An Early Christmas Present from the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese

A while back, the His Eminence Bishop Anthony of the Antiochian Orthodox Church excommunicated Matthew Heimbach for the heresy of “phyletism” within mere hours of learning that Heimbach exists. He did this entirely on account of rumors and an email campaign from political agitators within and without the Church. The notion that Matthew Heimbach is a White Supremacist is a naked lie. The notion that racial advocacy and nationalism are synonymous with phyletism is a naked lie. And most importantly, the notion that the excommunication was theological rather than political in nature is a naked lie.

The leftists–Orthodox and anti-Christian alike–rejoiced, of course, as it was official that we’re not Christian because being pro-White is now confirmed to be heretical. A cursory googling will confirm within a few minutes that outside the cosmopolitan globalist hothouse of the contemporary West, and outside of the past few decades, identity and nation were considered uncontroversially compatible with The Faith. But that’s beside the point for them, as they now had Authority on their side.

I’m no theologian or cleric, but a cursory review of Church History will confirm that that when a cleric’s determination is blatantly incompatible with Holy Tradition, we are not to blindly follow Authority into error. With all due respect to my Traditionalist Catholic brothers in Christ, our entire Orthodox Christian historiography hinges on refusing to follow ecclesiastical superiors into error.

I grant that as relatively recent converts, it’s incumbent upon us to be as humble as humanly possible. My reason is far from perfect, as are my faith and discipline. But one needn’t be Belshazzar to see the writing on the wall. The Orthodox Christian clergy in America are happy to accommodate and encourage identity for their immigrant and non-White parishioners, but not the Anglo-American converts (that’s actual ethnophyletism, btw). A large network of clergy and pious Orthodox Christians both at home and in the heartland of global Orthodoxy confirm the obvious: We are the targets of a naked political campaign being waged from behind the iconostasis.

Authentic humility lies in standing firm to the teachings of the Church against all challenges, both the intensely private and intensely public ones alike. We did put our entire political project on hold for months, at great cost to our reputations and social standing, in order to carefully investigate the relationship between our beliefs and the Church and to afford our Fathers a respite from the political fiasco they were exposed to in order to do the same.

Our humility became an opportunity for humiliation, as they publicly celebrated their supposed victory when we submitted to their corrupt authority and then cursed us as heretics when we realized we were being politically manipulated. We’ve repeatedly afforded the Antiochian Archdiocese the benefit of the doubt, but they’ve consistently demonstrated themselves to be politicians in cassocks who casually and habitually abuse their Authority for worldly political advantage. I don’t want to believe that, and for several months my public and private communication was pregnant with the presumption that this was all a big misunderstanding about what we actually believed and its relationship with Holy Tradition.

On Friday, His Eminence The Most Reverend Metropolitan Joseph couldn’t resist the urge to join the Huffington Post, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and MSNBC in weighing in on Donald Trump’s political campaign. He published, “A Call to Reject all Hateful Speech and Actions Against our Muslim Friends and Neighbors” through the official channels, concisely and precisely illustrating the dangerous, irresponsible, and patently political abuse of Authority in the service of the masonic globalist agenda which has become endemic in the Church.

It was an early Christmas present for us, as it confirms that the anti-White open borders political agenda of the Antiochian Archdiocese is not limited to Heimbach and his cohorts, but extends to condemning the solid majority of White Americans, their beliefs, and their preferred political leader. Even parishioners who strongly object to our pro-White political advocacy will likely find this egregious and intemperate interference with mainstream politics concerning.

As Orthodox Christians, we take to heart the commandments of our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ, especially the commandment that He has told us is the greatest, that is “You shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39).

First of all, the Muslims referred to in Donald Trump’s policy proposal categorically aren’t our neighbors, yet. So, strictly speaking, the verse is inapplicable. More broadly speaking, His Eminence is apparently implying that denying American citizenship is an act of hatred. Disregard the fact that Trump’s proposal was merely an emergency stopgap measure against an active threat to American life and limb. Given the Boston Bombing atrocity and the recent horror in San Bernardino, not to mention 9/11, characterizing American concerns about Islamic immigrant terrorism as irrational hatred is itself irrational and hateful.

