Review of Rachel Haywire’s ‘New Reaction’

Rachel Haywire

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Arktos is a fantastic publishing house, a dedicated team which has made some of the most important work in the New Reaction accessible to American audiences. Arktos is a labor of love by qualified and detail-oriented intellectuals who’ve faced poverty, risked persecution, and imperiled their once-promising careers in academia to expose the Anglosphere to a realm of ideas which had previously remained out of reach.

Please forgive them.

“New Reaction” begins with Mark Dyal’s blistering Nietzschean attack on the bovine masses. I strongly disagree with his thesis, but it’s florid, vivid, and academically informed. If one has made the irrevocable error of purchasing this over-priced patchwork of histrionic blog posts cleverly disguised as something worth reading, one would do well to only read Dyal’s foreword, as his attempt to briefly summarize her position achieves more in a few paragraphs than she manages to achieve for the remainder of the “book.”

Rachel calls them slaves, others call them herd animals, or even homo domesticus fragilis — orthodoxy is considered almost divine. It is the giver of life’s meaning and value, the promise of a future, and the stability of a past. For another human type — I call them nomads, raptors, or homo medio luporum — it is the guarantor of stasis, the break on freedom and revolting action.

This is the hyper-modern solipsistic egotism of Ayn Rand, only with more metaphysical depth. As a Radical Traditionalist, I see nothing that could be appropriately described as “Reaction,” and certainly nothing “New.” Their brand of “New Reaction” is a radical individualism which defies and denies all honor codes and bonds of blood and faith in favor of a maniacal self-worship. What Mark and Rachel are promoting is the polar opposite of the Radical Traditionalist ideals most imagine when they think of “New Reaction.”

The book is more style than substance, but what little substance it contains is one long attack on what New Reaction means to most people: honor codes, hierarchy, ritual, rootedness, and loyalty. Her first chapter is entitled, “How I Left the Left.” This is misleading. She left the left behind. Like an adult Veruca Salt rebelling against the daddy who is spoiling her as much as possible, she wants all of the degenerate self-indulgence now!

Permit me to excerpt some of her revolting poetry. To enjoy it unredacted, you’ll need to buy the book.

Will you let them be fake? There was never any cake to eat. The cake was telling you to join the revolution. Now it’s time to resist the liberal institution.

We’re going counter-revolting. I’m so counter-revolting. You’re so counter-revolting. It’s all counter-revolting!

So counter-revolting!

From the first (prose) sentence, her primary target is tradition.

The response to common slaughter is to revolt against the dethroning of the gods. Mankind, created in the image of psychic tyranny, did not hesitate at the harvest it designed. The only good god is a dead god, and one does not rule based on slaves alone. This is why man evolved from the psychic tyranny it could not survive. It was a suicide of the final harvest, and the beasts across the land screamed in agony.

Within her worldview, politically correct liberal orthodoxy is itself traditional. She’s correct to a degree. Just as Veruca Salt’s father attempted to place some minimal constraints on her behavior for her own protection, the “cathedral” insists on the bare minimum of altruism and traditional morality necessary to keep things from devolving into authentic chaos and mayhem; kinda like how BDSM clubs have condoms, guidelines on acceptable abuse, and “safe words.”

Implausibly, she identifies herself as among those who would come out on top if there weren’t all these pesky morals.

The common gods and their worshippers grew angry at the great dethroning like never before. In more humanistic terms, the strong were killed by the weak before they were allowed onto the battlefield, and the docile maggots labeled this as progress for their historical records.

She indulges here in what I privately refer to as the Neo-Pagan Paradox, nagging about being a hapless victim of weak people with slave moralities. Not all folk religionists are guilty of this, and Rachel’s not the least bit folkish, but it’s common in those circles. It’s typified by the self-contradictory complaint that their proud warrior culture was defeated by sniveling weakling Christians. While pretty much everybody who thinks this way points back at Nietzsche, Nietzsche knew better than this. Bearing ressentiment toward the folk is a sure sign that one remains viscerally submissive even as one fancies the will to power in the abstract.

History’s recent alpha actors–good and evil alike (Joseph Smith, Jr., Adolf Hitler, Jim Jones, L. Ron Hubbard, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, etc…) –never ask permission from “the herd” or blame it for somehow limiting them. As if anything but her limited trust fund balance actually stands between Haywire and actualizing her vision.

