I have found it imperative to explain the views of how the foreign countries view the situation in South Africa. When we at Front Nasionaal speak to them about our situation in South Africa; and indeed we have spoken to many stakeholders in Conservative, Far-right, “Alt-Right” and Eurocentric parties and groups all over the world, this is largely due to the networking accomplished by our International spokesperson – Lenel Cotty Wessels.

When stakeholders do research about South Africa and it’s socio-political and it’s socio-economical situation they come back to us with the conclusion: “Things aren’t so bad – you seem to be coping.”

When we ask how they come to such a conclusion and we query how they have reached such a conclusion three topics come across:

1. “Well, many people of European descent vote for multicultural parties – this infers they wish to stay within a multicultural society.”
2. “Many people of European descent vote for parties that do not advocate self-determination – this infers they wish to stay and reside with South Africa in its current state.”
3. “Many people of European descent vote for parties that stand strongly for Affirmative Action, BBBEE and BEE – this infers they wish to keep those laws because it is an extension of what they believe.”

Considering the above three points, it must be self-evident that votes and the party for which one votes for becomes very important in the grand scheme of things. We must understand that the “right to vote” is not about simply drawing a cross in the box of an opposition party – voting is a moralistic issue.

YOUR vote is an extension of what YOU personally value.

YOUR vote is an extension of what YOU personally stand for.

YOUR vote is an extension of what YOU personally want society to be.

YOUR vote is an extension of the future in which YOUR children wish to grow in.

When people put on a blue t-shirt and say “Vote DA, we need to keep the ANC at bay”, is that how shallow our beliefs have become; so-much so that we want to vote for a party that intrinsically believes in laws to keep you AND you children out of a job??

Is that what YOU value? Is that what YOU stand for? Is that what YOU want society to be? Is that the future YOU want for your children?

YOU must again internalize the fact that YOUR vote is an extension of who you are.

The Afrikaans word for “vote” is “Stem”; “Stem” alternately translated means “Voice”; “Stemme” alternately translated means “Voices” – that is what the outside world is hearing. Is this a true reflection of what is happening in South Africa?

I will leave that up to YOU to decide.

Dean Dart
Front Nasionaal Jeug / Front National Youth
Chairman, Youth Wing of Front Nasionaal SA – blad



To what extent are people checking out of the system, and to what extent can people check out of the system, legally and illegally?

Richard Bird

You miss the whole point. There is no viable alternative to power in SA outside of the ANC and the DA. A whites only party which doesn’t cater for the balck majority is a non starter and would only attract a negative, most probably violent, reaction from the 90% black population. Voting for the DA doesn’t for one second mean whites support their policies. It’s just the lesser of the two evils, that’s all. Unfortunately, blacks will continue voting for the ANC, as they led the “stuggle” in SA during the apartheid years. That is the one reason. The other is intimidation and corruption. When they were opposed by the Zulu led Inkatha party on the run up to the elections in 1994. they had to “persuade” the Zulus to abandon their tradional party for the ANC, and they did so by slaughtering an estimated 30,000 Zulus. Blacks only understand violence, as they see it as strength, and the ANC’s policy prevailed, securing them the seat of power vacated by the whites.

J.j. Cintia

I support White Supremacy. I call it what it is though: Western Civilization. If you want brown government go live in a brown country. If you want to turn America brown, you better fight, cause I’ll kill you dead. Call me names. I don’t care sissy. Sticks and stones will break your bones, but I can hurt you harder.

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