They Can’t Stop Us: An Extreme Position of our Own

“Extreme positions are not succeeded by moderate ones, but by contrary extreme positions.”

Well, folks, here we are again. Once more the wheels of history turn, and once again we find ourselves in an era where the rats are no longer hiding in the walls.

There are never grand announcements whenever we reach a historical milestone. There are no credits, no fanciful scores as in films. And in case you haven’t noticed, the anxieties of our enemies grow stronger by the day. But perhaps it is time to change our language here on the alt-right.

We keep saying over and over, “The war of the 21st century will be between globalist liberal hegemony and nationalism,” as if to imply we are on the cusp of entering that era. We’re there, at least on the cultural front. It is clearer now than ever, and although most of us already know this, we should at least act like it by acknowledging that that era is not approaching, but here already.

In the realm of tired politicos, perhaps one bright and shining example was the recent French elections in which the French regional governments, like the vermin that they are, banded together to shut out Front Nationale from gaining further ground. Far Left socialist and Republican vipers alike worked together to thwart a historic win for the only party that comes close to representing the interests of the historic French nation.

Here at home, in the lion’s den of liberal hegemony, the establishment Republicans are losing their minds over Trump, who is leading every poll by historic margins. They’ve taken a keen interest in the prospect of banning him from future debates or subverting the democratic process with convention delegates. And, because he is polling at twice the numbers of his closest challengers and as much as five times the numbers of seven of the top 10 candidates, he remains a thorn in their side.

But, of course, let’s not get it twisted: what is important for us, as nationalists, is not a win for Trump. What is important is that he, whether he realizes it or not, is bringing our ideas further into the mainstream. In many ways, we would still benefit from a win for Clinton, as it would only create an ever harder backlash from those on the alt-right, thereby potentially keeping our ideas above ground. And if Trump ultimately decides to run as a third party candidate, the possibility of that happening is ever greater. But as we say over here as children of the so-called “Dark Enlightenment”, ‘worse is better.” It usually is.

Or let us observe a recent article by one Frank Joyce of Alternet, titled “White Men Must Be Stopped: The Future of Mankind Depends on It,” which was also featured just a couple days ago on Salon, in which he (without a shred of the usual modernist poof humor) states: “…given the possibility that Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, or one of their ilk might become president, white supremacist ideology seems to be digging in harder than ever. I don’t take this lightly…”

Is he serious? Ha! Oh, but it gets better. He continues, “The future of life on the planet depends on bringing the 500-year rampage of the white man to a halt. For five centuries his ever more destructive weaponry has become far too common. His widespread and better systems of exploiting other humans and nature dominate the globe.”

You bet he’s serious. They all are. And, in case you haven’t noticed, unlike in recent years, there is no playful hipster snark, no run-of-the-mill ’10 Reasons Why Crackers Are Ruining the World’ lists rife with the usual played-out jabs and potshots.   They are finally starting to understand the gravity of the looming future, no longer able to flirt and toy with us on the safe side of the fence, and they are getting scared, and rightfully so – they should be.

Unfortunately for them, it still hasn’t sunk in that the very reason we have gained greater ground is because their incessant pushing not just over the last few decades, but especially over the last few years, is a direct result of this. We are the monster they created, and like them, we aren’t hiding in the closet anymore peering out into dark, cozy quarters, doling out scares in little increments.

Call me crazy, but I think its safe to say that we have finally entered the great era we always talk about, the battle of the twenty-first century, our great “spiritual war” that left so many in our generation, especially males, deprived of purpose and languishing in the modernist void. Friends and comrades, we have already arrived, let us get comfy, for if what Nietzsche says rings true, then our said positions are finally ready to settle in behind the cultural barricade, ready for the coming torrent.



They might not admit it, but the leftist alliance knows we have the high ground. Science, morality, logic, and history are all on our side. They only have their own self-proclaimed ‘moral authority’ to shore up their position.

Punkass bitch destroyer696969

No, what they have is a human mind, and with that, they have the freedom of choice, which is the one thing between heaven and hell, for Lucifer wanted everybody to do right, and Jesus said to let us choose. Bitch

J.j. Cintia

We have the skills, talent, know-how and weapons, and they have snark and a host of sexually transmitted diseases. Maybe those midochlorians can give them the power to outrun our wrath? Where you gonna run to this time?

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