Radio Western Rebirth: Pathological Altruism, or Pyromaniac Activists

Word of the day: Potokism

  • Pathological Altruism, or Pyromaniac Activists?
  • The new Government initiative to spy on dissidents, particularly “racists” and “anti-semites”, with the Southern Poverty Law Center running it behind the curtain.

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The most pathetic thing about these knuckleheads is that for all their trimming they’re still considered Nazis by the bien pensant. They haven’t got a shred of respectability, and they never will acquire any.


Well Kmac’s changed his tune recently. I call it being “AmRen’d”. Sure, he spoke at NPI, but it’s like going to a Rolling Stones concert and Mick says “We gonna play some of our new shit tonight”. He even did the same on some Nordfront program he appeared on. This sends ridiculous, confusing mixed msgs–like homos speaking on masculinity.

Shows you the danger of proximity/association. People adjust their behavior to avoid any possible offense and you end up cucked.

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