The Mantle of Anger

A common misconception about Radical Traditionalism is the conflation of Traditionalism with Fundamentalism. This is most vivid in matters of sexual morality. The fundamentalist mind, a reactionary byproduct and complement to Modernity, combines the linear and progressive historiography with a natural and traditional sexual mores, demanding a final victory over adultery, immorality, and even private lust. The authentic Traditionalist has no such misgivings, striving to make the best of the fallen and feeble human condition with humility and grace.

Both the left-Modern Progressive and the right-Modern Fundamentalist strive to fully and finally overcome the human condition once-and-for-all…just in different ways and toward divergent Utopian visions. In the final analysis, the Leftist is as much an enemy of human nature as the much-maligned televangelists. The gut punch visceral response to being cuckolded, sexual jealousy, fear of rape, disgust with the diseased, unnatural, and mutilated, and appetite for youth and chastity function as hard boundaries limiting how degenerate a society can become.

The oligarchs demand that you find Bruce Jenner’s aging, surgically mutilated, and hormonally imbalanced body and affect sexually attractive and aesthetically pleasing rather than revolting. And our instincts object. The capitalists demand that women invest their young adulthood in careerism and sexual incontinence, demanding that men continue to find them attractive long after they’ve lost their youthful glow and innocence. Our instincts object and their reproductive abilities falter. Women are instructed to pair bond with men who’ve willingly emasculated themselves both physically and romantically, …and their instincts object.

For decades, Christians and “traditionalists” of every stripe have lived in fear of the baser instincts and impulses and their degenerate impact. They would do well to trust God’s plan a bit more, and consider that some of our darker instincts have their season. The debate moderator attempted to henpeck Donald Trump for running his campaign on “anger” and his response was perfect. He embraced the mantle of anger.

Anger, fear, jealousy, lust, and even pride are powerful weapons in the Lesser Crusade against our worldly enemies and can and should be deployed as such. According to St. John Chrysostom,

He who is not angry, whereas he has cause to be, sins. For unreasonable patience is the hotbed of many vices, it fosters negligence, and incites not only the wicked but the good to do wrong.

It’s probably for the best that Donald Trump, Silvio Berlusconi, and other national populist leaders are only nominally Christian at this stage, as to take Modern Christian doctrine more seriously would entail a gnostic rejection of one’s national, tribal, and community stewardship in favor of singular fixation on charity as cuckoldry. Global Christianity, like the Republican Party, has done the demographic math and concluded that White Genocide is a foregone conclusion. It has already updated its platform to ensure that the transition to a post-White neo-colonial world is carried through without any un-Christian anger about our communities being overrun and our women being gang-raped by their precious “refugees.”

Is there even a difference between Christianity and cuckoldry anymore? Are the two not perfectly interchangeable in the popular and official imagination? Try it. Take a recent public political statement explaining the Christian position on a current event and replace “Christianity” with “cuckoldry.”

  • Cuckoldry demands that we open our homes to these foreigners.
  • Cuckoldry disallows reacting aggressively to the widespread sexual assaults.
  • Cuckoldry is incompatible with hateful vigilantism.
  • Cuckoldry requires that we raise and support their children as our own.

Pope Francis has nothing but garment-rending mercy for the body-building young adult and middle-aged men pouring into Europe, but has never said and will never say one word on behalf of the truly vulnerable, the genuinely dispossessed, because her skin is the wrong color. This girl’s government is actively endangering her and deliberately hiding the crimes and harboring the fugitives. This girl’s religious and social welfare institutions are far too busy ensuring that her attackers have reliable wi-fi and first-rate free halal meals to be bothered with her politically incorrect problems.

It’s clear from reading National Review’s symposium of anti-Trump essays that the elites, religious and political alike, are exclusively concerned about the welfare of immigrants and Jews. The fucking Jews are at this hour the single most militarily aggressive, wealthy, degenerate, and prideful tribe to have ever walked this earth in the history of mankind. Our elites expect, insist, demand that you put their precious interests and safety before yourself and your kinfolk.

No. I will not obey the money-changers or worship and serve the Pharisees. I will not be derelict in my stewardship duty to my family and folk. I wear the mantle of anger with pride. I wear the mantle of “racist” with pride, too, though I harbor no ill-will or supremacist feelings toward my fellow man. I wear the mantle of “antisemite” with honor, as an enemy of the Pharisees is an ally of Christ and of all mankind.