Authentic organic elites don’t preen and posture relative to the masses, they instinctively and lovingly mold them in their own image or simply depart to chart a new course…a microcosm of what Nietzsche expected of his prophesied Übermensch. The most apt analogy can be borrowed from pick-up artist terminology, with the gifted leader as the alpha and his loyal followers as the conquest. Hissing and spitting at “normies” is beta, akin to a maladroit loser kvetching about women.

Maniacal RavingsMankind burned the gods at the stake for choosing to slaughter their own followers, neglecting the very existence of psychic tyranny. By claiming that this was just hellspeak, every last god was administered a taste of its own blood. Compelled to battle this ruthless cannibalism, the old gods rose from their graves and demanded vengeance. Every last god in the kingdom declared, at once, that man would not serve without consequence.


Haywire is a master of the superficial. She mimics the appearance of a philosopher who’s arrived at a profound metaphorical point without making any point at all. She carries on about hacking without knowing how to close a tag. She wades into politics without doing her homework. She would also have us believe she’s a gritty punk off the streets.

Trendy liberal “social activist” types hate the true punks of the streets. We are rude and unrefined, and refuse to be dominated.

Happy BunnyI’m decidedly not “punk,” so I wouldn’t know. Perhaps the upscale Jewish neighborhood Rachel grew up in was exceedingly gangster, the kind of place where angsty teens in pre-ripped and manufacturer-distressed jeans keep it real. The notion that being “rude” and “unrefined” are desirable attributes is prototypical of the contemporary hipster. It kind of reminds me of the pre-teen girls in those “Happy Bunny” shirts which make a point to advertise that the wearer has an inconsiderate and unpleasant disposition.

My conservative friends were shocked to find out that I was “on their side,” whatever that even meant. One of them was a politician who told me that while he was running for office he never would have thought to approach someone who looked like me. “You look like a Leftist,” he told me. My heart wanted to bleed at that point, just to make an ironic statement. “I’m not a fucking Leftist!”

He should have trusted his instincts. She’s a fucking Leftist. She’s a politically incorrect Leftist, to be sure. She’s just angry that the modern Left still retains some vestigial hierarchical and altruistic moral reflexes. Dyal claims in the foreword that she went so far Left that she became Right, but I think a more accurate understanding is that Rachel Haywire is kind of like Ron Paul with a Hot Topic gift card. They both appear to be to the “Right” to the untrained eye but are actually too stridently and consistently liberal for contemporary liberals.

The feminists are all trying to chop off your dicks. Israel is oppressing you. Poor little male existentialist victim. You sound like an oppressed moron and have become the PC culture that you despise. Why are you hating people for abiding by the rules of the jungle which you, dear enlightened male, are so enamored with? You cry because you are being oppressed by the iron fists of feminism and Zionism. This article is for you.

By purchasing this e-book on Amazon, I have paid a Jewish webcam prostitute to sexually tease me and push her Jewish ethnic agenda on me at the same time in some bizarre political fetish ritual. It’s too late for me; I’ve already dishonored and humiliated myself beyond redemption by having paid for this book. Save yourself.

She’s perfectly correct, …within her hyper-egotist philosophical framework. Within her amoral worldview, there’s no legitimate challenge to Jewish power. Might makes right. I seriously doubt she would follow that line of reasoning to openly endorse the dozens of pogroms, including the most recent one, that her people have been subjected to. And I strongly suspect that she would find herself falling back on some herd-oriented normie slave morality excuses for why her life should be spared if the power dynamic were inverted.

She complains, shortly after denying the other side the right to complain, about how she catches considerable heat because she’s Jewish. Their chutzpah knows no bounds.

You can post your ideas to “radical Right” websites, but what if you are Jewish?

What if you are Black and you hate Obama (or even Martin Luther King) due to the integration that was forced upon your people? You must hate yourself for refusing to join the Pride march. You must support rape culture because you didn’t join the knitting circle against gender oppression. You must be a Zionist infiltrator. See the problem here?

Did she not infiltrate our movement? And is she not a Zionist? We “leaders” in the movement defied all those dyspeptic and conspiratorial anti-semites in the comment threads and gave her the benefit of the doubt. Score one for the hardline anti-semites.

She is indeed a Zionist infiltrator, crying out as she strikes us. For a bunch of guys who are supposedly paranoid and hateful, we certainly have established a trend of gullibility and earnestness. A few minutes of googling would have been enough to warn us away from this troubled self-promoting scenester.

