Syrian Conflict: Identity and Sovereignty Are Winning

There’s a temptation among activists whose own projects are slow-going in their own country to LARP on behalf of related projects elsewhere. This has gone especially poorly for a Norwegian identitarian radical, Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad, whose decision to man up and head to Syria to support Assad quickly resulted in his capture. He’s currently for sale on the black market if you’d like to purchase him from ISIS.

We here at TradYouth have done a terrible job of minding our own business when it comes to the Syrian conflict. I’m pretty sure we’re the only group in America which actually held a well-attended street protest in support of Syrian sovereignty against the war hawks. We didn’t jump on a plane to go fight for Assad in the streets like Ole, but we’ve been courageously and relentlessly holding the line in the crucial social media meme front of the war.

Allahu Akbar!

My reasoning for my love affair with the geeky optometrist “Butcher of Damascus” is that the Syrian conflict is the first truly winnable “hot” engagement of the nascent Traditionalist Bloc of nations aligned against the Modernist Bloc in the world order arising in the wake of the defunct Capitalism vs. Communism geopolitical dipole of the late 20th Century. If Assad can win, then indigenous identitarian sovereignty, third positionist domestic policy, and resistance to Zionist domination will achieve its first definitive victory against the capitalist oligarchs to the left (and West) and fundamentalist universalists to the right (and East).

Disheartened by signals from Moscow that their support for Assad was both weak and wavering, I wrote an article last Spring, Syria Needs a Surge, which was essentially an appeal to Russia to recognize the geopolitical importance of the Syrian conflict. While I doubt I have any influence in the Kremlin, it appears my wish is being granted. I’m not saying that the Ukrainian conflict doesn’t matter, but it doesn’t matter nearly as much for Russia’s long-term geopolitical goals as the Syrian conflict. The outcome of the Syrian conflict will determine whether governments the world over turn to and trust the Russians as reliable allies against Western aggression, subversion, and decadence.

Alexander Dugin has led an entire movement of public intellectuals who’ve arrived at a compelling challenge to the Western “liberal” metapolitical vision, offering hope and solidarity to traditional cultures and identities the world over. A lighthouse beacon has been shown for national leaders who don’t wish for their countries to be stripped down and turned into strip malls by Western financiers have a safe harbor.

I pitched the whole thing pretty hard.

Syria presents an ideal test case for the Eurasianist geopolitical alliance. Assad’s a popular, charismatic, and democratically elected statesman who stands for traditional Arab values across religious and sectarian lines. His opponents couldn’t possibly be any more blatantly a mash-up of mercantile mercenary puppets of NATO agitators and cartoonishly villainous Al Qaeda and ISIS extremists.

As a clarification for our Russophobic readers and caution to our Russophilic readers, my support for “Eurasianism” is conditional on its evolution into a global force for identity and tradition. What “Eurasianism” even means remains fluid, and the Syrian conflict is going a long way toward pulling that definition in the right direction. Criticize Putin all you want, but German patriots are shouting in the street, “Putin to Berlin, Merkel to Siberia!” because of his firm position against the frightful economic migrant invasion. American Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is confirming that Putin is the man to rally behind to defeat ISIS.

I’ve been trying really hard to be skeptical about Vladimir Putin, but he’s making it really difficult at the moment.

Barring a successful assassination of Assad or some other black swan event, I believe the Syrian conflict is going to wrap up within a few months. ISIS specializes in skirmishes and essentially scavenging in power vacuums. It’s adept at whack-a-mole. This big broad global putsch against ISIS that Putin’s embarrassed the world into initiating will do very little to meaningfully damage their network, but it will shuffle them elsewhere long enough to conclude the civil war. They’ll just fall back and pick right back up where they left off in Iraq and elsewhere. ISIS, Al Qaeda, and pals aren’t tied down by the FSA rebels’ urgent requirement to “capture the flag” in Damascus.

Propelled into a full-blown panic by the “refugee” crisis, the European governments are simply not in the mood to humor American and Israeli appeals to stick with the anti-Assad plan. Merkel’s epic blunder blew all of America and Israels’ cards off the table for the nearterm. They no longer care about elaborate geopolitical schemes. They just need Syria stabilized enough to defuse the moral argument for the immigration invasion and (optimistically) even coax some of the ones who are actually Syrian back home.

The shortest and simplest route to a stabilized Syria is keeping Assad in place, applying some pressure on his exhausted regime to play nice with FSA rebels who lay down their arms, and driving ISIS out of the country. Putin has taken the lead in making that a reality, and Europe’s going to go along with it while America and its Israel Lobby grumble and kvetch. It’s too early to break out the party hats and balloons, but it’s looking at this point like Global Tradition, with its identitarianism and third positionism, may be on the brink of a landmark victory.

The smartest thing the Americans could do is publicly and explicitly hand over control of the Syrian situation to Russia, ensuring he’ll have “ownership” of the situation if it doesn’t go well, then immediately invest heavily in confronting the vagrant jihadists in their likely fallback positions outside of Syria. US foreign policy isn’t that smart, and they’ll keep impotently hissing and spitting at Russia, then they’ll be taken entirely by surprise when the jihadists rally in Iraq and elsewhere shortly after slipping out of Syria.