There’s obviously an important place for mercy, forgiveness, and charity in the Christian Faith, but we’ve allowed the enemies of the faith to emasculate it, replacing the crucifix with a cuckold’s stool facing the corner. It’s truly better in this hour for a man to have no faith at all than that degenerate perversion of authentic, Masculine, Traditional Christianity.

Clergy and layman alike insist that I’m an outright heretic for being pro-White, for insisting that my White American ethnic folk have a right to exist. A heretic against what faith? Certainly not the Christian one. Whether the degenerates, opportunistic hucksters, and parochial fools in the clergy are willing or able to reverse their anti-White folly in time remains to be seen. And it most certainly is specifically anti-White racism. All of the major denominations, including my own, offer an array of encouragement and support for every identity but the White and Western identities on the neo-colonial chopping block.

If destruction of one, and only one, of the major races of mankind were a non-negotiable and integral aspect of the Faith, it wouldn’t have taken two thousand years for theologians to stumble onto it. If aggressive defense of one’s faith, family, and folk is heretical, then may the innumerable martyrs, saints, and Christian soldiers felled in defense of their tribes and traditions come crashing down from Heaven this instant.

God himself forbid Donald Trump take American Christianity seriously. Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and just about everybody else in the race has questioned the authenticity of Donald Trump’s Christianity. At the risk of sounding like a Protestant or a Perennialist, I believe an organic stewardship and love for his folk is closer to Christ than those who more effectively signal their Christian affiliations while literally and directly working for the money changers (Goldman Sachs) and serving the Pharisees (organized Jewish community).



The fucking Jews are at this hour the single most militarily aggressive, wealthy, degenerate, and prideful tribe to have ever walked this earth in the history of mankind. Our elites expect, insist, demand that you put their precious interests and safety before yourself and your kinfolk.

It is amazing the level of hubris/chutzpah they display. In Greek mythology, hubris is a fatal flaw; in the Jewish ethos, it is called chutzpah and it is praised.

Chutzpah certainly gets them pretty far down the road. In their favor, there is a Roman saying, Audentes Fortuna Iuvat, or “Fortune favors the Daring.” But they take it way way way too far.

Something I’ve noticed is that Jews grew the size of Government, Litigation and Banking. Under the WASP elite of the past, these three things were purposely restrained. The old time American businessmen had Forbearance — they stewarded assets and incomes and could have taken lots of money for themselves, but purposefully took a modest salary.

Alan Dershowitz said in his book “Chutzpah” that Jewish lawyers and Jewish politicians grew government and law into a big industry. The old time WASP lawyers only worked 30 hours a week, settled most cases, kept the practice of law boring. Jews made the practice of law a Growth Industry and made it “exciting” in a bad way.

Forbearance is the number one virtue required of a businessman. This is why I think we have an opportunity to invade the Merchant niche and do a better job than the money addicts who self select to become Merchants. The business owner who possesses Forbearance will be able to outcompete the money addicts.

Matt Parrott

My concern is that the Jews are more disciplined and less money-addicted than we are.

They typically live modestly, invest for the long-term, and are very charitable when it comes to their own.

Richard Bird

Wot???????????????? Less money addicted? What are you talking about? These parasites own the banking industry as well as the federal reserve. Yeah, they don’t like money all that much. LOL. Dude, put the pipe down. Drugs are bad for you.


Money is a means to an end for Jews. They focus on money to give to organizations that hunt down , censor, or murder their racial competitors. They’re greedy, but unlike a goy money-chaser dreaming about a yacht, a supermodel, or a Lamborghini, everything they do with their money is political.

Richard Bird

Eric, money means the same to everyone, a source of power and boasting rights. Are you suggesting jews aren’t interested in the good life? LOL


Jews care about the good life to an extent, but you’ll hardly see a very wealthy Jew zipping around in a Ferrari or banging world class supermodels.

I suspect that Jew billionaires spend most of their money–outside of politics/racial agendas– not on toys, but on longevity. Sumner Redstone is 92 years old, yet still lucid and energetic enough to fiercely promote interracial sex and violent hatred of whites. George Soros is 85, yet still has enough fuel in his jet to be orchestrating the modern genocide of Germany.

There’s many more old wealthy Jews that live into their 90’s or 100’s, effectively murdering or torturing white people every second of the way.

Chances are they’ve got “exclusive access” to the cures for chronic and deadly diseases that us lowly goyim do not.

