Homesourcing is Racist, Sexist, and Ableist

The technology industry is all about revolutions, both real and imagined. The vast majority of revolutions in tech are corporate bullshit, a steady churn of new buzzwords, products, and paradigms pushed by marketing departments to goad consumers into spending more money. The genuine revolutions and paradigm shifts in technology rarely actually require purchasing new stuff, but one wouldn’t know that from following tech journalism.

There’s one revolution in technology which you’re not hearing much about, because it’s happening in secret, below the radar, and outside the purview of the technologically illiterate Affirmative Action “tech journalism” hacks. The technology industry in the first world is fundamentally transforming, moving away from the conventional corporate model toward a massively decentralized model where the innovation no longer happens at the Silicon Valley headquarters.

Homesourcing is shifting the locus of productivity and innovation from the cubicle to the cul de sac.

For decades, the assumption has been that corporations will outsource all their work to the supposedly limitless supply of brilliant, motivated, and dirt poor engineers in the Far East and Global South. There’s definitely been some globalization, but the vast majority of technology work happens where a racist and sexist bigot would expect it to take place; among males in America, Europe, Eastern Europe, East Asia, and some fair and privileged elites in Latin America, India, and the Middle East.

Aggressively outsourcing has done little to diversify tech, and in many ways it’s only underscored the permanent global disparities in human capital. It has leveled the playing field for White Brazilians, impoverished Eastern Europeans, and country trash right here in America who were previously locked out of the social networks and elite institutions which had previously dominated the industry. Meritocracy is racist, and the more that opportunities for bias and prejudice are removed from the equation, the more racist, sexist, and ableist the tech field becomes.

A recent Slashdot article kvetches about the need to get more women into open source. This is odd on a couple levels. For one, the open source community is categorically defined by its failure to reward its members for their work. Why would the diversicrats even want minorities and women to be even more exploited than they already supposedly are? And, given that open source is typically performed behind gender-neutral and race-neutral pseudonyms, how would one even police diversity in the open source community?

The diversicrats have started carefully monitoring the diversity metrics at the major technology corporations, and they won’t be satisfied until the industry demographics match global demographics. Even then, they won’t actually rest, of course, as they abandon the pretense of equality as soon as that goal is reached and move on to dominate whatever turf they’re competing for. But this isn’t professional basketball or the music industry, and neither racial nor gender disparity will ever be achieved in technology, because human biodiversity can’t be legislated, regulated, wished, nor prayed away.

The response of the tech industry has been to outsource more aggressively, but this isn’t your nineties outsourcing. Homesourcing is what’s happening, with the serious work being shifted out to basements and workshops in small towns across America. The Silicon Valley firms will achieve the diversicrats’ goals with ruthless efficiency, impressing their neo-Soviet minders with Potemkin villages of racial and gender diversity at their corporate headquarters.

Corporate headquarters will atrophy and shrink down to a shadow of their former glory as insensitive and politically incorrect White brogrammers get shit done out of the public light and off the quota-mongers’ record. They’ll become sales and marketing shops for the products the engineers develop and design off-site. Steely-eyed middle-aged Hispanic lesbians and high-stepping Caribbean immigrant Blacks will strut around in the offices, taking credit for and being the public face of work done by hillbillies and yokels out in flyover country.

Eventually, perhaps at the prompting of this post, diversicrats will get wise to this shell game and start demanding accountability metrics for the corporations’ vendors. The free market will reward the corporations sharp enough to win this shell game by anonymizing their vendors and the vendors sharp enough to obfuscate or fudge their diversity metrics. It’s impossible to achieve the Orwellian control over the homesource economy that we’ve been subjected to in the conventional corporate economy.


In the homesource economy, nobody knows you’re not a dog, or a transgendered Islamic gypsy. Deliver the code on time, lie about having mutilated your genitals, pretend to be a sexual degenerate, and live a secret closeted double life as a cisgendered heterosexual White family man.

