German Schoolchildren are Race Rioting

The Mirror is reporting an uncomfortable development. An East German middle school erupted in a godawful race riot which sent several children to the hospital. Reportedly, ethnically Germany schoolchildren went berserk without provocation, sending several Middle Eastern schoolgirls to the hospital with serious injuries.

Rioting teenage children attacked and seriously injured refugee classmates invited into their school in Germany.

Police in Leipzig said a mob of German children, aged 13 and 14, attacked the refugees.

They spat on them, threw sticks and stones, punched, kicked and, in one instance, slammed a door shut on a victim’s head.

I’m mindful that we’re only receiving one side of the story. We’re only receiving one side of the story on the incident itself and on the atmosphere at the school leading up to the incident. Witnesses described the incident as Lord of the Flies, the novel we were all assigned in school in which children stranded on an island descend into barbarism, cruelty, and desperation in the absence of adult guidance and civilization. With Merkel at the helm, there’s certainly an absence of adult guidance and civilization.

Germany has been so vigilant against the bogeyman of “neo-Nazism” that they failed to anticipate the crisis erupting in the places most acutely affected by this dereliction of stewardship: the nation’s public schools. The globalists are working to outlaw and suppress nationalist ideals by banning the NPD and imposing totalitarian controls on free expression. They’re operating under the false premise that ethnic conflict is an artificial ideology injected into children rather than an organic and natural phenomenon which will erupt under predictable conditions.

They’re currently on a witch hunt to figure out the politics of the parents, and the state will most likely kidnap their children if they find any evidence of pride in or defense of their German heritage.

At least one of the attackers comes from a neo-Nazi family, it has been reported.

Hopefully a voice will emerge from among the children or their families with the courage to tell the complete story. I’m doubtful, though. The globalists are simply too powerful for these working class children and their parents to defy. The elites’ White Genocide project is transitioning from a cool and gradual administrative displacement phenomenon into a heated and aggressive genocide. Each attempt to fight back, even if it’s by mere children, will be all the more confirmation of the blood libel guilt of the German people and predication for further displacement, replacement, and dispossession.


Laguna Beach Fogey

“without provocation”

The presence of Middle Easterners in Germany is itself a provocation.

Support the German Resistance!

North Star

One wonders how many such fights/brawls/riots have occurred in German schools and elsewhere in Europe, where Muslims were the instigators and native Whites the victims. Any such story would *maybe* make the back page of a local paper, or appear as a small item in a neighborhood blog, and then immediately be buried deep, deep down the memory hole by any national or international (((media))).

Tasos Papazahariou

Some illegal immigrants this summer tried to rape a woman at the bar street of Kos,this incident is in the police records so it’s not bogus,none of the media reported this.My point is…don’t expect to hear about these stuff as they are very well kept away from the public.

On topic though,reading your post this came to mind

Fr. John+

Germans may deserve a lot, but I don’t believe they deserve THIS. Merkel is an antichrist, of that I am all but positive. She is a woman, a marxist, and a racial traitor. She is thus, ANTI-INCARNATIONAL for her nation.

Wallace B...

I pity all that those German kids are going through, but it’s all (adult) Germans’ fault… You ought to reap what you sow, sir, sad but true, I have nothing personal against that country, but they are asking for things like that to come upon themselves.

Wallace B...

No, German retards do, for all the have done from WW1 to now… The world would be better off without those disgusting neo-nazi

Jody Dayton Peace

You are a very evil creature. Why do you hate Europeans so much? Germans only tried to defend themselves in WWI and WWII. You need to learn true history… not jewbag lies. Are you a jewbag..? Death is too good for you…

Wallace B...

Wow, good stuff, you turn out to be another neo-Nazi antisemite…

“Germans only tried to defend themselves in WWI and WWII.”

hahahaha please, retard, just die already, stop wasting our precious oxygen

Jody Dayton Peace

So you admit you are a Jewish supremacist then, or just an opportunist licking their butts? As if it’s not obvious from the way you have NO logical argument AT ALL and just throw out the usual coded anti-White slurs (neo-nazi/antisemite blah, blah, blah).

You are the retard. You’re like a dog turd on the footpath of humanity.

