A New Year’s pledge: Destroy your Self

This year let’s make a resolution that you aren’t going to break.  Nope.  You’re going to break that one, too.  Stop kicking the can down the road and don’t wait until “this year” to take responsibility for yourself.  Are you fat?  Go workout.  Are you poorly educated on philosophy?  Go read some books.  Have you been a bad Christian?  Go to liturgy, vespers, confession and read your Bible.  Are you unable to cook for yourself?  For god’s sake, find a cookbook you like and teach yourself to cook.  Are you addicted to fapping?  Find some companionship (or go join No Fap).  Don’t put the onus of responsibility for change on the Gregorian calendar.  You are the only person who really gives a shit about you so stop blaming your weak inner abdominals, weak genetics or your grandmother’s diabetes for the consequences of your own lifestyle choices.

A new year, a new you?  No.  It doesn’t work like that.  Shills, cucks and Jews are the only ones whose life-narrative revolves around The Current Year.  We don’t want a “better” version of “you,” because “you” are the reason that your life is in such poor shape.  What we need is a different person.  What you need is a self-destruction program to destroy your degenerate Self and replace it with a Warrior.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a /fit/ poster-child, but you do need to apply some serious effort towards fighting your demons.

You don’t need a ridiculous 50-step program for self-improvement.  Again-  We’re not doing a self-improvement program, we’re doing a self-destruction program.  50-step programs are for manlets too scared to take full steps.  If you’re looking for a baby-steps program this article is not for you.  The first step in your two-step program is to irreversibly throw yourself into a trial by fire.  No more half-measures, no more baby-steps, no more escape hatches or easy outs.  For once in your life engage in a journey where there is no easy solution and by which you will be a changed person after the fact.  This journey, if completed successfully, will leave you as a fully transfigured person.  Not a transformed or improved person, because we’ve already decided that “you” have to be destroyed.  We need a different kind of “you.”

morse ripley

Abandon your fight for personal comfort and take on the hard journey of Self-destruction. “… we ain’t got no entertainment center, no climate control, no video system, no surveillance, no freezers, no fucking ice cream, no rubbers, no women, no guns. All we got here is *shit*!” -Morse, Alien 3

You must be as a warrior.  Abandon your bourgeois comfort blanket and be a man.  Take on the fight for race, honor and glory.  Live a life that revolves around defending your faith, folk and family.  Be a Hero.  Do not, however, take up a fight for “freedom” or some aimless “struggle against tyranny.”  You must step outside of your bourgeois comforts and stop fighting for bourgeois goals.  Your fight is not to protect your 50″ flat-screen television, BluRay player and ice cream bars.  You are fighting against yourself.  You must destroy your Self.  A rancher burns the prairie to make way for new grass.  The rancher is not seeking to make the existing grass better– he is trying to destroy it.  From the ashes of the old grass comes new, greener and healthier grass.  Burn your Self and watch a Warrior emerge.

Unfortunately for us, we’re all products of the Modern World.  Adding insult to injury is that most of the people reading this article are Americans: people borne of the most degenerate Western society in the world.  How could we possibly know that we’re on the right path to self-improvement if the only way we can conceptualize and perform self-improvement is from an impossibly degenerate worldview?

There are some ways to know if you’re on the right path.  There is a danger in this two-step program, and that danger comes at the second step.  What you do after beginning a trial by fire can set you on a course for greatness or weakness.  The Warrior will embrace the struggle, fight the struggle, and come renewed as a super-human (read: transcendent) of higher functioning mind, body and soul.  The coward will yield to his instinctual and natural passions.  The coward who may well be the Hero’s physical equal or greater will fight on.  He will thrash about as a thug or gangster with brute and aimless violence in the name of anti-racism, anti-fascism, feminism, higher pay and the material comforts of his bourgeois home, and thus he becomes the sub-human, the Common Man, the degenerate.

The ancient Indo-Aryan tradition says we must use this life as a tool to launch our mind towards greatness, “Life– like a bow; the mind– like the arrow; the target to pierce– the supreme spirit; to join mind to spirit as the shot arrow hits its target.”  Your trial by fire will melt you into an arrow head and then you must launch it at yourself.  You are the weapon against your own Self, and when your Self dies you will find a Warrior remains.  The Lesser Holy War against the barbarians in our midst is your path to the Greater Holy War to kill the barbarians in your Self.

When you’ve completed your two-step program to self-destruction, do it again.  This is not a process that you perform once per Current Year– this is a constant cycle of death and rebirth.  Do not wait until the next Current Year to be a Warrior, to be a Hero– be a man and do it now.


Richard Bird

WTF was that all about? Fire can’t destroy the plant. New grass grows from the roots. It is the hair of the plant. If you kill the plant, fuck all grows. Nothing grows from ashes. At least get the metaphor right, for heavens sake. My point is, the message is spoiled by writing nonsense. Language must make sense or it loses it’s meaning.

Thomas Buhls

If any of us succeeded in ACTUALLY destroying ourselves then the article would be a one-step program: “Step one, kill yourself.”

Don’t take everything as being literal. The only ones who do aren’t going to make it to “Step two” because they took my article literally and decided that a “One Step” program was right for them.

Richard Bird

Hey Thomas, thanks for pointing that out. Fortunately I read your comment as I was about to pull the trigger and realised I had misunderstood you. Definitely was my lucky day.

aodh macraynall

Ah Richard, i sorta agree with ya. Ya recognize th importance a language. In this struggle we find ourselves, few weapons are as important. But I think yer forgettin th true power a language; that its a weapon that can be used in many ways and it is truly a versatile weapon. i would caution ya not ta operate out of a purely rationalistic mindset. Language can be used ta inspire and I mean ‘inspire’ in th strongest way, not in th modernist sense a makin ya feel certain emotions that last for a few minutes and ya just think about later in th day. Language can be used to inspire deepest change and does not have ta make rationalist ‘sense.’ Well, i’ve said enough.

Eye of Magnus

Well I definitely agree with the main part of this message. We need those cycles of death and rebirth to maintain spiritual balance in the world, just as we need to alternate between conflict and peace at different times depending on what’s appropriate. Death without life is necrosis, but life without death is cancer, and everyone needs both the male and female energies to become their higher self, which is why sex and the human family are considered sacred in so many religions.

The one thing I don’t understand is why you would think the United States is the most degenerate Western society? I guess it’s just your opinion, but I’m still not sure where you get that idea from? Does Canada have a bigger Bible Belt than the US? How many countries in the EU held out until the 21st century to get rid of their Sodomy Laws? Sure, we’ve got a lot of overweight people, and our Zionist problem, but when was the last time an American was arrested for questioning the “Hollywood”cost? There are plenty of other Western countries that also have free market economies, so you can’t use that excuse either.

Thomas Buhls

To quote another, sure there are other highly degenerate Western countries, but the USA is “plumbing new depths” into degeneracy that was heretofore unthinkable.

Eye of Magnus

Could you give a couple examples though? I mean, my own perspective is limited because I’ve never actually been outside the United States, but from what I’ve heard from Europe, they’re doing even worse in a lot of ways, especially with secularism and the sexual revolution.

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