What is Right-wing thought? What is the difference between Right-wing and Left-wing thinking? Non-egalitarian thinking is considered Right-wing. Individualism. The notion of humanity not being “all good” is considered a Right-wing thought. Let’s take it as far as fascism. Extreme Right-wing fascism. Right-wing thought.

Well, actually, …fascism is categorically collectivi… Nevermind…

Genocidal regimes have occurred under the rule of democracy, as evidenced by the election of brutal rulers such as Adolf Hitler.

She repeatedly and consistently disparages Hitler and the NS throughout, even though her mainstream assumptions about what Hitler and the NS stood for are pretty much aligned with her dystopian Ragnar Redbeard metapolitics. Curiously, the only time in this book in which she considers cruelty and genocidal bloodlust morally negative things are when those things are visited upon her tribe.

The party is being shut down and the party wants you to go home. The party is no longer inviting you. Sorry, nationalists. You’re just not welcome anymore.

Bloodthirsty ethnic chauvinism for me, individualism and alienation for thee. Sorry, folks. All nationalists except Jewish nationalists have been dismissed.

National Futurism is not about eugenics in the sense that it weeds people out. National Futurism weeds people in. Scientists are starting to realize that Hitler’s idea of an Aryan master race is genetics for the pre-school crowd. It is now time for us to graduate with honors. Why create blue eyes where you can create humans with open eyes? Humans who are not slaves to the herd, who are not cheerleaders of the majority, and who are not servants of equality.

Before she made her flamboyant debut in our scene, Rachel was a gadfly of the less politically-oriented “futurist” scene, which ties with the industrial scene and her BDSM fetish gig into a streamlined total package of nineties emo posturing. As much as I love Trent Reznor’s early work and Mark Romanek’s groundbreaking videography, I emphatically do not wish to sign on for a future which is essentially one big long terrifying Nine Inch Nails music video.

The earlier reference to her BDSM gig was not simply a prudish attack on the chastity she’s proudly discarded. It’s relevant, as the only prominent thinker her ideology truly aligns with is Marquis de Sade, for whom sadism, the S in BDSM (bondage and sado-masochism), is named. According to Wikipedia, “Sade’s works have to this day been kept alive by artists and intellectuals because they espouse a philosophy of extreme individualism that became reality in the economic liberalism of the following centuries.”

There’s a perennial debate over whether the Marquis was actually promoting the lurid behavior in his writings or whether it was an apt challenge to and critique of the philosophes of his day who insisted that men were innately noble creatures who had simply been corrupted and degraded by the clergy and nobility. Haywire has taken the penultimate step into the abyss of Modernity, discarding the reciprocal individualism (non-aggression principle) which restrains national anarchists, Ron Paul, and most other extreme Leftists.

Rachel Haywire’s philosophy is not merely influenced by her BDSM lifestyle. BDSM actually is her philosophy. In her hyper-sexualized imagination, Palestinians and White Nationalists are ball-gagged slaves of the superior Zionist master. Somehow, she’s taken all that pain and torment of decades of being teased and bullied for her mental health issues and has flipped it all on its head. The awkward, vulnerable, and sexually confused Rachel Mandelson created an avatar, Rachel Haywire, who is a sexual fantasy caricature of her goyische tormenters.

I take great pains to avoid bullying the mentally unstable, and to mind my own business regarding personal foibles, but her deviant sexuality is germane to her ideology, she’s not requesting privacy, and the New Right scene continues affording her attention, encouragement, and financing. In the strict sense, she is indeed technically a Zionist infiltrator, albeit a clumsy and unpersuasive one. But the real error and problem in all this lies with each and every one of us who failed to heed the countless warning signs…her Jewishness being but one.

It gets worse.

You are a part of the second human race. The homo futura. The homo superior. You refuse to claim you are the same as the people around you simply because you are part of the same species. The definition of the word “species” does not account for mental or behavioral differences that define you and who you are.

Basically, Rachel just comes out and says what most non-identitarian HBD dorks are thinking but have enough sense to refrain from verbalizing. “I am a god among men because I am so smart. I belong to a transracial, transnational, traditionless cognitive elite of enlightened overlords. This backline job working alongside normies at Burger King is totally beneath me!”

I’m not White or Jewish or Christian or Pagan or American or whatever! I’m…SMART!

As the homo futura, you don’t have to sit back and attempt to win over the homo inferior. Your goal should be to literally create a new nation and leave the old species behind.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

Tonight we stand proud. We kill each other and eat each other because we are cannibals of the soul and mind. Most people are afraid of us, but over here on Dictator Island nobody quivers at our presence.

