Paul Singer Primary Closes: Marco Rubio Wins

Several months before conservative gentiles gather in quaint farm homes and small businesses around rural Iowa to come to an agreement on who to choose, Jewish oligarchs huddle in their penthouse suites and synagogues to discern who the Chosen will choose. Merely a decade or so ago, it was considered virulently anti-semitic to acknowledge that the political process is dominated by a handful of wealthy Jews with an acutely Zionist agenda. The goalposts have moved and the Jewish oligarchs are coming out of the closet, with mainstream media outlets now casually referencing machinations which would have been dismissed as hare-brained conspiracy lunacy a short time ago.

Polls have closed in the pivotal primary state of Paul Singer’s mind, with the New York Times reporting yesterday that, Paul Singer, Influential Billionaire, Throws Support to Marco Rubio for President.

One of the wealthiest and most influential Republican donors in the country is throwing his support to Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, a decision that could swing millions of dollars in contributions behind Mr. Rubio at a critical point in the Republican nominating battle.

Marco Rubio could not possibly have lobbied more aggressively for the Jewish oligarchs. While Jeb was wasting his time building up a vast political machine, Trump was wasting his time winning the hearts and minds of voters, and Kasich was wasting his time polishing his impressive technocratic bonafides, Rubio was groveling in person and on the phone on a daily basis with the dozen or so Jewish oligarchs who control American politics. His campaign slogan is even “New American Century,” a not-so-subtle dog whistle to the neocon Project for a New American Century.

Jeb may have muscled Rubio out of the GOP party establishment lane early on, but all Marco Rubio had to do was zip over into the HOV lane of Jewish power and privilege.

[Paul Singer] is known for his caution and careful vetting of candidates and, while passionately pro-Israel and a supporter of same-sex marriage, he is generally viewed as a donor who does not believe in litmus tests.

Is there a single instance of Singer donating a single dollar to a candidate who’s not fanatically pro-Israel? Of course not.

Not only is Mr. Singer fanatically pro-Israel and an ardent opponent of social conservatives, he’s also pushing his explicitly anti-White agenda…

In recent years, he has frequently deployed his network to cultivate up-and-coming Republicans who he believes can help expand the party’s demographic appeal.

Jeb’s positively herculean efforts to defy and deny his Whiteness are impressive. He married a random Mexican cleaning lady, speaks Spanish in the home, raises all of his children to identify more with their Latin American heritage than their White American heritage, and even marks himself as “Hispanic” on forms in a desperate attempt to be transracial. But he’ll never get to be non-White. Of course, Rubio’s pretty much racially White, Latin America’s elites are generally White, and Spanish heritage is White and European, but politically speaking, in the American context, Rubio gets to play the marquee role of the plucky non-White immigrant against Jeb’s typecast role as the awkward and obsolete Anglo-American elite.

Mr. Rubio has aggressively embraced the cause of wealthy pro-Israel donors like Mr. Adelson, whom the senator is said to call frequently, and Mr. Singer, who both serve on the board of the Republican Jewish Coalition, an umbrella group for Republican Jewish donors and officials. Mr. Bush has been less attentive, in the view of some of these donors: Last spring, he refused to freeze out his longtime family friend James A. Baker III, the former secretary of state, after Mr. Baker spoke at the conference of a liberal Jewish group.

Many assume that wealthy gentile political dynasties like the Bushes, Clintons, and even Trump have the upper hand in today’s politics. Their own autonomous power and political support is perceived by the Jewish oligarchs as an implied threat to be neutralized. While Bush is certainly no threat to Jewish interests in the way that, say, Rand Paul is, he is under the mistaken impression that he has enough standing to push back against their more unreasonable demands. Even the master of the art of the deal himself, Donald Trump, is having a hard time convincing the world’s original hustlers that he’s a safer bet than a made-to-order puppet like Rubio.

If Jeb knows what’s good for him, he’ll endorse Rubio and drop out before the attacks and shaming get even worse than they’ve already got. And, yes, it can get even worse. Within the next few weeks, multiple candidates will drop out under pressure to clear the way for a strong opponent of Trump. At the very least, they’ll be defanged, forbidden from actually challenging Marco Rubio’s privileged candidacy and relegated to a collection of castrated campaigns for Vice President.



Rubio’s big success in the debate was in challenging the H1-b’s “abuses”. Money is important, but he still has to pull one over on the voters, and I don’t see how that could happen. Obviously were money the only determinant it would belong to Jeb.

Christian Talour

I really hope you’re wrong, but I doubt it. Trump is smart to keep Carson alive because it drives down the donor candidates poll numbers, but if the establishment is willing to throw all their money and resources behind one guy (Rubio) who knows what they can do to public opinion.

Alexandros HoMegas

The jewish elite wants Rubio, they don’t want another Bush after Dubya failed to start wars with Syria, Iran and Russia.

Rubio is also “hispanic” and has money problems, the jews like gentiles who are totally dependent of their money lending.

Aaron Gross

So you want to…what? Neutralize the Jewish billionaires, so that elections will be decided by gentile billionaires like Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers?

Aaron Gross

Seems to me it would be just as easy to go after all the plutocrats at once. Even more effective, because the mainstream is more receptive to anti-billionaire rhetoric than anti-Jewish rhetoric. What do you gain from restricting your targets to Jewish billionaires?

Matt Parrott

If my models are correct, the organized Jewish community will escalate its offensive behavior until it provokes a defensive reaction from the host population. Over the centuries, Jewish communities which have failed to achieve that effect have gradually integrated into the host population. It’s a common phenomenon among ephemeral subcultures as well, actively provoking hostility in order to ensure the requisite social segregation required to preclude integration.

I know it seems like a long-shot from the inside looking out, but in the greater historical picture, wouldn’t the safe bet be that even the profoundly welcoming and chummy Anglo-Americans will develop at least enough antagonism with the Jewish population necessary to ensure its survival? It seems that the smart money would be this iteration of the age-old cycle playing out similarly to the past several dozen.

If Jewish oligarchs manage to be more aggravating and toxic to Western people than gentile oligarchs in the coming decades, my bet will pay off. If they don’t stand out, I’ll fall flat as Bernie Sanders-style colorblind populism rings more true.

Besides, the one thing we Americans love even more than the Jews is flamboyantly successful rich people! Steve Jobs! Richard Branson! Howard Hughes! Elon Musk!


Aaron Gross

Thanks for the reply. That’s a logical explanation, and I hadn’t even thought of it. Of course I don’t believe your “safe bet” thing: among other things, the “age-old cycle” only occurred in some places and not others. But your reasoning is internally consistent.

stil weerstand

The idea is that Jewish billionaires will be more hostile to Gentile interests than Gentile billionaires. This probably comes down to mere self-interest, as with Koch and Murdoch, versus an active hand in anti-white causes à la Singer and Big Zuck. As Trump is the Gentile billionaire in question, the dichotomy is all the sharper.

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