Breeding More, …or Breeding Up?

We’ve been hearing it for some time now, especially in the Traditionalist/Alt-Right circles: “Whites gotta have more babies!”

Of course, many of these same people who are shouting this from the hilltops rarely, if ever, have a clear-cut plan as to how we construct a framework around this fundamental idea that is so critical to our goal of restoring Tradition. And that is the main goal – to restore and maintain our traditional ways of life. And, yes, a primary focus on having more children must absolutely be firmly established.

But, at the risk of sounding too snarky, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that many of those people clamouring for this aren’t really doing their part, or have little realistic plans of doing it. What we’re hearing is a lot of emotional rhetoric, but little or no action behind it.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard of quite a few cases of people on our side of the fence who seem to be under the impression that merely spreading their seed is top priority. That is all good and well, but a specific set of values go must go hand-in-hand with that, for without a strong emphasis and ardent support for white, heterosexual marriage coupled with primary spiritual/religious loyalties solidifying that sacred institution, we will essentially be choosing quantity over quality, and, on some level, that isn’t too far from what many poor whites with families are already doing in some places. The end result is the culture of degeneracy we find ourselves in ends up raising the children more than the parents.

We hear all too often from couples who may flirt with the idea or who make excuses as to why either the time just isn’t right for them. And then there are the overly idealistic ‘volkish warrior’ single males who, if they can’t have their idealised Ostara magazine version of the perfect “Aryan” princess to breed with, they won’t have them at all. This actually reminds me somewhat of a conversation I had with a friend about Evola, who was, to my chagrin, of a similar opinion. Evola had many criticisms of NSDAP era Germany’s Lebensborn program, which he thought was alien to Tradition.

Of course, Evola never had children of his own, and, at the risk of oversimplifying his sentiments, once said that there was no point in ever having them if he couldn’t bring them up to be wholly “Roman”. His cynicism about the future of the Italian Social Republic probably had a lot to do with that. Nevertheless, I see such attitudes as weak, notwithstanding the high regard in which I hold Evola and his ideas. Indeed, we mustn’t choose quantity over quality, but, at the same time, we don’t really have all the time in the world right now, do we? In regards to our situation here in America, we all know the official 63% white thing is actually much lower since, according to this regime, that includes Hispanics and North Africans (most of whom aren’t racially or politically White).

In spite of this, the reality of breeding more and breeding up can never fully manifest properly and healthily unless we solidify that with strong traditional morals backed by spiritual/religious primary loyalties. In addition, it is also crucial that we encourage this with incentive for young married couples to have children. With so many rootless whites today feeling the deck stacked against them, it is no wonder the will to start families is so weakened.

Actions such as abolishing No-fault divorce that make divorces so bleeding easy is one thing we must strive for. We must accept that there are supreme advantages to a system centred around Tradition which establish firm barriers to divorce. Children need a father and a mother, period.

In addition to creating tax incentives for working fathers, which is listed in the Party Platform, fathers must be paid a family wage so that they can support their families while mothers receive incentive to tend to the children within the home.

These are but a few of the goals we must strive to achieve if we are to increase our birth rates. This cannot be accomplished without a solid, moral emphasis on faith and the traditional family unit.


Shitlord Johnson

The “alt-right” still has many lessons to learn about how the real world works. I chuckle to myself every time I read a 20 or 30-something fellow telling whites they need to marry and have kids, while he has no plans to do that himself. Furthermore, when I point out the actual reasons why men dont like marriage and children nowadays (due to the unacceptably high risk of divorce and child support) I get shouted down and accused of being “a liberal MRA”! Feminism is clearly to blame and needs to be attacked rather than shaming men for doing what under the circumstances is probably a wise thing to do. The alt-right, for the most part, is yet to understand this.

Emily Carter

MRA is a kind of victim-mentality itself, though. That being said I do agree with the gist – the reason men don’t marry is because there is no payoff, the result will not be a Christian marriage but a mortgage and alimony payments to an evil bitch who warps the mind of your child against you. In fact, if less men would put up, with this and keep their cocks in their socks instead of pandering for trim, women might actually be forced to stop being bitchy whores.

