Radio Western Rebirth Episode II: Capitalism or Socialism?


Eric Striker discusses several issues, including;

  • Capitalism or Socialism?
  • What Is Holding Front National Back?

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The younger Le Pen was focusing on the social issues, her region being more Catholic, and she did see the highest total vote total.


The problem is, she does things incognito. I know she went to the protests against gay marriage, but FN itself did not take a position on it. Meanwhile, Sarkozy was out there leading the protests with great chutzpah, and promised (lied) to revoke it.

Fr. John+

He’s a jew. It is in their nature. “Ye are of your father the devil… who was a liar from the beginning… ye do as your father does, etc.”


As a disclaimer, don’t listen to this around women or children because it has a lot of profanity and harsh language. I tried listening in a park and had to hit the “volume down” knob a few times while elderly patrons walked by my car.

Nestor Roebuck

Really brilliant presentation! I thought I was alone in thinking that Milton Friedman, Ayn Rand, and Murray Rothbard are as toxic as Marx, Trotsky and the Frankfurt Schoolers. A million times thank you!

allan eckart

Great rant against capitalism! Too many white nationalists attack the symptom and not the disease. This is the first time I’ve heard any pro-white point to NAFTA as the prime catalyst for the brown hordes hemorrhaging in through our southern borders.
The anger of the white worker should be directed more towards the white contractor cruising around in his gas guzzling over priced pick up truck as he lords over his mestizo slave labor force, than the mestizos themselves.


That’s very common where I live. Want to make 6 figures to live in a mansion and buy your bratty daughter a car for her sweet 16? Get a truck, some tools, and some mexicans and start up a roofing/landscaping/scaffolding business where you pay them $8 dollars an hour off the books. You charge the same as has always been charged or more, do a shitty job, but people keep paying because everyone is doing it and they need the work done.

After you get to know them, you can find the brown with the brownest nose, pay him an extra dollar per hour, and put him “in charge”. At that point you just drop them off at the job site, go back home to nap, and the work does itself.

Of course, these Mexicans are living 10 to a room and don’t mind living and working in third world conditions. But I really hope Trump keeps his promises about deporting illegals. When that happens, expect lots of “For Sale” signs outside the neighborhood Gotti-mansions belonging to people who never had the mind or the work ethic to have a small business to begin with.

wotan237 .

Good talk, shame about the National Front. Seems like if they are moving toward the social policy center or left of center, they should also adopt more socialist economics as well, in order to scoop up more and more of the disaffected left wing vote…I read long ago that Israel anticipated the rise of the nationalist right and sought to capture these parties, to make them kosher. Seems true.

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