Trad Youth Hour: All Hands on Deck for the Battle Against Tim Wise

Matthew Heimbach presents the first live episode of Trad Youth Hour.

Containing news from the Trad Worker Party and plans for future activism.

Trad Youth have campaigned against Tim Wise and his subversive program to instil White guilt in our youth before and by doing so, gained lots of publicity for our pro-White talking points.

This time, Wise is presenting a conference on ‘diversity and inclusion’ around various universities which is explicitly attacking religion and Christianity in particular.

His perverted henchman, the sodomite Delfin Bautista is giving a speech entitled ‘Sacred and Sexy’ and has been quoted as being determined to ‘queer up Ohio University, Athens, and Ohio!’

Is this really what parents are expecting their children to be taught in secondary education?

Bautista claims to be a Catholic, while at the same time claiming that Christ was bi-sexual, the Virgin mother was a feminist and that God the Father is a trans-queer.

This disgusting blasphemy has to be highlighted and stopped and Heimbach is looking for help from all quarters to achieve this.

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