It’s Not “Rape Rape” Unless It’s a Straight White Male

A few years back, Whoopi Goldberg explained on national television that Roman Polanski’s drugging and raping a child in his hot tub wasn’t “rape rape” because he’s Jewish. She didn’t actually come out and say that his Jewishness exculpates him, but the nature and context of his support confirms why he enjoys a double-standard. Right now, Germany’s busily covering up a wave of vicious gang rapes being visited upon its young women because the rapists are their beloved “refugees.” Statistically speaking, the real rape problem in America is in its minority and immigrant communities, but the media keeps insisting that the rapists are all White frat jocks.

Finally, after a long miserable string of embarrassing rape hoaxes being exposed, they managed last week to uncover the perfect crime for their narrative. At the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity right here at Indiana University, a White perpetrator had the White victim held down and forcibly raped in a horrifying hazing ritual.

Wait, what? the perpetrator was a female and the victim was a male?


The Leftists don’t actually care about rape, they only care about leveraging the American moral panic about rape for political effect. A sincere and apolitical campaign to minimize rape and convict the guilty is not on the feminist agenda, because it would run through their minority, immigrant, Jewish, and sexual paraphiliac communities like a tornado through a trailer park.

Slate, a site which has been trying desperately to capitalize on rape hysteria since well before Mike Nifong’s ill-fated crusade against imaginary rapists at Duke University, has changed its mind about rape hysteria. This week, Slate has decided to humanize, contextualize, and victim-frame the perpetrators of violent rape. At long last, rapists have advocates in the mainstream media.

Reginald Artis is a transgender woman from Chesapeake, Virginia, who was sent to prison in 1987 for a sex crime she committed at age 23, when she still identified as a man, against a 17-year-old.

The uninitiated will fail to notice several things going on in this first sentence. We’re told he is transgender at the very beginning, repeatedly and egregiously, throughout the article, to signal to the liberal Slate readership that this is a civil rights issue. Of course, the rape had nothing to do with his shrewd decision to identify as transgendered. But what especially aggravates me is how the wording about the “sex crime” and age disparity primes the reader to presume that it’s a statutory rape thing.

It’s not. It was simple textbook gay anal rape. He held the victim down and anally sodomized him. Period. Paragraph. Shortly after the gentle contextualization, the author invites the rapist to explain what he did. True to form, the unrepentant rapist offers the typical narrative that feminists are always howling about, implying that the victim was basically at fault for getting him all excited and backing out.

Me and this co-worker, we were out having drinks and stuff, and he exposed himself, and I acted on it. We were playing around, but then he had a change of heart … and I forced myself on him.

Strip away all the leftist signaling and imagine Slate sympathetically interviewing a White male fraternity brother who had raped a female and was trying to rustle up some pity for his harsh sentencing. Then imagine that Slate interviewer failing to at the very least challenge the “She basically made me rape her!” script offered by the perpetrator. The double-standard is boggling.

As is often the case with these things, the state’s case for deciding that Reggie remains a threat to the community is shrouded behind a web of privacy. He gets to make a big public case for why he should be let free while the professionals are bound by rules and regulations. They’re prohibited from defending their decision to protect the community. They can’t explain that he was convicted of a prior offense before this one of sexual battery on a 16 year old. They can’t offer his answers to the quiz or his record or reputation in prison. All the reader has to go on is a bullshit paint-by-the-numbers repeat sexual predator’s narrative about being a transgendered victim of racist injustice.

He’s sitting in his comfortable climate controlled world of free meals, recreation, entertainment, and fellowship with other felons…pretending he’s the victim. The only victim here was the man he viciously raped. The only reason Reggie’s still alive is liberal mercy and moral cowardice. Reggie hasn’t even bothered to keep up on his hormone treatments, has performed no surgical alterations, and hasn’t even changed his name to a feminine-sounding one. He’s cleverly jumped on the transgendered civil rights phenomenon because that’s his ticket to public acclaim, and they’re gullible enough to fall for it.

He’s still a rapist faggot. He’s still trying to excuse and downplay his crime. I agree with Slate’s Anti-White Zionist ivy league Jew Leon Neyfakh that Reginald Artis doesn’t deserve “civil commitment.”

He deserves the death penalty.


Aaron Gross

I don’t see how you got that the rapist was “unrepentant.” From the interview:

I hold myself accountable. I had no problem doing those 27 years in prison because I was wrong for what I’d done. I admitted to doing wrong, and I had no problem saying I’d done wrong. I hold myself totally accountable.


