Whistling Right While Wriggling Left: Against Civic Nationalism

The struggle for nationalism is one that is in the hearts of all peoples and nations. From the dusty streets of Palestine and Lebanon to the lush fields of Europe to all of the Americas and beyond; nationalism is a biological and spiritual drive for all people to care for their children, their families and their extended family of kindred folk. Nationalism lies at the intersection of blood and soil, of culture, and of Faith. The central tenets of one’s Identity are found in the flame of Tradition that has been passed throughout the centuries.

By maintaining one’s folkish traditions, you keep alive the spirit of your ancestors and pass along the flame to future generations. Austrian composer Gustav Mahler famously said, “Tradition is not to preserve the ashes, but to pass on the flame.” It is with this spirit of passing along the flame to our children and grandchildren that nationalists work to preserve, cherish, and advance our goals of keeping our unique extended family vibrant and thriving.

The concept of what makes a nation can be found even in the language that we use. The very word “nations” in Greek as used in the Biblical New Testament is “ἔθνος” or “ethnos” which is where we derive the word “ethnicity” from. Nations have historically always been understood as organic expressions of a united folk where both blood and soil are what makes up a nation.

Corneliu Codreanu, the founder of the Romanian nationalist movement The Legion of Saint Michael the Archangel said to his supporters that to him nationalism was,

When we speak of the Romanian nation, we refer not only to the Romanians currently living on the same territory, with the same past and same future, the same habits, the same language, the same interests. When we speak of the Romanian nation we refer to all Romanians, dead or alive, who have lived on this land of ours from the beginnings of history and will live on it also in the future.”

There is a symphony of elements that makes up a people, and nationalists battle to ensure that all of these elements survive against all attacks both internally and externally by malicious forces.

If you attempt to remove the pieces of what makes nationalism, either the element of shared kinship by blood or of culture and Faith, it is like knocking out one of the legs of a stool. Only nationalism that protects all elements of the nation can be called true nationalism. It is with this knowledge that we march forward, manifesting and fomenting a societal revolution against the combined forces of globalism, capitalism, and Cultural Marxism which infect the European peoples both in the homeland and abroad.

A phenomenon has arisen in the Occident known as “civic nationalism” which is a false nationalism, one based on abstract concepts of a nation being based only in a shared belief in government, economics, or simple residence. This can be traced back to the forces behind the American Revolution, the first proposition nation in human history. Up until that point every nation had been secure in the knowledge that to be a true part of a nation is to share in the blood, culture, and soil of an extended family.

Civic nationalism is a modern phenomenon, one that poisons all that it touches. The ties between men and their wives, parents and their children, and families with their communities, …all are torn apart. They’re replaced with a mild form of globalism. Globalism is the belief in a one world market and an eventual one world government and it is opposed to all forms of ethnic Identity and religious expression. Globalism has been the chief opponent of nationalism for hundreds of years.

But in order to defeat our foe, we must first understand our foe.

Our most insidious opponents appear as allies, “conservatives” master the disposition and optics of the nationalist, while pursuing an incompatible, hostile agenda. Everyone should be reminded that many of the so called “moderates” in Spain during the Spanish Civil War sided not with the Christians, Traditionalists and nationalists but instead with the communists and anarchists. Moderates always end up backing the Left, because to back true nationalism would require them to be courageous, willing to sacrifice for something greater than themselves.

Chief of Staff and chaplain to famous Confederate General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, Robert Lewis Dabney famously noted,

Conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader. This pretended salt bath utterly lost its savor: wherewith shall it be salted? Its impotency is not hard, indeed, to explain. It is worthless because it is the conservatism of expediency only, and not of sturdy principle. It intends to risk nothing serious for the sake of the truth, and has no idea of being guilty of the folly of martyrdom.

Moderate Conservatism has always been weak because while the Left pushes forward with revolutionary fervor, the conservatives trail behind defending the Leftist positions of a generation ago all in the name of “conserving” their lifestyles and habits, instead of fighting for a Nation that is healthy in mind, body and soul.

The betrayal of true nationalists is found in the recent case of Jack Sen, a nationalist candidate who was running for the United Kingdom Independence Party who was running for the party in West Lancashire. UKIP and its leader Nigel Farage have publicly called themselves “true nationalists,” representing the interests of the English people. With the issue of getting Britain out of the European Union as their rallying cry, UKIP has worked to undermine other nationalist parties such as the British National Party and the National Front, two groups with a far better track record of fighting for the best interests of English people, and positioned themselves to be the choice for voters who want to vote to the right of Marxist-lite Conservative Party led by David Cameron.

As with all moderates or “civic nationalists,” UKIP’s propaganda is slick. But they have quickly shown themselves to the the devil in disguise. Jack Sen was removed from being a candidate for UKIP not because of anything radical, but because he spoke out for lives of those who are having an active genocide committed against them. If Mr. Sen had denounced the Chinese treatment of Tibetans he would have likely been applauded for being a maverick for human rights. If he had championed the cause of indigenous groups in Latin America, he would have been put on all the major media outlets as a hero, but Mr. Sen spoke up for a people who have no voice, White South Africans.