The endgame is a perfect inversion of what everybody assumed would happen in the nineties. Technology corporations will flee overseas, then outsource their jobs to the first world. Homesourcing is the technological equivalent of White Flight, and the diversity-mongers will achieve the same Pyrrhic victory in the corporations that they achieved in America’s great cities. A bombed-out hellscape will remain, with the productive taxpayers chased out of reach. The foreign countries which aren’t subject to diversity hysteria will become the corporate base of operations, robbing America of one of the last growth industries remaining on its soil.

youve-got-meritSilicon Valley was founded by an overtly racist White guy whose sole concern was innovation, William Shockley, and it will be destroyed by hordes of anti-racist minorities and feminists whose sole concern is equality. The future is bright for the White male programmer, because technology is making it more and more difficult for the anti-White kleptocrats to enforce their egalitarian agenda. Young White men have a wealth of opportunities in the technology field, because they’ve got merit. The future is in the home office, where they can make all the racist, sexist, homophobic, and ableist jokes they care to enjoy, work with whomever they wish to work with, and interact with only the women who act like women and permit their husbands to act like men.



I suggest you research the Transhumanist Movement, particularly the predictions of Ray Kurzweil (who seems to have a track record of ~90% of accuracy).
Among other things he predicts that by around 2029 we will have human-level AI in all aspects including humor and emotion; after 2030 we will start to extend our brains by connecting them to the cloud, giving us superior intelligence and capabilities; by 2045 humanity will start to become fully non-biological and it will be possible to upload human minds to computers. Eventually humanity will disappear by transcending it’s own nature and becoming something much superior to itself.
Transhumanist political parties are appearing around the world, they exist already in several countries like Russia and recently USA, and these ideas and philosophy is expanding fast.
I might add that Kurzweil is a jew, i’m not sure you want to pick that up, or if it has any significance to the issue at hand. He is at least one of the most intelligent persons in America; he is a millionaire several times over because of his inventions, like the first flatbed scanner, reading machine for the blind, and many other things. He holds many honorary doctorate degrees and his books have been best sellers, he has also received awards from several US presidents…
Anyway, i am an identitarian, but after researching so many years about Transhumanism and technological progress, i’m afraid it’s quite likely that he is right, and maybe the things we hold dear, like our race, culture, even our own humanity, will become obsolete things…
On the other hand the idea of becoming god-like is cheering (though i believe it could also be achieved by individuals already through existing systems of spiritual evolution).
I’d like to hear you guys about this issue.
Here’s a documentary i’ve found about Transhumanism and Kurzweil:

Matt Parrott

I never discount an idea out-of-hand because of the race of its originator. I’m very familiar with transhumanism and went through a bit of a phase in my early twenties where I was a transhumanist. Ultimately, I abide by an arational/alogical essentialism where I would wish transhumanity farewell as they upload themselves and accept the limitations and potential doom which may well await those who remain behind in pre-bionic carbon-based meatspace.

Designer genetics are coming soon, and they could well entail affordable and pervasive inclusion of genetic advantages regardless of the parents’ racial and genetic make-up. I can’t see around every corner, but I do believe that a strategy of loyalty to my faith, family, and folk is meta-adaptive. I don’t think transhumanism is going to work out well.

There’s an emergent degree of intelligence and adaptivity embedded in our ancient traditions and our organic genetic configurations which dwarf what human reason can concoct. The parsimonious conclusion is that the next stage of reason-oriented “progress” will continue to underperform tradition-oriented strategies.

The meritocratic technocratic elites pursuing reason-oriented strategies are barren and failing at everything but short-term material resource acquisition while Catholic Hispanics, Islamic traditionalists, Orthodox Christian communities, and Orthodox Jewish communes are winning by the perennial metrics.

Paradoxically, those most hostile to the secular evolutionary worldview are the most successful by secular evolutionary metrics. I don’t know what the optimal balance of abiding reason and abiding tradition is, but I believe the future belongs to the tribes which arrive at the correct answer…and the correct answer is not the complete abandonment of the subrational in favor of a transhumanist ideal.

Furthermore, progress isn’t linear or singular. The assumption that humanity will upload itself into computers isn’t incompatible with humanity carrying on in meatspace. Perhaps the Earth’s mantle will become a vast matrix of conscious computing technology containing trillions of virtualized lives while the crust carries on more-or-less as it has before. Ground-dwelling animals still carried on after flying animals evolved, and I would argue (with bias, and perhaps conflicting interests as parrotkin) that we ground-dwellers managed to carry on alright for ourselves without the paradigm-shattering capacity for flight.