Better yet, disregard the fact that Trump has repeatedly insisted that he loves Islamic Americans and rejects violence or hatred against Muslims both here and abroad. Disregard the fact that Trump has positioned himself alongside Rand Paul as one of two candidates offering a position on the Syrian conflict inclusive of working with President Assad, the Iranian government, and Russia toward an equitable resolution of the conflict. Disregard everything but the saccharine pseudo-morality of masonic globalism wherein national borders and identities themselves must be erased.

We have watched with dismay as several public figures have played on the fear which they assume has swept over this country. Specifically, a recent news release from the Trump campaign has called for “a total and complete shutdown of all Muslims entering the United States”. We reject in the strongest possible terms both this specific call, and all speech and actions which would encourage hate and persecution against any group of people.

For several years now, I’ve been accused of failing to “get” Orthodoxy because I’m not from a truly Orthodox family or country. I am, after all, merely an adult convert with nothing to share with the Church. And were the Church not teaching that my extended family must be genocidally displaced and replaced due to a late heresy of White Advocacy and only White Advocacy, it would all be a fruitful experience in humility. Save that one matter, that’s my approach.

But by the same logic, I’m actually American and Metropolitan Joseph is not. He is a Syrian immigrant whose understanding of American society, politics, and the immigration policy is entirely as a foreigner in a foreign land. Being of Midwestern pioneer stock, entirely derived from folks who arrived before the American Revolution even took place, I have an authority of my own on the subject under review.

The recent adult immigrant to America never fully understands the complete immigration experience because he only perceives it from one side of the coin, that of the outsider demanding to be allowed in. Donald Trump and I tend to see the risks associated with mass migration into our homeland while migrants such as the Archbishop tend to only see the opportunities.

It’s especially sensitive for the Archbishop, as America’s illegal and immoral war on Syria has made widows and orphans of many of his co-ethnics. Believe me, I sympathize with that overpowering and fully Christian love for one’s own folk. I sympathize with his urgent desire to deliver them to the relative safety of the foreign country he’s found refuge in. I also wish for his people, both as fellow human beings and as fellow Christians, to find relief from America’s disastrous foreign policy, but two wrongs don’t make a right and disastrous globalist immigration policy mustn’t be the official policy of the Orthodox Faith.

American citizens are being killed by the thousands by immigrants from these majority Islamic countries, and we have a Christian moral right to look out for the wellbeing of ourselves and our actual neighbors. Should the Archbishop prove incapable of opening his heart to the concerns of the American citizens he claims jurisdiction over, perhaps he should follow his heart back to his homeland and shepherd his true flock.

We have seen an alarming rise in recent days in the number of hateful and violent actions which have been perpetrated against Muslims, or those who are presumed to be Muslims. There is no doubt that such hateful rhetoric encourages those who may be inclined to violence to act out this violence.

Proposing a temporary moratorium on Islamic immigration is not hatred. It’s not incitement. It’s not an “act of violence” to deny entry into one’s home, community, or country to those who pose a credible threat to one’s own. The line of thinking which presumes that all speech must be silenced which could potentially provoke anger is typical of recent immigrants who haven’t organically developed the centuries-old tradition of free expression which, unlike open borders, is a truly and integrally American tradition.

Perhaps we should be alarmed about the dozens of credible death threats against Trump that passionate accusations against him like this one have provoked. Better yet, let’s not be hypothetical. The man who attacked Matthew Heimbach and his comrade in the incident that led to his excommunication had been provoked to violence against us by those who insisted that we’re evil hatemongers. I’ve never raised my hand in anger against a man for his identity or political beliefs, and yet I’ve been physically attacked repeatedly by men who’ve been provoked by precisely the sort of “anti-hate” rhetoric presented in this press release.