In the modern West, you can speak up and advocate for any group of people; just not Europeans. If you work for the best interests of Europeans, both the civic nationalists and the Left will attempt to crucify you. Just as the untouchables of pre-colonial Indian society were viewed as the absolute lowest on the totem pole, so now the global elites have put Europeans on the bottom of the entire global political hierarchy. European nations are to be undermined and destroyed and the sellout conservatives clap along to this genocidal plan.

Jack Sen was brave enough to stand up, knowing full well that the elites and their lapdogs would come for his scalp, but Jack stood strong in his beliefs that Whites deserve rights too. Mr. Sen spoke out against a genocide occurring in South Africa and was thus politically crucified for it by members of a government which had once supported White South Africa. England had positive relations with South Africa for decades, until it became politically expedient to betray White South Africa and send her people into a Third World hellstorm of bankruptcy, dysfunction, rape, and savagery.

Following the end of Apartheid, the White South African population has undergone what can only be called a systematic plot to exterminate their culture, language and race from South Africa by the ruling African National Congress government. ANC leaders have publicly called to “Kill the Boer” to thousands of cheering Black Marxist revolutionaries, but not one Western leader has stood against this agenda. The White South Africans were allies of the West in the fight against communism during the Cold War, but as soon as the Cold War ended, the former allies of White South Africans threw them to the dogs without a second thought.

White South Africans deserve respect–not condemnation–for the years of selfless sacrifice they gave to the world. White South Africans helped feed the starving citizens of West Berlin in the Berlin airlift, battling in the air alongside Rhodesian pilots to stop the communist takeover of South Korea and are the only nation on earth to choose to disarm all of its stockpiles of nuclear weapons to help promote world peace and disarmament.

As Europeans, we should have a special connection with White South Africans due to shared culture, religion, values, and blood. While separated from Europe, White South Africans just like Europeans in the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, we are all still part of the greater European extended family.

Strong Christian values were the bedrock of White South African society. The Afrikaners banned abortion while they were in power (only to be repealed by the black majority in 1994), did not allow the sale of pornography, and even closed businesses on the Sabbath Day in accordance with Christian law. Moves against rampant gambling and homosexuality stopped the spread of moral decay within White South African society while initiatives aimed at promoting the family and traditional values helped strengthen the culture and community.

Men like former South African President Nelson Mandela are idolized by a global Leftist media. They’re politely ignoring the fact that Mandela has the blood of countless people–Black and White alike–on his hands. Mandela is the man who was serving time in prison for terrorist activities, who signed off on the bombing which killed nearly two dozen and wounded over two hundred. Mandela was a terrorist in both ideology and action. This was not the first time that the armed wing of the ANC Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation) had attacked and killed civilians nor would it be the last.

From 1961 onward, Umkhonto we Sizwe, the African National Congress, and the South African Communist Party were united and dedicated to overthrowing the Afrikaners by any means possible, and brutal means were preferred. From Johannesburg to Roodepoort, the organization that Nelson Mandela supported regularly abducted, tortured, abused, and murdered innocents to advance political goals.

After apartheid, the ANC government has restricted White South Africans from job opportunities, spots at places of higher education, government assistance, and government contracts all because of their race. The farm murders that have been perpetrated over the past two decades have cost the lives of thousands of White farmers and their families, all without a peep from the global media or Western politicians.

The Whites of former Rhodesia have been destroyed by the genocidal maniac leader of “Zimbabwe,” Robert Mugabe. White South Africans are looking at a similar fate if they do not get international support for their human rights crisis. The cries of hundreds of thousands of White South Africans forced to live in decaying squatter camps or on isolated farms where they daily face violence and the threat of land seizures and even murder forced Jack Sen into action, and that is when the opportunistic vultures swooped in.

When the Left cried about the supposed “racism” of Jack Sen for standing up for a people who are facing real persecution and eventual genocide, UKIP couldn’t throw him under the bus fast enough. When the money changers ordered Jack’s head, the leaders of UKIP decided they would rather lose the election than stand by true nationalist principles. Even though Mr. Sen was publicly suspended as a UKIP candidate, he outperformed the Deputy Leader of Ukip, Paul Nuttall, who was running for a nearby election. The people of England were stripped of being able to vote for a real political fighter not because of his policies, but because of the cowardice of UKIP and its leaders.

To look at false nationalism in England it is clear to see the role of big business, Marxist elites, and globalists propping up false nationalists. As the British National Party under Nick Griffin was gaining momentum after decades of hard work, a huge amount of money came out of nowhere to promote civic nationalist groups like the EDL.

The EDL of course made one of its first goals to burn National Socialist flags to condemn “radical nationalism,” start homosexual and Jewish divisions of their organization, and claim that being British has nothing to do with race or culture, only living in England and being against “Radical Islam.”

If these forces were truly for the British people, they would spend their time fighting for the voiceless. This is what Jack Sen has done, instead of simply blaming immigrants for the problems. Our opponents would like to imagine a simple continuum of ignorance and “hate,” one with ourselves as the most hateful and the more “civic nationalist” groups as watered down versions of our positions. But what’s more ignorant and hateful than inviting Muslims by the million, knowing fully well what Islamic customs are, only to turn around and vilify them for being who they are?

