Trad Youth Hour: Like a Troop of Monkeys Painting the Sistine Chapel

Matthew Heimbach has author, radio host and frontman for the Northwest Front Harold Covington, as his guest this week.

HAC explains to MH what brought him to White advocacy and the formation of the Northwest Front.

Both came to the realisation that America is not salvageable and both discuss ways to progress from that realisation.

HAC knows what it was like to see the last of the Whites only signs and the last of the British Empire.

He sees the fond and nostalgic view of America from that time, getting in the way of people doing something about our predicament.

We cannot turn back the clock and restore things to the way they were before.

There are just too many invasive species and we could not remove them all, without the type of massive military force that we will never have.

Facing up to this and working out what to do to ensure the survival of the White race is the task ahead.

HAC is doing his part by trying to form an all-White homeland in North West America.

He sees the turning point as being in 1958, when Eisenhower forced the racial integration of schools at the point of a bayonet.

The time for resisting was then, but the time for regrouping is now.


Ezra Pound

I don’t like the idea of whites being holed-up and sequestered in the North West. Such a small territory with no natural borders is incapable of being strategically defended. If whites resign themselves to such a meager political existence, they will quickly find themselves in the position of being besieged on an ever-shrinking territory (if whites are willing to give up huge swaths of the country, why wouldn’t they also give up portions of their new homeland when times got tough?)


Ezra Pound, I believe (tho you did not say this) you may be one of the people who believe a Northwest Republic would be nuked by WDC. I have thought for years long & hard about the Northwest Independence Imperative (of which Harold Covington’s Northwest Front is only one possible expression amongst several) & there are some legitimate objections.

Please be aware that a biological agent, ie a killer pathogen, to attack whites specifically is already possible in theory. To read a version of this nightmare scenario, read The White Plague by Frank Herbert.
WDC can nuke the PNW if they choose to, destroying highly valuable territory, industrial areas, valuable individuals, etc. They can show all whites the world over what evil they really are. That alone would be worth the sacrifice. They are not going to nuke the PNW over some minor insurgency carried out by a handful of people. Have a sense of proportion. If WDC actually would nuke the PNW, it would only be because we are winning.

I am going thru hell to migrate to the PNW. I assure you, I can’t speak for all other whites, but once I’m there, they take it away over my dead body. No giving it up when times get tough. Short of surviving on the street, my life couldn’t get any tougher. Your objection is answered by the bioagent point, & that you’ve already made up your mind Northwest Independence can’t happen.
I like your comments most of the time, just not this one.

Ezra Pound

You’ve got me confused with someone else. I don’t know what the WDC or the PNW are and the stuff about nukes and bio agents sounds a bit far fetched to me. No one is going to nuke the North West. What I am talking about are the consequences of ceding 4/5 of the country to blacks and browns. I do not believe it is wise for white people to intentionally back themselves into a geographic corner. All of North America should be ours.


WDC=Washington DC
PNW=Pacific NorthWest.
It is on here because of Harold Covington & the Northwest Front, located in the Pacific Northwest.

Many critics of the Northwest Imperative (the term often used & preferred by HAC) believe any attempt at secession will result in an all-out attack by the US Government, many believing nuking is not out of the question.

“4/5 of the country” is ceded. It is a fact. The option to act as if “All of NAmerica should be ours” etc expired decades ago.
The only real question now is if we can pull ourselves together to secure a bioregion, whether Pacific Northwest or anywhere else.
To do what you’re suggesting, take back the whole country, will take at minimum 1000 years evolution from the point when a racially-conscious group begins actively fighting back in all senses of the term. This is now about survival.

If someone can mass produce the vaccine (ie metaphorically, a mental “vaccine”) to white self-destruction, & has the power to mass inoculate 90-100% of whites in a year, then yes, we can take the whole country back.
The problem is there is zero indication that this is possible or that any such miracle will occur before demographic decline makes civilizational survival impossible. We’ve all been trying for as long as we’ve been in the game. In my case approx 15 years of efforts has caused 1 high IQ, well-to-do computer engineer to concede we have a few valid points. (He is a Nietzsche & Ayn Rand worshipper.) Unfortunately he has been clinically diagnosed as paranoid & he is too afraid (his words) of being caught with a far-Right book, let alone one with racialist material, to ever be able to even make the mental jump. That’s all I have to show for 15 years of talking to people & thousands of dollars spent on flyers, gasoline spent driving all over the western state i live in, etc.

To me the main objection(s) to the Northwest Imperative have to do with the White psychotic state as expressed in the far-left liberalism found in the population of the Northwest (including Canada).

To me the alternative to the Northwest Imperative/ SOME vision thereof (NorthwestFront & HAC, a tribal Cascadia, whatever) is to sit for another 50-100 years waiting for that universal cure-vaccine that didn’t appear in the previous 50. The problem there is that then you’re out of time, game over.

Sorry I thought you might’ve been someone else using the Ezra Pound moniker who makes good comments in places like CounterCurrents.

Sorry for all the abbreviations but at a certain point they become a necessity.

ps mike

“There are just too many invasive species and we could not remove them
all, without the type of massive military force that we will never have.”

Trad Youth has really got me to think on this issue. My thoughts with this vary. On an intellectual level, all of the logic makes perfect sense; however, home is where the heart is, and when I imagine myself moving from southern California through coercion, the feeling of lament is overwhelming. I’ve read a firsthand story of a Finnish girl who was forced to move from the area of Finland ceded to the soviets after the Winter War. It tore her heart out! I think people will have more resistance to this than they do coming around to the Jewish problem.

My response to fight or flight question is to fight. The new political party, the Veterans Party of America, has a facebook page, and they always respond to posts. I posted that the military should be brought home from the middle East and be put on the southern border. They did not disagree. I believe we can deport if the national will supports it. I would strongly suggest the leadership of Trad Youth try to dialogue with the Veterans Party. They are organizing because they are fed up.

There are groups of largely white Americans who are fed up, but they are loathe to admit the things we have come to know in our movement. Last year, I got banned from a few FB pages for advocating the Jewish problem. Now, close to a year later, the discontent has only grown. For instance, the staunchly anti immigation Dennis Michael Lynch has a large following of Tea Party types. I am banned from his page, and facebook altogether, but I visit his page and read the comments. Well, guess what, there is now a smattering of comments against jews, and the overall commentary has become more heated. Same with the Veterans Party. My point is that perhaps the allies closer to the mainstream are very, very close to opening up to the cause of WN. If that is true, I believe we can unite and fight for our homeland.

WN can become mainstream. If that happens, we can reverse everything, from the federal reserve, the jewish media, and immigration. At least that is my hope.


No-one could miss their home-land more than I do. I was physically, forcibly taken away from the Upper Northern Midwest when I was too young to physically resist. I was relocated to a place to live that I liked as much as you might like the Congo. The thought that I will never set foot again in Minnesota, Ontario or Thunder Bay, Iowa (where my father was) will literally make me tear up if I let it. It is taking a lot of steel nerves & iron will to go through with a migration to a place where I’ve never even set foot.
Maybe if we can pull together in the Pacific Northwest we can save places like the Yooper. Have a look on the internet at how Thunder Bay is dying. The largest grain silos in the world to do trade with the Soviets that fell through. A Japanese firm wanted to put a paper mill/plant in TB but that was blocked by local lefties etc.
I’m choosing the Pacific Northwest because, as a non-rich person (in fact a white male whom the system is set up against), that represents the best hope for the family & children I hope to have. I can’t see one for them in the Yooper. You can starve to death on the street admiring the “beautiful landscape.”

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