@Operation_KKK’s #OpKKK Exposed: ‘Anonymous’ was Geraldo the Whole Time!

Back in 1986, Geraldo Rivera famously gathered America around its collective television set to behold a profound historic event, the opening of Al Capone’s famous secret vault. The build-up was intense. What treasures and precious items of historical value must await America’s prying eyes? Geraldo did everything in his power to whip up a public frenzy of curiosity and he delivered on the ratings; but failed to deliver on the treasure.

What followed was one of the most unintentionally hilarious moments in television history.

Back in October, some anti-White leftists who have hijacked the initially politically ecumenical anti-censorship “Anonymous” movement boldly claimed that they had “hacked” the KKK and would be “doxing” 1,000 of its members. Being familiar with the White Nationalist community, my first thought was, “There are probably fewer than 4,000 members, divided up into dozens of squabbling groups.” The hacker in question would have had to have totally hacked several klan projects, all of which necessarily had all of their membership data readily available for the picking.

Actually, that’s a direct quote from Mark Potok, a “hate expert” with the SPLC, who saw this train wreck coming and has been trying to downplay expectations for the past week. Of course, the mainstream media and the general public didn’t have any way of knowing that this is a farce. As far as the general public knows, tens of thousands of organized and militant klan vigilantes are skulking about in the American heartland, infiltrating powerful political offices, and surreptitiously targeting minorities with micro-aggressions or whatever villainy they’re supposedly up to.

After about a week of media frenzy, including a disastrous series of mainstream media outlets “exposing” random senators and statesmen who were obviously uninitiated in klankraft, and swarms of misguided trolls chomping at fake dumps, the date of the promised dump has finally arrived. And sure enough, it’s the Internet equivalent of Al Capone’s safe. The anti-Whites masquerading as “Anonymous” have made absolute and objective fools of themselves yet again.

The final “hack,” released behind schedule, was a poorly researched glob of stale data which has been floating around for years. It’s so poorly researched, it includes people who aren’t even with us anymore, like Gordon Baum. Mr. Baum was a non-violent White Advocate who was neither in a klan nor an advocate of violence. As an early mentor of me, he made a special point to repeatedly warn me against getting mixed up with any violent or secretive organizations, in fact. It includes me. I’ve never been in a klan. It even includes Ben Garrison, a completely non-racialist libertarian cartoonist whose association with racial issues is a massive and openly known imageboard inside joke.

There appears to be absolutely no original hack, no original research, and no good faith attempt to limit the “hack” to individuals who could plausibly be associated with the fig leaf justification for the “hack.” Just as Geraldo half-heartedly attempted to sing a song he had promised to sing before scuttling off to his hotel room to cry, they attempted to put an edgy, ironic, or thoughtful lampshade on this farce with a rambling essay that’s almost as long as the not-“hack” itself. They can try to spin it whichever direction they want, but it’s spinning down a toilet of leftist disappointment all the same.

This guy calling himself “Anonymous” loves doing over-the-top publicity stunts, just like Geraldo. He loves pedantically talking down to his audience, just like Geraldo. He constantly lobbies for Hispanic and Jewish interests, just like Geraldo. He keeps getting stomped and humiliated by White Nationalists, just like Geraldo. I think we’ve finally figured out who “Anonymous” has been this whole time! Anonymous is Geraldo!


stil weerstand

His twitter is by far the funniest I’ve ever read. What a bunch of hand-wringing little mythomanes.

Btw wtf is this KKK? is it a new meme or … ?

Jeff Davis

I’m still waiting on an article by Heimbach discussing why he was banned from the Spencer conference. When is it coming?

#OP_KKK Part Two | Chamblee54

[…] material at 10 am CST Thursday. It was five and one half hours late, which led to speculation that @Operation_KKK’s #OpKKK Exposed: ‘Anonymous’ was Geraldo the Whole Time!. In any event, it is here, and less sensational than the widely discredited politician breakdown […]

tear jerker

Are you more aligned with the Christian White Movement, because I’m not really sure about WN after watching the NPI spectacle.

Matt Parrott

Yes. It’s complicated, but that’s the gist of it. This a safe space from paramasonic, homoereotic, economic classist, anti-Christian, anti-traditionalist poz’d-up degeneracy.

#OPKKK | Chamblee54

[…] material at 10 am CST Thursday. It was five and one half hours late, which led to speculation that @Operation_KKK’s #OpKKK Exposed: ‘Anonymous’ was Geraldo the Whole Time!. In any event, it is here, and less sensational than the widely discredited politician breakdown […]

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