Death to America, …not Americans. Identitarianism vs. “America”

The $PLC has sunk its teeth into the new Identity Vanguard project, crowing in its characteristically hysterical and accusatory manner that, “American Racists Work to Spread ‘Identitarian’ Ideology.” Identity Vanguard is a promising new American project which seeks to borrow and adapt Bloc Identitaire‘s ideas and strategies for the American context.

While we here at TradYouth consider ourselves the first and most handsome attempt to construct a youth-oriented vanguard which borrows ideas from identitarian, New Right, and Eurasianist projects abroad, we consider both National Youth Front and Identity Vanguard allies in a common struggle. Both projects are led by intelligent and dedicated White Advocates who we personally know and respect in real life. While the SPLC and the rest of the anti-Whites would love nothing more than for all of our groups to engage in a bitter fight over the donorship, membership, and support pie, our different and distinct groups are setting an example to emulate by investing our energy in baking more pies.

Before the rollout, I warned the Identity Vanguard folks that the Generation Identitaire leadership would eventually turn on and disavow them, but they assured me that they had assurances and understandings.

One group, or perhaps simply an individual, recently started a website called Generation Identity US that claimed to be an American chapter of the European movement. […] But it was forced to change its name when Generation Identitaire insisted that the situation in America was different and therefore it would not recognize the group as a U.S. chapter. Today, the site is only one page explaining the name change to Identity Vanguard.

It’s not simply an individual. Identity Vanguard is an actual group with a small but rapidly growing roster of supporters. While the SPLC has every right to be suspicious of flashy and slick websites which promise big political changes while delivering nothing, IV is a substantial project with resources, sharp action-oriented leaders, and a coherent plan. Those currently dismissing or ignoring the group will learn that in due time.

TradYouth, as our name implies, places a stronger emphasis on Radical Traditionalism and religious faith than our cohorts. We most certainly belong to the overarching “identitarian” movement, but what separates us in our theory is the proposition that tribe and tradition are inseparable. What separates us in strategy is our affinity toward our Eurasianist and Golden Dawn allies abroad. If you see religion and tradition as firmly secondary to identity, then you may find the alternatives to our organization more amenable.

While Generation Identitaire is doing plenty of great stuff that we shamelessly steal and adapt to our context, we don’t believe identitarianism alone can save our identity. We believe that the Organized Jewish community is at least as threatening to our tribes and traditions as “global capitalism” and “Americanism.” We believe that denigrating Islam in the neocon “Clash of Civilizations” manner is counter-traditional and geopolitically counter-productive. We believe that egregiously pitting generations against one another is a Modern affectation.

Don’t get me wrong, we agree with GI that the Baby Boomers have indeed caused incalculable damage as a demographic cohort, but they’ve done so as useful idiots of Organized Jewish machinations and global capitalist influences. The root cause lies in Modernity’s twin evils of Jewish hostility to the Christian West and capitalist hostility to any and all expressions of identity–like borders, morals, and rootedness–which interfere with the free flow of capital. It doesn’t lie in “America,” or the “Baby Boomers,” or “Islamofascism,” or “Cultural Marxism,” or whatever word comes next on the euphemism treadmill.

Generation Identitaire categorically cannot establish an official chapter in America for two reasons, one noble and one ignoble. The noble reason is that GI largely takes identity for granted. To be French or German or Polish is an organic and intuitively obvious thing, whereas being an “American” is an especially complicated thing. Being of Anglo-Celtic pioneer stock from the homogeneously White Lower Midwest, the “American” identity has always been just about as organic and intuitively obvious to me as being “French,” but even within the White Nationalist community there’s a perennial debate over what an “American” actually is.

A case could have perhaps been made before 1965 that “American” is a specific identity with two big asterisks accounting for the Black American and Indigenous American exceptions, but at this point the sheer number of non-Whites, Jews, and people who are racially White but not assimilated into the “White American” identity will soon outnumber the Unexceptional Americans like myself. We can’t take “identity” as a given the way the Europeans can, and neither can most other peoples in the post-colonial European Diaspora.

