Stop Stumping (for) the Trump

When drafting off of a vehicle, one must be mindful to refrain from getting carried away and ramming into the vehicle. Some White Nationalist leaders have become like delusional “side pieces,” so giddy about their man that they’re keen on ruining the man and his marriage in order to have him exclusively for themselves. We must back off a bit, both to protect his campaign and to protect our own cause.

Back in July, I wrote Let’s Not Be Trump’s Chumps

Trump cut through dozens of limp-wristed Tea Party libertarians, social conservative mumblers, and minority token candidates to land in the top spot in the polls and become the candidate that the other candidates are forced to react to with this one weird trick: Honestly and directly address White issues. To quote Ann Coulter, whose latest bestseller–¡Adios, America!–is scandalizing Beltway orthodoxy, “Drive up the White vote. That’s your base!”

But that’s all it is for him, a weird trick. Granted, an eccentric billionaire who’s beholden to his own ego rather than to Jewish and globalist financial backers is probably preferable to the rest of the available contenders. But he’s not one of us. He’s not pursuing shared interests. He doesn’t have shared goals. Trump is approaching this political campaign as a businessman, not as an ideologue, and he’ll follow the money and ego gratification away from White Interests as quickly as he followed the money and ego gratification toward White Interests.

The intervening months have been a boggling whirlwind of politics shifting in a national populist direction, with Donald Trump leading the charge. He has definitely proven more courageous and consistent than I would have ever imagined. Even honey badgers stand in awe of Trump. Yet, while the left-wing media doesn’t have the capacity to corner Trump into denouncing White Nationalism, we do. Some corners of White Nationalism have become so eagerly supportive of Trump that they’re threatening to stump him, practically begging for the response which he has studiously avoided for months; an explicit and direct denunciation of our position.

When it comes, it’ll reflect poorly on our discipline as a movement. It’s one thing for rank-and-file members to get excited and cross the line. Trump is happy to brush that aside, anyway. And a lot of the low-ranking stuff, like random twitter accounts crossing that line with trolling and such, has proven productive activism. But if the movement’s leadership keeps insisting (falsely) that Trumpism and White Nationalism are one and the same, the man is left with no choice but to offer a correction.

My position, one which happens to be both factually true and tactically prudent, is to confirm that he happens to be speaking to White issues while underscoring that he’s not one of us. Back in August, I followed that script in the New Yorker interview

“The political system hasn’t been providing an outlet for social-conservative populism. You had this Ron Paul revolution, and all the stuff about cutting taxes, small government, and that’s just not the electrifying issue that they were expecting it to be. Simple folks, they want the border secure. They want what Donald Trump is mirroring at them. I think he’s an intelligent businessman who identified what the people want to hear. He’s made a living finding these sorts of opportunities.”

Even assuming the most flattering framing of Trump and his motives, he’s a civic nationalist, perhaps even a civic variety of national socialist. He’s a fresh break from everything normal in American politics. But there’s nothing in his biography, in his policy positions, in his public statements, or in his moves which imply that he’s actually truly one of us, in that he cares about preserving our racial heritage. He just doesn’t…and that’s okay.

The misunderstanding occurs in perfect thirds. A third of the reason everybody in our circles thinks he’s White Nationalist is because the elites’ media wishes to smear him as such. A third of the reason everybody thinks he’s White Nationalist is vain wishful thinking. We did, after all, invest untold hundreds of thousands in Black Lives Matter open borders hero Rand Paul because we desperately wanted to believe we mattered. The final third of the reason for this mass delusion is Trump’s reptilian approach to who he supports and denounces.

To the untrained ear, a man who refuses to denounce White Nationalists when cornered is obviously one of us. For the overwhelming majority of politicians, that would certainly be the case. A student of Trump’s Art of the Deal and his frighteningly transactional manner with which he interacts with people will see something entirely different playing out in this exchange. Unlike the herd of cowardly humans whose endorsements and denunciations are a meteorological affair, Trump creates his own political micro-climate. He’s the unmoved mover, …a natural alpha and bully in human affairs.

