No Enemies on the White: Thoughts on the #AltLeft

I’m a Christian and this project is Radical Traditionalist. Most (but not all) of us here are some sort of Christian. We’re pro-White, but we’re not only pro-White. Our identitarian positions are part of a larger framework for us. We respect that not everybody who’s pro-White is going to be Christian or Traditionalist, and we strive to be team players whenever possible.

The vast majority of pro-White feuds derive from a single and simple error. They begin with the proposition that pro-White people all need to gather together under some single umbrella with a shared vision. We don’t, and we won’t. For a gaggle of people who supposedly hate diversity, we certainly have more than our share of it. We have no choice but to embrace diversity, …while honestly defining our differences and mutually respecting our boundaries.

Some random guy has shown up with a “new idea” for an “AltLeft” for all the folks out there who are down with homosexuality, human-animal-machine hybrids, and heresy, but would prefer to keep their satanic robot orgies White. I get it. We White people are awesome, and I would be a bit less scared and confused at an all-white drug-fueled BDSM house party than at a diverse one. I would probably be a bit safer, too.

My hope is only that they make a point to invest more time in being pro-White than in being anti-Trad. They’re certainly not off to the best start with this. The blog leaves the distinct impression that they’re frustrated by how much progress Traditionalists have made in the past few years and would like to turn back the clock about a decade or so to when being pro-White was primarily about bell curves and biometrics. If the AltLeft can develop its own subculture which is capable of punching the anti-Whites from a different angle, that’s great news. But I’m not holding my breath.

How many see all the boilerplate, post libertarian corporate conservatism, radical traditionalist Christianism, 15th century LARPing, pseudoscientific anti vaccination stuff and wacky conspiracy theories being promoted and decide “Fuck this. These people are freaks. Maybe the social justice crowd isn’t so bad after all.”

Being pro-White is a radical and dissident thought in today’s world, so we’re going to be in the asylum with the rest of the radical and dissident thoughts whether we like it or not until we can break out. Anti-vaccination is just as big on the dissident left as it is on the dissident right, and the wacky conspiracy theories are at least as bad on the left side as they are on the right. There’s nothing “right” about believing the flat earth hypothesis. Truthers of every stripe are pretty evenly distributed across the continuum between Traditionalist and Modern.

I became disillusioned with unfettered capitalism through real world experiences watching corporations and brands in action, the way they had loyalty to nothing and prioritized profits over absolutely everything: including quality, aesthetic, even people’s lives. The creepy cult-like way they manipulate and motivate people. So at a certain point I began to think of myself more as AltLeft than AltRight.

The AltRight is defined in part by its anti-corporate positioning. The first critics of capitalism and corporate excess were clergy. A cursory review of absolutely any AltRight milieu will confirm that we’re generally for strong trade tariffs, stiff environmental regulations, and generally hostile toward multinational corporations.

Religion – Mostly outright atheist or agnostic, occasionally some nominal identification with ancient European religions/mythology.

This seems to be the primary bone of contention for him. I’ve met plenty of religious skeptics over the years with a keen sense for Natural Law. Radical Traditionalist metapolitical theory is independent of metaphysics. One can be an atheist and remain a Traditionalist. Progressive atheists are typically under the impression that sexual chastity, heteronormativity, and family-orientation are something Christian Fundamentalists first discovered in their Bibles, rather than general habits of healthy societies throughout all recorded history regardless of creed.

Technology – Support for new medical technology, research initiatives, cloning, and space exploration without any of the reflexive anti-whitism, “noble savage” fetishism or “Little House on the Praireactionary” longing that dominates much of the traditional left and right.

One man’s LARP is another man’s vision, and he repeatedly carries on about space exploration and transhumanist sci-fi stuff as if it’s somehow less LARPy than the Medieval nostalgia our side sometimes indulges in. I work in technology, love technology, and even get all excited about bitcoins. I don’t see how transistors are supposedly leftist.