The ignoble reason why a proper and direct identitarianism can’t be simply transferred from Europe is because they rely heavily on us as scapegoats. Just as the “Russian” identity became interminably entangled with Jewish Bolshevism and its abuses in the 20th Century, the “American” identity has taken on the villainous role of the world’s foremost champion of Jewish Imperialism, neo-colonial capitalism, degeneracy, and multiculturalism. The European identitarian dialectic is essentially the fascist dialectic with a search-and-replace done from “Jewish” and “Masonic” to “American.”

They make no distinction between “Death to America” and “Death to Americans,” since the general understanding in Europe is that to be an American is to embody all that is threatening the European identity. Since the Americans who pretty much validate that stereotype are the ones who are most traveled, most visible, and most powerful, one can hardly blame the typical European for failing to realize what Americans failed to realize about Russia a generation before.

Behind the wall of propaganda and power projection is a brotherly nation of fellow Europeans who are being cuckolded and controlled by incredibly powerful forces. Just as the Russians have proven that the traditional Russian identity remained alive despite the sinister global spectre of the New Soviet Man, we will one day prove that the traditional “American” identity remains alive and well. We’ll redeem our reputation by playing a central and leading role in advancing the cause of global tribalism and traditionalism in the years to come.

Our answer–unpopular as it may be with the sentimental paleocons and milksop mainstreamers who don’t grasp the centrality or necessity of affirmatively resolving the identitarian problem in America–is to meet the Europeans halfway by handing over the “American” identity to the capitalists and invaders. Let’s agree with them that “America” is a neo-colonial enemy of identity and tradition. We lack the strength to reclaim the word, we lack the demographic case for reclaiming the word, and we even lack a general understanding among ourselves of how we would define the word if we were to reclaim it. Let’s join both the mullahs and the European New Right in crying out, “Death to America!”

The League of the South is setting an example to emulate in this regard with its rejection of the American Dream in favor of the Southern Cause. While the Confederacy is the first and most obvious example of White Americans rebelling against this disastrous American Experiment, a panorama of regional secessionist, religious communalist, Pioneer Little Europe, Northwest Imperative, and other projects could prove fruitful. For me and my family, we favor an Avalonian identity rooted in Western Orthodoxy and Medieval European values and virtues. There’s really only one wrong answer to the American Question; “American.”

We won’t all agree on the best path forward, and there’s no need to agree. What we all do need to agree on, though, is that we can’t take the path backwards to the historic American identity. The “American” brand is so tarnished at this point that not even the world’s foremost branding wizard, Donald Trump himself, could restore it back to being a vehicle for our security and survival. God bless him for trying, but it’s all too little, too late. One must never allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good, but any effort which doesn’t even account for our basic rights of sovereignty and survival is unworthy of the identitarian’s investment.

I consider Generation Identitaire allies in the global struggle for tribal sovereignty and identity, but they’re necessarily arms-length allies on account of their strategic direction. They and other kosher nationalists are inclined to insult American identitarians as racial supremacists and broadly dismiss us all as “ugly Americans.” I wish they wouldn’t do that, but we prefer fighting enemies over fighting rivals. They lack our First Amendment advantage of being able to actually name the groups accountable for their plight, and it’s tactically sensible for them to target us in the manner they’ve become accustomed to.

We can expect global Anti-Americanism to only increase as America becomes more diverse and degenerate while the rest of the world loses patience with this federal government’s ham-fisted geopolitical meddling. The success of our cause, of securing some kind of sovereignty and security for our future generations of our people, hinges on whether we as a broad movement can jettison our habitual and sentimental attachment to “America” and accept that to be an “American” now means to be a neo-colonial global capitalist who militantly and even militarily opposes all identities and traditions the world over except for the Jewish one.


richard bird

“By: Matt Parrott (No responses, yet.)”

I’m not surprised. It is so badly presented, most people would have quit after wading through the first paragraph. Hitler was so popular because he appealed to the working class who, still today, make up the vast majority of the population. Writing for the intellectual class might make you sound educated, but in reality, it won’t achieve much in the long run.

But hey, it’s your gig, so carry on. I suppose it’s better than nothing.


There’s no working class or intellectual class. Only monoclass.

Eye of Magnus

Are you being ironic? The modernist idea of class warfare, and the claim that a true “working class” can exist in a market economy was an idea that was developed and propagated by communists.


