TradYouth SoCal Action Report

September 2, 2015

The Southern California Chapter of TradYouth really came into being this summer. We started out as a coalition of National-Anarchists and Traditionalists from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. Our founding members all come from Catholic families, but have grown disenchanted with the hijacking of Christianity and with the alternatives being offered. We’re all disenchanted with a society which has been under “progressive” rule for our entire lifetimes.

Most of us have had experience with various political movements ranging from having organized Food Not Bombs Pomona, a  chapter of the larger “Food not Bombs” network, to having met with Dr. Ron Paul for lunch. We officially launched with three members on a hiking trip, and have retained the hiking trip meet-n-greet ritual as a part of our local chapter’s humble origins.  We have attended multiple cultural events from various European Cultures, and met to discuss books and ideas over coffee, in order to build our ranks and meet new people in a safe and enjoyable way, but the hiking will always be at the heart of our Ethos-  So Californian, and yet so European,  so enjoyable, and yet a real means of preparedness both as a means of exercise and a means of familiarization with our surrounding environment.


Within a few months, we’ve grown to over a dozen reliable activists who are dedicated to culture jamming this sick society. We’re pushing back against the society which gave birth to no-fault divorce laws, a “medical card” system which was so easy to abuse that it amounted to a culture in which the only people going to jail for Marijuana were those who were excessively honest and didn’t care to abuse it,  and illegal immigration so pervasive that there are entire towns where English is not spoken, and a film industry where the major film studios and porn studios are increasingly difficult to tell apart.
When the Planned Parenthood video scandal came out, we successfully deployed 4 members in a “black bloc” formation to stand in between pro-life demonstrators and the counter protestors of the “Revolutionary Communist Party”, a Maoist group which does a lot of Chicano outreach in Los Angeles led by one Bob Avakian…

tradyouth-socal-02Further, since one of our national-anarchist members came from a leftist to a traditionalist mindset over time, as he grew from a teenager to a man, he was familiar with the flyering techniques of the RCP and was able to help us locate their flyers they were dropping in the downtown area to invite local drug users and homeless from skid row to a “community meeting” they were organizing in a Methodist church. While we chose not to counterprotest this meeting at that time, having located the flier and considered options to act against them as a group shows the level of discipline we have developed in just a few short months.

This weekend, we hosted an anti-globalism and anti-united nations activist and youtuber who successfully acts as a one man team, standing between the suit and tie face of the far left and city councils, to teach our members how one goes about engaging and influencing local governments. Rather than being a cuckservative, this is a man who has repeated the “mantra” in his opposition to immigration – yet acts effectively at the local level.

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The one action demands the other. We cannot leave the streets entirely, yet we cannot stay in them entirely. We need to educate ourselves in order to better stand against the enemies of innate human morality- and then, having thus studied, to go stand against them and for what is right and true.

In one summer, we have gone from an idea held by three men, to an effective committee of a dozen. And we hope to be joined by many more before the year’s end. This is it – Our declaration of war against all that is wrong with Southern California, which in and of itself has become an embodiment of all that is wrong with America. Through the effective use of non-violent confrontation, economic non-participation, social action, counter-culture, counter-economics, and a life submitted to our people and our God, we hope to create a California once more worth living in, and thereby transition the world from globalism with monetary based morality to localism with values based in God and Family.  We will use every tool at our disposal from DIY clothing and street action to professional marketing techniques to effectively achieve this goal.
Thus; echoing the words of Catholic Rebels in Mexico before us; we do cry out:

Viva Cristo Rey!

Signed, John Amery and John Durden

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