Neocohens Against Trump

Donald Trump loves the Jewish people. He’s a well-connected New York City real estate mogul, so it can be safe to assume that he’s not your typical Christian Zionist conservative hayseed. He understands who the Jews are and likes them anyway. His daughter’s a Jewish convert. I sincerely believe the man when he says he’s not antisemitic. He fully intends to give the Jewish people a fair shake, to be a strong ally of Israel, and load his administration up with Jewish talent.

But the Jewish oligarchs don’t want to be treated fairly by a leader who’s in control. They want to be treated deferentially by a puppet they control. Trump likes the Jewish people, but that’s largely beside the point. He’s an antisemite by the operative definition; he’s a man who Jews don’t like. He’s a civic nationalist who wants what’s best for America as a civic nation, and that puts him diametrically at odds with the Jewish agenda.

Jews comprise between 1.7% and 2.6% of the American population, and yet they manage to be over a third of the commentators speaking out against Donald Trump. And many of the rest on the list have invested their professional lives in the lucrative business of advocating for Jewish interests. These men and women expect their readers and conservative voters to trust them, despite having been a who’s-who of the people who instigated the disastrous Iraq War; who congratulated Hillary’s disastrous Libyan coup; who demanded the free trade policies which broke American industry; and who hiss like vipers at the thought of even enforcing the immigration laws already on the books.

This list (including most of the non-Jewish entries) doesn’t represent the American conservative agenda. It represents the Jewish neocon agenda. Glenn Beck passes out toys to illegal immigrant children at the border! John Podhoretz recently declared that one mustn’t oppose Cultural Marxism because to do so would be antisemitic! Several of these authors aren’t even American citizens, or are at least dual citizens of Israel. To accuse them of having dual loyalties would be charitable, as there’s little evidence of American loyalty.

National Review speaks for the organized Jewish community in demanding that you absolutely, positively, must not vote for Trump. For the love of G-d, whatever you do, do not vote for Trump. Rich Lowry would like you to believe that they’ve assembled a symposium of authentic conservatives who oppose Trump because he’s not authentically conservative. They insist that Trump’s the one who’s guilty of identity politics, but they doth protest too much, methinks.

Accuse me of “antisemitism” if you wish. The shoe fits. Heck. Accuse Trump himself of antisemitism. But indulge me by taking merely two hours to research the biographies of the people National Review insists are the standard-bearers of American conservatism. Research which positions they’ve taken on the issues that truly matter to you. Research their social networks, their professional connections, and their private lives. If you don’t find a clear pattern of organized ethnic advocacy for the Jewish people and antipathy or indifference toward the historic American nation, then trust their advice.

I’m not asking you to become an antisemite or a racist or whatever slur might well apply to me. I’m just asking you to notice.


David Boaz * Mona Charen * Mark Helprin

William Kristol * Yuval Levin * Michael Medved

Michael B. Mukasey * John Podhoretz


Glenn Beck * L. Brent Bozell III * Ben Domenech

Erick Erickson * Steven F. Hayward * Dana Loesch

Andrew C. McCarthy * David M. McIntosh * Edwin Meese III

Russell Moore * Katie Pavlich * R. R. Reno

Thomas Sowell * Cal Thomas



This is why I have been more pro Obama this last four years. He, comparatively speaking, is less pro Israel than any president since Eisenhower. Most of the diehard neocons are establishment Rebublicans.



Romney or ESPECIALLY McCain would’ve been far worse than Obama on foreign policy stuff. The Dems generally tend towards pushing the cultural and domestic Jew agenda, while the GOP works the economic and foreign policy Jew agenda.


Me personally, I tend to believe thats a media dog and pony show
to playcate people that are anti Israel. Once the Camaras, lights and printing presses are turned off, It’s Buniess as usual.


It is insulting to suggest that neocons are loyal to a goyish state. That would be treachery. They are loyal to their nation, the Jewish folk.

Fr. John+

To HELL with the God-Damned (literally-cf. Matt. 27:25) Neo-Cohens!

I intend to vote early and vote often for Trump.
THEY ALL NEED TO GO, includes the jews.
For, ‘with Jews you lose.’