First of all, working class doesn’t mean stupid, and if people in America think it does, then it’s time to climb out of this tar pit and raise the level…or we die. Second of all, articles like this one aren’t for casual readers, they’re part of the inner ideological debate that needs to happen before we take off the starting line. Do you think the illiterate chinese peasants that Mao Tse Tung organized were well-versed in dialectical materialism, democratic centralism, and chaos theory?


Tell me about it. It’s just ego stroking at it’s finest. Saying he awesome you are without explaining why.
“re’s really only one wrong answer to the American Question; “American.”” so they should give it back to the indigenous peoples and move back to Europe?
Because this link strikes me as silly conspiracy Crap.


I took the concept of abandoning America absolutely seriously. In the end, Europe is overcrowded etc with scarcely enough room for her own peoples. Ever hear of the Solutrean Theory? Anyways…for good or ill my home is here in North America. I would fight for European ancestral homelands, but that’s not necessarily realistic. Neither is the ‘give it back to the indigenous peoples’. What’s done is done, & my years spent working on & with NAIndians pretty much convinced me of that. This is our home, now. & If the worst-case-scenario fears of people like Harold Covington are correct, WE will have to be taking in white refugees from Europe, Africa et al.

Northwest Independence


There’s nothing special about Generation Identity in Europe, this movement is a media saavy civic “nationalist” Potemkin village that bases itself on the bogus ideas and false analysis of emerging self-interested “French” kike “new reactionary intellectuals” like Alain Finkelkraut and Eric Zemmour, and thoroughly neo-con fellow traveler goys like Guillaume Faye. These people project what the Jews of France (where Jews are probably the most powerful in all of Europe) are doing to the country onto Muslims in an attempt to divert popular white unrest into no-man’s land.

Even a superficial study as to who is behind the ethnic genocide of France will yield nothing but a bunch of Jews, but Generation Identity burns up all of its resources antagonize Muslims (the minority of them who even practice Islam, instead of worship weed, rap and playstation like other “good Europeans”) for “not assimilating” into the rootless cosmopolitan mongrel stew like the Jews who brought them in intended,

Generation Identity’s “success” is the product of big money that comes with cuckservative shilling for Jewry, but even then, I’d love to see a single accomplishment that makes them compelling enough to forge a foreign carbon copy equivalent. The project will unfortunately fizzle out before you can say “Islamofascism”.


The power of TradYouth is its largely correct analysis of the situation we are in. Identifying the true enemy is a basic hoop an organization must jump through in order to successfully strike at the oppressor, every weakness in the group’s ideology like asserting that Christianity must be central to a political platform and is integral to Western identity (which is an opinion, not a fact), rather than a historical side variable part of a larger general menu you can take or leave, is a political position that hasn’t been tenable in literate, industrialized countries for the last 200 years and never will be tenable again.

But with trial and error, you will realize and have to adapt to this reality, or else suffer needlessly and watch your membership numbers stay perpetually stagnant when the potential is far greater. The advantage of not being conservatives is that we have the capacity to always be learning.


The key to victory in America is to find the right mix of people in a pro-white movement. These politics are disproportionately midwestern and southern, the natural base of any white working class and pro-rural movement, but to go toe to toe with shifty, urban pushy Jews and Leftists you need a special kind of intuition and cleverness as well.

The solution to this contradiction isn’t to copy the window drapes of groups that look like they know what they’re doing from far away. Let’s see if America’s WNs can realize this soon, because the demographic timebomb is ticking .


Thanks for this, Matt. I’m sure a lot of people weren’t quite sure how to take Identity Vanguard, but your vouching for them means a lot.

As to Generation Identitaire, I’m very supportive of their efforts. However, they will be making a disastrous mistake if they write off the hundreds of millions of diaspora Europeans. This would be an error of epic proportions.

The attack on whites is global in scope. Our enemies don’t care where we are geographically, or what our particular ethnicity is, they want us broken and gone. All of us.

Anti-whites may rant and rave about colonialism, but they still demand the demographic swamping of countries in the heart of Europe that have no colonial history whatsoever. Such arguments are cheap ruses, nothing more. Our enemies aren’t anti-colonialism, or anti-anything else, really. They’re just anti-white. For example, they don’t seek to swamp Poland because they “hate Poles.” The Polish crime is that they’re white. The same is true for all other white ethnic groups.