This stuff all sounds pretty goofy to people who haven’t taken an interest in transhumanism. I take transhumanism and that sort of speculation very seriously. Perhaps we’ll all get caught up in a Singularity, SkyNet will deploy robots to kill us off, self-replicating grey goo will consume all life on Earth, physicists will accidentally open a Black Hole that we’ll all be sucked into, …or whatever.

I have neither the knowledge nor the intelligence to see around every corner, and I doubt anybody else does, either. Even Kurzweil. It’s all highly speculative at this point. Whether it remains speculative or actually becomes a phenomenon, for me and mine, we’ll opt out of genetic engineering, refrain from uploading ourselves, and ride the organic tribal Christian human train all the way to the station.


Thank you very much for this posting, Matt. It meant a lot to me. (Perhaps that gives you some idea how my mind works.) It’s very good to know we’re on the same page here.

I don’t disagree with you per se. I don’t want to leave a great long post about transhumanism (which became my thing when I was 11 or so) except to say this 1 very relevant point: Ezra Pound was right, there is a Kurzweil every generation or so. Pound is wrong in that this time, it looks like it could/can/will really happen.

I’m not arguing with your being positive towards technology. What I’m trying to point out–& yes, I am haunted by the comment by the person above, ‘What if race etc just becomes obsolete…’ The history of whites is giving their technology & science to jews & non-whites. The not very bright people on Daily Stormer who believe all whites are 80-IQ losers obviously haven’t had the Chinese, Indian etc PhD professors, & don’t read papers on graphene-neuron matrix bonding that do not have 1 single white name on them. (In the DUNE novels by Frank Herbert, he drops a clue that the Bene Tleilax, the genetic engineer race, are Asian descendants.)

The question of when humans, & in particular germ-line engineering of embryos, will engage in such genetic manipulations, alterations etc is now here. We have the IVF tear-jerker crowd for the “infertile” to thank, which I saw a long time ago (no-one listened to me at the time). British researchers are now petitioning Parliament to change the law so they can experiment on embryos older than 12 days. The scientist in the interview (BBCR4) said they are ready to hit the deck running.
The question is only when, not if, the rich elites in China, India, Jewdom, (even African billionaire dictators) will begin clamoring for “genetic therapy”. As always happens with any of these things throughout the last 10-100,000 years, if the king & his family have it, the rest of the nobles have to have it, etc. Inventions spread throughout the richest strata, then the next one below that, & at some point whether it’s indoor plumbing, white bread or laptops, the inventions trickle down to ordinary people.

Genetic engineering in this respect is not like any other invention. As Stephen Baxter has a character point out in his SF novel Evolution, the rich people with their genetic engineered children have now created a genetic gradient against all the rest of humanity, so that only their class of gen-engers can breed with fellow gen-engers. There is no technological development in human history that compares to this.

Whites could lose all their advantages viz other races in 1-4 generations. Poor whites etc would be frozen out forever.

These aren’t even full-on transhumanist issues per se. I’m just saying that, based on everything we know about how things have worked in the past, the next 100 years are going to be an upheaval unprecedented in human history. Irrational, groundless grandstanding aside, there is no good reason to believe this is all going to work out in whites’ favour. What is most likely to happen is that the white criminal class of elites that has for centuries advanced its interests at the expense of its race by throwing fellow whites under the bus, will take this opportunity to make themselves invulnerable. (In my version, in ‘The Matrix’ world, the majority of people/whites have been forced [a sort of indentured servitude deal] to become coppertops, while Metropolis-, Gunnm-style the rich elites are allowed to retain their bodies & lives in meatspace, in incredible luxury. Various Japanime dystopias have explored the topic, eg Appleseed.) It may look like Baxter’s story or something very different. I have my ideas where the transhumanism aspect fits in but that’s another post.

We are in a race against time. And ‘We are racing towards an apocalypse of our own making.’

[Where Orthodoxy fits into all this…I’m currently taking my lead from you guys…]

Matt Parrott

Where Orthodoxy fits in is in with spiritual warfare, which if waged aggressively enough can and will overpower even the most advanced transhumanist/techno-futurist opposition.