We don’t want to rip their burkas off, deny them their ancient customs, insult their beliefs, or tease them about their dietary habits. What we want to do is respectfully and humanely send them back home so that their customs and our own are no longer in conflict. The world’s an incredibly big place. The Islamic World spans unbroken from Gibraltar to Borneo, and our foggy island in the North Atlantic’s not big enough for both our culture and theirs.

Insisting that England be for the English is neither ignorant nor hateful. What’s ignorant and hateful is what the “moderate” civic nationalists make a sport of: inviting all the world’s exotic and incompatible cultures with one hand while poking them in the eye with the other. What’s ignorant and hateful is turning our ancient island nation into a powder keg of ethnic and religious infighting. What’s ignorant and hateful is rejecting the simple and natural notion that English communities have a right to exist, too.

When the English Defence League looked as if it would break the Systems containment, its leader Tommy Robinson was sent to prison and the money mysteriously disappeared, only to have a huge sum of money and professional equipment land in the lap of Britain First, another civic nationalist group that says that ethnicity and culture have nothing to do with being British or keeping England for the English. Instead, they believe in a lie of civic nationalism which means absolutely nothing save for being against Islam.

To counter these civic nationalists, we must look at who is pulling the strings. UKIP refuses to acknowledge the forces behind the European Union and other globalist endeavors. Richard Coudenhove Kalergi, a wealthy Jew, founded the “Pan-European” movement in Vienna in 1922 which aimed to create a New World Order that would use immigration to break up homogeneous nations and make Europe easy to control from a central point of governance.

World War II stopped Kalergi’s original plan, but afterwards he, other high ranking Jewish financiers and complicit European leaders worked together to create this reality of a new European government, what became known as the European Union. Kalergi publicly spoke about using immigration to destroy the European people and culture by saying in his book Praktischer Idealismus that “The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear.” Kalergi and his followers have worked to undermine Western civilization and have pushed through the genocidal immigration policies that are now plaguing Europe and all European nations.

Of course though, civic nationalist Parties like UKIP only have interest in being a safety valve and discussing “cutting” immigration and having a “referendum” on EU membership, all while they do nothing to attack those who publicly and privately are working for the extinction of the European people and our diverse and beautiful cultures.

Jack Sen was also punished by UKIP for Tweeting a news headline about Luciana Berger, a Jewish member of  Labour MP who chaired the Labour Friends of Israel group, that she might have “divided loyalties” between her ethnic Homeland of Israel and the nation where she was an elected politician, England. Pointing out a politician’s potential conflict of interests isn’t hate speech in any sane world, but UKIP decided that asking a legitimate question about whether an ethnic Jew might harbor favoritism for Israel over the best interests of the British people is grounds for punishment.

Voltaire is often quoted as saying “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise.” That is doubly clear in British politics. As long as British political and social movements neurotically fixate on Asian immigrants’ religious customs, but don’t question who is sending millions of them to Britain, they are left alone. But if you look for the man behind the curtain, both the conservatives and the Left will have your head, ruin your political career, and incite the public against you.

After reading all of UKIP’s official policies, it is clear that UKIP has no interest in the true nationalist goal of having a healthy nation in body and spirit. UKIP has no policies to bring back the moral foundations of England. It has no policies for abolishing abortion and protecting the unborn. Nigel Farage worked to change UKIP policy to not support the Traditional definition of marriage and UKIP also supports the globalist endeavor of NATO and continued British involvement in the military pact that has worked to advance both Zionist and global capitalist interests for decades.

While UKIP promotes itself as a nationalist Party, it is anything but. The treatment of Jack Sen is just one example of how when the cards are on the table, UKIP will side with globalist interests every time. To get England out of the European Union but keep it in NATO would still make the British pay pay for and bleed for a New World Order. The globalists don’t care whether they get your euros or your pounds, or which side of the chunnel their stooges are on. We certainly must get the UK out of the EU, but the national question is much greater than that.

The civic nationalism of UKIP and Cameron’s Conservatives did not start in England. In fact, their movement can be traced back to the founding of one of England’s prodigal son, the United States of America. The American Revolution, full of Judeo-Masonic Enlightenment concepts that would soon wrack Europe in the French Revolution, the communist uprisings throughout Europe in 1848 and up until this day in modern politics would challenge tradition in an attempt to redefine what a nation actually is.

To understand the rise of civic nationalism, we must look at how civic nationalism has fought against organic nationalism over the past several centuries in North America. The battle we as nationalists fight today is not a new one, it has been raging for far longer than many of us realize. The Founders of the United States were not evil men, but many were misguided in their attempts to create a new form of civilization, a civilization free from hierarchy, shared Faith, and shared blood. Historically this battle between civic nationalism and organic nationalism has been fought between the American Northeast and the American South.

The American South had the lowest amount of support for the rebellion against the English King in the American Revolution and fielded a large number of Loyalist volunteers in the war. The South has historically believed in a natural and organic society, based in hierarchy for government and in loyalty to tradition. After the war, this can be found in the establishment of the North becoming led by big business owners, bankers and ties to the globalist economic market while the South maintained a society where landed families maintained their Anglo-Celtic society.