Art – The AltLeft is more open to different styles of art. Conservatives tend to rail against “modern art” while often not being able to distinguish between modernism and postmodernism(though they probably would hate both.) The simplest imperfect analogy for modern vs postmodern would be Dr.Evil vs Austin Powers.

There’s an important distinction to be made between the Traditionalist and the Conservative. There’s often overlap, but the AltRight is largely defined by its departure from Conservatism in favor of an active and responsive approach to the first principles of Radical Traditionalist theory. “Conservative” is a moving target, and much of what conservatives are conserving is actually anti-Traditional. AltRight types typically enjoy and explore a broad range of novel artistic styles. The only art they consistently oppose is the excessively commercial and institutional.

Ask around. These kids on the AltRight aren’t listening to church hymns on their iPods or posting strictly realist religious paintings on their feeds.

Social Issues – tolerance for(or indifference to) abortion, birth control, homosexuality and prostitution to varying degrees. Support for eugenics and transhumanism.

Deep Thought: Would a homosexual eugenicist remove the “gay gene?”

AltLeft mostly grew from my own experiences overhearing hipster leftist white friends occasionally make race realist comments or jokes, but knowing they would never sign on to any pro-white movement that came bundled with a laundry list of right wing add-ons like Christian theocracy, hardcore traditionalism, overt misogyny, men’s rights(lol,) anti-sex, anti modern medicine etc.

A similar fool’s errand has occupied the right for decades. You can walk into any socially conservative set of normies and find some evidence of racial awareness. If we could just get all these country boys who enjoy making racist jokes to actually stand up for their White identity, we’d be poised to take over the world, by God! It doesn’t work that way. Atavistic racial awareness is insufficient because it’s simply not as powerful as social pressure, ideological conditioning, and self-interest. None of those things can make it go away, but they all effectively limit it.

The answer lies in developing new subcultures with their own social norms and presenting alternative ideologies. With the right social support and the right ideological conditioning, people are capable of defying their self-interests. I’m skeptical that the mainstream Progressive ideological framework is even capable, given its all-encompassing focus on the individual and his interest and indulgence.

What distresses me more about Progressive pro-Whites than the butt stuff is their unwillingness to move beyond anonymous contexts due to concern for self-interest. Given what being publicly pro-White entails for one’s career prospects, dating options, social circles, and even personal safety, it’s a tough sell for anybody with an ego-positive and individualist ideological foundation. If a pro-White Left ever arises, it would be far more likely to emerge from the more collectivist National Bolshevik sorts.

It’s easy to understand why many right wing reactionaries express tepid support for Arab and African immigration to Europe and the United States.

Wait. What?

AltLeftist is the guy who’s minding his own business sipping his latte at some fair trade, locally owned coffee shop, listening to an indie folk music podcast while some Mexican gangster is outside stealing his beach cruiser. People like this can only ignore so many of these incidents before they admit to themselves that multiculturalism is failing on some level.

Until the guy challenges the degenerate individualism at the core of his Progressive ideology, he’ll just sit there and sip his house blend while his bike, his neighborhood, his country, and his race are stolen right before his eyes. People who aren’t Traditionalist are definitely welcome to become pro-White. But if they’re going to show up and insist that the reason we’re not winning is because we’re scaring off the Progressives by failing to be Progressive, I might just steal his beach cruiser myself.


john smith

“I’ve met plenty of religious skeptics over the years with a keen sense for Natural Law”

the idea of Natural law is incoherent without a belief in an active non-pantheistic God. This is because true natural law theory states that everything in nature is advancing towards some specific end, which couldn’t be possible without an intelligence behind and fundamental to the universe.

People who are not religious or practice non-theistic religions like Buddhism while accepting traditionalism would have to argue that traditionalism would ensure the greatest happiness, peace, or whatever human standard could be used to determine the highest good, but this would be somewhat arbitrary.