One gets the impression that if some NAMBLA members showed up in full force to support Trump, his immediate reaction would be to brush off demands for him to denounce them and redirect the conversation. But if NAMBLA explicitly endorsed Trump, then the organization’s leadership repeatedly insisted that Trump and NAMBLA are basically on the same team, at a certain point the imperative of winning would overshadow his first instinct and he would go ahead and denounce NAMBLA.

If we keep trying to drink his milkshake, he’ll kick us out of the sock hop. For some radicals, that’s part of the plan. But I think I speak for most of us when I assert that we should patiently exploit all of the indirect opportunities for outreach and persuasion which this wildly successful national populist campaign present. It’s not like we have the numbers, the logistical maturity, or the people in place to replace Trump if we managed to budge him aside and take center stage. Who are we kidding?

These things take time and patience.

Trump is not one of us. Trump is not pro-White. Trump is not a sleeper agent burst into action from deep behind enemy lines. He’s simply a populist whose campaign has been and will likely continue to be very good for White American interests. Berlusconi, Putin, and others of a similarly proto-fascist political disposition have been very good for their homelands, but none of them have actually had the welfare and fate of their ethnic identities first in mind. Insisting that National Populists are the same thing as true Nationalists harms both types and helps neither.



The perfect comparison for Trump isn’t Jew tools like Victor Orban, Berlusconi, or Marine Le Pen, it’s Hugo Chavez and Juan Peron. Civic Nationalists and populists whose power is firmly rooted in the people, who talk about things bluntly, although not overtly racial.

Chavez was a Venezuelan nationalist, Trump is his American equivalent. He is like most white Americans, he doesn’t really have any problem with people who are racialists and concedes they make good points, even if he himself isn’t 100% on board. He is one of those people who makes that “why can black people be proud and not white people?” argument at his dinner table.

I don’t see what the point is for people like Jared Taylor to be calling up everyone in New Hampshire saying “Go out to vote for Trump, because we all hate Muslims! Right?” . First of all, the money you spend on these robocalls is wasted since Trump is a self-financing billionaire, and second of all, Trump himself is actually more radical than most of the paleo-cons fawning over him.

I don’t think Duke is hurting Trump much just by giving his opinion on his radio show, however. The ADL, the source of this “controversy”, is going to frame Trump as a “white supremacist” no matter what, especially now that he looks like he may just win the primary.

Trump knows, unlike most WN, that there are many people out there sympathetic to pro-white politics who never vote. He doesn’t want to alienate this crowd because the ADL tells him to.


Benjamin Netanyahu is pleased by Donald Trump fondly recalling himself as Grand Marshal of the “Salute Israel” parade one day, then tweeting Mussolini the next day.

Israel is eager to be recognized as Fascist, and Donald Trump vaguely conferred Fascist status on Israel, in his limited capacity to represent Fascism.

Benjamin Netanyahu certainly prefers Trump’s cool, oblique flattery of Israel an order of magnitude more than those over-eager devotees of Israel, pledging their loyalty every day.

Barack Obama has been so useful to Israel, and such a catastrophic destroyer of the resistance against Israel, our Fascist comrades have been left in a weakened position by Obama’s treachery and terrorism.

So weakened by Obama’s reign of terrorism, the Axis of Resistance would be greatly relieved merely by a stay of execution, even while falling short of victory.

The accursed Israelis have been pushing hard for war with Russia, and the Israelis are like a hostage taker blackmailing everyone with a bomb.

We need not merely to survive the craziness of the jews, campaigning for their monstrous foreign policy agenda of rail-roading USA into war with Russia. We need to punish the men of the racial cold war enemy with death.


Who are you arguing against? – name and quote the movement leaders who say Trump is one of us (where ‘us’ means pro-Whites).

And I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but are you guys pro-Whites? I saw someone tweet a quote of Heimbach where he said he was pro-Black Christian rather than pro-White.