A difference in vision for the new American society was even found between Northern and Southern delegates to the Constitutional Convention in which the laws of the new nation would be established. Southerners overwhelmingly supported the anti-Federalist position that States should have more power than a Federal government in order to maintain local control over matters that impacted the people of that State. The Federalists, spearheaded by Northern radicals believed in a powerful Federal government that would make the States subservient to the Federal government in nearly all affairs.

The difference between the two positions is found in how the States were viewed. When Great Britain made peace with the colonies, they made thirteen separate peace treaties, viewing each State as a sovereign power. The Federalists wished to combine power under the bootheel of a new Federal government while the anti-Federalists desired to maintain the view that each State had unique culture, customs and Identity and should remain sovereign.

As nationalists it is clear to see how the anti-Federalist position would better protect a people from foreign influence controlling their lives and allowing local culture and principles to remain dominant in that region. The planter-run society of the Deep South was economically, socially, and religiously distinct from the business- and mercantile-dominated Northeast.

Religion was a major difference between the two regions. The Northeast was dominated by the Quaker and Puritan movements and its various offshoots, a movement that originally stemmed out of rebellion against the Anglican Church and the hierarchical and traditional form of worship found within High Church Protestantism. The South was dominated by Catholics in Maryland and Anglicans throughout the rest of the South, maintaining a religious tie to England and also reaffirming tradition and hierarchy as building blocks for a society. This religious divide was not one merely of religious persuasion, the divide between High Church Christianity and Low Church Christianity represented a societal and cultural divide between organic and traditional organic nationalism and Enlightenment civic nationalism.

The North and South also took separate views on the racial components of what makes up a nation. Like most White liberals of today, the North were hypocrites in openly promoting a nationalism where all ethnicities can be a part of the nation while not wanting those diverse populations in their own backyards. Following American Revolution, Northern states began abolishing slavery, beginning with the 1777 constitution of Vermont and by 1804, all the Northern states had abolished it. A large number of these Northern States fell back on the Enlightenment and Jacobin ideas of Liberté, égalité, fraternité or “liberty, equality, fraternity” to justify their decisions. The Enlightenment era ideas of civic nationalism, a rebellion against hierarchy and religion pervaded the Northeast following the American Revolution.

Many Northern States while condemning for the South for our “peculiar institution” as it became to be known then followed up emancipation by enacting laws that stopped Blacks from living in their Leftist utopia. New Jersey in 1786 prohibited Blacks from entering the state to settle, Massachusetts in 1788 prescribed flogging for non-resident blacks who stayed more than two months and Indiana there was up to a five hundred dollar fine for bringing a Black person into the State. Liberals have founded their entire ideology on hypocrisy and in the North this principle on race relations was common practice.

While the “peculiar institution” belongs in the past, the Utopian multicultural social experiment where mutually suspicious tribes with conflicting group interests all get crammed together under a common government also belongs in the past. The South tried to plug along for several decades under a Jim Crow arrangement of White Supremacy, but that was a half-measure, along with Apartheid and anti-Islamism, which only delayed the inevitable conflict between the different identities competing for political dominance.

The lesson from history could not be more clear. The English have no excuse for error here, as England’s colonial history confirms that that sun will set on not only the British Empire, but on the British themselves if you keep settling for these half-hearted half-measures. How many historical case studies do you need? The English people aren’t some fixed historical entity to be taken for granted. They’re a living and breathing extended family who must fight with everything they have to secure their stake in the future. With eyes wide open, arm-in-arm, we must rally to defend our inheritance from both the foreign invaders and homegrown traitors who would deny our families a safe, sovereign, and prosperous future.

Back in the United States, false nationalist groups are known under the loose banner of the “Tea Party” groups that were said to be from the grassroots but were actually seeded with tens of millions of dollars from business interests and globalist forces. The Tea Party is no more organic than a plastic Christmas tree, but it was promoted as such as a way to redirect American anger at the Republican Party selling out voters on issues such as immigration, abortion and traditional marriage.

When millions of White Americans had thrown in with the Tea Party movement, it pivoted from its radical origins and became an arm of the very System it was supposed to challenge. These voters were tricked and misdirected into voting for Establishment conservative candidates and over the span of 2010 to 2015 the anger and drive behind these nationalist sentiments waned, people grew tired and things in Washington went back to business as usual. This is the nature of the civic nationalist “conservative” in every land the world over, always whistling to the Right while wriggling to the Left.

The false conservatives and civic nationalists work to court pro-Identity White voters, but they do everything in their power to subvert true nationalism. It was the Republicans, not the Democrats, who pushed through bills to take down Confederate flags around the South in order to appear “not racist” to the Leftist mainstream media. The symbols of millions of men who fought and sacrificed for the Southland were taken down and thrown into the garbage in order to appease political opponents, all while the majority of the Republican Party maintains a positive view of the Confederate flag.