Also, you say that Slate has been capitalizing on the rape hysteria, but again, the opposite is true. Emily Yoffe and Hanna Rosin have been some of the strongest and most consistent voices against the campus-rape moral panic. Rosin especially was one of the leading reporters on that UVa rape fraud, interviewing the Rolling Stone journalist and trying to pin her down on how she misreported the story. Yoffe’s been critical of women’s behavior on campus, especially heavy drinking making them vulnerable to rape. (Feminists accused her of blaming the victim, of course.) And I think both of them have reported on men who were falsely accused of sexual assault. All in all, whatever you think of Slate in general, it’s been one of the few voices of truth during this moral panic.

Fr. John+

I’ll go out on a limb and say, from your name, you’re probably a Jew. Therefore, since ‘your guilt remains,’ [John 9:41] Instead of excusing a black ‘man’ who claims to be a ‘woman,’ who has been tried, found guilty, and did anally rape minors… WHY BOTHER to even stand up for ‘him’? He is ‘none of yours’ except for the penchant of members of your Tribe to pretend to sympathize with ‘the underdog,’ because ‘muh persecution’, etc.

Why not do a ‘mea culpa’ and ask yourself this question: Why is it the vast, overwhelmingly proportionate number of actors, directors, producers, and ENABLERS of the Porno industry…. are Jews?

(And no, you cannot ‘dismiss’ Duke as an ‘evil white racissss’- because he’s quoting a fellow Jew’s report on Jewish involvement in the Porn industry) Why is this? Who here is guilty? Why is less than 2% of the American population, involved in such overweening numbers as to their proportionate part of the overall citizenry? Ask yourself THESE questions, and then I might believe you care for a psychologically damaged Negro in prison.

Matt Parrott

He’s most certainly a Jew, though you’ll find from his comment history that he’s an exceedingly fair-minded one who’s well-versed in new right ideas and ideals.

He’s no Brother Nathanael, but he’s right up there with JewAmongYou, Nicholas Stix, and Ilana Mercer.

I suppose we can wait for him to respond, but I doubt he would dismiss Dr. Duke out-of-hand for thoughtcrime or defend the more egregious and well-documented instances of organized Jewish degeneracy.

Matt Parrott

I would say he is unrepentant, based on his victim-framing of the relevant incident and deliberate decision to gloss over his additional previous sexual assault on a minor which plays a major role in establishing a risk of recidivism. He explicitly takes ownership, then weaves an elaborate web of implicit justification and adjudication around that ownership, which is what unrepentant people do.

What Hanna Rosin did was damage control after it became abundantly clear that it was a hoax which was unraveling. All I’ve seen has been deft damage damage control out of everyone except for Yoffe. I’ll concede to you on Yoffe. She seems a bit of a crypto-trad. Her Dear Prudence advice seems to consistently amount to a rhetorical sleight-of-hand where she arrives at an approximation of the traditional way of dealing with a matter via the language and lexicon of secular moral relativism.

She’s always against the abortion, but never because she’s against abortion.

Her advice to young men not to notify women of wardrobe malfunctions because anti-male hysteria on campus makes doing so dangerous a few weeks back gave me a chortle.


Rape isn’t just assault. It’s penetration of the an us or vaginal without consent.

Seems like tradyouth is actually feminist after all. When a decent sized man can’t escape from a petite woman’s legs that pretty much negates the gender/sex difference stuff, dontcha think?

This guy may have given in to social pressure but to conflate that with rape or even assault is pathetic.

john smith

you’re right! women raping men is LITERALLY impossible, and these SHITLORDES at tradyouth should stop MANSPLAINING about rape. They’re too simple minded for our queer theory.


A woman could rape a man, it would just require that she penetrated him without his consent. That’s much harder to accomplish for women.

john smith

indeed, a woman could rape a man, if she had a penis and her preferred pronoun was “he”.

Matt Parrott

I was clearly relying on the ATO incident to make a joke about biased and hysterical media coverage of sexual incidents on college campuses.

Had a girl been videotaped held down and forced in the same manner to service a man at a fraternity hazing ritual, it would be wall-to-wall media hysteria.


Would it have been the same, Matt? It’s not that I don’t consider even the peer pressuring of this guy (combined with the prostitute’s dominatrix poses) repulsive and tragic for what it says about american values and culture, I just don’t get how you think much comes from comparing apples and oranges. A guy using his superior physical agility and strength to hold down a girl with a bunch of also stronger men yelling at her should warrant wall-to-wall media hysteria.

Matt Parrott

You still don’t understand.

Stop assuming I’m a crpyto-feminist douche and re-read the section.

My point was that the media have been dying for a fraternity hazing rape. The ATO is funny because it’s what they’ve been dying for, only with the genders inverted.

I get that there would be a definitive moral difference if the genders were actually reversed. That’s beside the point.