Matt Parrott

Oh, I agree that atheism is metaphysically incoherent. Everybody believes the Universe is embedded with a plan and purposes. Authentic nihilism is congenitally incompatible with the human mind. A human is no more capable of peering into the abyss of a truly meaningless universe than he’s capable of looking directly into the sun.

Most skeptics in the West are some sort of Dawkinsian Christian. They reject the Christian God in explicit and direct terms, while retaining some form of deformed and degraded Christian metaphysical and moral programming. The West is torn between God worship and Self worship, with many “Christians” ultimately worshiping themselves and many “atheists” being Christian in all but name.

This still leaves many self-described “atheists” capable of and inclined toward approaching philosophical and political systems in a relatively constructive and functional manner.


There’s a radical departure away from capitalism and libertarianism in <35 pro-whites in the USA , which I find to be a refreshing and hopeful development (we don't need any more Jamie Kelso-esque movement retarders) . At the end of the day, the Tea Party was never about "Small government", it was simply the only game in town for whites angry about demographic displacement, big business, and Jewish power. The fact that these ex-tea party people are all with Trump, rather than the establishment trash that claims to represent their movement, is hard proof. We're living in times of a popular white upheaval against capitalism, US/Zionist imperialism, and non-white immigration.

When it comes to the moral stuff, well, there's no reason why not behaving like an animal has to be equated with Christianity or mindless reaction. Opposing homosexuality and abortion are questions of public order, disease, national cohesion, accountability etc.

Just like certain traditionalists mindlessly react to everything modern (even the good stuff), certain Leftists or militant atheists mindlessly take every position they think might offend a Christian. While Biblical arguments about real world issues sound stupid to most people, there is hard scientific and reason-based evidence for the need to protect and incubute the traditional family and promote sexual common sense (keeping homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality , etc illegal).

john smith

“scientific and reason-based evidence for the need to protect and
incubute the traditional family and promote sexual common sense (keeping
homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality , etc illegal).”

yes, but it doesn’t amount to anything without God because these “needs” would merely be “wants”.

john smith

“tradskeptics” could justify a non-pozzed morality but pointing out that it creates more stability and happiness in society.

but that would still leave open the question of why this morality leads to these ends, and also why humans deserve to be happy. Science doesn’t answer either of these questions.

These problems don’t matter much because tradskeptics are still inclined to seek what they want, which is peace and stability in the long run, and they know that race-realism and family based morality will lead to these ends.


Well, I’m on the fence about “God”, I believe morality is largely in the blood not in holy water. Though I do think there has got to be a higher order, whether this is an anthropomorphic entity called “God” or some other governing force our puny human brains will never be able to figure out is another question.

The social benefits of morality make them needs.

Fr. John+

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” – Matt. 6:24

Mammon (in this case) are the neo-Pseudo Pagans, who want all the fruits of Christian Civilization (read, WHITE CULTURE) and none of the roots (Patriarchalism, Biblical Law, Christianity, Biblical Morality, stances against feminists, fags, and freaks., that sort of thing)…

Meh. These are not allies. They are just ‘playas.’

Ezra Pound

Counter-Gashes has turned into a total dumpster fire in my opinion. This kind of counter-signally bullshit (“AltLeft”) wreaks exactly like some outsider trying to come in and create or accentuate divisions. I understand wanting pro-white advocacy to transcend politics, but this was more about attacking right-wing traditionalists than promoting white interests.

Matt Parrott

I suspect it has less to do with meddlesome outsiders than it has to do with middle-aged pro-white insiders irritated about how the trad projects are leaving them behind.

I suspect that even the homosexuals in the Millennial set will ultimately be trad in their own mannerdundish neo-tribalist initiatic sort of way, and that Progressivism will prove a spent force all the way around.


CC is all over the place in the variety of ideological tendencies it promotes. This might look like they’re thinking outside the box or trying out a bunch of different things to see what works at first glance, but in truth, when you realize Guillaume Faye’s updated neo-conservative paradigm and the “Alt-Left” both believe in the integration or indifference toward sexual perversion, the pro-buggery agenda becomes crystal clear.