Matt Parrott

Personally, I consider any and all “historical guilt” illegitimate, and I use the term “blood libel” for that. Whether or not an event actually happened is beside the point. Even if great-grandpa killed a bunch of Jews, German schoolchildren are blameless.

I’m aware of its complex etymology.

And, for the record, I don’t hold contemporary Jews morally accountable for the episodes that there’s some pretty compelling scholarship about, IYKWIMAITYD. I’ve never understood why so many of us invest so much time in arcane historical matters when there’s so much to work with right here and now.

Aaron Gross

That makes sense if you’re a deracinated libertarian, but I don’t understand how someone who believes in group identity can say that. Identity means persistence over time. And just as a (personal) self means avowing past behavior, good and bad, so does a group “self.”

Nobody suggests—explicitly—that Germans are personally responsible for what happened before they were born. If you’re talking about just a “you’re not OK because” vibe, I agree with you. But Germans have to remember, morally and ethically, if you believe in a German identity.

Matt Parrott

Perhaps I’m a tad libertarian, as I fail to really take much collective pride in the accomplishments of my race. In an academic sense, I think it’s cool I belong to the same stock as Shakespeare, but only because it reflects on our present potential.

I suppose that goes both ways, with reflecting one’s potential for villainy.

Back when I organized the ill-fated 2010 AmRen Shadow Conference, my friend Reuben (JewAmongYou) and I spoke in depth late into the night. One thing we (amicably) argued about was whether or not one should believe their people are better than others.

I took the limp-wristed position that we should both internally and externally stick with a “separate but equal” mentality while he insisted that a successful identitarian movement needs to have a sense of importance, specialness, and even a touch of superiority in order to motivate one’s folk toward self-preservation.

Of course, to be a public White Advocate is to spend one’s entire day insisting that one doesn’t wish to dominate and hurt the feelings of non-Whites with sadistic glee. And it’s a waste of time, for the most part.

I think there’s a pride in one’s tribe which exists somewhere between dry objective neutrality and “group sociopathy” which is optimal. That’s how it is for most families.

The whole situation in a nutshell, from the Jewish perspective:

Aaron Gross

OK, but I’m talking more about ethics than pride or self-esteem. They’re pretty different. If I committed a murder, that doesn’t make me an essentially bad person. It just means I have to atone for a horrible crime. From a Christian viewpoint, I was a sinner in need of redemption before the murder, and I still am afterwards.

I think the difference might be clearer if you look at the future rather than the past. I assume you want the white race to be virtuous, right? Well one important way to become more virtuous is to remember—to tell yourself stories—about past times when you fell short of your ideal. That’s true at the personal level, and I think it’s true at the collective level as well. I don’t think you can be virtuous in the future if you disavow the past.

So if you want the white race or the German Volk or the Jewish nation or whatever to be virtuous in the future, they have to collectively tell themselves stories about their past. Switching back to the personal example, the murderer should remember—tell himself stories about—the pain he caused to the victim, the pain and hardship he caused to the widow and children, etc. It’s not about some “feeling” of racial pride or guilt.

Matt Parrott

When my kids came home and asked about our genocide of the Indians, I had a copy handy of some stories from my home county about how the natives kidnapped, tortured, and killed white pioneer children. I taught them about King Philip’s War and its impact on the white settlers at the time.

I then circled back to Tecumseh, whose major battles were also right here locally, and told the story of a man who tried to unite his people to resist the impending genocide. I explained that my own ancestors fought bravely and defeated him, so we could all enjoy an Indiana devoid of Indians.

I tried to offer them a complete perspective on the subject, one which sympathizes with and honors the natives and pioneers alike, while still taking their own side.

john smith

“But Germans have to remember and retell their past, morally and ethically, if you believe in a German identity.”

of course a jew would only say this when talking about the holohoax.


Without provocation? Really? Are you kidding? How can ANYBODY be surprised at a German backlash to the right when this scourge invades their country demanding all kinds of privileges?


And the student shall become the master…
Children have an innate sense of fairness.
Try and hand an unequal amount of Anything to a group of kids.
Calling out leftist out as children does a great disservice to kids.
Like American dindus, these mucks are a pestilence on our schools. The difference is, in the US, 60yrs of have cucked our kids into thinking monkeyshines are normal.
Germoneys time will come.

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