Just ask Our Lord, on Good Friday. And how they have treated His brethren, for the last 2000 years.

Richard Bird

It is every Gentile’s duty to be considered anti semitic. Any group of people who claim to be God’s chosen, deserve nothing but contempt. Their stance is the pinnacle of supremacy, jewish supremacy. These people have an inordinate amount of power within communities they don’t claim any allegiance to, but instead use to advance the cause of judism. Industries which control our societies, like banking and the media, are firmly under their control, so they not only dictate our economies, but shape the very thoughts of our people. Why is this state of affairs permitted? They have no armies, no real power, yet they rule us with an iron fist. If the white race is ever to be free, first we must crush jewish control. Only then will we be able to attend to our own peoples needs.

Carol Ladybug

So true Richard, if only everyone knew this so we can put a stop to the jew, but people are so brainwashed its not even funny anymore.

Richard Bird

Thank you Carol. I’m so happy when i see others understanding the real problem.

Dominic Lacey

More people are waking up all the time, and it is our job to switch on as many lights as possible.


How did West Germany do so well from 1946 until 1991 or so without any Jews?

How was that possible??


Vladimir Putin likes Jews too, or at least treats them as any other Russian citizen, but in spite of that, Jews all over the world are perpetually scheming against him and Russian interests. The Iranians respect and protect the Jews in their country unlike other Islamic countries, and Jews hate them more for it. Jews don’t want diplomacy, they don’t want to share or co-exist. They’re not content having a place in the court where their voice is not the authority, and they gain nothing from Trump taking power in their base of operations from which they torture the world (America).

If Jews are equal, their insane ideas and plan for everyone else will go nowhere.

Under the goyish category, Katie Pavlich and Ben Domenech deserve a second look. They might be half Jewish , I can smell their stink and I’m rarely wrong.

Richard Peak

“He’s an antisemite by the operative definition; he’s a man who Jews don’t like.”

An accurate definition which warrants official entry into Webster’s dictionary.

Eye of Magnus

Wait, so if Donald Trump is a civic nationalist, then how are the Jews still against him? I thought civic nationalism was invented by Jews to keep white people “patriotic” to a worthless abstraction instead of defending their culture and race.

forbes mag

“It is this kind of press which attacks anything that might support national independence, cultural values, and economic self-reliance using an absolutely fanatical war of slander. It pounds away with particular hostility at all those honorable characters who will not bend to the Jewish assumption that they should be dominated, or at those whose naturally inspired ability could threaten the Jew.

In order to be hated by the Jew, it is not necessary to challenge him. The mere suspicion that a man might someday stumble on the idea of opposition, or because of his superior genius, he might add to the strength and greatness of a nation which the Jew finds hostile, is enough for the Jew to act against him.

Since the Jew is not the victim but the aggressor, he sees his enemy not only in the man who attacks, but also in any man who is capable of resisting him. The methods that he attempts to use to break down such bold, but respectable souls are not the methods one would consider part of honorable battle. His choice of weapons are lying and slander.”

Eye of Magnus

Well said, they often cry out in pain as they strike their enemies.

Matt Parrott

Civic nationalism isn’t “invented by the Jews.” The organized Jewish community can and will rely on it as a final stopgap against that final horror or horrors, authentic ethnic nationalism. In that case, it can be problematic, but America’s nowhere near that point yet.

Context is key. In Europe, Ethnic nationalism is an immediate and accessible thing lying just outside the political spectrum and within the living memory of much of the citizenry. The organized Jewish community still generally opposes civic nationalism in Europe, though there’s a vanguard of them who are embracing it as a firewall against something “worse.”

It’s not Marine’s civic nationalist half-measure that we complain about over here. It’s the Islamophobic neocon misdirection and the overt attacks on ethnic nationalists (including her own father) which we complain about. Those (like Trump) who are moving the ball in our direction but aren’t fully nationalist generally get a pass or even outright support over here.