The success of Al Qaeda and the Taliban are some preliminary and microcosmic examples of how men who’ve authentically overcome the fear of death, self-interest, and their vices in the service of a transcendent vision can overcome wealthier and more technologically-empowered forces.

When it’s Traditional Christianity instead of tribal Islam and it’s White Westerners instead of illiterate pastoralists, not even Kurzweil’s wildest fantasies of technological wizardry can defeat us.

Unseen Warfare is a great start.


Yes, I know it’s something like that. I’m just not sure exactly what that programme looks like or how precisely to execute it. Thank you.

Ezra Pound

The charlatans of technology have been heralding the end of humanity for millennia. Every generation has a Kurtzweil or 2. In more sensible, enlightened times, men like Kurtzweil with overtly misanthropic ambitions were tied to posts and set on fire….after being given ample opportunity to recant, of course.

Ed Edgerton

The human mind cannot be replaced by computers as we know them. By “computer” I mean a machine that can run any typical programming language, with limitless memory and any arbitrarily fast processing speed. In other words, the strong AI hypothesis is wrong.

This is just a belief. The burden of proof is on those who believe the strong AI hypothesis. If they want to prove it, all they have to do is construct such a machine. Those who don’t believe it can’t prove the reverse, since we don’t even have an objective definition of the human mind.

That said, it seems inevitable that the boundary between mind and machine will get more and more blurry. Intelligence (or consciousness) seems to be an innate potential of the universe. We know this potential can be tapped biologically. Moreover, there is no reason to think that it won’t be possible to artificially synthesize some sort of “thing” that can think the way we do. I don’t think it will be a computer, however, or anything that could be simulated by a computer, no matter how much memory or processing speed. Consciousness does not come from logic, ultimately. With logic you only get approximations of consciousness.


Andrew Aurenheimer recently made the point that whites appear to have a natural advantage on the coding battlefield given whites’ large contribution to the technical landscape. He argues as many whites as possible ought to learn how to do it. I agree with this. In my community, it seems like the demand for skilled coders isn’t going away.

On another point, I’m glad now my main LLC has a race/gender neutral name. I get technical clients once on a while. Maybe my next step is to “retire” and make my wife president and ceo. Bam. Another “woman-owned” firm just like that.

My question though is how in the world would a corp go about anonymizing a vendor? I’ve seen some shit with big corps being browbeaten into using minority-owned vendors and such things. Won’t don’t they just demand diversity stats on vendors?

I agree with you a good play in this climate or white vendors is obfuscate ownership and workforce.

Matt Parrott

With globalization of labor, it’s devilishly difficult to identify who’s on the other end. If a corporation purchases a coding solution with bitcoins, it has no way of tracking who coded it. And it would be quite easy for women and minorities to betray their identities for a cut of the profit as strawmen.

The janitor codes the app while the general manager empties the waste bins. You’re not the first one to ponder putting your wife at the titular helm of your enterprise, and that’s just one way to skin the cat.


Technology always had an egalitarian dimension in that it allowed the lives of rich and poor to overlap. The railway would deliver king and laborer to the destination at the same time, notwithstanding carrying them in different “classes”.

Fr. John+

Mr. P. do you think you could “decode” the gist of this article, for a sixth-decade gerontes? What exactly are you TALKING about? I know it has to do with computers (I think) but beyond that, what is a ‘coder’, and why do they matter? Would it be a good field for a young white teen with math and science skills somewhat above the norm? Is the field mobile? Does one need an office? Please elucidate. TYVM

Matt Parrott

1. Technology companies are under tremendous pressure to be more diverse (read: less White).

2. Technology jobs are easy to do remotely, at home.

3. Gradually, the industry is moving away from traditional office jobs to “homesourcing” (contractors working from their homes).

4. The corporate offices themselves will become diversity gardens that don’t actually do any work. All the work will be done by homesourced programmers and engineers.

5. Coder is another word for computer programmer.

I certainly recommend computer programming for a young white guy looking for a stable career in the future economy. Basically, any career which can be done either at home or in a shop is generally a smart play. The way the diversity economy is going, simply smiling and clapping along with diversity rhetoric won’t cut it. If you’ve got white skin, you’re going to be in the back of every line for a raise or a promotion.