An island of maniacal cannibals of the soul and mind!? Where do I pre-order?

DA FUQ???I met Princess Pixel when she was fisting some guy at some fetish club.

“He doesn’t understand humanity like I do,” I told her.

“Prove it,” she replied, her fist twisting down her slave.

I kicked her slave in the face.

“I love you,” Princess Pixel told me.

I don’t know whether I’m more offended by the frightening pornographic imagery or the incoherence of the point being made. The guy being fisted didn’t even have an opportunity to explain his understanding of humanity! And if you think I’m uncharitably cherry-picking excerpts out of context to make her appear batshit, buy the book and see for yourself. I dare you.

The 99% is the slave class, and the slave class is the homo inferior. Take note, because this 1% nation stuff is multicultural. The 1% is fighting back, and this has nothing to do with economics. The 1% is full of leaders who have had enough of this plastic democracy. A slave is a slave, and we don’t need any more slavery.

I doubt Rachel’s in the top 1% of anything, save perhaps the Narcissistic Personality Inventory. If anybody out there knows the safe word to put a stop to this juvenile and perverted dominatrix’s attempt to be politically relevant, please cry it out.



Shame on Arktos for wasting preciously meager resources on publishing a book that A) Written by a very Jewy Jew and B) is just standard ala carte Libertarian bullshit. Lying about Hitler’s view of race as well (eugenics weren’t about making everyone blonde and blue eyed, it was about stopping crippling heritable illnesses like Huntington’s disease, just like it was practiced in the United States).

If Rachel wanted to write a book, she could’ve gotten one of the many mainstream conservative Jew-owned publishing houses to pick it up (the ones that won’t publish any of us, which is why we need Arktos). Book doesn’t seem to offer anything enlightening, strategic, informative, or even novel.

Take away her pussy pass and give her a yellow star. Last year or two there’s been a huge influx of Jews trying to swerve the “Neo-Reaction’ away from the positions it is realizing today (more Daily Stormerish) and towards AnCap cowardly time-wasters. Why give them a platform?


I’m with Eric I don’t why they published it. Arktos is like Nine Banned Books and Feral House they like to put out dissent material, mainstream publishers won’t touch. However Arktos should’ve avoided publishing book completely, from this wannabe Lisa Suckdog.

John Morgan

Rest assured that we didn’t bump any other projects in order to publish “The New Reaction.” As for “why give them a platform?” see my comment to Matt, above.


Regarding the last part of your comment; what is your opinion on Ann Sterzinger? I havent come to a final conclusion, but I’m very surprised at the prime access she is given to outlets such as counter currents, arktos, alt right and righton. She is not exactly a female Paul Gottfried or something, she appears entirely irrelevant and boring, doesnt bring anything to the table that a European derived writer couldnt have delivered at least as well, so why this willingness to bring her in? Even if she isnt going to subvert purposfully, her mere prism is deluding and hindering the much needed culturally and spiritually indo european voice and prism to form fully and independent in its own right and space, something that these places ought to be for. Greg Johnsons first principle is “do no harm”. I dont think that is well kept here. And he wants jews to be in Israel. How does it reflect that he then doesnt keep his work ethics in accordance with that?


Is Sterzinger a Jew? I had a feeling she is one, but not really sure. I’ve only read 1 or 2 things from her, and find it to be mostly paleo-con boilerplate. I actually messaged her on twitter to stop promoting the dirty Zionist Jews Zemmour and Finklekraut to racial nationalists.

I think beyond the Jewish part (if she is one, don’t know), Sterzinger benefits from pussy-privilege. In intellectual fields composed mostly of men, the novelty of a female writer outweighs any genuine contributions they make to ideology or understanding of the world. It’s that “we need more women” democratic panderer mindset that plagues ex-conservatives.

Jumping on the anti-Islam bandwagon has little strategic or political value to the “alt-right” (its a crowded field that you won’t be able to take from the neo-cons and Geert Wilders types) , but it does get you traffic and money from the conservative and patriotarded niche built around it. When Rush Limbaugh’s Jew handlers instruct him to talk about “TAQQIYA” , listeners later google it and the alt-right blogosphere capitalizes on this by timing it with SEO.

So when you combine all the novelties (a “right wing” woman exaggerating about Islam), that is why she gets pushed to the front of the line.


I´m not sure either..