Perhaps Franklin’s “Join, or Die” cartoon will have relevance to the coming struggle.

In any event, it is vital that whites across the globe recognize one another as kindred peoples, and further that we recognize the commonality of our struggle. The European failure to do this, most spectacularly in the two world wars, has a lot to do with the disaster we are now confronted with. Especially with a rising Asia, this is a “luxury” that we can no longer afford, and should have never entertained in the first place.

The bottom line is that Europe can no more afford to write off its diaspora Europeans than the diaspora can afford to write off Europe. It would be an insane, not to mention truly moronic, mistake for either to do so. The good news is that I don’t think this will happen. Yes, anti-Americanism will increase, probably dramatically, but the international nature of our struggle will become more and more obvious with each passing year. Indeed, it already is to those with eyes to see.


Generation Identitaire is a controlled opposition kosher nationalist group (read their faggy manifesto), and the people running aren’t keen about unvetted potential genuine racial nationalists they don’t know using their name across the Atlantic. You can hardly blame them, the Americans behind this “franchise” didn’t consult with them or ask for permission, it was an idiotic idea to begin with.

When it comes to anti-Americanism, welI, I am in Europe at the moment, and can tell you that the most aggressive anti-white messages you see on TV are in coca cola, mcdonalds, etc commercials, MTV, American TV shows pushed down everyone’s throat, etc. Jew and American are virtually synonymous in the eyes of the average European dissident, with good reason.

The main lesson we should learn from WW2 is the opposite of what many WNs think it is. What the Germans and their struggle in practice teach us is that not everyone white is our friend, not everyone non-white is our enemy, no matter how much people may ideologically try to will it otherwise. If Hitler had only realized this a year earlier, the British would’ve been obliterated at Dunkirk, the war would’ve ended, and we Aryans would not have our very existence in jeopardy today.

Don’t really see Asia rising either. As whites decline, so will yellows, since they depend on our ideas and innovation to grow. When the liberal capitalist west collapses, the ones who will fill the vacuum will probably be some Russian and Iranian alliance, which in all honesty will be vastly superior to the current USA/EU/Israeli controlled world, even if it’s technically less white it will in the long term be better for our race.


Obviously, I do not know whether Generation Identitaire is controlled opposition or not. I certainly hope they aren’t, and I like what I’ve seen of them. For the time being, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, and promote them where I can. However, there is no legitimate reason for Generation Identitaire to take a hostile, or even indifferent, stance toward the European diaspora.

While I agree with the general tone of Matt’s piece, perhaps he’s a bit too forgiving on certain issues. Yes, we were mistaken about the Russian people during the Cold War, but then again we didn’t have the internet at the time. The jewish media had the country on lockdown. In contrast, Generation Identitaire must know, and know quite well, that there are numerous Europeans in the diaspora that care deeply about identity and oppose the globalist monstrosity. Why write them off? Why pretend they don’t exist? They DO exist.

If G.I. cannot achieve a meaningful and relevant way forward on the diaspora issue, it will certainly call motive, not to mention common sense, into question. However, I’m still hopeful that this issue can be resolved within the next few years, perhaps even sooner. As I mentioned earlier, the global nature of our struggle is becoming harder and harder to deny. History will pass by those who cannot accurately assess reality. We are kindred peoples, and failing to take that into account is beyond absurd.


Both Guillaume Luyt and Fabrice Robert, the people who run GI and Bloc Identitaire, are civic nationalists and well-documented Zionist entryists.

BI/GI has a parliamentary apparatus, yet hasn’t been elected to any seat. I ask again, what is so successful about them? If kosher conservatism is viable in the eyes of some, why not just support Front National?


GI and Bloc Identitaire has connections to Riposte Laïque (Secular Response when translated):

“Rather than connecting directly with the Front National, the Bloc has recently found an ally in the secular Riposte Laïque, another website I consult frequently.”

“Secular response is a website created in September 2007 which presents itself as belonging to the secular movement p 1. At the root of several controversies (rapprochement with the extreme right 1, participation in joint actions with the Bloc identity 2) the site spends most of its articles to Islamophobia openly declared p 2, p 3.”

