement of the snobbery that has tainted it for years. Unemployed or millionaire catholic protestant orthodox who cares unite we are white. Hail victory


Do you prefer people segregating themselves based on their clothing style or taste in music, over uniting based on the common racial struggle then? I don’t quite understand your point.


My preferences really ought not clutter the thread. I’m just curious why these sub-cultural quirks aren’t celebrated:

“A cornucopia of diversity! An abundance of individuality! All converging and intersecting on one important issue, like a Venn Diagram with arms and legs…”

…but to delight in the transcendence of important identity markers? Maybe you didn’t pack as much meaning in all that as I’ve read into it. Or maybe your inner collectivist is stronger than your outer philanthropist?


Yeah, I’m a collectivist and not ashamed to say it. Your clothing style, consumer habits, and taste in music should come second to saving the race. That’s the difference between a genuine nationalist and a hobbyist.

I generally don’t take my cues on what’s right or wrong from the GOP or Jews like Mises and Rothbard–barking up the wrong tree trying to use “collectivist” as a pejorative.


Oh I feel your pain about the word “collectivist”; one can’t listen to 5 minutes of Glenn Beck without balking at the naivete of his usage. Only in our circles I’m having to look out for those who care more for their Socialism than the pan-white collective. I call them collectivist for conveniences sake. White egalitarians, as it were.

…but if I balk at your detestable economic ideals I’d be trouncing on my own ” diverse” emphases. I’m willing to do business with socialists…they’ll need more than my team can produce, in the end.


I’m a white egalitarian within reason. All whites are equal in dignity even if not in ability. Lack of understanding of this fundamental principle, that we’re only as strong as the least of us, is how we got into this mess in the first place.

The Carrier corporate board who are outsourcing 1,400 jobs to Mexico aren’t Jewish for the most part. They are Gentiles trained in Jewy business schools to put profit and cosmopolitanism over nation. This is where capitalism and Marxism meet each other even if their premises are different, capitalism is inherently globalist and the race to the bottom is a good thing according to Ricardo, Adam Smith, etc.


Don’t care more for the farm than you do for the corn and cabbage.

…it ought to be the other way around.

ps mike

I don’t understand. Why would you single out Rothbard and Mises. I came into WN primarily because of my hatred of the parasite jews-the likes of Greenspan, Bernanke, Lloyd Blankfein, Robert Rubin, and many others. The two you have singled out are the ultra-rare exception to the rule. Rothbard and Mises hated fractional reserve banking and the theft allowed by a massive central bank of other banks. Rothbard was nearly denied his PhD. because he went against the establishment on this. Why are you singling them out as targets?


The economic theories of Mises and Rothbard are self-confessed junk science (assertions are a priori, that’s why their predictions hardly ever come true), the social values they preach are toxic. Von Mises was directly in charge of the Austrian economy prior to the Anschluss and it (along with the gold standard that the Germans late scrapped) was a catastrophic failure compared to Nationalsocialism.

American WN’s who are fans of these Jews should listen to what they said about racialism: it’s a form of collectivism, it’s a form of socialism. You can’t reconcile economic liberalism with nationalism. That’s why they must be attacked. Problem with the federal reserve isn’t that its a central bank, the problem is that the power to issue currency was taken away from Congress and given to private Jew bankers.

ps mike

I’ll focus on Rothbard because I honestly don’t know enough details about Mises. You don’t mention much context about what makes it “junk science”, but I’ll address the typical WN rejection of the gold standard.

First, Germany never went off the gold standard in international trade, because gold is ALWAYS accepted, sometimes only accepted, in international trade. They did domestic labor credits, but gold was absolutely used to buy goods on the international market. This gold was often confiscated from enemies of the state and conquered nations. Norway famously was able to evacuate their gold to Britain before the Germans got to it.

I’m short on time, but as someone who traded stocks and studied economics in the past, I’ve noticed that most heads of state come into contention with their chief economists. Imagine the excitement one feels knowing it is possible to reach the moon, and everyone feels this excitement. The economist is basically the guy who keeps reminding you of this barrier called gravity and tells you just how difficult, expensive, and laborious the project is going to be. Eventually, you begin to dislike him, considering him to be a “Doubting Thomas”. Hitler and Hjalmer Schact came into contention eventually, even though Schact had a genius IQ and gave himself completely to his country.

I want to post more at this time, but I’ll close by saying one can have both labor credits and gold in a healthy economy. Gold is scarce, which helps make it valuable, but I know it is hated by many because it is so difficult to obtain for the working class. The fact is, gold will always have value. If i become old and infirm, I can still use gold savings once I am no longer useful in the labor pool. This gold may help me be less of a burden on those who are working.


Gold’s value is entirely man-made. It doesn’t do anything, it’s more or less a pet rock. Its value is subject to economic planning by private Jew capitalists, IE , when they want a strong dollar Soros and co dump their gold, when they want to attack the currency they inflate its price.

Gold will have value on the world market (especially during the 30’s when most of the West was still transitioning away from the gold standard), sure, but a society with a gold standard doesn’t reward work. Hitler was highly skeptical towards Anglo-Judeo economic theories. Basically, it’s a question of values, British measure success by how many millionaires live on their island, while Germans measured it by how productive the country was and the median standard of living. I prefer the latter model, and the gold standard is not conducive to it.

ps mike

All things have a value determined by people. But which people?? Yes, the parasite jews determine most financial markets, and I want them imprisoned and ALL of their assets confiscated by the state. You correctly use the phrase “economic planning”. However, you are completely wrong to refer to economic planning as capitalism. Capitalism means everyone has a right to plan their own financial course of action without state interference. When parasite jews bribe the government to make markets for them, that is pure fascism. They are the nazis of the 21st century.


Mike, the best way to argue with a Socialist is to let him learn the failure of his policies first hand, then bail out his children with capitalist produce. 🙂


Yeah, capitalist produce. Like the tons of corn rotting in silos that couldn’t be distributed to millions of unemployed starving Irish because Lord BoyToucher at 10 Downing Street thought it would “upset the market”.

Capitalism makes gypsies out of white men, and has killed as many Aryans as Communism has in the last 2 centuries. The point of life isn’t to haggle over the price of a potato.


Neither “isms” nor guns kill anyone, Eric.

…but Nazis have always been prone to talking points and surface rhetoric instead of indepth philosophizing.


You might think you’re an 1840’s chattel slave master, but I don’t think I’m a 1930’s German, so stop calling me pejoratives like “Nazi”.

Since you’re a southern nationalist, you ought to look at some of the South’s greatest patriots, from Thomas Watson to George Wallace. Both had views on economics that largely line up with my own, evil “socialism”.

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