Here’s Your Ukrainian “Nationalism”

October 29, 2015

When you side with Jews, something interesting happens. Whatever Russia’s official views on race are, it’s common knowledge that negroes in the Russian sphere are perceived by most as hilariously flamboyant and worthy of mockery. Yet now, one year after NATO overthrew the elected Ukrainian government, they have been elected the voice of Ukrainian nationalism by the newly installed plutocracy.

So where is the Nazi revolution pro-Ukraine traditionalist neo-conservative Catholics, Baltic jingoists, and self-styled “Misanthropic” black metal fans have been claiming will happen any minute? Tough enough to overthrow the government of Yanukovych, but not the fragile Jew junta in charge now?

The only thing Right Sector and Azov Battalion have achieved so far is in putting down revolts on behalf of the thoroughly Jewish Kiev regime, which probably has to do with the fact that they are financed by Jewish billionaire Igor Kolomoisky (a widely reported fact that supporters themselves refuse to accept). The province of Mauripol, which Azov currently occupies and operates out of, saw 90% of the region’s votes go to deposed President Viktor Yanukovych’s pro-Russian, anti-EU “Party of Regions” in 2010. This sentiment against Brussels and the Pentagon’s “new Ukraine” was reiterated in the recent elections, which the Jews in Kiev have now suspended, since the people of Mauripol voted for pro-Russian candidates.

How Ukrainians voted in the 2010 Presidential Election. Is it any wonder that East Ukrainians want to breakaway after the coup d'etat?

How Ukrainians voted in the 2010 Presidential Election. Is it any wonder that East Ukrainians want to breakaway after the coup d’etat?

You can either live under the anti-white European Union, which will flood your country with non-white “refugee quotas” and  legally tie you down so you and your children are forced to watch queers get off on their exhibitionism, or somewhat normally in the Russian sphere (where so-called nationalist parties like Svoboda were legal and actually played a role in the pro-Russian government, today they have vanished). There is no third choice in the Ukrainian civil war, …the so-called “Nazis” have made it clear.

There’s a tendency towards knee-jerk reaction among unreflective types that feel they must support the guy waving the Swastika flag no matter what. It’s also true that some of the Russian nationalists have Soviet nostalgia, and wave Hammer and Sickles as well (something that “triggers” the ex-conservatives in our movement). But not all is as seems.

In Russia, the Communist Party supports putting fags in prison, increasing the national birth-rate, and preserving European Russian culture amidst the multi-ethnic Eurasian country. In contrast, the “Neo-Nazi” Azov Battalion commander Andrei Biletsky has been invited as an honorary guest of the European Union Parliament this autumn and answers to Jewish oligarchs wrecking his nation, all while cynically insisting otherwise.

Even George Lincoln Rockwell remarked that the Communists in the Soviet Union of the 1960s were pretty conservative compared to the West–especially the “New Left”. In fact, the Soviets’ preserving what Jews refer to as the “Authoritarian Personality”–albeit in a warped form–is the explanation for why former communist states in Eastern Europe are far more hostile to racial replacement and Judeo-American cultural Marxism today, despite the genocidal clauses of European Union membership.

Not just that, but contrary to what “Misanthropic Division” trolls on the internet claim, most Russian nationalists and racialists support the secessionist rebels in Ukraine, even though some suspicious recent Russian sign-ups with few posts and perfect English say otherwise on Stormfront. The most significant openly Nationalsocialist party in the country, Russian National Unity, supports the East Ukraine rebels and is on the ground fighting by their side. In fact, the closest thing to Nationalsocialists coming to power in the war has been RNU leader Alexander Barkashov, a very influential figure in the politics of the Donetsk People’s Republic in the Donbass.

The only genuine nationalists fighting in Ukraine

The only genuine nationalists fighting in Ukraine

Both sides of the conflict include people of all types of ideologies fighting side-by-side, so if you feel obligated to support the Ukrainians just because they use symbols plagiarized from the Third Reich, the Russian side has the real deal. And unlike the dupes in Azov Battalion, the Russian “Nazis” are actually getting political power and an actual role in the new secessionist states being formed in Eastern Ukraine.

I challenge anyone to provide a tangible pro-Ukraine position, without resorting to posting pictures of non-whites fighting on the Russian side (since plenty of them are fighting on the Ukrainian side, including within the Azov battalion), Putin standing in the same room as a Jew, or the humorously sad suggestion that Azov Battalion is merely “using” the Jews backing it, when in truth they’re one of the major forces keeping them in power. At this point, it’s time to close the book on the so-called “nationalists” in Azov and Right Sector–soldiers of fortune and ex-cons who–according to “White Fuhrer” Biletsky himself–make almost double the salary of a standard Ukrainian soldier.

The most well-known Azov Battalion fighter, Swedish “neo-Nazi” mercenary Mikael Skillt, along with the fighting unit as a whole, was profiled by Zionist mass media publication Newsweek earlier this year in a piece by system hack Nolan Peterson. His piece fawns over the supposed “racists” and demonizes Putin in the very title. According to what Peterson claims he saw:

“[…] the overwhelming majority of Azov soldiers say they’re fighting for Ukraine’s sovereignty and to repel what they call a “Russian invasion” of their homeland. Those with far-right convictions live and fight side-by-side with soldiers from 22 countries and various backgrounds, including Arabs, Russians and Americans—as well as Christians, Muslims and Jews.”

So even if we were to take Azov Battalion representatives’ claims to racial nationalism on social media seriously, it is still a minority tendency in the multicultural, multi-racial unit. Skillt in the piece denounced Nationalsocialism in no uncertain terms. There is no Ukrainian cause. There is only the viciously aggressive globalist Brussels-Tel Aviv-Washington axis that will not rest until all European-descended people vanish from the earth, and the Russian response that, while not racial, coalesces with our interests (primarily because the Russians aren’t hellbent on destroying their own people). Time to stop living vicariously through the admittedly well-crafted propaganda provided by Azov and others, and come back down to earth.

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