A translation of Riposte Laïque Wikipedia (unfortunately they only have a french Wiki) tells us that:

“Riposte secular states not being bound to a particular political current: some founding members, such as Pierre Cassen (who regularly promoting secular Riposte theses in meetings organized by the B’nai B’rith and other circles) are drawn from movements Trotskyists 5 and declare “to the left”, while others are leaders of “right”, former militants ofthe Republic Standing. The site will also give the floor to Editors claiming the National Front 6, 7.”

So, there you have it folks, B’nai fucking B’rith.


Hitler spared the lives of 10’s of thousands of encircled and helpless British soldiers in Norway early in the war. Pulling the trigger and killing them all would’ve knocked the British out of the war, but he chose to extend an olive branch in the hopes of preventing another slaughter like WW1.

The British escaped, refused to make peace, and thanked the Germans by purposely bombing hundreds of thousands of women and children. Moral of the story: some people simply don’t deserve any honor or good will.

ps mike

Thanks for the response. I did not know that Hitler allowed for their escape.


“White Americans Yes, America No.” That formulation by Greg Johnson helped me to fully embrace the principle of “Death to America” as the only sensible position to take for any white man or woman in the world that is not hateful or suicidal. A while back I was having trouble fully freeing myself of mainstreaming influences in my thinking. The wholesale rejection of America struck me as too extreme. The problem was that I understood the “Death to America” idea, or rather misunderstood it, as a repudiation of white Americans rather than as a repudiation of Americanism itself as an identity, construct and in some ways worldview and religion.


Lew, I think you might help a lot of white Americans if you write a blog or book or something explaining your journey, how you made that vital connection. Your comment here would certainly grace a flyer/web ‘meme’.

Eye of Magnus

I’m becoming convinced that anyone who isn’t referring to the Southern states when they say they love “America” is part of the problem.


I think you have to distinguish between the state: its foundation and social order and the demographics. This is especially important in America.
The foundation of America is Masonic. A quick tour of the capitol will tell you that America was founded as a Masonic social order. It was founded upon the Revolutionary principles of Masony, principles that are actually condemned by the social teaching of the Church such as “The Syllabus of Errors” (Pope Pius IX) and Rearum Novarum (Pope Leo XIII). As Masonry is ‘counter Church’ its Revolutionary principles are universal in an anti-Catholic sense.
The American foundation means that religious belief and the freedom of religious belief should remain in theory, a least, a private affair. A Masonic foundation can include many different demographics, private religious opinions and church/es, clubs and socs, tribal traditions and customs. But as Masonry is in fact vertically integrated to the Synagogue and the global Judaic Power structure (and its imperium), Masonry actually conceals a two tier social structure: one for the proles and one for an elite, global ethno state that is the apex of all Masonic structures. This means that at the top – in terms of law, government, judiciary and legislature there will be no separation between Synagogue and state.
The American founding was achieved by White English Masons but the phrase “our posteriity” is not necessarily those who are of the same racial stock. The “our posterity” of the Founders is the posterity of Masonry, the melting pot – which in its Royal Arch Degrees takes a special oath to serve the Jewish people as the global, elite ethno state.
Pre-Revolutionary Europe on the other hand is a continent of ethno states, city states and principalities which were founded upon the Church as the basis of the tempora and spirittual order. The demographics were never exclusively that of the dominant demographic which gave its name to the ethno state. The Kingdom of France, for example, founded upon the Church had a predominantly baptised population (except Jews, Gypsies etc)but it was comprised of Breton, Franks, Belgae and Flemmish – all with their own languages , folk traditions and customs (including customary laws), such as that preserved by the Breton Parliament, a democratic institution guaranteed by the French monarchy. The Kingdom was part of the HRE from which it derived political stability.
According to Fr Denis Fahey, only the doctrine of the social kingship of Christ can restore any ethno-state on the basis of the Chruch as the foundation of the spiritual and temporal order.

Fr. John+

Anne- It is useless to point out the prior missives of dead popes, pretending (even in your heart of hearts) that what IS the Papacy today, gives a “rat’s *ss” about traditional Catholic theories of ‘what American really is.’ Try reading Ann Barnhardt if you REALLY want to know how bad the rot is….