I don’t speak for Matt Parrott, but David Duke recently “endorsed” Trump which certainly implies Trump supports the kind of agenda Duke supports. It has Trump off message for the moment.


A Duke endorsement of Trump does not mean a Trump endorsement of Duke.


It’s pretty obvious that Heimbach is pro-white, to the point where suggesting otherwise is a malicious and willful lie.

As long as the core is preserved (opposition to the engineers of white genocide–Jews, support for white liberation, etc), you don’t need to constantly be lambasting every last non-white on earth to prove you love your race. Some internet WN’s who have never and will never operate in the real world want to be the racial version of Trotskyites in their external ideological hair splitting. How’s that working out for the Left?


” “I have more against a White Pagan than I would a Black Christian“

Eric Striker, a lie is a known falsehood, propagated with intent to deceive.

My remark about Heimbach turns out to have been known to be true and intended to inform. Will you apologize to me?

By your other comments you clearly appreciate the value of pro- or anti-Whiteness.

Will you retract your injudicious claim against me and do you share my concern about Heimbach’s statement? If not, why not?


Go look up who Seb Ronin is (the writer of that laughable blog) and then tell me whether that is a serious person or not. That guy is beneath contempt. He’s an eccentric mad scientist type, except without the interesting insights.

I’m not crazy about Christianity, but I don’t hate it either. That is another debate to be had, but Heimbach is certainly pro-white beyond any reasonable doubt (including pro-white when they are not religious or are pagans. Non-Christians are heavily represented on the TWP central committee).


Heimbach’s words were his own. You can hear him saying in his own voice, words that I think I correctly said were pro-Black Christian rather than pro-White, specifically,

“I have more against a White Pagan than I would a Black Christian.”

at 32:00

You have said that Ronin and myself are unreliable but we have both linked to quotes contradicting your own claim which you cling to nonetheless. What is happening here?

I was correct wasn’t I, and you were wrong to contradict me and call me a liar?

Please apologize. I am not a liar and you should not say I am.

Matt Parrott

You’re not a liar, but you’re definitely stirring shit up. Heimbach will be around in a few to “stick a fork in it,” as Seb would say.


If you now accept that Heimbach intended to say what he clearly,
mysteriously contradicted once before, why do you assume automatically that I mean
the opposite of what I say clearly and consistently?

I’m not stirring shit up, I’m getting things right. Why do you object to that?

Matt Parrott

He didn’t contradict what he said. He spoke extemporaneously and he’s clarified and contextualized after the statement and will do so again here in a bit.

His actual position’s probably not suitable for you, either, though.

Matthew Heimbach

I have spent my life fighting for my people, all of my people; pagan, Christian or agnostic. I have a proven track record of activism for the sake of my people and have been willing to suffer physical attacks, job losses and endless harassment for the sake of Faith, Family and Folk. I happily work with all nationalists against Jewish power. Please go ahead and read my article on the subject of how Christianity works with nationalism.



If you’ve been thru this before and find it boring that’s a real shame. You should in fact be glad that when you screw up fellow pro-Whites will call you on it. It’s what friends and well-wishers do. If I saw you screwing up and denied, excused and explained away – as Parrott did – THAT would be unsound. I take it you disavow that statement, now?

“I have spent my life fighting for my people …”

You’ve done a lot of good work. The pro-White stuff is excellent. It’s a shame you dissipate that energy with the many side projects and that the nature of those projects invokes division on ideological grounds among pro-Whites.

Archibald McGillicuddy

With your published street cred of being an “antisemite” and “holocaust denier”, while whining about Heimbach, one gets the impression of a low-grade troll.


Matt Parrott –

Do you mean, ‘justify his vague and misleading wording’?

This stuff is easy to get right and honest. And it is never right and honest when it kow-tows to PC norms. We are harmed by advocates that play nice.

Heimbach needs to be a race-advocate only. Even to advance his personal religious fetishes. Only White societies will allow for his peccadilloes. .