Ezra Pound

Would you hold a priest to the same standard? Priests don’t have children so why should we listen to their advice about having or raising children? Preposterous.

Fr. John+

Only apostate Roman priests. I am married, and an Orthodox Cleric.

Ezra Pound

Is it possible for an RCC Priest to give good advice on child rearing?

Emily Carter

Asking white women to mass produce children to win some imaginary contest is idiotic. We don’t need to outnumber them, we need to defend ourselves. To do that we need moral confidence, not numbers. White men can build tanks, we don’t need human wave tactics.

No, whites should not impersonate Jews and Mexicans to preserve ourself. Worse than being destroyed, defeats the point. Were you a Buckleyite who thought we need a ‘totalitarian bureaucracy within our shores’ to beat Communism? Because this is the same sort of bizarro logic.


If you’re ever in a conversation with one of the ‘we will breed our way to victory’ types, I find that the best thing to do is ask them this:

‘Do you truly believe we will outbreed the blacks?’ Then explain to them that our race is more K selected (we instinctively like to put more resources into each child). We just aren’t programmed to outbreed Ledasha & Tyrone.

Obviously we have to end the epidemic of smart and healthy Whites staying childless, but we must have a political victory in order for our demographic victory to occur.

The key to demographic victory is political victory.

Swiss Kinist

I always get a chuckle out of hearing the non Christ-centered WN speaking about this subject. The non Christ-centered WN (whether he claims to be Christian or not) will forever be searching for a good woman, but will never find her.

The WN movement is generally filled only with single men. Any non Christ-centered woman is not going to have much to do with the virtues of true femininity, because those virtues and principles are championed only by those who submit to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The WN movement will only truly prosper and be blessed of God when it is centered around the word of God and of Christ. You must have Biblical Christian families based on the word of Christ, not Perennialism.

Show me the “traditional” families (ones that are not entirely devoted to Christ) and how WN”s are producing a legacy through their children. I see no example, whatsoever. Yet families like this one are doing more to bless our people than any WN cause is, even though they are not directly and openly WN.

That’s all I’ll say about that.

Matt Parrott

Heimbach’s directly and openly WN, and his infant son happens to be hanging out with me right at the moment while his wife is busying herself with domestic chores.

Your false dichotomy between being a TRUE CHRISTIAN and being pro-White is intellectually deficient and patently anti-White. Several more families come to mind, with a clear pattern of traditional Christianity working whether the family’s pro-White or anti-White. Christ is who helps make families work, and it doesn’t appear that he’s failing to bless Christian families which happen to be pro-White.

Swiss Kinist

The so-called “fasle dichotomy” is of your own false witness (I would say imagination, but I don’t think you are imagining, I think you are lying). There are a few who are pro-white and have good, and godly families (such as mine), but only those who are Christ-centered. In your doctrine and god of Perennialism (under the pretense of Christianity) where Christ is excluded, you will never receive God’s blessing in the form of families.

Swiss Kinist

By the way, even if what you say about Heimbach is true, that would only be because he is acting in a Christ-centered manner. But let’s see how his children turn out when they are older, and then you will have something for me to pay attention to. I am praying that God will take hold of his family and shake the world for Christ through him, so that Christ will be glorified and our people be saved from our deserved judgment.

Matt Parrott

You keep insisting that you’ve said the last word and you keep claiming that you’re going to go away, but you never do.

Be a man of your word and take your anti-White rhetoric elsewhere.

By the way, even if what you say about Heimbach is true, that would only be because he is acting in a Christ-centered manner.

Yeah. That’s it. Matthew Heimbach is secretly not pro-White. Go with that.

But let’s see how his children turn out when they are older, and then you will have something for me to pay attention to.

Good idea. Better yet, let’s see how my own children turned out. Heimbach’s wife is my step-daughter, and I raised her with my Christ-centered and identitarian worldview as best as I could. Both of the children are doing quite well, thanks for asking, bud.

Swiss Kinist

“But let’s see how his children turn out when they are older, and then you will have something for me to pay attention to.”

You mean, from your failed marriage?

Matt Parrott

What a tragic waste of your wife’s fidelity and virtue that you exploit it as a boastful point of pride to glorify yourself with rather than the simple and unearned blessing it truly is.