Ezra Pound

But Putin’s taken pictures with Jews. He’s built the biggest mosque in Europe right in the heart of Moscow. This clearly means that Putin is a crypto-Jewish Islamo-liberal marxist or something. Clearly. No need to dig any deeper into this stuff. There is absolutely nothing deeper going on here. The fact that he is single-handedly confronting the biggest anti-white force on the planet – the United States – is of no consequence. #EndSarcasm

Greg Johnson

I side with Assad against ISIS because I believe in modern, secularist politics and religious tolerance, as opposed to religious totalitarianism. I am surprised, though, that you see Assad as in any way aligned with traditionalism, capital or small “t.”

Matt Parrott

1. Third Positionism is integrally the most traditionalist political program.

2. Control of a nation resting in indigenous local hands is more traditional than control transferring to the global oligarchs.

3. Religious totalitarianism is what people who dislike religion call state religion, and weighs as little as the retort, “secular totalitarianism.” I’m not arguing against freedom of conscience or congregation.

4. Syria is an explicitly Islamic republic, with a constitution requiring the leaders to be Islamic. Ba’athists are generally secular relative to say, Iran, but it’s a more folkish and faithful project than what NATO has in store.


Rodney Martin’s site is textbook COINTELPRO. Your “uncle” (you) is a notorious liar and eccentric, and contributes nothing of note other than starting baseless rumors about other people.


Ba’athism isn’t religion centered, it’s an arab nationalist movement that is far more sophisticated than any white nationalist group in America.

By the way, the Iranians are already saying that America may just begrudgingly agree to leave Assad alone. If this is true, it’s a big victory for the anti-globalist/Implicitly Anti-Jew alliance of Russians and Shias. The sole interest of WN’s in the area would be to see Iran take hegemony away from Jews, Turkey, and Saudis, and for Russia to keep burning Jewmerica’s hand every time it starts a fire with imperialistic motives. Like Ezra Pound above me said, the United States is by far the most vicious and biggest anti-white force on earth.


By the way, what’s with all the cliche Hitler bashing on counter-currents as of late Greg? Are you guys trying out to become the next big kosher platform?


Hitler images used to appear in nearly every single FB posting I received from Greg years ago. It caused trouble for me. I call GJ’s pretending he was never an out-&-out NS Hitlerian, including the fact that he put me on to the Harold Covington Northwest Novels (GJ’s article in The Occidental Quarterly & interview with HAC), rather odd.

Bio Niche

congratulations you are a liberal.

I side with ISIS because they impose the traditional american christian punishment for insane depraved perversion and those who seek to destroy the traditional family the lash, the pillory, and the scold’s helm:

Bilboes, Brands, and Branks

Colonial Crimes and Punishments

Adultery: Made capital crime by Massachusetts
Bay General Court in 1631

Sodomy was usually punished by execution.


Now that Russia is in Syria, USA might be a little timid about providing arms and logistical training to ISIS (and yes, that is what they’ve been doing the entire time). This war will be over very soon with Russian support to Assad and American forced-retrenchment. It’s great news, as it will mean no more refugees, and possibly even the ones in Germany going back, since most of them had pretty good lives in Assad’s Syria and want to go back.


Assad isn’t to be trusted:,d.aWw
Many of the Russian nationalists have been jailed by the Putin regime. The Occidental Observer had a good article about that a while back.,359:66
“nationalists must remember that Russia was formed specifically as a multi-ethnic and multi-confessional country from its very inception. Nationalists must remember that by calling into question our multi-ethnic character, and exploiting the issue of Russian, Tatar, Caucasian, Siberian or any other nationalism or separatism, means that we are starting to destroy our genetic code. In effect, we will begin to destroy ourselves.”
Putin seems to be a phony, who jails genuine nationalists for extremism and floods Russia with migrants.

The gay issue is useful to him as a distraction and a signaling device, just as it is for Washington, but in reverse. “Look how conservative I am”, “Look at how bravely I confront the Americans on this issue”, instead of “look how tolerant and progressive I am”.
In other words Putin doesn’t care for you.


Seeing as you are a Jew and antifa, I think it’s you who you shouldn’t be trusted Ryu.

Funny how the talking points you’re using as often used by shady internet “nationalists” to stop Western patriots from supporting the Russians. Wonder if you’re all getting them from the same place.


It’s not surprising at all that the views of so-called Russian nationalists and pro-western liberals converge on this is issue. Russian “liberals” view the centuries old minorities inhabiting Russia as want keeps them away from assimilation with their beloved “west” and they loathe the quasi-Oriental character these Eurasian ethnic groups give to Russia to the point they become self-loathing Russians themselves who fetish on anything western.


The fact that Putin has put boots on the ground in Syria against Jew/ZOG war for Greater Israel pays for all. And he has denied Bibi’s demand for a No Fly zone over Syria which ZOG will use to shelter IS.

Meanwhile Pegida has been to the Hungarian – Serbian border and has brought back this report to another massive rally in Dresden against the Islamic invasion. The Germans are crying “If only the Hun was at the gate” and have called upon Putin to annex Germany.

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