Europe is on Fire: Refugees and Migrants Attack Paris

My mind can’t help but be boggled by the horror unfolding in Paris. For my entire adult life, I’ve joined my identitarian comrades in warning that unlimited immigration from the Global South will unleash unimaginable horrors in our Western homelands. My theoretical reach exceeds my visceral grasp. I can confirm aloud that the very fate of the French people is imperiled, but I can’t wrap my heart around the weight of it.

I can’t help but be a bit conservative at heart, yearning for some agreeable and polite way to muddle through things in a careful and patient manner. My mind knows that only a strident reassertion of our White identities and Western traditions can save us. Only an unprecedented modern mass deportation of invasive populations regardless of their paperwork, pious patriotic platitudes, and pleas for mercy, can save our future generations. It will get worse, and only a radical departure from society and politics as we’ve always known them will reverse it.

The hour for half-measures and muddling has long since passed. We must all guard against our degenerate impulse to cower and quibble in the hour of decision.

Even now, even among those who allegedly oppose the invasion, our language remains intolerably conservative and passive. When you complain about the religion of Islam being “aggressive” in moments like this, you’re achieving worse than saying nothing at all. You’re walking into a frame which has been carefully established by our enemies. Already, mere hours after the carnage erupted, the GOP candidates are demanding that we step up the “war on terror” rather than deport the invaders. Every time you seek to win over your cuckservative bridge partner with some facile boilerplate about “Islamism,” another invader gets his German residency permit stamped.

When you carry on about how the religion of Islam isn’t “a religion of peace,” you’re implicitly confirming that having a religion of peace and submission in a time like this is a virtue to be praised and prized. It’s not, and if we keep insisting that we’re the peaceful ones and they’re the aggressive ones, our youth and our women will gradually slip out from behind us and into the enemy camp…as they should. Women and normies instinctively understand power dynamics better than we ideologues do. And they’re not going to stand behind men who are whining about peacefulness and theology in the time for aggression, threat displays, and decisive action.


Philosophy and theology both matter, of course. But this isn’t study time. It’s test time. The philosophies and theologies which compel men to stand and fight will be separated from the chaff of philosophies and theologies which call for quibbling, complaining, and conceding when the invader’s slaughtering our men, raping our women, and threatening our children on a systematic and civilizational scale. Let our crusaders crusade, our berserkers go berserk, and our atheists disprove the foxhole adage.

Aggression is key, here. We keep trying to figure out some refined and logistically feasible institutional solution to the problem. If the people of Europe can shake off their conditioned and innate niceness and simply be rude, unwelcoming, and unaccommodating to the invader, the invader will leave on his own accord. We don’t need to arrange for their deportation, as most will self-deport when faced with a European people who make it clear in routine daily life that Europe is for Europeans and Europeans alone. The “migrants” (and all other non-Whites) are invariably surly and territorial when they have the upper hand, even when it’s over a mere neighborhood or Midwestern college campus. It’s time for us to get surly and territorial over the entirety of the Western world.

The American situation is different from Europe’s. Our crises in Ferguson and Mizzou are the same problem in a microcosm, …nay, a nanocosm. They’re both at root symptomatic of the White man’s failure and refusal to defend his territorial claim and push back against the aggressor. It’s just that our threats remain, erm… micro-aggressions, compared to what’s happening right now in the Motherland. With millions of invaders flooding into Europe, thousands of Europeans being viciously raped and assaulted, and hundreds (they’re just getting started) of Europeans dead and dying as we speak in distributed acts of fourth generation warfare, Europe is on fire.

Natural law will not be denied, and a weakened degenerate people will be brushed aside.

Our role as American nationalists is to support our brothers abroad with supportive propaganda. We must maintain a targeted focus on guaranteeing that the backlash at home be against Europe’s immivasion, not in favor of some World War III for Israel in the Middle East. Those in the kosher cliques of the New Right pushing their “clash of civilizations” and Islam-specific talking points must be met with the same disdain as their neocon fellow-travelers. Our time for outright battle hasn’t arrived, yet. The preconditions don’t exist here, yet, and we must patiently await that hour.

The secularized immigrants from the Global South aren’t as overtly menacing as the Islamic radicals, but their mission and the effect of their invasion will be the same. Islam is merely a stalking horse for what’s essentially a tribal and racial struggle for the heart of Europe. Whether they’re shouting hip-hop or Quranic verses (and typically, it’s both), they should be shouted down and driven out all the same. This is an hour of truth for Christian men of the West. Will we charge into the lead in defense of our faith, family, and folk, or will we sniffle and kvetch about how very peaceful, harmless, and bloodless we are?