Matt Parrott

And you know what, Matt? For good measure, because you’re a lying snake, I’ll repeat here what I’ve repeated at least a dozen times in our exchanges.

Faith comes before family which comes before folk. That has always been my message, both to the Christian audience and the non-Christian audience. You can spread deception about how I put my race before God all you want to on your blog, and you’ll surely con a fair share of suckers into believing it.

The truth doesn’t always win out in this world, but we’ll see how your venomous deceptions carry over into the next.

Swiss Kinist

“Faith comes before family which comes before folk. That has always been my message”

Which faith? The faith that tells Muslims to Jihad harder? Sounds like a Christ-glorifying message to me.

Almost as much as it glorifies Christ to honor as guests, those who are “gamers” and live lives of debauchery and who glorify adultery.

Matt Parrott

Inviting the Muslims who are defending our Christian brothers in the Middle East to jihad harder against ISIS is most definitely a Christ-glorifying message. And that’s clearly what we’re doing.

With the “gamers” stuff, we congratulated Roosh on reforming his degenerate ways and moving toward a more traditionalist and Christian-compatible message. If Christ himself could stoop to work with outright whores when they saw the light, it’s the least we can do.

And just to be clear, since you and Pulaski are trying to push a narrative, our record of working with non-White and non-racialist Christians is unassailable. My conversion to Orthodoxy primarily took place in a Middle Eastern parish where I was the token White guy. We participate in and support anti-abortion and other events which don’t even interface with race. I support non-White Christian charities abroad and we do what we can to work with the non-racial Christians here in America.

Who this political project can’t work with are anti-Christian Whites and anti-White Christians (like yourself). We work with non-Christian Whites and we work with non-White Christians and other traditionalist folks.

It’s a simple and consistent formula, and we’re not going to allow the “MY RACE IS MY RELIGION” fools or you “MY RELIGION IS MY RACE” fools throw us off course. It’s “faith, family, and folk” here, not “faith, family or folk.”

Note: You have precisely one warning, this one, that if you insist on making the private public, egregiously speculating about my deceased ex-wife and our marriage, I’ll be left with no choice but to respond in kind.

Matt Parrott

No. All men who aren’t happily married with children are in that situation because they’re not Christian, or at least not Christian enough. Forget Roosh, just be a _real_ Christian and a compatible and fertile life partner will just appear out of the blue.

Even if your wife just straight up left you after ten years of marriage and then committed suicide shortly thereafter, the fact that you don’t happen to be married remains proof that you’re some kind of “Perennialist” heretic. It’s your fault somehow, you’re an enemy of Christ, and you’re going to Hell.

Swiss Kinist is certainly right about one thing. Whatever kind of Christian he is, I’m definitely not.

Keith Richards has been married for longer than all of us combined and has more children than all of us combined, so I reckon we should perhaps look to him as a model of Christian excellence.


I recall reading a “de-mythologized” account of the founding of Rome. It was said Romulus and Remus were stranded in the countryside with only a small band of rugged outlaws for society. It got so bad, they decided to raid some of the nearby towns and steal a passel of women.

They did and apparently, after awhile, the women settled into their new lives. This raid spawned the Latin ethnicity and the Roman empire.

…I’m thinking if, in the future, we find ourselves in a lack-of-women situation, we ought to do something similar. Just freakin’ kidnap a passel of feminists and beat them until they’re submissive and feminine wives.


Well, I’m damned three ways to Sunday regardless. lol

…still, I can’t help daydreaming about future romance whenever I hear a new age Enya song or some such come over the playlist.

Fr. John+

“…the reality of breeding more and breeding up can never fully manifest properly and healthily unless we solidify that with strong traditional morals backed by spiritual/religious primary loyalties. ”

Then we first need to recapture the Worldview that gave us America in the First Place, even as it is antithetical to the more Arminian/Roman/EO among us.

Because what you are talking about is the predestinating effects of a Chosen People/Race- the race of the Ecumene, the race of Christendom, and (let us be clear) the race of Christ, who, as Last Adam, did NOT come for universal salvation, but only ‘for his own.’ [Matt. 1:21]

We all once knew it, and we need to jettison EVERY BIT of Judaicization we have been subjected to, since 1917.

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