But, just as Mr. Parrott has tried to say, ‘America is a rotting corpse, it’s too late’ and then sort of back-handedly gives kudos to “The Donald” for wanting to ‘make America great again,’ I think the vast majority of the American ‘Sheeople’ don’t GET what is the underlying message he’s saying.

Oh, the Antichrist Left does…and that is why they are even using little whores like that Jeb Bush groupie to ‘trip up’ the Donald, and not succeeding at all- because the hard-core WN types (like Daily Stormer) are calling the spades, spades, in no uncertain terms.

But when Trump mentions in a ‘town meeting’ that the 1950’s was the last time America was truly great, the UNDERLYING meme is- WHITE, WASP, non-Whites either submissive/knowing their place, or NOT EVEN HERE. This is the take-away I get from the ‘They all have to go’ rhetoric, and I am wiling to place all my hopes on that one sign. For it’s all we have, at present.

Of course, the uttery hypocrisy of the Christ-killers/Deicides is that, in seeking to defame White Self-Interest, all we need to do is point out that WE ARE DOING EXACTLY WHAT THE JEWS HISTORICALLY HAVE DONE, for THEMSELVES, and are doing today, in their ‘HISTORIC HOMELAND.’

We must- MUST de-legitimize the Jews’ disinformatia- at EVERY TURN. Including the belief that Rome is not already, and has been since Vatican Ewww, totally judaized.


The doctrines of the reign of Christ’s social Kingship are not dead — they are coming. America must be refounded upon those doctrines.
This is Ann Barnhardt’s position.

Fr. John+

Oh, I agree. But Rome is not the channel through which this is to come. It will only come via Holy Orthodoxy, and the resurgence of Holy Mother Russia. Rome is the Whore of Babylon, has been for over ten centuries.


The name identitaire/identitarian isn’t very good. The Jewish theory is that our White identity is transferable to non-Whites. Of course our identity must be protected, but before that, it must be said unambiguously that we need to protect ourselves. We need to preserve our physical, biological, racial existence.

Instead of Identity Vanguard, they should call themselves Race Vanguard, White Vanguard, Survival Vanguard, Existential Vanguard, Not-interchangeable Vanguard, Never-cucked Vanguard, Jew-impervious Vanguard… The word “identitarian” is too long and too intellectual.

“one can hardly blame the typical European for failing to realize what Americans failed to realize about Russia a generation before.”

European nationalist intellectuals should be blamed if they lie to the people they are supposed to lead and if they resort to silly anti-American rhetoric. They should know better. They have the internet. They know the Jewish problem is similar in France and in the USA. They should try to educate the public out of respect for them and for the truth. If people are not told the problem is Jewish, we’ll get nowhere.


Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if GI can conclusively be shown to be controlled opposition run by Jews, their proxies or others with malicious intent. What matters is that GI uses an approach that exactly matches approaches that controlled opposition have previously been known to use to neutralize opposition, blunt momentum, and herd good people looking for answers into dead-ends.

GI and its advocates in America might be sincerely pushing a flawed approach. A flawed approach sincerely pushed is still a flawed approach.

Yes, goyim, it’s Islam and Americans! If I mean it sincerely, does that make spreading this idea any better?

Greg Johnson

Generation Identity is a brilliant concept. France is for the French. Europe is for Europeans. Outsiders have to go. It is a simple message that is hard to criticize. They are ideological guerrillas, and guerrillas don’t carry a lot of baggage. This nitpicking and paranoia about “controlled opposition” is pretty much useless, and the GI people are right to just ignore it.


GI is the offspring of the French Jew (“New”) Right, or rather, the New New Right composed of Israel-first Jews pretending to be French like Eric Zemmour and Finkelkraut, along with the neo-con dipshits like Faye that people like you inexplicably retard emerging nationalist discourse with. They aren’t “ideological guerillas”, they’re a specifically anti-islam group with liberal orientations who keep their ideology vague on purpose. Similar to cruder iterations like the EDL.

We both have contacts on the ground in France, and so I assume you are aware that GI/BI is a small organization that has far more resources than people, which is a rare achievement for a “nationalist” group. Why is that Greg? Why do they get so much positive press in Jewish “right wing” conservative circles, including ones who attack white activists like the Jewish Defense League? What do you think of their connections with the B’nai B’rith, is that “nitpicking”?