Charles Edward Lincoln, III

Matt, in the midst of yet another otherwise brilliant and stellar piece, you write, “Only a historically unprecedented mass deportation of invasive populations regardless of their paperwork, pious patriotic platitudes, and pleas for mercy, can save our future generations.”
Where is your recent historical memory? The deportations necessary to restore France to the French, Germany to the Germans, and England to the English is not even close to moving 25% of any of these countries resident populations from their fairly recently established homes, except in certain relatively small and well defined urban and suburban areas. “Historically unprecedented” you say? As you erote in your article, you are momentarily overwhelmed by emotion. Where and What is Silesia? Where is East, never mind West, Prussia? Where are Pomerania and Posen? Where is the Free City-State of Danzig? Where oh where is Austrian Galicia?

Matt Parrott

I tweaked the language slightly to account for being dead wrong about mass migrations being historically unprecedented. Thanks for the feedback, Charles.

Konstantinos Fasouletos

I meant to say, make lots of friends and networking with people who share your ideology and love for White people.

Konstantinos Fasouletos

Europeans think that they can live in the animal kingdom and escape nature? Not!
Exactly…. If Whites wont “OCCUPY” and defend their jobs, land, women and resources…then the invaders will just simply walk in and take them.
Think of any position of power or even menial job, all the same. You get hired, you work and you KEEP that job from going to “others”.
No different than bacteria that inhabit your gut and intestines. The reason why the intestines are healthy is because all the space is occupied by billions of bacteria that kill off other invaders and help the body process food as payback for occupying that space.
I feel the same way you do, make the invaders feel unwelcome everywhere and in every circumstance. I been saying that for long time too to my acquaintances.
Lastly, do not fight alone. Groups of Whites should be the everyday norm wherever you go.

Charles Edward Lincoln, III

I guess it just seems to me that deporting even a million or so recently resettled Muslims and a million more immigrants from the former colonies in French Western and Equatorial Africa is nothing compared to “displacing” 10-12 million Germans from their ancestral toens and villages of the past thousand or more years.
No, the Muslim expulsion from Spain in 1492 is a reasonable historical precedent for the expulsion of a substantial minority. It is one of the ironies of history that people only remember the expulsion of the much smaller minority of Spanish Jews in 1492, but that year marked a much larger removal of Muslims. And thousands had fled the Ottomans and earlier Islamic invasions of Europe. But considering that just 70 years ago this years 10-12 million Germans lost their ancestral homes for Stalin’s personal convenience in moving Russia’s boundaries westward, and all the “Allies” firmly condemned the move but stood by and did nothing. I think there are in short PLENTY of historical precedents for making France safe for the French. And far from bring a debt that Germany owes to the world, to accept unlimited immigeants, I would say perhaps the world actually owes Germany a little peace and quiet after first tolerating and then ratifying Stalin’s much more vicious “ethnic cleansing” to redraw the maps of Eastern Europe. No maps except those reflecting the ethnic demographics of fairly recently burnt out Parisian suburbs will need to be redrawn even if the Front National were to come to.power tomorrow and justifiably make recitation of the Lord’s Prayer, Nicene Creed, and the Magnificat prerequisites for French citizenship and voting.


“If the people of Europe can shake off their conditioned and innate niceness and simply be rude, unwelcoming, and unaccommodating to the invader”

But you’ll be rebuked on many WN forums if you simply say that White people should stop patronizing non-White shops and restaurants.

White people’s niceness toward the invaders can be compared to the government policy of giving child benefits to the invaders. Of course, the two things are very different: Being nice to fellow people is a natural instinct. Giving child benefits to the invaders is a government policy deliberately used against us. And also, being nice and polite isn’t as destructive as redistributing White people’s money to the non-Whites. But in both cases, something that would be a good thing in an all-White society is used in a way that hurts White society.

From what we are told by Robert Putnam, what happens naturally when White people are invaded by other races is that they start to hunker down like turtles. They become less trusting of both invaders and fellow White people. I guess it means they stop being nice to anyone. What they need to start doing instead is stop being nice to the invaders and race traitors, and start being extra-nice to people like themselves.

Many intellectuals with White Nationalist leanings would probably insist that we have to be nice to our invaders until we find some solution. But they are wrong.

It’s difficult to explain to people why they must make an effort to refrain from being nice to the parasites. People don’t realize that morality is closely linked to the defense of our race. We must point out to them that moral behavior that leads to our racial annihilation can’t really be moral!


I love it when I read piece and is so complete from every angle that I don’t feel compelled to add anything. Excellent work, Matt.

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