So what do you think about the Men Against Rape group protesting it.

john smith

those men are still rapists by definition.

The penis is a weapon of mass destruction, that is why the war cri… war in Iraq was justified Saddam did have weapons of mass destruction, the rape sticks of his soldiers.

john smith

Matt parrot is like hitler, his site is directly oppressing women.


So you’re not horrified by this? You don’t have to be ‘feminist’ to be a ‘douche’ and vice versa.


The Duke lacrosse fiasco was way more about class and race than about ‘sexism.’

The fact that you think it’s funny speaks volumes.

john smith

yeah, when a man thinks somethings “funny” it’s like another woman gets raped.


I think you missed the TroubledTeens section of TradYouth. Check it out, you might even get laid instead of troll-stalking older chicks.

john smith

“instead of troll-stalking older chicks”

you’re a WOMAN *prostrates self*. Then you truly are my sistah. I’m so sorry that you had to endure the vicious nonsense of matt parrot, it’s like the holocaust!

john smith

I can never go to bed as long as there is a PATRIARCHY to oppose…

john smith

I said I wasn’t going to bed.

Clearly by your name I can tell you “speak for the” women, ehhhh…

john smith

Queer theory is the only true way to interpret the works of rapist(man) dr.

The terrifying STARE RAPES perpetrated by men against women will only cease once the conservative morals of society are dismantled and LITERAL Hitlers such as matt parrot become trans*

john smith

I definitely try to make sense when I’m trolling the cis-white patriarchy,

but how could you accuse your sister in spirit of trolling a fellow LGBTQA


Was it in fact a hazing ritual? Then why is the frat claiming otherwise, that he was a member? To avoid being kicked out of the national organization I’m guessing…?


“e and this co-worker, we were out having drinks and stuff, and he exposed himself, and I acted on it. We were playing around, but then he had a change of heart … and I forced myself on him.”.sounds like he admits that he was the one at fault. Wherever in this paragraph is their victim blaming? He admits the victim changed his mind and she didn’t care.
“wait, what? the perpetrator was a female and the victim was a male?”
Uh no.
“Reggie hasn’t even bothered to keep up on his hormone treatments, has performed no surgical alterations, and hasn’t even changed his name to a feminine-sounding one.” In his own words

“Yes—I started in 2009. But in 2011 I found out I had skin cancer, so I stopped the hormone treatment to do my cancer treatment. After I finished my cancer treatment, it was almost time for me to be released from prison, and that’s when I found out about this civil commitment thing.

So then after you’d been at VCBR a while, you asked to restart hormone treatment?

Right, and they said I didn’t fit the criteria. They put in my records that I was trying to get the sex change so as to not have to deal with my sexually violent urges—like I was trying to sweep them under the rug by having a sex change, or trying to take the easy way out. And I said that’s crazy, because I’ve been feeling this way since before I even knew this place existed. It’s who I am. But after all that they started finding ways to stop me from going into phase three.”

“o. I hold myself accountable. I had no problem doing those 27 years in prison because I was wrong for what I’d done. I admitted to doing wrong, and I had no problem saying I’d done wrong. I hold myself totally accountable. But I’m not gonna say I may do something in the future when I know I’m not. For them to say, “We think you might do something in the future, so we’re going to keep you locked up”—it’s not right.” That is the issue here.


Grooming, rape, trafficking of young White girls and women is protected and enabled by police, social workers and courts in Britain. Why? Because the men are Pakistani Muslims.

Have a look at Britain First Day of Action in Rotherham, S. Yorkshire. Jayda Fransen takes the podium at 3 mins and 30 secs.

Dustin Jarl (Vinland)

Matt, the rape hysteria moral panic has been going on since before we were born. At its very core, it is anti-male, not anti-white. Although men of all races suffer from the culture of false rape accusations, the brunt of the false rape accusations actually happen against black men.

“Innocence projects” in this country are almost exclusively devoted to clearing men of false rape charges, men of all races, but the vast majority are men of color, specifically black men.

Primitive female tribalism is being sold to women in this country (and in the West in general), the rape and pedophile moral panic is a political weapon designed to remove men from the public sphere in general and from children’s lives in particular. The fact that so few men teach elementary education and that young boys have so little contact with male role models is no accident but a direct result of rape and pedophile hysteria. This situation is especially acute when it comes to young black boys, and the situation also feeds the “political plantation” that the Democratic Party depends upon for votes.

I cannot see a white revolution resulting in the guarantee of political and social rights for whites happening unless there is first a male revolution resulting in the guarantee of political and social rights for men (of all races).

You’re either part of the solution or part of the problem.

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