Trad Youth Hour: Truth and Justice are Anti-Semitic

October 19, 2015

Matthew Heimbach returns with co-hosts Tony Hovater and Matt Parrott for another satirical discussion about items of interest to White Nationalists.

What would the world look like if Hitler had won?

This ill-thought out premise for a new tv series has provided nationalists a heaven sent chance to point out how much better the world would be if he had won.

Matt Parrott has been leading the way in this endeavour on Twitter with predictable results from the enemy.

Another film company has been dressing an actor up as Hitler and doing vox-pops with him in Germany.

Instead of going as planned, the public have been getting all nostalgic for the better life they had under National Socialism.

Finally the trio take a look at Rhodesia and other formerly White outposts of civilisation in Africa and the pits of depravity they have become now that the White folks have left.

Not just in Africa but in India too, where a recent campaign to persuade people to defecate in the toilet instead of on the street has just been initiated by the government.

But even when they do use a water closet they end up standing on it, instead of sitting on it.

Non-Whites were just not created to fit in with civilisation.

Source: Daily Stormer

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