Matt Parrott

Heimbach will continue to be publicly and proudly Christian. If you insist on a leader who is exclusively and only pro-white, then you’ll be well-served by looking elsewhere for leadership.


I haven’t asked for leadership. I have asked in this thread for honesty. consistency and pro-Whiteness. Review the discussion and tell me if I found here what I should have.


Is there a better way? Cannot a pro-White activist who is also Christian try and convert fellow Christians to WN, while leaving his religion out of his WN? If you guys can’t do that, you make Linder’s and Sunic’s and others’ constant denunciations of Christianity pretty well inevitable.

When you insist on mixing pro-White politics with other issues, you introduce division needlessly, and given human weaknesses, guarantee regular flare-ups and splits.


You only have to look at this debate to see how toxic to nationalism is the policy of mixing ideas as such with nationalism:

Guy screws up and throws Whites under bus for ideas. Gets shat on, rightly. Ideas-people swarm and say the pro-White arguing (only) for better pro-Whiteness is troll/ADL, while defending the screw-up.

Loyalty to the model of mixing nationalism with ideas about religion, economics, history, leads eventually to the ideas people turning against nationalism as such. It happened here.


Lies do matter, when they screw us before we even start. Like: Black Christians are our ingroup, not White non-Christians.


“Some internet WN’s who have never and will never operate in the real
world want to be the racial version of Trotskyites in their external
ideological hair splitting. How’s that working out for the Left?”

Just FYI, I’m Nick Dean of Baildon, England. I’ve been an open nationalist and antisemite and holocaust denier since 2005. It’s no big deal. I have won more fights against invaders than I lost, even when my local paper sent masses of Pakistanis to try and beat me up after I questioned their pro-invasion St Georges Day coverage a few years ago.

Archibald McGillicuddy

Who calls themself a “holocaust denier”? Or introduces himself by name? Very odd behaviors. Almost sounds like an ADL stooge.


Heimbach made an unfortunate statement. He was wrong.

One such statement does not ruin a man’s reputation and life work.

Corruption of Christianity is a major problem, and Zio-corruption of Christianity is more foul than atheism could ever be.

Zionist Christianity is more foul than blatant devil worship, because most people dismiss and reject devil worship.

However, the “Synagogue of Satan” is most dangerous when masquerading as the one true way of Christian redemption.

White racial defenders must be tolerant of arguments against Christianity. However, one guy who denounces Christianity is a total moron. Bill Rhyse is a fool.

We need more ideological purity, not more inclusiveness of crazies who promote terrorism, as Bill Rhyse does. Once again, what we need is ideological purity, not necessarily religious conformity.

Christian Matt Heimbach is a lot better than crazy neo-Pagan Bill Rhyse.


“Heimbach made an unfortunate statement. He was wrong.”

Sure was. So my reaction when discovering it via twitter was right and proper: condemn, demand better and pillory. We not only need good advocates, we must attack those who advocate against us – as Heimbach clearly did, apparently in some state of religion induced madness.

Am I wrong?


Your religious views are your own affair. It isn’t helpful to associate them with the simple question of White self-determination, not only because I might not agree with you on that secondary question, but also because, as we have seen, these matters tend always to compromise the national question.

They are not only unnecessary, they are damaging.

I do not need to be told by you and TradYouth and co. that Christians can be good nationalists – or that Christians cannot be good nationalists by Linder and Sunic and co. – I KNOW the issue is immaterial and damaging to the nationalist cause.


Don’t vent at me. If you google search me, you can find my SJW writings from over a decade ago. You might be pissed off and want to rant at me from something I wrote over ten years ago.

TV people and radio people make a lot of mistakes in their careers, making off-the-cuff comment. Merely writing as I do is less error-prone than talking. You really ought to ask someone what they think today, because each of us is a moving target.


I’m sorry if I seemed personal, 5n4k33y35. Last thing I do is vent. My internet style is more often taken as impersonal and robotically logical. Just the facts

I have nothing against SJWs, it’s obvious to me that we are the most rigorous SJWs. Haven’t you noticed that us WN complain most honestly about real, i.e. anti-White waycism? Haven’t you noticed that we take most seriously the ideal of equal rights for all peoples – even if they happen to be White?

