#WhatIfWeLost: An Alternate History Review


The Man in the High Castle is a new alt-history series on Amazon which grapples with the ambitious hypothetical, “What if we lost?” It envisions a dystopian future where the Allies won WWII and the Axis powers were completely vanquished. While I’m very supportive of the much-needed reforms which occurred after the war, I can’t quite endorse this absurdly over-the-top portrayal about what supposedly might have been had Adolf Hitler and Emperor Hirohito been defeated. It totally discredits our cherished fascist and racialist principles with its portrayal of the Allies and Jews as fanatical comic book villains.

The series opens with a flamboyant casino tycoon of quality racial stock pounding the podium and insisting that you can’t have a nation without borders. Duh? The camera pans over the thousands of cheering White Americans. For a moment, the viewer almost feels at home in today’s America, but it’s all downhill from there. A terrorist attack is shown ripping through downtown Paris on one of the television screens, followed by the president, an African immigrant named “Barack Hussein Obama” insisting that America’s values require us to import as many of this terrorist-riddled population as possible.

Trust me. It gets even worse.

I don’t know how the collage which follows got past the propaganda minister. Hundreds of sexual degenerates are shown marching and dancing around in bondage gear and various states of undress on the main street(!) celebrating their “right” to get “married.” Tens of millions of Mexicans and other invaders have reconquered the Southwest and are aggressively demanding full citizenship and welfare benefits. America is bogged down in several wars at the same time, on behalf of “Israel,” what Palestine is called by the victorious Jews who evidently established their own nation-state shortly after the war. Just about all of the films, music, and editorials are written by Jews in this dystopia, and they are constantly demanding even more degeneracy.


Once again, I’m fully behind the post-war reforms and I think the Madagascar Resettlement worked out very well for Americans, Europeans, and the Jews alike (I do hate how vanilla prices have gotten so outrageous). But to claim that the Jews in America would have become dramatically more subversive and hostile to our folk than the Jews were during the Weimar Republic is deeply unfair to the Jews. If they were really that bad, then we should have stuffed them all in ovens (spoiler alert!) rather than merely putting them to work in our internment camps.

In this alternative history, America’s horrific and inhumane internment of the Japanese is a barely remembered historical footnote while Germany’s internment of the Jewish enemies of the Reich has been exaggerated and exploited into a maniacal religion of sorts. All Germans are required to pay reparations to the Jews and apologize for the alleged mass murder constantly. Germans who dare to tell the truth or even ask questions about the war propaganda are literally rounded up and thrown in jail. The writers are being unreasonable here in suggesting that the world wouldn’t have moved on by 2015, that nearly a century after the war, the world would still be obsessed about evil genocidal “Nazis.”

Speaking of genocide, Germany’s new Chancellor is also ridiculous. We’re shown the frumpy old woman announcing that regardless of the terrorism erupting around Europe, the millions of third world “refugees” flooding in must be allowed into Germany because of the Nazi internment camps. It’s outlandishly implausible, but the scene where an elderly German pensioner peeks out her window in terror as ten times her village’s population of surly brown people swarm in made me choke up a bit.

After setting this absurd stage, we’re introduced to the protagonist, a poorly cast and unlikable hillbilly who’s a low-level organizer in the subversive and persecuted “White Nationalist” movement. America’s free speech laws are somehow not repealed in this alternate history, though they might as well be. The man gets hounded out of all but the most lowly jobs and is constantly harassed by both institutional and rogue “anti-fascist” degenerates who regularly threaten and attack him. And this is all supposedly for his merely insisting that White people should be allowed to have a future.

These nationalists are depicted as fat, clumsy, undisciplined, and relatively degenerate themselves. It’s clear that the director is suggesting that even those who oppose Jewish degeneracy have been raised in, molded by, and limited by it despite themselves. Frankly, if I were this guy, things were that bad, and I were this powerless against the depravity and despair encircling me, I’d probably just off myself. If even the billionaire who’s not saying half of what they’re saying doesn’t stand a chance against global Jewry, what chance do these broke losers have?

Their first uphill battle is to try to win over students on college campuses. None of their groups can be public because of a radical policy of “political correctness” which requires students who speak the truth (hate speech) or fight back (hate crime) to be physically attacked, smeared in the national media, and driven off of campus. The colleges themselves are ruled by Jewish and Black professors and administrators who paradoxically insist that all the races are equal but the White race is evil. They insist that the sexes are equal, but the male gender is evil. In a bizarre side-plot which raises questions about the mental health of the writing staff, a growing number of students who surgically castrate themselves and mutilate their genitals are being celebrated for it and encouraged to do so.

What I expected from the writers were depictions of Christians being persecuted, but what the series shows was even more disturbing. Every single last major church in the West has been subverted and is actually pretty much supportive of the madness. In fact, one of the protagonist’s partners in crime was recently excommunicated from his church for the new “heresy” of “racism.” The churches play a leading role in importing millions of people to invade the country, actively worship the Jews and demand that our nation serve their nation, and many of them are even involved in the degenerate “marriage” ceremonies.

Excuse me while I vomit.

Blacks in America were never granted the Sovereign Economic Enrichment Districts and are shown with their families and lives in disarray, running around shooting each other and attacking police officers. A bizarre movement is shown, #BlackLivesMatter, where millions are supposedly outraged that the cops fight back when they’re attacked, one which even the President and the Attorney General actively support. There are whispers of an interracial rape epidemic, though there’s a hole in the plot here, as virtually none of the White women are shown to be upset about it.

Give me a break.

I have to stop there. While I respect what the writers and director are doing with this series, they’ve simply taken too many liberties. To suggest that Americans would ever allow themselves to be reduced to that level without organizing and fighting back is a grave insult to our great nation. Nations and entire races of people don’t just roll over and die on command like is shown here. Furthermore, while the Jews were a nefarious threat to the welfare of the European people, to insist that the Jews would take that final step, complete White Genocide of the European people through mass migrations, forced integration, and intolerable conditions, is too anti-semitic for my tastes.


As an alternate history piece, it’s ridiculously bad…a zero. These outrages would never happen. It would have been bad, but not this bad. As entertainment, I give it ten stars. The scene where literally an entire university shuts down and purges its administration because one single Black student claimed that he detected some invisible “racism” from the White students is a laugh riot. In another scene, two lesbian degenerates are speaking before the United Nations about how people online had insulted them. It’s all an indulgent treat if you can suspend your disbelief. I’ll definitely be tuning in for future episodes to see what becomes of the charismatic casino tycoon and the uncharismatic revolutionaries in their struggle against impossible odds.


J.j. Cintia

Yeah those all-White neighborhoods full of well off White folks. OMG. What a dark dystopian racist future. Thank goodness we live in the Cyberpunk Universe of gangs and corporations where everyone is either a whore or an angry outcast.

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