It’s all pretty complex and confusing. There’s a rich tapestry of conflicting interests and perspectives, little of which is directly related to the Church and its teachings. The Orthodox clergy have a sacred duty to profess a universal creed, one which carefully picks sides on a limited set of public issues when appropriate yet abstains from endorsing or denouncing specific candidates or indulging in lobbying on behalf of foreign interests.

The Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America proclaims that all people must be treated with the respect and the dignity that is due to human beings.

Once again, I must remind immigrants to America that coming here is a privilege granted by American citizens and not a right which could or should be demanded. To propose that our denial of citizenship or entry is a grave act of disrespect or an indignity antithetical to the Christian faith betrays a gross failure to understand rudimentary American civics and a gross failure to understand Christianity and the Church’s appropriate role in public policy debates.

To single out people of an entire religion because of the senseless and horrific actions of terrorists actually assists the terrorists by reinforcing the divisions and fear which they wish to spread. We urge the civil authorities of the United States to use every effort to root out any threat of terror by legal and noble means.

It only has so much to do with the terrorism thing. I would just rather not have Muslims in my country. I respect Islamic Civilization, but insist that it remain apart from my own. I feel that the two cultures tend to live in conflict and I would rather my future generations not struggle with the problems besetting nations like Syria where a tense and fragile armistice is the optimal outcome. I’m more strict in my immigration sentiments than Donald Trump, though neither he nor I nor the overwhelming majority of his supporters actually “hate” Muslims.

I would like my family, my neighborhood, and my country to remain Christian. Insisting that my country must not remain a Christian country is an odd demand of Christian clergy, though it’s certainly no surprise given the indifference of immigrant communities toward the traditional American folk and their interest of self-preservation. It’s not surprising given the globalist disposition of the Antiochian clergy in America. It’s also not surprising given the very real humanitarian crisis in the country that the Archbishop’s most loyal to.

I strongly sympathize with that last part. My political organization has been at the forefront of opposing the Zionist NATO policies driving and escalating the conflict in the Archbishop’s home country. While it’s un-Christian to boast of charity, I can’t help but note that I’ve been supporting charitable efforts for Christians in Syria since the beginning of the conflict. It seems appropriate to note, given that the Archbishop is promoting the false dichotomy wherein one must either allow Syrians into our country unabated or be guilty of a lack of Christian charity. By all metrics, helping them in their homelands and in neighboring countries is far more sustainable and sensible than relocating them to an alien land.


Fr. John+

May Almighty God grant you mercy, peace, and an abiding sense of His presence in this unjust, and frankly, RACIST action on the part of the Antiochian Modernists, who no longer have the pnevma to impart grace.

Decades ago, I searched out the AOC, also. I did so, because I believed they upheld the vision of Patriarch St. Tikhon, who worked WITH American Anglo-Catholic Episcopalians, a century ago, in translating the Service Books of the Orthodox into ‘Church English’ -which just happened (*) to have the Anglo-Saxon flavor of the Episcopal Church’s Book of Common Prayer -one of three things that have defined ENGLISH language and theological thought, for centuries. The other two works in this triumvirate, are the King James Bible, and the works of Shakespeare.

* The reason for this affinity for the cadences of the BCP, was that Isabel Hapgood, a devout Episcopalian, was the major translator, even going so far as to use the Psalter of the BCP as ‘the’ Psalter for the Antiochian Service Books. It also didn’t hurt, that Tikhon himself visited, spoke with, and was on the bema of the altar of the Anglo-Catholic Nashotah House seminary, THE center of Anglo-Catholic spirituality in the Episcopal Church in 1905, if memory serves.

