Trad Youth Hour: Matt Forney – A Tiny Bit of Hope is a Good Thing to Have

Matthew Heimbach talks with author, journalist and entrepreneur Matt Forney about what brought him from the Manosphere to the White advocacy movement

The audiences at Identarian conferences are getting younger and younger and are full of people who are sick of the current system. Forney notes that the pro-White movement and the manosphere have similar demographics, the the former tends to be more educated.

Discussed is the importance of meeting up and creating an off-line community. We are living like rats in an experiment, with everything around us being synthetic instead of natural, and we need to work to offset this dynamic. We need to form tribes within the empire and ways to achieve this are discussed.

Also discussed is The Donald, and the way he is pushing the mainstream narrative to the right, effectively assisting the far-right. We are seeing a wholesale rejection of the usual plastic politics on both the Left and the Right.

A tiny bit of hope is a good thing to have and we have that in Trump.

Matt Forney has a blog and is a regular writer on Return of Kings. He does a regularpodcast, and can be found on Twitter @realmattforney.

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