I’m way over the left / right nonsense. Even if it were not obvious that almost all real liberals are White, and almost all Whites are liberal, I would recommend you step over that kind of trap: Just be a pro-White.

Nothing else is necessary, all else is a distraction.


We need clear ideological worldview, political platform, geopolitical alignments, all of which is the work of a think-tank. We really do need to be well organized. There are a lot of morons and blow-hards among our ranks.

People think we’re making progress by always being more inclusive, yet really we’re falling behind because we’re not exclusive enough. We have to exclude the degenerates and the fools.

Trump is doing pretty good. David Duke is doing even better. Most of our rank-and-file guys make us look like crap. Trad Worker Party is sort of an island of relative sanity in a swamp of craziness.

Matt Parrott

Heimbach’s clarified his position.

What he intended to convey was that he was more an ally of a Black Christian than an anti-White anti-Christian. This infographic might prove illuminating.

A secondary clarification is that an ally isn’t necessarily the same as an “ingroup.” When Rockwell worked with the Nation of Islam, it was in pursuit of common goals. It wasn’t in pursuit of some sort of black/white hybrid racial vision.


Very good advice. The voices who matter ought to stay quiet going forward. Duke has done a lot of good against long odds, but he never passes up a chance to grab attention for himself even if it means handing his enemies a sword. Which he has done here. But this had to happen sooner or later anyway. The power structure underestimated Trump. Now, they’re trying to make up for it. If Trump loses substantial support over this incident or any of these manufactured controversies, he never had a chance anyway due to normie brainwashing being too much to overcome.


David Duke won 55% of the white vote when he ran for governor of Louisiana in 1991, in spite of a global Jewish campaign where untold millions were given to his opponent, blacks were desperately recruited in get out the vote efforts, and the Judenpress united to viciously libel him.

25 years later, the print and cable media has less sway than ever before. Duke’s endorsement of Trump doesn’t hurt him, in fact, it helps him. Trump knows this, which is why he won’t play that stupid “repudiation” game. Endorsements from the man who once won 55% of white Lousiana (AKA the GOP) are something only a fool or a jew-bought stooge would be mad about.


I was listening to Don Black and David Duke on Stormfront radio and some anonymous guy called in during the second hour, just to criticize David Duke for talking too much.

His rant against Duke had those jewish “Alt Right” fingerprints all over it. He never identified himself. The “Alt Right” in-group hates David Duke.

David Duke humbly apologized to any listeners who believed he talked too much, but also pointed out that it was the second hour of Stormfront radio.

David Duke’s own radio show only lasts an hour, and the Rense advertisements are long, so there are days his usual guests only get a few minutes to talk. So what?


All true. One thing Trump has made clear is just how many people out there are just like us. The enemies of whites have got to be deeply “concerned” and “troubled”. The silver lining of a Trump betrayal is the anger grows and grows. Whites will not be happy until we are treated fairly and honestly by those who lead us.

Matt Parrott

While the shoe definitely fits Dr. Duke, whom I respect a great deal, it also fits the robo-calls made by A3P, Anglin’s eager support, and several others. I didn’t name names because it’s very much a general phenomenon.

I respect pretty much all of the targets of this critique. In fact, the one person I’ve actually been beefing with as of late is also of the opinion that we should be more cautious about potentially tripping up Trump’s campaign.


Speaking of the A3P, the word is out that Ron Paul plans to denounce Trump on Wednesday morning, along with George W. Bush, Nancy Reagan other luminaries of the cuckservative Old Guard. What a POS he turned out to be.

Matt Parrott

Wednesday would be a good time for the several prominent and explicit White Nationalists who’ve enjoyed private lunches with and worked closely with Ron Paul to share their story.

Giovanni Cattaneo

Though I like most of your article and find interesting things in it, I just don’t think that labeling something as a “white issue” it does not ring accurate to me, at least. I find that many of those of issues are not so much “white” as they are “nationalist” and the society is ethnically intertwined enough that labeling it so simply undercuts the impact.