This is a very interesting article. I am a software engineer that works in a corporate setting. We are subjected to a constant stream of diversity propaganda. Corporate affairs along with the department of Diversity and Inclusion continually remind us to celebrate black pride, Asian pride, LBGT pride, Nelson Mandela, MLK, etc. They even hand out trinkets to decorate our office spaces with to show our support and buttons to place on our clothing.

Diversity is one of the company’s core beliefs and it is obvious that being a woman or a non-white makes one more eligible for promotion to management. There are employee resource groups and programs aimed at advancing the careers of diversity workers. Even my veteran’s group is on board and has convinced upper management to pay thousands of dollars to have Fly Girl (, a black, lesbian, anti-white to come speak to us on Veteran’s Day.

There are no black engineers. However, the diversity office and the HR department are reserved for them. The programmers are white males and Asian immigrants of both genders. It is obvious that the best programmers in our office are the white men. The Asians don’t understand software engineering principles or how to think on an abstract level. However, they are prized for contributing to the multicultural environment and it is required that we accommodate their difficulties in understanding our language. It all makes me sick.

Matt Parrott

It’s all horribly irritating. But from a raw economic perspective, it’s just so painfully inefficient. My office environment wasn’t nearly that bad, though it was several years ago so it may be that bad now.

My experience with Asian engineers has generally been favorable, though the creative problem solving deficit and limited abstract reasoning ability is evident. If the myth of the ultra-efficient and affordable Asian/Indian engineer were true, none of us would still have jobs at this point.

I gladly accepted a cut in pay and stability in exchange for the freedom and sanity of homesourcing, and I’ve never looked back.

Mary Nelson

Rodney is writing a new article about the threesome with Andre Anglin with pictures.


It’s not universally true, but a lot of Asians lie about their technical qualifications, especially the Indians in my experience. This has to be a another factor explaining why many of them are weak developers.

It’s not just programming either where they lie. Long story short, according to one of my clients with 35 years in the energy and chemical refining sector, Indians are becoming notorious for faking degrees in mechanical, industrial and chemical engineering, metallurgy and other very technical fields. The scary part is they fake qualifications for roles that play key jobs in keeping oil platforms running in the Gulf of Mexico and refineries operating in Louisiana and on the Texas coast.

It’s not unusual, I’m told, to find Asians with fake qualifications doing important technical jobs in collaboration with incompetent black and other non-white male-owned businesses working off of diversity-mandated sub-contracts. It’s going to catch up with someone sooner or later with another deep water horizon or maybe a refinery that explodes.

Todd Miller

Dumb Question: Just how many programmer jobs can there be? Isn’t this a great opportunity for only some White men? Or are there more programming jobs then I am aware of (middle aged guy here).

Hana Sheala

I never saw any pressure for diversity code. As it enables white males to be fat slobs (no offence ment). it also enables me to move beyond hello world, pick a language a learn it. And I can be almost total vegetable, controiling the IDE with two voluntary muscless. (I live with muscle dystrophy)

As a person with self esteem issues, I despised coding for not needing to confront ableism. It was not the brightest choice, as coding could get me more comfortable life that a serial university drop out with HR experience but I have some trick in my sleeve 🙂

I am a DJ. Being a DJ and a music producer makes me feel happier that coding, so I am pursuing that career path. Even it means for me to confront club managers for unacessible clubs, point out to my music teacher, that I am tired, and generally advocate for myself.

But my point, there is aleady diversity in code, and women were first programmers. It is pretty easy to hide that someone is trans person of color, like it enables me to hide my disability, if I wanted that. (I am talking about home offices) I am sure there will be a great tech boom in marginalized population soon, maybe not with current technology, but maybe robotics, augmented reality, from my experience I know marginalized people might be more comfortable in risk taking and adopting new technology. (I am) So I expect more black and nerdy peeps coming soon, diversifying or not.

I dont know. I feel I am talking with a person who is lazy to make actual arguments and is incoherent. Maybe you have a hard point in life, which I could understand, as I have one now too, I wish you well to get better.

Pretty please change the background. It looks like my HTML experiments in 2004-5 🙂

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