LARP your way to victory

The common canard that smug netizen critics lob at us when we’re being outspoken is that we’re LARPing.  These are the same people who wouldn’t know a good deal if it was right in front of their noses.  So what, who cares?  Obviously we don’t.  I don’t know where the line is between LARPing or activism, but if I had to guess it would involve measurable real-world success at achieving our stated goals.

But, nevermind the goals and the fact that we’re achieving them, what does a legitimate and authentic youth movement look like?  The aesthetic appeal and overall deportment and appearance is secondary to the group’s function because there is no singularly specific model for an authentic youth group.  The reason that social movements change their look and function over time is because the exigency that each respond to will change its shape over time, thus we must change our shape to respond properly.  Authenticity has something to do with effective functionality and the less money that it requires is all the more a testament to its authenticity.

Now, all that being said, folks who are looking for a really real group are going to have a few prerequisites in mind.  They want something that looks, feels and sounds like the Real Thing™.  So, how do you know if you’re walking the walk and not faking the funk?  Another crucial difference between LARPing and being an active member in a grassroots youth movement is that we don’t put our convictions on a shelf after the weekend.  We wear this lifestyle every day of the week and we do it for the best interests of our people.

But, even a loon can claim insanity as a legitimate vocation were he to carry on for the sake of his people.  With the most recent edition of the DSM anything could be made into a mental illness.  So where does this leave us?  The genuinely crazy loons don’t garner interest by international news networks let alone national news networks.  Neither do the genuinely crazy have to worry about coordinated, premeditated, hostile and malicious opposition from so-called anti-fascists and Marxist thugs.  When you have to start considering your physical safety I think it safe to say that you’re no longer LARPing.

The #1 problem with people who identify with our politics but disagree with our method is that they actively discourage and attempt to dissuade us from staying our course.  Adding insult to injury are their attempts to disrupt an existing community of teamwork and mutual support.  If you can’t lead or follow, get out of the way.  For those who don’t care to be part of a team, we get it.  You’re not ready for that level of involvement.  But, for the love of all that is holy, don’t disrupt a functioning group just because you think we’re “LARPing.”

By now everyone should know about the Top 35 Pro-White Websites published in December, 2013.  Traditionalist Youth Network made the list and we were only on the scene for about six months at that point.  I keep waiting to see the next “top” list come out because I am fully expecting that TYN will have made it into the top 15, if not the top 10.  So, are we LARPing?  You be the judge, but don’t forget that whatever we’re doing is working amazingly well.  Speaking of which, keep an eye on Traditionalist Worker Party for some really exciting stuff in the near future.

We’re going to LARP our way to victory whether or not our critics like it.  For those who disagree with us and refuse to be a part of the team, we’re going to keep doing real-world activism and advocacy while they sit at home and pull their pud.  Hell, maybe they’ll invite their friends over and make an evening of it.  At least then they’d be out of our way and doing something that involves team work.


Ezra Pound

While LARPing is a genuine phenomenon, my feeling is that when the concept is thrown at functioning groups – no matter how small their “real world” impact – it is mostly an expression of the user’s frustration that he is not involved in something real world. Doubtless the line between LARPing it and living it is a continuum, not a razor-fine border. All that being said, I think the best overall movement-strategy is to have every level of that continuum occupied and exploited. A few months ago, Counter-Currents I believe ran an article on the French neo-Traditionalist Catholic movement and how it had seemingly unrelated levels of involvement ranging from those who merely express tepid sympathy in comment sections all the way up to those who undertake “black-block” style illegal actions such as destroying degenerate anti-art. Those “hard-core” activists had a line of less-overtly involved people to fall back on in terms of getting voices of support, and that group in turn has another less-overtly involved group to fall back on, and so on. This seems to me to be the best strategy. We need people who still have access to the respectable mainstream where they can leave the seeds of our memes; we also need people who are going to go out in the street and physically tangle with the Marxoid left. We should absolutely not encourage everyone to adopt the same methods nor discourage anyone from employing differing methods so long as they do not conflict with overarching goals, ideology and legitimate “public relations”.


TRS or whoever came up with this one missed the target, because larping is a dumb meme. It is always basically getting thrown at anyone who tries something different on the ground. TYN shouldn’t have to make a case for itself against this kind of nonsense.

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