Then again this is what in the end separates our philosophical points of view. Though in the end I agree that Western culture is in peril and generational identity must arise it goes in my perspective farther than pigmentation which alienates would be supporters and in the end is inaccurate.

Matt Parrott

Well, I agree it’s more “nationalist” than specifically “white.” The oligarchy and the Jewish tail wagging the oligarchical dog hurt all identities, including the alienated and mixed folks.

Our point of difference is perhaps that I also have a prerogative of white preservation independent of transient political goals. I also believe that stoking all identities against the multicult will prove more effective than coalescing all the identities into a deracinated mass against the oligarchs.

As even Chomsky grudgingly notes, folkish and religious associations are the best weapons we have against the finance capitalists and the folkish/religious association steering them.

Giovanni Cattaneo

On your second paragraph, I think that it is the only part that I find confusing and I think this has to do with my ignorance of you work, which I would be more than happy to read if directed to it, that which you identify as “white” does not draw a concrete image of what it is you are referring, in other words its like we are speaking a different language.

The rest however I do believe you are right on with some caveats.

Brent Fraser

Nationalists should remember that it is in our interest that Trump gets elected as though he is an opportunist rather than someone with a pedigree like Duke, Buchanan or Sessions, Donald opposes Political Correctness and favors enforcing immigration laws. Therefore, don’t do anything that gives Media a club to beat him over the head with – and be forced to disavow you.

Rather, point out the differences (he said ‘Confederate Flag you’re fired’ shortly before ‘only an idiot would take down the Flag’) and state he is best of options available, though not going far enough and an opportunist who takes any issue and makes himself the leader of it.

But there is strong reason to believe he is sympathetic to Nationalism, given Trump has condemned immigration in Germany and Europe, and spoken of Christians in Syria – even as “our Brothers”. His views on trade, immigration and foreign commitments echo Pat Buchanan.

He does vary from us on Israel, opposing Iran deal and being pro-Israel. But the fact that Neocons are in full panic mode could be from the fact that they can’t control him or based on knowing that he is not as pro-Israel as he makes out to be.

J.j. Cintia

Trump has done us all a favor. He has exposed the cucks not as deluded nice guys but traitors and sell outs. This is an invaluable service whether he is one of us or not.
His system cred, and his converso jew daughter shows everyone that there is no coexistence possible with the enemy. After all his good support of Zionism he is NOT ONE OF THEM. An invaluable lesson is being learned.
White Nationalism is not enough. White Supremacy and Domination is the only way to completely wipe out the threat we now face.

Giovanni Cattaneo

I dont understand what u r advocating for, in context what is “white supremacy” and/or “domination” also “white nationalism?” In other words what are the principles and goals of such movements?

My confusion stems from the use of “white” as the qualification can mean anything.

Jack Spratt

I was a little worried the robocalls would hurt Trump, but thankfully it worked out fine. It may have hurt him in the cucked hellscape that is Iowa, but New Hampshire voters didn’t seem to mind.

It’s good that Duke waited until Trump had the Republican nomination pretty much in the bag before endorsing him, just to be on the safe side. The timing was especially good considering it came just a few days before the mostly southern Super Tuesday primaries. Provoking Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio into sounding like the tongue clucking SPLC right before those primaries only helps Trump.

As long as Trump doesn’t cave he’ll be fine. If worst comes to worst I hope he realizes Obama was endorsed by the Communist Party USA in 2012 and nobody in the media tried to get Obama to renounce them.


“My position, one which happens to be both factually true and tactically prudent …”

I raised a doubt about this over a day ago that you haven’t yet answered:

“Who are you arguing against? – name and quote the movement leaders who say Trump is one of us (where ‘us’ means pro-Whites).”

It is not factually true to claim that pro-White movement leaders say Trump is pro-White. It just isn’t. If you answer, “Anglin,” you’ll look like a fool who thinks Paul Joseph Watson is a National Socialist. What other answer could you give?