Republican Establishment candidates promote mass immigration in order to get financial support from big business interests, but over 90% of Republican voters want a secure border and enforcement of Federal immigration laws, including deportation of illegal immigrants. While the Republicans controlled the Presidency, the House of Representatives, the Senate and the Supreme Court the border remained unsecured, abortion clinics went on killing over three thousand unborn children a day, the radical homosexual agenda made advances against the traditional view of marriage and our men kept losing life and limb overseas to fight wars for Zionist and business interests.

The controlled civic nationalists tell us that the definition of being an American has nothing to do with history, blood, honor, or Identity. It’s all about paperwork patriots and economic opportunists. America is on the path to total social and demographic destruction because to be an American no longer means anything except greed. Immigrants are not required to speak our language, respect our Faith or Traditions, or assimilate in any way…aside from assimilating into the consumer economy.

Just like UKIP and other false nationalist political parties in Europe, the Republicans are a reflection of the failed ideology of moderate conservatism and compromise with the enemies of Faith, family and folk. They aim to replace their base with foreign peoples and cultures and are only a false safety valve for the Establishment to waste the time, effort, and money of nationalists. These false parties must be exposed and destroyed so that true nationalism can take its place.

In order for Europeans to survive into the 22nd century, it is up to us to stop supporting false nationalists and instead throw off the shackles of international finance and foreign control of our countries and once again reassert that we are the ones who run our nations. It is we who control our destiny.

If we fail in this task, our nations will become assimilated into the globalist New World Order. Europeans however never stop fighting, and I have faith that this next generation of nationalists will continue to organize, to fight and we will free our lands and our people from this vile beast of globalism. The future belongs to us if we are willing to fight for it, and we will. Tomorrow belongs to us comrades. Hail Victory!



The ANC peacefully protested against apartheid following the principles of non-violence used by Ghandi and his followers in India. In 1960, police opened fire on a crowd of unarmed PAC (Pan-African Congress) protesters in Sharepville, killing 69 and injuring 180. The ANC decided that peaceful protest would only take them so far and formed a military wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK).

While MK did end up killing some civilians, they specifically targeted military and police institutions, engaging in sabotage as well as some targeted attacks and employing tactics specifically associated with guerrilla warfare. Mandela was convicted of sabotage and conspiracy to overthrow the government, not terrorism (which he was never even charged with). The targeted killings carried out by MK took place in the 70s and 80s, while he was in prison and had no contact with the group. The number of civilians killed pales in comparison when compared to the number killed by the security forces in the same period. Guerrilla warfare and terrorism are not the same thing. This is why they have different names.

Winnie Mandela has indeed endorsed necklacing (in 1986) and is a convicted kidnapper (1991). She also has convictions for fraud and theft, the latter of which was overturned (2003). Notably, Nelson and herself were divorced in 1996. More notably, they are different people, so her actions should not be used to judge him.


Richard Coudenhove Kalergi wasn’t Jewish. He was Austrian-Japanese and a philo-Semite

What is odd is that he loves Jews so much, and Jews are some of the original ethnic nationalists and racial separatists. Since emancipation, they have promoted this only for themselves, while seeking to diversify the societies they reside in because a mono-ethno-religious nation is typically bad for the Jews.

Matt Parrott

What is odd is that he loves Jews so much, and Jews are some of the original ethnic nationalists and racial separatists. Since emancipation, they have promoted this only for themselves, while seeking to diversify the societies they reside in because a mono-ethno-religious nation is typically bad for the Jews.

My God! Our troll’s at least partially coming around!

ps mike

Wow! A lot of what you wrote in this article really hits home. I begrudgingly realize that while I like and respect what Trad Youth stands for and what it is trying to do, you probably will never feel the same about me, and that’s ok. There is nothing I can do about it. Having come into WN from being a Ron Paul libertarian and Tea Party supporter, I was bitterly disappointed to see Ron Paul get pounded into oblivion and the tea party become entirely co-opted. That pushed me further to the right and into the arms of White Nationalism. The push came from me finally understanding that international finance capitalism is jewish controlled, and shortly thereafter, I literally became addicted to learning everything I could about the jews. I was a stock trader who worked my way up using my own money earned from being a bellman for over a decade and selling a condominium in 2004 that I had bought in 1993. I had discovered the fraud in real estate, and I understood that Wall St. held all of these toxic mortgages. I never liked the frat boy culture of Wall St., so I relished the chance to “short” these guys into oblivion when the shit hit the fan. After doing really well, I was obliterated when Goldman Sachs was made whole after the AIG bailout. To me, that was the ultimate act of anti capitalism and a complete betrayal of the meritocracy system, and hence, America. Those who made a living from perpetrating fraud should have failed and been demoted to cab drivers, while someone like me deserved to get a job in banking, where I at least took risk taking deadly serious. After all, I was used to risking my own money. The hard work, sweat, and labor of an honest man was ripped apart by elite jews and elite whites(I hate the Bush family even more than the jews), and I forever will be scarred by this.