Don’t expect you to answer, you can’t delete comments on here like you do when people have a different opinion on counter currents.

Greg Johnson

I generally ignore Eric, because he has proven himself to be a dishonest, stupid, and extremely vulgar troll. So unless he can prove the things he says with links to reputable sources, I would dismiss him. He is generally harmless, because he appeals only to the very stupid, and who needs them, right?


Says the homo who picks up Eastern European twinks posing as “nationalists”, where nationalism is obeying the dictates of the EU to accept immigrants and welcoming NATO, the military wing of liberalism. You obviously can’t handle debate with Eric, so GTFO of here and go back to the safety of your shitty site where you can censor the comments and spare yourself further embarrassment since you can’t argue worth shit.


Controlled opposition check list:

1) Incessantly bashes Hitler and the Nazis, even without solicitation from Jews. Check.

2) Obsesses about Islam as some uniquely evil world conspiracy, rather than the empirical reality of non-white immigration (Muslim and not) enabled and instituted by Jews, while censoring anyone who believes the latter. Check.

3) Has no problems with authorities, unlike real dissidents (Alain Soral, Dieudonne, Vincent Reynaurd, Jean Marie Le Pen), in the vicious Jewish dictatorship ruling France . Check.

4) Allows Jews to join and attain significant positions within the organization. Check.

5) Supported by Jewish terrorist groups like the JDL whose sole purpose of existence is to attack genuine white activists. Check.

6) Posits the dangerous and absurd notion that Jews can be French and are part of the Western tradition (rather than its living anti-thesis). Check.

Is this nitpicking? GI not only refuses to confront Jews, it actively sabotages and dismisses those who oppose Zionism or the raw, brutal power Jews wield in France. If that’s how you’re going to go about things, and your intentions are honest, you’re better off doing nothing.


This is just not correct. A statement like “the CIA runs GI as a psyop” would be paranoid. This isn’t paranoia. It’s a legitimate issue. It doesn’t seem like GIs defenders ever have any kind of credible reply to points like the ones Eric makes here.

Greg Johnson

I generally ignore Eric, because he has proven himself to be a dishonest, stupid, and extremely vulgar troll. So unless he can prove the things he says with links to reputable sources, I would dismiss him.


That’s all you have to offer, insults? I was trying to have a relatively civil conversation with you about a pertinent ideological issue, extrapolated where I’m coming from (don’t pretend you need links, you know full well every point I made about GI is legitimate, just read their manifesto) and you’re acting like a spoiled little princess simply because you presumably have no leg to stand on.

Come back down to earth Doctor Greg. Douche the boy jam out of your asshole and have a seat at the man’s table, your glittery presentation isn’t enough to pass muster in a market place of ideas. I wipe my balls with your alleged Ph.D, scoff at your connections with fossilized French intellectuals nobody cares about, and am not going to hail your Batman reviews as the pinnacle of intellectual achievement. If you don’t like political disagreement, then stay within the safe confines of your bath house, when you venture too far away you may suffer challenges to your views, and in your mind, blows to your fragile self-esteem. At the end of the day, you’re nothing more than the “New Right” Bob Avakian, whose “revolutionary new synthesis” of understating Jews, scrapping our real, successful legacy (movements of the 30’s and 40’s) and making peace with liberal principles is nothing ground breaking or new.

Whether you “ignore” me or not (despite the fact that you solicited me first) is irrelevant in the grander scheme of things. The white movement is a people’s movement, and you’ll eventually realize that the “little people” you disparage and refer to as “vulgar trolls” will win the long-game before arrogant above-the-fray latte sippers like you even realize what’s going on.


Nobody is saying there isn’t intellectual work to be done, but why can’t it be reconciled with populism? The problem is when people like you disparage every day folks before even giving them a chance. This comes out of a misplaced belief that you can infiltrate the intelligensia or “move the overton window” in the mainstream, and that the only thing holding you back is the “rabble”.

I know you cringe at projects like the Daily Stormer and thumb your nose at game-changing old right socialist projects like Golden Dawn, but both are pinnacles of success in the context of the Western struggle compared to counter-currents and most of the alt-right/new right mile high conference club. No doubt the message needs some refinement in America, but the velvet exterior needs to be covering a rusty nail bom.

