#ChristianLivesMatter: Against Dehumanization and Diversity

October 2, 2015

One random day the month before last, I woke up with a long list of work and chores to accomplish and ended up achieving none of it. That was the morning that the gay black male prostitute Affirmative Action hire livestreamed himself gunning down a former co-worker reporter on live television. Was he White? Was he Black? Was he sexist? Was he racist? Was he anti-racist? Was he an Islamic terrorist? Was he a right-wing conspiracy theorist?

All of the different factions, including my own, were itching to figure out what was going on and how to frame it for their agenda. And I don’t even blame them for doing so. Today’s political environment has become a war of all against all. About a month before that, we tried to take the high road with Dylann Roof, driving thousands of miles to lay a wreath at the church to send a clear statement that we detest senseless slaughter, especially when it comes from our own ideological cohorts.

I don’t regret our decision. It was the right thing to do. But tactically speaking, it was a waste of time. The anti-White jackals took one line of Heimbach’s speaking to the media for hours about the event, ripped it out of context, and pretended that we believed Roof’s act was justified. The articles we published, dozens of media contacts we engaged in, and even Heimbach’s original statement all contradict their narrative. But nobody gives a damn about the truth, they just wanted to milk the incident for political mileage.

A few days later, the Leftists were running around tipping over Confederate monuments and ripping down Confederate flags in a genocidal campaign against White Southern culture, all because the shooter fancied the flag. The political mileage only goes one way, of course, because American politics only go one way; to the Left, into the abyss of diversity and degeneracy. Nobody proposed that we should repeal gay marriage or reconsider petty workplace discrimination lawsuits because of Vester Lee Flanagan’s killing. There will be no legislation or meaningful pro-Christian change in response to Chris Harper Mercer’s anti-Christian attack at Umpqua Community College yesterday.

This shooter was non-White, but it doesn’t appear at this time that race had much to do with his motives. I’m relieved that he’s non-White because if he did happen to be White, then the anti-Whites would be pouncing on this. Statistically speaking, the official media narrative that these killings are primarily a White thing is absurd, but science and facts only matter to the Leftist when he’s arguing with a Christian Creationist.

I don’t wish to milk this horrific attack on my faith for mileage. I want the attacks to stop. Christian lives matter, and there’s only one way to truly guarantee that professing Christians, White folks, and everybody else can be protected from these sorts of increasingly frequent attacks–and it ain’t about banning the weapons of choice.

Death to America. Pull the plug on the project. America has become a massive social experiment in attempting to get every race, religion, ideology, culture, subculture, and community in the entire world to live together in harmony. This cannot and will not work. If it could work, it would have worked somewhere before in human history for a meaningful period of time. As Heartiste frequently notes, Diversity + Proximity = War.

Many of you think “Death to America” is an extreme position, but it’s less extreme than keeping the ride going.

You can cry, hug, pray, and child-proof the country of all its guns and sharp objects all you want, but humans are congenitally tribal and territorial creatures. We have a limited capacity to humanize the other, and even when we can manage to do so, there’s no guarantee (or likelihood) that the other will return the favor. Christian charity must be balanced against a Christian’s stewardship obligation to the family, tribe, neighbors, and land a Christian man has been entrusted to honor and defend.

Mercer was apparently hopped up on some pretty eclectic left-hand path occult bullshit which compelled him to hate Christians enough to slaughter them one-by-one, like animals. But what if Christians and non-Christians had separate communities? And what if the people he was attempting to shoot shared his identity? He logged onto /r9k/ to warn both its Christian and anti-Christian members alike to avoid going to class the next day, and that indicates some limited capacity to humanize people which had atrophied and dwindled down to nothing more than his immediate family, friends, and imageboard anon buddies.