As I have become more and more fervent in the WN cause, I like everyone else, see the big picture. It wasn’t just that the elites were always going to protect their status, they are trying to genocide the white race and replace us entirely! That was just unbelievable to me! What kind of scoundrels would think such a way? As passionate as I am, in your eyes I have committed a deadly sin, and it is something that I entirely understand from the perspective I now share with you, that our race and culture are marked for extinction. For I am a race mixer. I met and married my Asian wife close to ten years ago. I have no desire whatsoever to be a part of the Amren crowd. Attacking and naming the jew, as well as the federal reserve, are prerequisites for any political group I’ll ever affiliate myself with. Hence, I am attracted to you, although you cannot be attracted to me. I wish to God my grievance against the banking system and understanding of the parasitic nature of jewry could find some level of acceptance with you.

As to the Tea Party being a nationalist group, it was never promoted as such. The origins of the tea party were entirely economic(Taxed Enough Already). It came into being not as white resistance to our first black president on the basis of race. That is the lie that the jewish media has spread. It formed directly after the bailout of Wall St., when people who worked and sacrificed to get ahead came to understand that our system is set up to milk them dry. Most would be republicans and small business owners, people who were “making it” through the fruits of their own labor and believed that’s how the system truly worked. My belief, one that Ann Coulter has highlighted, is that almost all of the non whites who have immigrated since 1965, including Asians(but not my wife), vote democratic, hence the Tea Party de facto was a white movement. But that was an easy cheap shot by the elite to provide cover to the massive looting of America that was occurring in my opinion. As you mention, that movement has long been co-opted.

I posted on the previous article some observations of the Dennis Michael Lynch FB page I frequent, although I was banned for bringing up the jewish issue many months ago. I like to follow it because it gives a pretty good pulse of what the disillusioned tea party types are thinking, and I can tell you, they are becoming more and more enraged by the day, and have been for some time. In fact, the jewish question for which I was banned is now allowed on his page. He is hardcore anti immigration, and he has developed a nice following for such. Based on what I’m seeing, the tea party minions have about exhausted all of their belief in the country. I believe that many would be open to some of your ideals. Same with the Veterans Party of America. I was allowed to post the jewish question there, actually. They are also incredibly disillusioned. I guess my point is that I think you are about a hair away from finding allies in these movements, if you would be interested in having a dialogue. I believe that is fertile ground for you.

I appreciate your dedication and the sacrifices you are making. It has always impressed me that such a young person as you could understand complex and unpopular ideals which permeate our world. Good luck and keep up the good work!

Matt Parrott

The push came from me finally understanding that international finance capitalism is jewish controlled, and shortly thereafter, I literally became addicted to learning everything I could about the jews. I was a stock trader who worked my way up using my own money earned from being a bellman for over a decade and selling a condominium in 2004 that I had bought in 1993.

You sold out on real estate in 2004? Excellent timing!

As passionate as I am, in your eyes I have committed a deadly sin, and it is something that I entirely understand from the perspective I now share with you, that our race and culture are marked for extinction. For I am a race mixer. I met and married my Asian wife close to ten years ago.

Our motto here is faith, family, and folk…in that order. We wish nothing but the best for you and your family. Furthermore, if you read the Mission Statement, you’ll see that while White identity is certainly a cornerstone of what we do, we’re inclusive of any and all folks of almost every (wink) identity and tradition who stand for identity and tradition.

Your situation’s not all that unique. In fact, one of the best singular creative contributions to our cause, the video “A Conversation About Race,” was created by an awesome guy who also wised up to the racial question after he was already happily married to a non-White (Asian) wife. The Derb stays at arm’s length because he opposes White identity activism and because he’s weaselly on the JQ, not so much because of his marriage.

I have no desire whatsoever to be a part of the Amren crowd. Attacking and naming the jew, as well as the federal reserve, are prerequisites for any political group I’ll ever affiliate myself with. Hence, I am attracted to you, although you cannot be attracted to me. I wish to God my grievance against the banking system and understanding of the parasitic nature of jewry could find some level of acceptance with you.

Your concern is misplaced. You’ve been upfront about it, and as long as you can manage to find that sweet spot between supporting our work and honoring your family (that spot does indeed exist), you’re welcome to support and participate in the project to whatever extent you feel inclined.

As to the Tea Party being a nationalist group, it was never promoted as such.

I’m between you and Heimbach on this. It was indeed triggered by the anti-bailout thing and was never implicitly nationalist in the way that Trump and UKIP are implicitly nationalist. That being said, I believe there’s a strong case that frustration about taxation and “wealth redistribution” is primarily propelled by White resentment that their tax dollars are being invested in competitive and hostile communities.

The Scandinavians didn’t start minding astronomical taxes, right up until mass migration changed the game and transformed their implicit national socialism into a racket to dump Scandinavian cash into Somali and Arab ghettos.

I wrote about this general topic in depth a few years back at Counter-Currents; The REAL Ron Paul Scandal.

I guess my point is that I think you are about a hair away from finding allies in these movements, if you would be interested in having a dialogue. I believe that is fertile ground for you.

We’re interested in having a dialogue with just about everybody except for that ryu238 commenter guy. He can get stuffed.

I appreciate your dedication and the sacrifices you are making. It has always impressed me that such a young person as you could understand complex and unpopular ideals which permeate our world. Good luck and keep up the good work!”