Eye of Magnus

Ok, thanks for clarifying that. For a long time now, I’ve understood that Jews are in a position to benefit by turning their two greatest enemies- the Western world and Islam- against each other, in order to ensure that both sides remain neglectful of the real threat.

Matt Parrott

I’ve been wary of that.

But at this point, Trump’s been flying close to Sanders and Paul in his non-interventionist positioning.

Eye of Magnus

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as he holds the line on immigration.

Matt Parrott


I’m hoping I can get through the election cycle without anybody noticing that I haven’t said one negative word about the Marxist Jew in the ring.


Yep, there’s Jews deeply entrenched in the leadership of all the major civic nationalist parties (Front National, Sweden Democrats, etc). One of the top Sweden Democrats, Ekeroth, even went so far as to say his Jewish race always comes first and he doesn’t even consider himself Swedish. Great guy to have as the #2 or #3 of your party.

Aaron Gross

Who the hell is “the historic American nation”? The only answer that would make sense to me is founding stock Americans, i.e., those who trace their ancestry to English settlers. Or, at most, Anglo-Saxons in general.

All the other answers—white, Nordic, etc.—would be defining “historic” by some arbitrary cutoff. That is, “We’re historic because even though we came relatively late in American history, we still came before such-and-such a point.”

Matt Parrott

I’m a bit of an oddity, being of exclusively pre-Revolutionary Anglo-Celtic pioneer stock. No Germanic, Italian, or sketchy recent-migrant Eastern European blood in these red, white, and blue veins of mine.

It’s indeed an arbitrary cut-off, not that the arbitrary cut-off invalidates it, a la Lewontin’s Fallacy. There was a well-documented and easily demonstrated assimilation process which all Germans save for the Amish, all Southern Europeans save for some Jersey Shore types, and all Eastern Europeans, save for the Jewish people, became indistinguishably and inextricably grafted into the “White American” ethnic identity.

Ethnogenesis is a sloppy business, as anybody familiar with the elaborate and often contradictory process of defining who is and is not a Jew should be familiar with. The birth of the modern “Jewish” identity has included a tremendous amount of creative destruction of sub-ethnic identities.

I’m sure your Lithuanian Jew and your Mizrahi Jew were far more alien in custom and disposition (and perhaps even genetics) than you and I are. And yet the shared mythos, mission, and vision fuses those sub-ethnic identities together while setting yours and mine at odds.

Aaron Gross

I don’t see our ethnies as being at odds (despite some conflicts of interest), but of course we’ll never agree with each other about that one.

There’s nothing illogical about your claiming America for your own group, any more than Hispanics claiming it for la raza. The claims are equally (un)justified in the 21st century.

Regardless of whether such claims have merit, it is historically false to claim some “historical nation.” But of course you have to claim it anyway, because the alternative would be to admit that your claims are no more solid than La Raza’s.

Matt Parrott

There’s a wealth of anecdotal and academic evidence of an understood Anglo-centric “White American” identity. It’s definitely a historical phenomenon.

I’ve never disputed that La Raza has some validity to their claim to the American Southwest. There are multiple valid and competing claims.

ps mike

The loser parasite jew Ben Stein was arrogantly scolding his cohorts on fox news today that there would be more bank bailouts coming, and that bailouts are a good thing. Gosh, and I had been rethinking my vitriolic approach to naming the jew lately.

The latest on the Oregon standoff is that land had been sold to the Russian jews, or mafia as its officially called.

Will Killyou

Trumps biggest enemy are the NEO-COHEN’s, the Cabal consisteing of Bill Kristol (remember his late Dad the father of NEO-CON’s IRVING KRISTOL), Charles Krauthammer, Fred and Donald Kagen, Max Boot, Scooter Libby, Henry Kissinger, Richard Pearle, Paul Wolfowitz, Michael Ledeen, David Frum, David Wurmser, Stephen Bryen, Dov Zakheim, Joshua Bolten, Elliot Abrams, John and Norman Podhoretz, Daniel Pipes, Elliot Cohen, James Schlesinger, Marc Grossman, Alan Dershowtiz, Douglas Feith, Sheldon Adelson, Jonah Goldberg, Clifford May and many more…

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