St. Tikhon’s untimely departure from America, (and his eventual martyrdom at the hands of the Jewish Bolsheviks) left the overwhelmingly WHITE America of the early 1900’s in the hands of an Ay-rab, Hawaweeny, who proceeded to care ONLY for the Syrians in his small patch of earth, and left the Episcopal Anglo-Catholics WITHOUT the grace, that eventually could have spared the Episcopal Church its total apostasy, and the concomitant heretical rise of Jefferts Schori, the Prayer Book revision, Gene Robinson the Sodomite bastard, and the entire action of the legitimizing of Sodomite Marriage… at least by ECUSA! Who knows what great sins and errors might have been spared America, had Tikhon given autonomy and racial solidarity to the Anglos of the US, when we were 90% of the populace, and the Episcopal Church was the bulwark of the monied/aristocratic class in the USA!!!

And it was this ethnic chauvinism, this UTTER PHYLETISM of this Ay-rab hierarch and all those who followed him, that CRIPPLED the Orthodox Church, PRECISELY BECAUSE these ‘xenos’ WOULD NOT GRANT THE WHITE/ENGLISH/CULTURAL hegemony a place in their small, narrow, insular world!

Fast forward 100 years, and what do I find in this article? -the same damned BIGOTRY, masquerading as the ‘Faith once given unto the saints,’ by the immoral and unlawful successor of the “Weenie.” Of course, we have the Greeks touting the near-sanctity of Iakovos, because HE ‘marched with MLK’ in Birmingham. All I can say to that is, ‘anaxios, anaxios!’ And the OCA???? Please. Jesuit Fordham PhD’s, armed with a spurious ‘legitimacy’ contrary to all canon and custom, Council and precedent, given at the HEIGHT of the Soviet KGB control in 1970? What of ROCOR at that time? What were the heirs of St. John Maximovitch, Fr. Seraphim Rose, the Optina Elders, etc…. chopped chicken liver?

NO, I have said for nearly thirty years, the “SCOBA-dox” are wolves in sheep’s clothing, and, while there may be some (and I have known a few) gracious clergy in their midst, and even (on less frequent exposure) a valid hierarch, the NOVUS ORDO heresy of Vatican Ewww has infected the ENTIRETY of the “Ethnic Orthodox.”

When Matushka and I were looking at the Antiochians, we suffered under a ‘precioussss’ priest of the parish, whom I knew to be a flaming faggot. We put up with the overly Ay-rab nature of the congregation, until one day.

There was an extremely UGLY Ay-rab mother, with bug eyes, and a schnozz that was as prominent as the Rock of Gibraltar. She had had her first child, who (sadly) took on the worst features of both parents, and was utterly ugly.

My wife (a blond, blue-eyed beauty akin to Olivia Newton-John) once heard this child whimpering in its carseat/tote in the sanctuary, which the mother had left alone for a few minutes (that had stretched to about five), in order to chat with her fellow ethnics, as we all were on our way after Divine Liturgy (and with this priest, it was a DIVINE liturgy-lol) to the social hall.

My wife and I had been in the choir loft that day and were passing by the baby, while everyone else was all but out of the hall, and my wife (being a solicitous woman) stopped to comfort the child.

Well, that infant, (upon seeing the beauty of my wife) grimaced its monkey face, and let out a wail, that had the short ugly mother back to the baby’s side, in an instant. And all that Ethnic minority could say to my wife (not, “Thank you for trying to watch over my baby”) was, “Oh, don’t worry. He does that to ALL the ANGLOS!”

So, ‘Bishop’ Anthony- you wanna talk about overt RACISM? You wanna talk about ‘phyletism’? You wanna explain how your predecessor Saliba, had the AOC Western Rite clergy (members ordained, and part of the Archdiocese) walk BEHIND the ER clergy in procession, even in their own parishes, as if they were ‘niggers at the back of the bus’? You wanna talk to your own Ay-rab seminary professors at Holy Cross in Brookline, denying the Davidic authorship of the Psalms, in class?

Cry me a river. Anaxios. Totally. Matthew, Matt. Talk to me. I have an American Hierarch who UNDERSTANDS the nature of the theological battle, the christological heresies that the Modernist Orthodox are engaged in, and who would welcome godly men such as yourselves, in the vein of St. Cornelius Codreneau.