The human capacity for humanization and compassion isn’t something which can be taken for granted, forced, or legislated. It can only be cultivated and encouraged organically. It’s a finite resource, one which can be squandered by excessive alienation, consumerism, and exposure to decadence. Racial and religious diversity in a society corrode our capacity to care, to empathize, and to truly believe that other lives matter, Black, White, Christian, Islamic, or whatever. A generation is coming of age of young men who’ve been robbed of their capacity to humanize others by the American experiment, and a startling share of them have lost their own humanity and have become a threat to other humans as a result.

The only truly common thread throughout all these massacres isn’t the weapon of choice. It isn’t even politics at all. It’s dehumanization, and these incidents are merely the scandalizing flash points in a pervasive crisis that impacts all of our daily lives in America. We’re all bowling alone, sharing our workaday lives with hostile and surly strangers who don’t share our religions, don’t share our values, don’t share our heritage, don’t share our beliefs, and could care less if we choked.

Of course, you shouldn’t go around killing people you don’t care about for the attention and thrill of it. But the only systemic solution to America’s rapidly disintegrating social order is to start moving toward a new social order which encourages people who are naturally inclined to care about one another to cluster together into their own distinct and unique communities of people who naturally and mutually care. And what inclines people to care about one another? Shared racial and ethnic identity, shared religion, shared culture, shared customs, shared values, and shared jokes.

It’s much easier to kill somebody who’s so alien to you that he couldn’t even get your jokes.

For my entire activism career, I’ve been scolded by liberal Christians to supposedly be more “Christian” about diversity. The implication is that Christianity’s call for love and self-sacrifice is synonymous with being cuckolded and exploited by hostile outsiders. There’s no basis for this suicidal behavioral pattern in either Christian scripture or Christian history. It’s mercantile globalism’s agenda masquerading as a manic and maudlin sort of unsustainable pathological altruism. It’s presented as Secular Humanism for the skeptics and Humanist Christianity for the faithful, but it’s the same anti-human program repackaged for various customer demographics with industrial efficiency.

Yesterday, the racial and religious outsider Chris Harper Mercer rounded up several Christian college students and killed them because they were different, because he had dehumanized and vilified them as the hated “other,” exactly as Dylan Roof had done a few months prior. While Mercer’s anti-Christian bigotry and Roof’s racial hatred were both despicable, these despicable acts were made possible by a society which actively forces all of these wildly different and incompatible groups together.

And if it’s going this poorly while our economy’s among the strongest in the world, and in world history, imagine how horrific America will become if or when the economy falters! It’s going to make Yugoslavia look like a pillow fight. We’ve got to kill America before America kills us; Christians, folk religionists, skeptics, Whites, Blacks, and mixed race folks alike must come together behind a bold vision of coming apart. Christians are actively being martyred by diversity, but America’s Christian religious institutions won’t step up or even speak up because they’ve become tentacles of the vampire squid, subverted institutions which prove through their actions and inactions that they love “diversity” more than their own congregations, more than their faith, more than their God.

Whether it’s with the hostile and rapacious Islamic migrants flooding Europe or the anti-Christians rounding up and killing Christians right here in America, one thing remains certain about our current predicament. The clergy will continue to be more opposed to ourselves and the rest of us traditionalist Christians who speak out against diversity than they are to the diverse hordes in America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and elsewhere who are actively attacking Christianity and killing Christians. That’s because they’re traitors to their faith and traitors to the Christians the world over who are being harassed, attacked, and killed by non-Christians in diverse communities.

Stop the hate and separate. Christian lives matter, so stop sacrificing them to the idol of diversity. For all I know, the next mass killing may well be a Christian guy who’s dehumanized and turned against Muslim immigrants. It could be a Mexican immigrant raging against Trump’s immigration policies. It could be a transgendered Asian SJW fighting back against the racist patriarchy. There’s no real pattern to it. America’s becoming a war of all against all. All that I know is that I’m a White Christian Traditionalist and I want my family, my folk, and my faith community off this ride.

Diversity + Proximity = War

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