So the question that follows is, how is it tactically prudent to deliberately mischaracterize the pro-White movement?

It would be a good idea to stop attacking pro-Whites on false grounds – or any grounds. How about you start supporting pro-Whites?


Everyone here is excessively irate and this is because of a lack of resistance to jews, wheedling their way into white affinity groups and emanating their poisonous influence.

Apartheid is mission critical for white leadership. We’re not achieving lift-off on Apartheid, so we’re not achieving purely white leadership either.

Perhaps, before we can achieve apartheid on the ground, we need to achieve apartheid online. We need apartheid online and apartheid on the ground. Full-Spectrum Apartheid! Settle for nothing less.


Louis Farrakhan has more sense than Ron Paul and most Republicans.

“Far­rakhan stated that Trump “is the only mem­ber who has stood in front of Jew­ish com­mu­nity, and said I don’t want your money. Any time a man can say to those who con­trol the pol­i­tics of Amer­ica, ‘I don’t want your money,’ that means you can’t con­trol me. And they can­not afford to give up con­trol of the pres­i­dents of the United States.” How­ever, Far­rakhan also dis­tanced him­self from a full endorse­ment of Trump stat­ing, “Not that I’m for Mr. Trump, but I like what I’m look­ing at.””


That’s true. One of the talking heads on faux news just said that Louis Farakek supports DT.
He didn’t make a big deal about thst, so why would Dr.Dukes support matter?


The only reason I’m excited about the prospect of a Trump Presidency is that he will cause such institutional and political fragmentation and radicalization that the US will experience a Soviet style collapse and disintegration internally, while the system of alliances by which it exercises control and hegemony abroad will dissolve like the Warsaw Pact countries. Putin will look like a viable prospect even among the most committed Russophobes.

Brian Jr.

I understand that trump is by no means the second coming of Der Fuhrer, but he is by far the best politician we’ve had running in quite a while. I’m not going to go around banging on doors for the guy, but every day he remains in the race is another day some of these issues are spoken of. Most importantly, he has proven that there are a lot more people like us in this country than anyone thought.


“Trump is not one of us. Trump is not pro-White.”

Officially, he and his supporters are not pro-White, but they behave as if they are. They are the mirror-image of the Jews. The Jews usually don’t say they are anti-White, but they behave anti-White. Some of us wonder if this is conscious hypocrisy or not.

Many White Nationalists have a nihilistic attitude. It’s not enough for them to say that Trump is not pro-White. They will try to demoralize us by repeating that most White people don’t care about the White race. I think it’s better to think of normal White people as pro-White. They may be too stupid and cowardly to say they want to stop the third-world invasion, but it’s obvious they don’t want White people to become a small persecuted minority. And a lot of them support Trump. That makes them pro-White.

We are told that successful politicians tend to have the same character traits as psychopaths: effortless charm and a lack of remorse and empathy. But there is no reason to think that Trump is more of a psychopath than the average politician.

I’m sure some politicians are psychopaths, but I think most White politicians are the same as normal people. They are pro-White deep down, but too cowardly, too conformist, and too dependent on Jews to do anything against the Jewish agenda. But Trump is already going against the Jewish agenda by talking about building a wall, protecting the economy, avoiding WW3. And that is actually the reason for his success. If he can resist the Jewish pressure during his campaign, I think he can keep resisting it once he is in the White House.

I don’t think the Dailystormer crowd sees Trump as a WN. They are just having fun. There’s no need to see Trump as a WN to be excited about what is happening. And if the Dailystormer gets an official condemnation from Trump, so what ? They would be very proud of that. It doesn’t matter.

Roy Hobs

Whatever Trump is or isn’t………………if we don’t get the “Jewish Question” back into public discourse as in the days of Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh, in four years, we will be right back where we are today. Trump may halt the brown invasion; but the jew never rests. Let us take advantage of the doors Trump has opened; and care less for who the jew gives us for president. With Jews we lose.

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