There’s a lot of middle ground between religious fundamentalism and proud “alt-right” queers who post pictures of themselves being tortured BDSM style in a wedding dress on Instagram. We don’t have to choose.


One of the biggest hidden problems I feel I am in the minority in bringing up is the danger of positing racial nationalism and identity as an anti-thesis to Islam or “Islamification”. Most alt-right criticisms of Islam utilize a lot of talking points from cultural Marxists like Bill Maher or Richard Dawkins. The correct approach is to hold the line that there is nothing wrong with Islam, and instead, it is Arabs and negroes migrating into Europe by the millions that is the real problem–not their supposed religious beliefs.

Aside from being an incorrect analysis, the anti-thesis of Islam isn’t racialism, it’s liberalism. Perverts are using this contradiction and the conflation of non-white immigration with “Islam” to try to get into our movement. Coming to the defense of Western liberalism and Jewish thought patterns.

As long as people keep framing the current immigration problem in Europe as “Islam vs the West” you’re going to be getting the wrong people joining for the wrong reasons.


They can’t even come up with a proper criticism against Islam and they have to attack it from a left ( treating of women, gays etc) perspective or from a militant atheist/secular one. Now you see why the New Atheist bullshit has been promoted so aggressively to the herd, so that when the engineered “Clash” with Islam would reach its peak the masses of plebs would be ready to start vomiting their spoonfed talking points that they learned after years indoctrination and this Islam specific is cloaking a much wider attack on religion in general. It’s as if someone planted a time bomb to detonate when all pieces from a long-planned motion came together.


“But if they’re going to show up and insist that the reason we’re not winning is because we’re scaring off the Progressives by failing to be Progressive, I might just steal his beach cruiser myself.”

LOL, well said.


Your idol, Hitler, marshaled forces with some elements of the progressive left in his early days. The Straussers did, anyway – and they took NS from a charismatic speaker with a butch fag following to a national plurality.


This is true. Nationalsocialism synthesized tradition as the core with modern concepts or leeway in expression, in contrast to the various clerical Fascists of the era (Iron Guard, Franco, et al).

I break with “traditionalists” on the question of secularism, as they miss the reason why Europe became secular to begin with. In places like Germany, the Treaty of Augsburg was created to stop Europeans from killing one another in eternal pointless wars over real or purported theological differences. That’s a good thing in hindsight.

Traditionalist vs Progressive is a false dichotomy. Every last tradition was created by a progressive/revolutionary, the New Testament sees itself as a continuation of the old yet doesn’t require circumcision or abstaining from pork–for example.

Certain stuffed up conservative types in the Third Reich would dwell on little things like women smoking cigarettes, or tightly regulated prostitution, or non-pornographic nudity in art. The point is that we need to protect the core and idea of values, rather than become mechanical moralists for the sake of morality. Men need explanations for WHY something is like it is.

The limitations of religious traditionalism can be seen in Iran. Iran has a birth rate as low as Germany after the Ayatollahs legalized birth control, simply because the Qu’ran doesn’t specifically forbid it. Ditto for other oddities and manifestations of illness, like transexual surgeries, which are legal because Mohammad didn’t foresee them in the 8th century lol.

Any system with normal values must fight to counter the sexual revolution, but also within the premise of the zeitgeist. That’s what separates authentic protection of positive human values from escapists and LARPers fantasizing about ballroom dancing and being Knighted at Versailles.

Light Division

I see this as a good thing. White people, of course, come in every shape and size– I’m a Southerner, for instance, and I have about as much in common with a White San Francisco faggot as I do with the shoe-shine man Percy at the local country club. I’ve never “sipped a latte”, listened to an “indie music podcast”, sucked a dick, or owned a pair of bike shorts. You are absolutely correct, Mr. Parrott, when you state that White people will never unite under a “single umbrella with a shared vision”, and the sooner we can get that through our collective heads the better off we’ll be.