Let the dead bury the dead.

Wilhelm Keen

Father John, thanks for that information, I am a new convert to Orthodoxy, I looked and studied it years before I plunged in. Orthodox Christianity is the one true faith and church of Christ of this I am sure and would die for. My question is this, my parish is Romanian under OCA, what Diocese’s do you recommend for an American Scottish/Nordic believer? ICXC.

Fr. John+

Pardon my utter incomprehension of one salient fact I overlooked- With the Rise of Trump, the racial self-awarness of the White Founding Stock of the USA (and the growing re-borth all over Europe of that same TRUTH), and the idenfication of the Ay-rab as ‘Xenos’… THE ANTIOCHIANS ARE NOW SUSPECT, as ‘belonging’ to this SAME ethic class!

This is what is going on in your case, gentlemen. It is THEIR OWN RACIAL PHYLETISM as ‘Xenos’ in White America, they fear.
Not God. Not Christ. It is all a smokescreen. It is Orthodox taqquiya, as it were.

It is also the historical and foundational reason for the definition of Phyletism -for it was the Greek Uberclass that called the Bulgarians ‘phyletists,’ when all the Bulgars wanted, was THEIR OWN CHURCH, FOR THEIR OWN RACE, Prayers IN THEIR OWN TONGUE, and being out from UNDER THE HEEL of the Greek Church. (they finally got it, of course) Pardon me for not ‘seeing’ this. So deep was the SCOBA-dox programming, I forgot that the Antiochians, above all the other ‘ethnic’ jurisdictions, are NOT EUROPEANS, but Arabic.

Richard Peak

Nice analysis. Sometimes further reflection is required to see the full picture.


I have a question about TradYouth. What’s your policy on agnostics / Deists joining? If someone is quiet and does not criticize other religions, does it matter if they’re not Christian?

Matt Parrott

TradYouth is a political organization, not a religious order. Its mission is promoting faith, family, and folk against mercantile globalism for all faiths, all families, and all folks. We believe it’s both a suitable vehicle for advocates of their folks who are indifferent about faith and advocates of their faith who are indifferent about their folk.

Heimbach and I are Orthodox, and this blog is our natural platform for us to respond to challenges to our folk within the Church. But the organization encompasses a broad range of faith traditions and identities.


Thanks, I had read the mission statement and I knew you were open to multiple faiths but I just wanted to make sure you guys would be ok with people who don’t belong to a specific faith.

Would you consider writing an article explaining how and why you and Heimbach became interested in Orthodoxy? I know you are extremely busy but it would be very interesting to know.

Also, I think that taking the traditional workers party message to Sturgis might be a good idea. I know it sounds sketchy, but many motorcycle enthusiasts are non-politically correct and frustrated with current politics. They’re almost all White too.

Ed Edgerton

How much relevance does the concept of “sin” have in our daily lives? Who sins? If someone does something you don’t like, chances are he will never admit that he was wrong. How often do we sin? We get up, go to work, and come home, interacting with people along the way. There is no sin. If you tell yourself you are a sinner, then you are inflicting psychological violence on yourself. That is a bad idea.

Instead of saying that we are all “sinners,” we should instead realize that we all have the voice of goodness within us. We should always ask ourselves, “what is for the best?” We will generally get the right answer. If this sounds foreign to some people, then I don’t know what to say to them.

Fr. John+

“More broadly speaking, His Eminence is apparently implying that denying American citizenship (to Ay-rabs/Moslems) is an act of hatred.”

IT is not. EVERY NATION HAS THE RIGHT TO KEEP OUT THE ‘XENOS’ it finds abhorrent, fractious, immoral, and/or ‘not of us.’ That construct SELF-DEFINED THE ISRAELITE NATION IN THE OT, for goodness’ sake.

