Being “American” is complicated enough without refugees

November 21, 2015

For those very few of us who still think of ourselves as American patriots committed to some abstract condition of exemplary Americanism, it’s already complicated enough without adding thousands of Syrian refugees.  Whatever it is that you enjoy about American society is going to change for the worse, and probably in a very permanent way, when your community is enriched with Middle East refugee-style diversity.  It doesn’t matter what kind of political persuasion or lifestyle you follow: If you think of the USA as your home and identify with American culture, your life is going to change for the worse when your city is flooded with immivaders.

War refugees are not like the typical immigrant.  They don’t assimilate, they aren’t good “house guests,” they bring over their extended family members via chain immigration and family reunification policies, they don’t want to work, and we get stuck footing the bill to subsidize nearly every aspect of their lifestyle.  But, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.  Let’s look at what we’re already failing to properly handle.

After the Vietnam war we admitted somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 Hmong refugees to Wisconsin during 1975 and 1976.  This was originally limited to only the fighters, but you know what a bunch of softies that our politicians can be for dough-eyed “refugees” begging for shelter.  Ready for this?  There were an estimated 33,791 Hmong in Wisconsin as of the 2001 census.  That’s somewhere in the ballpark estimate of, oh, a mere 6,658.2% increase in less than 20 years. I expect that number will have increased rather dramatically since the 2001 census…  All the while we have been dealing with a seemingly unremitting flood of illegal aliens from Mexico and South America that is rapidly claiming the American South West for the Reconquista and Aztlan movements.  Don’t forget about the American Indian nations (alternately, “Skraelings”) to whom our government has granted tribal sovereignty.  You can also expect that these new Middle Eastern additions to the American project will abuse our own immigration policies by invoking the chain migration and family reunification policies.  This will not be a “one-time expense” of admitting a single batch of refugees.  Their numbers will swell in a manner similar to that of the Hmong.

Our domestic stock of blacks courtesy of the slave trade have more of a stake in the American identity than Mexicans , South Americans, Hmong and the Middle Eastern refugees ever will.   Hell, the Chinese railroad workers have more of a claim to having helped build America (well, the railroads in any case…) than the Mexicans ever will.  Like it or not, “American” is a title used by many different kinds of people.  Personal opinions on the matter aside, we cannot speak of “being American” without considering the myriad of people who now share the title.  Neither can we, white people born of established American families, simply repudiate our American identity.  We can disavow it, but it is nonetheless an irremovable part of who and what we are.  The question is not whether we can fix this problem by being a patriot or expatriot, the question is whether we are willing to admit a totally unassimilable Middle Eastern stock to an already poorly managed project.

Starting with the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 and fast-forwarding to [current year], there is now almost exactly zero expectation for immigrants to “be American” in spite of them being card-carrying citizens.  Only the most childishly naive believe that Israel Zangwill’s “Melting Pot” ever worked.  If it had worked then we should have been long past things such things as Irish enclaves in Boston, Pennsylvania-Dutch communities in the North East, Cajun communities on the bayou, etc….;  These are all different communities that have a stake in the American identity.  To name only a few.  However, being an American White Nationalist doesn’t make this any easier.  Americans, generally speaking, don’t even get along with each other let alone misfit radical Islamic transplants from the Middle East.  We have more than enough to fight and struggle about as it is and that’s all the more reason why we don’t need Middle East refugees right now, or ever.

Ready to add another layer to the increasingly noxious identity-onion of Americanism?  The homosexual community.  There is this myth that American sodomites are extraordinarily privileged while also being extraordinarily persecuted by American society.  The privilege is real, but the persecution only ever seems to add up to elaborate tales and hoaxes about micro-aggressions.  If you live in America and claim to be one or another flavor of anything other than “heterosexual” then you’re automatically on the list of people who can depend on having preferential treatment by news and entertainment media, corporate sponsorship, multiple calendar days to celebrate exactly how much of a degenerate you are and a startlingly high level of support or indifference from the public when you want to harass or assault people who disagree with your fucked up lifestyle.

If you think life is bad now, just wait until your community is enriched with enough military-aged males to form an independent jihadist militia.  There won’t be anymore Halloween trick-or-treat.  Forget about letting your children walk to school.  Your “little white church” won’t be able to hold service without fear of attack from Muslim gangs.  Night clubs will become a terrible idea.  And that’s not even the stuff which the sodomites have to worry about.  The kinds of radical Islam refugees who will be coming here do not share contemporary-America’s endearment with faggotry.  So, you think that gay pride parades are a great idea?  Can you say “sky diving without a chute“?  Sodomites in America enjoy a “bullet proof” social status only among other westerners, so you better believe all that will come to a screeching halt when your community has to reconcile its preferences for decadent western culture against a community of pro-Sharia cut-throat radical fundamentalist Muslims.

No matter what kind of American you are, this wave of immivasion is universally bad for everybody.  You don’t need to be one of us to oppose having Middle East refugees here, all you need is a level-headed understanding that the people who are trying to come here do not share any version of the American dream nor have any desire to be American.

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