That being said, the fact that different and diverse White subcultures are becoming increasingly racially aware is nothing but a positive as far as I’m concerned. A genuine, thriving “AltLeft” consisting of limp-wristed hipsters is unquestionably necessary if we’re to achieve real, lasting victory over the anti-White (((establishment))). We need large numbers of church-goers, homos, sports fans, musicians/artists, steel workers, white-collar executives, techies, farm boys… more than just glorified Conservatives, glorified Traditionalists, and glorified Nazis. So while I wouldn’t want to share a beer with the publisher of that AltLeft blog, I’ll certainly cheer him on from afar. It’s a step in the right direction.

Matt Parrott

I certainly think it could be a step in the right direction.

Time will tell whether it’s a platform to attack anti-whites or to attack pro-white trads.

Ezra Pound

“Time will tell whether it’s a platform to attack anti-whites or to attack pro-white trads” BINGO.


I haven’t had time to read all the article yet, but right out of the gate can say, as a denizen of what would be considered unofficial ‘AltLeft’ thinking, that anyone down with vaccines probably is more interested in attacking you than White Liberationism. Further, there’s a reason so few of ‘us’ go public; more are women and the life is dangerous. Not just due to gender-specific threats, but also because there is no ready made community that might otherwise protect us. And our supposed wellwishers on the right usually are anything but. There simply is no cover for what is a far more dangerous terrain for us, period. That’s your reason in a nutshell.


I’ve had the opportunity to observe a wide range of negros lately and stumbled onto a surprising conclusion: they all share the same religion.

All of them, be they “Rastas”, Muslims, or some variation of Christian, believe in the same (or very similar) historical mythos: that the black race is the superior race, is entitled to riches and glory, and will one day dominate the planet.

Until we meet them with our own religious zeal (as we had in Christendom), we’ll always be pillaged. There can be some diversity – there can be methodists, baptists, or whatever – but all have to fit into the same religious paradigm. And it must be a paradigm tied up with our race.

…all the other races have it, but they have cheap and scandalous imitations of the one true religion we, the white folk of the world, used to have. Satan always twists the sacred to his own end.

We can’t let him.


What’s the point in being pro-white at all if all we’re concerned about are a few patterns of living which may (or, as many will argue: may not) have been perennial throughout history?

We end up with something like an “Alternative Hokey Pokey”. You get your AltLeft in, you get your AltRight out, you put some AltColoreds in and you shake em all about…

Thanks to TradYouth (whom I have no wish to discourage at all), I think I’ve finally pinpointed my disagreement with all this: I’m a conservative, not a capital T “Traditionalist”. I want the old glass castle of Europe and none other. Sure it can be molded, shifted, and changed slightly to meet current technological and societal advances, but the heart of it can remain (and does remain for a few).

The “AltLifers” can have their modernism or their postmodernism; they can have their Darwinism, their crass “as-we-now-knowism”, their “scientism”, and all their other isms.

…as for me and my house, we’ll take Europe.


That’s pro-Parrott, not pro-white.

Without an overarching and unifying mythos (as we had with Christendom), why bother?

Maybe I’m cynical, or maybe my anecdotal experience doesn’t match up to reality, but I’m convinced some abstract ideology (be it Jacobinism, Secularism, Traditionalism, or what have you) isn’t going to be a successful glue – it wont even be “tacky” enough for a temporary hold.

I miss Christendom…

Matt Parrott

That’s where the tribalism comes in.

We Christians preserve that mythos within our communities while constructively allying with other communities which share a basic respect for tribe and tradition.


I’m fine with that (as far as it goes). We have to trade furs with the Injuns after all; but they have to realize at some point that our view of ourselves is superior and our mythos cannot be supplanted by some ideology of diversity and harmony.

I don’t know why, but we’ve been placed in a world with scarce resources and we’re meant to fight for them. If we’re not superior, someone else will be.