The Archbishop knows neither the Scriptures, nor the Constitution fo a a land he claims to belong to. He is both ignorant, and unworthy of his office. ANAXIOS.


Are you and Heimbach still in Indiana? I’ve met with Heimbach before, but we should meet again to talk about church politics. (I’m an ethnic but also from a family in America more than a century)

I know quite a few Syrians, and 100% of the ones I’ve spoken to have said not to admit any refugees. And this is the reason why:

They know the score. They would rather the US simply stop arming Islamists. Syrians run the gamut from “Greco-Syrians” who are probably more Greek than some people in Greece, to very semitic people who are probably directly descended from the Assyrians or other local tribes. People like Mitch Daniels are more toward the former and Jamie Farr more toward the latter. In any event, I don’t think how semitic they are or aren’t matters much to their political behavior.

Like it or not, bishops are, among other things, politicians. That means that they are subject to pressure in ways that monk is not. Being Orthodox means being often frustrated by the bishops (not just Antiochian)–look at the Council of Florence were all the bishops but Mark of Ephesus sold out to the pope. That isn’t to say that the bishops have at all times been that way, but it seems that when you have a healthy society from which to draw clergy, you have better clergy.

The bottom line is that the bishops are looking at the massive decline in both attendance and affiliation and attendance among Orthodox and, charitably, they want to preserve the church–uncharitably, they want to preserve their $$$.

There are something like 3-4 million people of Greek descent in the USA (some of them mixed). There are about 450,000 steward members in the GOA. There are about 45,000 people in liturgy in on an average Sunday. The bishops are scrambling, and rightfully so, but they really don’t know how to react.

john smith

are you syrian?

the bedouin arabs moved into the areas they conquered, so some of their dna made it into the gene pool.


No, I’m not.

I’m not sure how much bedouin DNA is in the Syrians. Islam actually stopped the gene flow INTO the Christian population, but conversion and sexual slavery meant that Christian blood flowed OUT of the Christian population into the Muslims.

Of course, some of the Arabs were Christian prior to the advent of Islam.

Fr. John+

Those that were, I have a funny feeling were the heretical sects, and not Greek/Hellenic Orthodox. The racial exclusion of the Roman Empire didn’t just sort of disappear when the Moslems started going all wacko. To this day, there are fair Copts in Egypt, and their icons clearly show a Caucasoid appearance, more so than the Byzantine. Coincidence or conscious choice? I would say the latter, rather than the former. I mean, we do have the commandment and the witness of the Tribes of Israel, against mongrelization.


Yes, I have run into green-eyed Copts, too. I think Egypt is a bit different, because I suspect that most of the Egyptian Muslims are descendants of converted Copts. Egypt was the most populous province in the Byzantine Empire, and they were conquered by relatively few Arabs.


It depends where they’re from. The Copts from Upper Egypt are pretty dark. That is also where most of them live. Some of them in Cairo, and many in Alexandria have a sort of marzipan skin tone, medium brown hair, and green eyes. They aren’t extremely attractive, but they aren’t ugly either.


“Brown” is not a racial/genetic classification. MENA is one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the world, with caucasian, asian and black DNA mixed in various proportions, depending on the specific geographical area.

Add that the neanderthal hybridization first happened in an area from Isr./Palestine eastwards, and you end up with the quite eclectic/complex mix of DNA in today’s Middle East.

john smith

you’re right but I was referring to appearance, they obviously don’t look germanic or scandinavian.

Ignatius P. Garnet

To my mind, a traitor is worse than an honest enemy. Your anti-White Bishop Anthony makes my blood boil. Keep the Faith, gentlemen. Not every Christian man has been completely brainwashed by masonic egalitarianism.

I am one of your friendly Catholic traditionalist readers, new to this site, but highly impressed with what I have read so far.

Ezra Pound

Scripture says the gates of hell will never prevail, but it doesn’t say they won’t get the upper-hand for a time. This is a reality that Catholics have had to live with for some time, since 1550 some would say. Or 1054. Or 792.

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