I’m not Heimbach, of course, and I’m actually a TradGeezer (33), but I’ll tell him to give your comments a look.

ps mike

Hey Matt, thanks for the courteous and detailed response. I wanted to respond sooner, but I had to run as I was reading the linked Ron Paul piece. It’s interesting, I had been so infatuated with Ron Paul that I’d just recently heard for the first time the criticism that he was soft on open borders when I listened to a 2013 podcast interview with William Johnson just last week. In retrospect, I’m surprised that slipped by me.

I think you are right about the tea party having an implicit nationalist edge in opposition to non white wealth redistribution. It made me also remember that government jobs also gear toward non whites with affirmative action in place. It makes me angry when I think about non whites having carte blanche’ to call us racists while they are the ones taking from our wallet. Many .gov whites do something similar by calling us anti government when their hand is in our pocket as well.

More than anything I appreciate you responding to my family concerns as I hope to get more involved in helping the movement. Thanks again, Matt.

Fr. John+

Trad Geezer at 33? Then I must be… Methuselah!

While your ‘movement’ Mr. P is one thing, the Church will have to come to grips with the Scriptural warrant of Ez. 10:19, and Neh. 13, sooner or later.
I would augur for sooner. Like yesterday. Because Christianity is not a term synonymous with Multiculturalism… or Universalism. i.e., Neither racial OR soteriological. Acribea often follows Economia. And we’ve been ‘economy-izing’ for a century or more. Just saying’…

Ezra Pound

I think naked appeals to the Old Testament are a mistake. Nothing in the Old Testament can be understood except in the Light of the Gospels.

Fr. John+

‘naked appeals’????? Christ and the NT Saints ALL said that it was THOSE Scriptures that are OUR Scriptures. The inclusion of the NT into that ‘holy writ, happened AFTER the quotes about ‘Scriptures cannot be broken’ made by Christ! [ John 10:35] If the INCARNATE SON OF GOD holds the “OT” in such divine light, WHO ARE YOU to claim that a truncated view of Holy Scripture (such as Rome used, until Vatican II- one of the [very] few good things to have come from that sorry synod) such as you propose, is either valid, or according to Christ/God’s wishes?

Ezra Pound

“Nothing in the Old Testament can be understood except in the Light of the Gospels.” Is that statement true or false in your opinion (or in the opinion of whomever you identify as an authority)?


Conservatives side with communists and anarchists against NS or nationalists because they’re all controlled by the same people. Nigel Farage is a dishonest City of London jew-tool whose somewhat charismatic, but in the end UKIP is a cuckservative party and offers nothing to whites except an escape valve that foments Jewish racial hatred of Poles and social hatred of morally conservative/traditional aspects of Islam (rather than immigration and the fact that multiculturalism is a failure for racial reasons, not ideological/religious ones). Non-muslim Blacks murder and rape far more people in Britain than even the Pakis (who are problematic in their own way, granted) yet you won’t ever hear the conservative cucks bring up this un-PC fact because there’s no pro-Jew angle to it.

Civic/Kosher nationalists generally create platforms around hostility towards the Muslim religion and “socialism”, while also reaffirming every liberal and Jewish poison.

These people are the only dissent allowed because it isn’t dissent. PEGIDA is another group to keep away at arms length. Germany and Britain already have legitimate, institutional, well-organized ethnic nationalist parties (well, maybe not the BNP anymore), yet so many WN’s let their opportunism and cowardice get the better of them and throw their money and votes at Jew-erected frauds. That’s the main reason the BNP collapsed.

If they’re not imprisoning you, trying to censor, and murdering you, like they do to Golden Dawn, then it’s simply controlled opposition. To think the Jews and elites will give up their power fair and square is the epitome of rube thinking.

Matthew Raphael Johnson

Nice work. I really hope the phrase “paperwork patriots” becomes more common. Further, I had no idea Rhodesian military served in Korea. That’s a new one for me.
I’m pretty sure ryu238 is correct on Kalergi. My understanding, however, is that his mother, Mitsuko Ayama, was a firm Catholic Traditionalist. She was also quite the polymath.

The reference to RL Dabney was perfect. That comes from his anti-feminist article from Vol 8 of The Southern Magazine (1871). Its on Google Books for free. I think that the phrase quoted is a common feeling among many conservatives that has yet to be competently articulated to them.
The real issue I think you’re getting at is that, to be a part of American politics, one has to play a role, like a character in a play. They serve as the “conscience” of the left, and so they are barely tolerated to point out flaws in the Leftist agenda. Some of these criticisms are incorporated into that agenda, making it an unassailable “consensus” for the next generation.
Thanks for this.

Matthew Heimbach

Father bless,

Thank you for your response and kind words. You are a major inspiration to me politically and theologically. I am Orthodox in many ways because of you. Any political wisdom I might have in some way probably traces its way back to your work. Thank you for all that you do! Keep me, a sinner, in your thoughts and prayers.

john smith

hey, MRJ, will you record a podcast/write an article about the sect of skhariya the jew and/or anti-palamites in the byzantine empire?

Also I would like to see some stuff about Ivan III and controversial figures such as michael psellos.


It’s unlikely that today’s disastrous situation in the USA and the EU results from Jefferson’s belief in civic nationalism and Kalergi’s Jewish-like political agenda.