Gwynn Ap Nudd

Yes, someone in prison started a fight with the 85 year old Bernie Madoff – and lost. I don’t know how he looks now, but when he went in he still looked decades younger.

Richard Bird

Well Mr Stubbs, I’m unqualified to pass a comment on junkies and drug lords, unlike you it seems.

Gwynn Ap Nudd

Or put it another way: they know they cannot triumph until we are ruined. Once we are powerless, they will naturally own everything we had. To just focus on economics, would not bring them to absolute economic triumph.

john smith

unfortunately churches cannot be expected to fight for anything other than the status quo. Churches need to gain the support of governments and media because the sword of secularism is always held to their throats.

People tend to abandon the religion of their ancestors for stupid flavor-of-the-month secular ideologies, this is especially true for Christianity. Why should Christianity show loyalty to the people?


“unfortunately churches cannot be expected to fight for anything other
than the status quo. Churches need to gain the support of governments
and media because the sword of secularism is always held to their

Mr Parrott gets a little peeved at this truth, but its hard to ignore. The churches will venerate anyone from Stalin to Eli Wiesel if it means staying on the good side of the law or system, and they’ll condemn one of their own for the same reason. Doesn’t mean Christianity itself is a problem, but in the end, worshiping safely is the #1 priority of every church.

Fr. John+

No, the problem is believing that the apostate Roman and Reformation cults are ‘the church.’

As Orthodox, we have a saying: “Rome was the first protestant.”

And they’re correct. It’s why I had to leave the false communions of the West, and embrace patristic Christianity. For it is she alone that is the martyric witness to the Kingdom of God.

Fr. John+

“MY” Church? NO, but the Novus Ordo Orthodox (and yes, the Jewish poison has infected even the ‘Ethnic’ American churches) may have. But not mine.


I’m greek orthodox and i love the church but absolutely disillusioned with our hierarchy which have embraced multiculturalism miscgenation as well as freemasonry. It’s a serious problem!


Trump might be compared to the emperor Constantine who legalized Christianity laying the foundation of Christendom but was himself probably only superficially Christian. Trump appears to be the greatest threat to the jews ever seen in recent times, and its hard to imagine anything more deeply Christian than to fight against the darkness that is carnal israel.

Fr. John+

He IS the Lord’s Annointed. More and more every day, I see evidence of this. Pray that he be given humility, strength, and divine guidance.


Thanks for the update on amren censorship, it’s hilarious and very sad at the same time. Amren does some very good work for sure, but it’s very troubling never naming the jew when everything they cover has some direct, easy to prove corelation with the elders of zion.


Wonderfully put. I would go further and state that European survival is a self evident commandment. God did not make this beautiful and amazing creation only to have it destroyed. Those like the pope who would destroy us and thus violate the designs of the creator are anti-God, perpetrators of the blackest evil. Their ilk will surely burn in the afterlife.


I also believe that human drives, such as lust for women, are part of our design, God meant for us to be this way, and are thus godly and good. Humans would not exist without them, and life is precious to the creator. They should therefore not be seen as part of a fallen condition, but welcomed and celebrated as essential for life. At the same time we can recognize and be thankful for the moral codes we have been given so that we can express our drives within appropriate relationships and social structures for the benefit of our folk, especially those who have yet to experience their earthly existence.

Normal Ned

The word “radical” seems unnecessary and makes people associate it negatively with “extremism”, in a bad way. Of course the left is radical and extremist but the point is to win by messaging more neutral words.


The only people who care about being “too extreme” are the bourgeoisie and excessively low testosterone types–IE people who will never go against the status quo anyway. If the world around you doesn’t make you want to take a sledgehammer and bring it all down, these politics aren’t for you.


“The authentic Traditionalist has no such misgivings, striving to make
the best of the fallen and feeble human condition with humility and

Then it’s time to burn down tradition. It’s time for the
loving, compromising jesus of the masses to die, and the real One who flung
himself into the blazing desert without food or water for 40 days to
resurrect. We refuse to accept our condition. Resurrect, Aryans! Revolt against the unconscious feminine Earth Whore of Babylon who uses us as fluids in its satanic demiurgic reproduction. For “I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!” (Luke 12:49). It’s time to burn.


“Fundamentalism” is what Earth-cucks call sanity. You old people are the past, we young people are the Future. No longer bound to your outdated structures, we are bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. “From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force,”—Matthew 11:12.

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