J.j. Cintia

The Left is getting more and more Anti-White. The jews are nothing if not premature. They expect in twenty years that Whites will not be a majority anymore so they’re acting out now. This is how they always lose. They don’t just telegraph, they act like they win before they win anything.
Any deluded White rubble left on the “Left” will go into a cannibals pot. The jews lose. They always lose. The Soviet Union was a fluke, and the Chinese have always had repressive governments.
Some Whites will not survive, but this is a sorting out. God or Higher Powers if you like are sorting the wheat from the chaff. In the end, only the strong and pure of heart will get through the garbage of the sewer rats and make it through to the other side.
All you Christians have been chosen. You are now the Master Race that takes the Crown of Adamic manhood. Forget the other fakers. Satan has already killed them. that’s his game, he kills all his followers.


If I can express my opinion regarding this issue: as a pro-White individual, my biggest problems with right-wing conservatism/traditionalism are Christian theocracy and economic libertarianism.
Even if I don’t consider myself an individualist and even if I am willing to accept traditionalist policies that I may not agree with if they are “for the greater good”, my personal opinion is that the combination of Christian theocracy and economic libertarianism is ineffective when it comes to the interests of White people. Right-wing economics in particular is inherently anti-nationalist and will inevitably lead to the same type of society and the same type of problems we have today in Europe and the USA.

Matt Parrott

Nobody here is for economic libertarianism. There are economic libertarians on the AltRight, and we certainly don’t belong to that faction.


The race card should be played only to the degree it matters and takes our agenda forward and white-identity should be safeguarded proportionately to the degree it becomes the focus of attack by our enemies. That’s why I do not identify as Identintarian, because they put too much emphasis on race at the expense of other equally important things.

I guess it is also a matter of national and cultural background. The globalist/Jew enemy doesn’t use the same uniform everywheremethod to attack organic cultures and bonds between people and nations . They are flexible ans so should we. It is true the primary bond in Western nations was that of race so attacking white identity is of the utmost importance for the subversive agenda to succeed along with morality, religion etc. In other cultures however the enemy is more than happy use the white identity card and point out its primacy in relation to lesser ones for its own goals as it happens in Russia for instance. There a purely white ethnic Russia is actually weak and not a threat to their plans. In Russia’s case diversity is strength which is why it is attacked by the unholy alliance of pro-western liberals and “nationalists” who feel their co-existence in the same political and national entity with other races and cultures is holding them back from integrating and becoming westerners themselves.


“I don’t see how transistors are supposedly leftist.” – the rightwing ones are cisistors. If these guys have an answer to atomization, and to the globalization that is harming all of us, good for them. We can work together to unscrew the country.

“Deep Thought: Would a homosexual eugenicist remove the “gay gene?”” – They may be voluntarily doing so by pushing for normalization, and given that we aren’t in the 150 people in a village stage anymore, forcing them to have children and to promote group fitness above their own desires isn’t necessarily that much of a positive gain anymore.

Matt Parrott

There are two axes with our project; tribalism and traditionalism. We do our best to ignore and avoid engaging with both tribalists who aren’t traditional and traditionalists who aren’t tribal.

That’s the idea, anyway.


I’m late to this discussion but…one issue where the White Nationalist movement really needs to turn “left” is by becoming soft on (White) crime.

I don’t really see how the pro-white movement’s “tough on crime” position is doing anything other than alienating White criminals, many of whom are extremely racially aware (ever heard of the Aryan Brotherhood?)

I think a lot of it is connected to general reactionary right-wing classist bullshit that infests White Nationalism. The WN movement really needs to stop referring to White people who smoke crack, break into people’s homes, receive food stamps and have illegitimate kids as “white trash” when many of them are the flower of our race.

We need to be to the left of Marx on this issue. Marx did not like the lumpen proletariat (i.e. “undeserving poor”) but as long as they are White we should be their champions.

So let’s stop with all the “law and order, execute drug dealers, shoot the homeless, make the welfare bums starve” bourgeois shit and start mobilizing an army of proud White Lumpen.

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