The EU institutions may have been under Jewish control from the beginning. But even so, it made sense to create a common institution to facilitate cooperation between European countries. There was nothing wrong with that idea, as long as the EU was not used to facilitate mass immigration. Likewise, in the 18th century, it made sense for North-Americans to get their own separate government. There was no reason to believe it would facilitate mass immigration from the third-world.

The Jewish control over the EU is simply a result of their control over European governments. The Jews would have secured control of the EU even without Kalergi. And the Jewish control over the USA is simply the result of Jewish mass immigration in the 19th century. How come Jews were allowed into the country? Was it the result of the American belief in civic nationalism? More probably, a few powerful politicians who had a say in immigration matters were bought up by the Jews.

Likewise, during the French revolution, the restrictions on Jewish activities were lifted because of Jewish money. For all their empty talk, the revolutionaries believed in money, not great principles.

Today’s consensus among Western governments is that White people don’t really exist and don’t have legitimate interests. But no matter what they say, we still exist. Likewise, it doesn’t really matter what Jefferson, Lincoln, or any other politician said about the idea of a proposition nation. What matters is the ethnic reality on the ground.

We don’t even know what “proposition nation” is supposed to mean. In the 18th century, it would have been the idea of a country where relations between people were regulated by laws and by a state constitution. It had nothing to do with the question of immigration. In the 21st century, it has become the Jewish idea that any third-worlder has a right to settle down in any White country no matter what his sexual preferences and diseases. As always, the Jews are playing on the ambiguity of words.

As conservatives, it’s true that we hold views that are usually more liberal than those of our conservative grand-parents. There is a kind of liberal drift on many issues. It isn’t a matter of lacking principles, it is normal evolution. At the same time, as Dabney said, conservative politicians also show a lack of sturdy principle, in favor of expediency. But the fact that our phony conservative political leaders want to destroy us as a race is something else. It betrays much more than a lack of principle. It isn’t the result of liberal drift either. It’s like a bodyguard who would shoot in the back the person he is paid to protect. It would be more than a lack of principle.

I find it interesting to learn about the differences between the North and the South of the USA. The society in the North is more atomized. It is all the easier for the Jews to use their phony rhetoric to push race replacement. But even so, most people in the North are against it. They are not responsible for the fact that the Republican party is led by phony conservatives who work for the Jews.

ps mike

I just spent a few hours reading about Codreanu, as I had done once before and your piece here again. The message of the true nationalist groups getting undercut by more moderate sponsored opposition made perfect sense. I also read some archived articles about Ron Paul on Counter Currents last night. Your insights are spot on. Great job.


The City (on the sq mi) of London has been the captiol of the Judaic Crown since 1688. They have been ethnically cleasning Ireland of the Irish, Scotland of the Scottish and England of the English since that time.
The colonies of the UK could never have been ‘settled’ without those ethnic cleansings.

Aaron Gross

I read the first paragraph of this very, very long article, and here’s a friendly tip from an enemy: If you’re talking about primordial nations and biological drives to nationalisms, then the “dusty streets of Palestine” might not be the best example. Lebanon, yes—they’ve got nations that are nearly 2000 years old. Palestine—uh…

If a nation is a largest group having a myth of common ancestry (Connor), then it’s debatable whether the Palestinians are a nation at all. If they are, then it’s undeniable that they’ve only been a nation for a very brief time, maybe half a century or so. Certainly they were not a nation in the 1920s, when a handful of Syrian intellectuals decided to create such a nation. When Golda Meir said that the Palestinians do not exist (as a people, i.e., as a nation), she was probably correct at that time.

Biological drives are even more of a problem. Are we saying that Palestinian biology is different from Syrian biology? And that that’s what causes Palestinians to believe that they’re not southern Syrians? Which is what they did believe until a few decades ago?

All nations were invented, and all of us loyal nationalists have to pretend otherwise. But if you’re celebrating nations in general, then it might be a good idea to choose examples that were invented centuries ago (as in Lebanon), just to preserve the mystique.


The Palestinian people did not fall out of the sky; they had been in Palestine thousands of years by the time your people invaded.

Meir was simply bloodthirsty. Most Ashkenazis seem to be; I guess you are going to develop a hate complex when your primary religious belief is that you alone are human and everyone else is out to get you.

The question is not whether or to what degree Syrians are different from Palestinians. In fact, since you have less Middle Eastern DNA than either, who are you to decide what is and isn’t legitimate? And why haven’t you gotten your stuff out of Gaza and Europe yet, since it is obvious that the natives don’t want you around? Time for you to butt out.

All nations were invented? You would know; there was no such thing as Israel before 1948. The Hebrew people whose identity you have usurped would not recognize your kind as coreligionists or fellow travelers, not the least because you don’t look like you’re from the area. Because you aren’t.

We aren’t “celebrating nations in general”, we’re trying to prevent you from dragging our people down to hell with you.

Eye of Magnus

Anyone who ends up supporting left wing policies, constantly compromising and accepting the Progressive narrative without question has absolutely no place referring to themselves as “center right” or any type of conservative.

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