TradWorker Meets with the NPD

November 22, 2015

A common complaint about us American nationalists is that we’re not as advanced and effective as our comrades in Europe. We couldn’t agree more! While we’ve had contacts and warm relations with European nationalist leaders for years, we’ve doubled down in the past few months on our networking with a concrete goal in mind. We need to learn what they’re doing right and figuring out how to adapt those approaches and ideas in our American context.

With that in mind, we’ve been traveling all over Europe recently for a series of private and public meetings with leaders and organizers of several of the leading identitarian projects. Germany’s foremost voice of the German nation, NPD, showed us the utmost hospitality. Local leaders took us on a tour of historic Weinheim. We humbly introduced ourselves to Jens Puhse, Udo Pastors, Udo Voight, among others.

Matthew Heimbach Speaking at the NPD National ConferenceTo cap it off, we were invited to attend and briefly speak at the NPD’s national conference. Thousands of “anti-fascists” did what they always do, throw a childish tantrum against political freedom, lose their composure, and viciously attack the police officers who are there to protect them. More than 150 ended up arrested when it was all said and done. While both the nationalists and the degenerates are a bit better organized over there, that dynamic is apparently similar on both sides of the Atlantic.

My speech before the conference was well-received, though I strove to do more listening than speaking. Party members helpfully translated much of what was going on for me throughout the event. Afterwards, the party’s press team interviewed me about our nascent political party, which we’re steadily rolling out over the coming months.

To learn more about TradWorker, visit the website, review the draft platform, and sign up to receive updates on its formal launch and political progress.

Sascha Roßmüller im Gespräch mit Matthew Heimbach von der Traditionalist Worker Party (USA).

Posted by NPD – Die soziale Heimatpartei on Sunday, November 22, 2015

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