No matter how many Ph.Ds you get, no matter how many times you consult your thesaurus, no matter how many books you write, at the end of the day, a lice ridden ghetto Jew like Schmuley Boteach will always have far more clout in the upper echelons than you. That’s because ideas only have as much power as the might behind them, whether they’re true or not is largely irrelevant in the political sphere.

Once you realize this dynamic, then you will realize why our only way out is in the mass mobilization and agitation of white people to crush the political Jew. If this was merely a gentlemanly war of ideas and status, we would’ve won a long time ago. Making common cause with Jews and elites on Islam , Russia, or the Holocaust that never happened won’t get you the golden ticket, just sets us back.


I hope you’re right about GI and don’t end up regretting endorsing those people in such an unqualified way. What I say doesn’t matter; what you say matters a lot.

I know you can understand French, so maybe there are nuances in their French materials that just don’t come across in English. Their English materials do not properly diagnose the situation and for the sake of brevity I’ll go ahead and call it a kosher approach.

There is a problem in discourse at this time with what looks to me like people lying by omission on select topics. The truth is I don’t always know where the line is between persistently bringing up a legitimate point and just being a dick. But I’m going to continue to point it out, probably often, because, sadly, people do it often for some perceived gain that experience shows never materializes.


It’s rather us who ignore GI just like we ignore you and your neocon Judaeo-phile bullshit. You do not even register as controlled opposition anymore and turned into outright enemy since you have sided with the ones we fight against. Get lost.


I am an almost completely Europeanised ‘American’–I consider practically the only thing about me American would be my passport–& I understand where the GI people are coming from. The issue Matt raised, I had to work out within myself. Re: Europeans, It’s going to take time. I understand there’s substance to what Eric Striker says. Thank you for being so forgiving & understanding re: GI, Matt. It’s called a White Psychopathology for a reason. Perhaps it was Fate/God why I ended up having to spend my life living in America, precisely to cure me of my European brethren’s weaknesses. The crucible they are now entering will likely do it, if anything can. I was very saddened by the split, but at least something is finally starting to happen. Re: IV, I think we should be patient & wait & see if it bears some fruit.

Re: EricStriker’s withering criticisms, I would just say: we WNs have to learn to get along & work together. Unless something is genuinely absolutely, non-negotiably, unacceptably etc at variance with it, our guiding principle is 14 Words. Some good, to-the-point comments by Trainspotter.


You may want to make common cause with GI, but they certainly will not work with any group Jews disapprove of.

J.j. Cintia

Why does anyone care about America? Its just the name of land and resources. You need it but it could be called anything else and still fulfill your need. What is important is the US Constitution and the Beliefs like Christianity that formed its moral structure. It should only be home to the White Race that founded it, and believes those values. Why should anyone have to compromise their principles and values for aliens? They have their own homeland. They just want what we and our ancestors built, but looking at where they came from, they wouldn’t keep it long. At least not in working order. The Land will be nothing but ancient ruins without the White Man and they should really be made to understand that!

Matt Parrott

We’re talking about 21st century White American people here.

The last thing you want to do is make a direct and simple appeal to common sense and tribal group interests.

Matt Parrott

France is for the French, and disentangling the gordian knot of French identitarian projects is also for the French. That being said, my sympathies are firmly with Jean-Marie Le Pen. His faction is the only one I know of in France which enjoys my unqualified admiration and support.


There’s a number of youth oriented projects in France that have just as much support as GI, like what’s left of the historical institution GUD (which of course, is technically banned in France after some ANTIFA scum died) and a myriad of others. If you want unorthodox 3rd positionist groups, look up what Alain Soral is doing. The idea of white groups teaming up with certain kinds of Muslims against Jews is far more reconcilable with traditionalism/NS/whatever than trying to get blood from a stone (collaborating with Jews in hopes that it will protect you from repression, or because someone is paying you to).

Mohammad Fuxpigs

America died with the electing of Baraq Hussein al-Obama. Now we just need another Civil War to purge the Communist Jews from at least a portion of the Country so we can have a safe haven for whites, I’m thinking Cascadia would be the most successful place to do so. White Cascadia will be paradise children.

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