Review of The March: ‘You Will Watch Us Die’

The foolish and sentimental cat lady mistakes sentimentality and superficiality for humane charity, reliably leaving a trail of dead, diseased, neglected, and starving feral cats to destroy her home to the point where it’s no longer safe to live in it. Her approach to the microcosmic problem of homeless pets is analogous to the responses of Europe’s politicians to the Camp of the Saints nightmare unfolding throughout Europe. White (and only White) Christians, we are told in the most obnoxiously pious tones by both liberal Christians and atheists alike, have a profound moral obligation in the eyes of God to cuckold and condemn ourselves, our families, our communities, and our nations on behalf of the hostile invaders.

Nietzsche was apparently wrong about God being dead. He’s merely napping, and awakens from time to time to command Christian Europe to kill itself off.

For now, The March remains available on YouTube. The script is a rip-off of Raspail’s apocalyptic novel, so much so that he attempted legal action against the production company. It foreshadows how our sentimentality, superficiality, and corrupt clergy will conspire to genocidally condemn our nations to oblivion. More importantly, it highlights the indecisiveness and timidity of those who realize what’s to come but who lack the courage to stand up to the social pressure to condemn their future generations to a hellscape of chaos, poverty, rape, and terror.

You Will Watch Us Die

In the film, the invasive leader even appeals directly to our cat lady sentimentality by planning a campaign deliberately predicated on watching them die, leading a death march through the Sahara which is designed to force Europeans to rescue them. This reminds me of the picture of the deceased Syrian child who washed ashore earlier this week, a child whose death is not deemed the fault of his irresponsible parents who were perfectly safe in Turkey, is not deemed the fault of the warmongers whose war against the Assad regime has driven his parents out of their homeland, and is not deemed the fault of irresponsible European policies of actively encouraging and incentivizing boat people by rewarding the ones who survive the trek.

No. Somehow, despite all logic, reason, and common sense, the dead baby’s corpse splattered across every bit of Western media is an indictment of those who demand that the boats be stopped. There’s no point in reasoning with the liberal masses for now, as the elites have successfully whipped them into a hysterical moral panic. And there’s no point in reasoning with Europe’s elites, because they are firmly under the orders of the Jewish and corporate oligarchs who wish to see traditional Europe destroyed by a tidal wave of third world invaders.

The film and the novel both predict an essentially Malthusian driver behind the immigration, with climate change, overpopulation, and starvation driving people from the Third World into Europe. Apparently the relatively promising economic and demographic developments in Africa and the Middle East over the intervening decades have forced the elites to take matters into their own hands. Our governments have deliberately and systematically caused the current refugee crisis by instigating wars throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

The Jews have pulled off a trifecta, defeating Israel’s opponents using Western armies and then driving the refugees of those wars into the European heartland. And now they’re whipping up saccharine calls for common citizens to give up their own homes for these invaders. There are too many inception levels of cuckoldry to keep track of, with no end of the calls to start more wars in the Middle East, take in more and more sullen foreigners, and offer up more and more of our land and resources to them.

We Are Poor Because You’re Rich

The film tortures the viewer with deep questions about global disparity, lending legitimacy to the dark army’s mantra, “We are poor because you’re rich.” Throughout, the Europeans carry on about how complex the problem supposedly is. Of course, most of our readers know the uncomfortable truth, that most of the West’s wealth springs from within, from our innate intelligence and creativity, our culture of discipline and education, and our charity and fair-mindedness toward our neighbors.

These are things which cannot simply be stolen from us. And as the Blacks of Detroit and Ferguson will tell you, simply invading a White community, driving them out, and laying claim to their abandoned homes and institutions accomplishes nothing. We Whites are indeed rich. We’re indeed privileged. We’re indeed blessed. But these gifts are on loan from God, from our ancestors, and from our future generations. Charity toward the third world is fine, and assistance for refugees is noble. But what’s happening in Europe and the film is not charity, Christian or otherwise. This is a sentimental suicide which will not only doom ourselves but guarantee we’re no longer capable of offering the noble and sustainable charity we provide to these nations by the trillions.

Do You Have Enough Bullets To Kill Us All?

The film imagines that the Africans themselves dream up a way to impose a moral frame that Europeans lack the resolve to challenge. Of course, it’s the West’s elites who are doing that. In reality, the Syrians are being driven out of their country by the United States government, and the dead babies are tragic accidents. But the effect is all the same. There’s not even any starvation or warfare in Mexico, and our elites have trained most of our populace to imagine that Latin America’s immigrants are all somehow legitimately refugees because their GDP lags behind our own.

In the film, the third world prophet leading the march to Europe dares us to shoot them all, and that’s how the Western media will frame it, too. They may very well get their wish if they push too much of these dangerous and sullen young men on their communities too rapidly. Even the modern European is capable of violence if sufficiently cornered. But it’s a false frame. If we firmly deny them refugee status, consistently deport them back to their regions (not necessarily their countries), and kill their dreams of a European future, we won’t need any bullets.

Most importantly, if we stop starting wars for Israel and the multinationals in their homelands, we won’t have this confrontation. Contrary to what most White Nationalists and liberals alike presume, the vast majority of the people who aren’t European would rather resolve their own problems in their home countries and remain there than swamp and destroy the West. Let’s stop impeding those efforts.



“The Jews have pulled off a trifecta, defeating Israel’s opponents using Western armies and then driving the refugees of those wars into the European heartland.”

You nailed it.

Europe was perhaps the most important intended victim, having successfully been co-opted to follow the US/Jew agenda, totally clueless about the intended consequences as it is about pretty much everything else. One good thing that could come out of it is the destruction of the EU, since already the eastern European states are refusing to play the role assigned to them by the EU enlargement, namely that of of future third world immigration dumpsters by “quotas”, and it is only a matter of time before everyone turns against each other.


I agree. Jesus was a Zionist Jew and deserved to be nailed to a cross. Jesus was the King of the Jews. The Romans did the world a favor by crucifying his Jewish ass.


Hitler was right about damn near everything. And no, just to ward off the possibility, I’m not going to get into a discussion about that regime’s policies toward eastern Europe. They were wrong, but Hitler has been vindicated a million times over on every other matter. Whites and ultimately the rest of the world will either confront Satanic jews as Hitler valiantly did, or the rest of the world will join us at some point.


You mean the policy of liberating people from Soviet oppression ? My Estonian grand parents were grateful the Germans kicked out the Soviets, for a few short years at least.


I have a relevant anecdote. Whenever I’m out and about and run into obvious recent immigrants, I make a point of being very friendly and welcoming. I’ve done it for years. I think being friendly is a good thing in itself, but I always try to get their story and that, yes, is a bit of a hidden motive for being so friendly. I’ve got some fascinating stories about how people end up here. The general case these days is that I end up chatting with someone not from south of the Rio Grande but from somewhere in distant lands in the middle or far east.

So anyway, the other day I met an actual recent Syrian immigrant working the register at a gas station in a mostly white suburb. He said the US goverment brought him over about a year ago. After some chit chat, I diplomatically asked him if he was affected by the conflict going on in Syria and how he felt about Assad. He described Assad as a “monster” multiple times, and quickly; he blamed Assad for ISIS; he said Assad sent men into his part of Syria to kill people, abuse people and rape girls and that Assad was responsible for the catastrophe in Syria.

It was kind of jarring since from my vantage point I see Assad as the closest thing there is to a good guy in the Middle East. I’m not agreeing with the man just reporting what he said. Maybe men from his area were targeting Alawites, working with Americans or trying to undermine Assad, and he conveniently left that part out. Or maybe not. Who knows. But I think the situation there is probably a lot more ambiguous than outsiders here can appreciate. It seems like ordinary people on the ground, the kind of guy that ends up at a gas station as opposed to doing something else, always suffer the fallout from the constant warring among the global elites.

What I do know for sure is that despite the guy being pleasant enough he is obviously taking a job that could have gone instead to a low-skill local had the US government not brought him here. He’s also in a community where he can’t share community with the people around him, and they can’t share community with him. In turn, that dynamic feeds social atomization in my backyard and the ever declining social trust that Putnam showed comes with diversity. The guy is also taking resources. He said he got “a lot” of financial help from the government. Whatever that means. It could always be worse though ; it might be Somalis next time.

The takeaway for me from these conversations is getting mad at the immigrants is useless. I don’t think they understand they’re pawns in a planetary war. The dystopia critique has got to focus on enemy whites and Jews not immigrants.

Matt Parrott

I feel like I went to lengths to keep the focus more on the elites orchestrating this stuff than the pawns.

As a bitcoin broker, I met a Syrian who I suspect was using the bitcoins to funnel money to FSA or perhaps even ISIS opposition. He was confused to stumble upon an American who was both informed and emphatically pro-Assad.

After realizing that his capitalism and freedom angle wasn’t working with his target audience, he shrugged and admitted rather matter-of-factly that it’s ultimately a tribal thing between his village and the Alawites which has simmered for centuries.

Foreigners necessarily frame their tribal conflicts in ideological and moral terms for Western audiences, since we can’t really fathom tribalism. For us, there’s got to be some pitched battle between abstract universal good and abstract universal evil.

I suppose if Assad we doing something truly atrocious, I’d back off, but the bottom line is that he’s geopolitically framing his tribal politics in terms of sovereignty, identity, and social nationalism (Ba’athism), so I’m aligned with him against his opponents, who are framing their stuff in NATO-friendly global capitalist and/or ISIS fundamentalist terms which are misaligned with my geopolitical goals.

No doubt the guy you spoke with was likely a decent bro, and I agree it’s important to keep the heat lamp on the elites causing these migrations, rather than on the normies. Still gotta go, of course. Just like the friendly hard-working Mexicans gotta go. Just hating on Islamic migrants is more likely to serve the elites’ interests than it is to actually drive out the Islamic migrants.

I strongly suspect we’re going to see some nationalist violence in the coming months in Europe as this situation escalates, and I regret that. Not so much because I regret violence, per se, but because it will almost assuredly strike the wrong targets and undermine our moral case.

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