The only woman to have impressed me in the arena is Lana Lokteff. But she also stated, in a redicecreations program with Millennial Woes and Henrik Palmgren, that we should not worry about tha lack of women in the movement at this tough stage – men are the ones who clear the land and create radical movements, and then the women will come when there is something impressive to follow, and when the numbers are more reassuring, because that is the nature and mentality of the sexes. So no false pretences, even from someone who is a genuinely brave woman, who puts herself at the front line. And she is in that way genuinely rightwing, where my sense of Sterzinger rings more of this feminin, compassionate confusion and lack of toughness, that then is attempted covered or compensated for with fresh verbosity, that kind of verbosity that brings a familiar stench with it.

Robert Stark

Robert Stark and guest co-host The Truth Will Live talk to Rachel Haywire

Rachel Haywire is an author and tech journalist from Los Angeles, California. She runs the dissident political magazine Trigger Warning( and was the founder of both the Extreme Futurist Festival and INSTED. Once upon a time she was also an industrial music producer and fetish model, who was featured in various anthologies about the occult, politics, philosophy, and alternative culture. She is now finishing up her degree in Philosophy, with a focus on applying Nietzsche to a modern day context. Her first book was a travel memoir called
Acidexia about her journey through the North American zeitgeist. Her New book out is The New Reaction published by Arktos.

Topics include:

Her ideological journey

How the cultural left has become the establishment

How the counter culture has become part of the mainstream culture

The physical apearrence of liberals

How the far right and far left overlap

Her article Breaking up with Neoreaction

The concept of how there is the 98% of the conformist masses, the 1 % that exploits the masses, and the true 1% of free thinkers

Could a society of true free thinkers sustain itself

National Futurism

The concept of the Übermensch and how it should be based on free thinking as opposed to just physical traits

Whether Conformity is a genetic traits and how conformist are the untermensch

Transhumanism and how it could be implemented

Political Correctness and the exclusive focus on technology within Transhumanism

How Psychiatry can be used to stigmatize dissenting views

How PR has become more important than substance and ideas

The Thriving Pulse of Decadence


Robert, I’ve listened to some of your radio shows and it’s obvious you got a thing for Jew bitches. I know you’ve been around for a while, but the world’s really different right now than it was 6-7 years ago, nobody wants these Jews around. They can’t have their heart in this cause by definition, and the ones who really aren’t infiltrators are just mentally ill rejects like Rachel. The Jewish population is slated to triple by 2080, while ours is going to shrink just as much.

William Monaghan

It weird the stuff that goes on among “traditionalist” circles. Here i thought we were about family folk and faith. Instead it looks like we are into listening to the day the world went away and ranting about our problems. At least get with the times. EMO music has devolved since NIN.


Emo is bands like Jawbreaker and Dag Nasty, sounded nowhere close to NIN. Although both emo and industrial existed in the 90’s. Yeah I don’t think I can trust a chick with crazy hair and tacky tattoos.

Melanie Saffka

in the vain hope she won’t be able to scam more people out of cash with her bullshit


I used to love NIN , KMFDM, and other electronic bands, but can’t really listen to them much anymore. The music can be decent and sounds great to a teenagers ears, but it also unfortunately attracts has a fan-scene composed of alterno-chick attention whores and fags.


I’m more partial to Genocide Organ, Whitehouse, Death In June, Blood Axis, and stuff like that. I’d go for Throbbing Gristle if I wanted true industrial, I like Coil and Psychic TV here and there. Yeah recall Haywire used to troll Boyd Rice and Lydia Lunch gigs. I also liked black and death metal when I was young like Morbid Angel and Darkthrone.


I still like DiJ and Blood Axis, but have grown out of black metal. There’s nothing inherently wrong with their music, it’s their most dedicated fans and the subcultures around them who are obnoxious. They act like their musical tastes are the beginning and end of their lives.


Exactly I listen to because I like it, and not to be an elitist asshole, I still black metal here and there Deathspell Omega is one of the best contemporary black metal bands, I just don’t listen to the gene like I used to.

Matt Parrott

I’ve never understood the whole “music scene” thing, perhaps because I’ve always been a bit of an introvert. It seems as asinine as identifying with people who also love 5th Avenue candy bars.

I fucking love 5th Avenue bars, and they’re the best kept secret in candy bar taste. But for all I know, everybody else who likes them may well be an ass.

Nine Inch Nails has consistently been my favorite music throughout my life, but Trent Reznor’s a goof and his fans are generally histrionic asshats.


People like Peter Sotos, Thomas Ligotti, and Jim Goad are in my view some of the best transgressive writers of the 90’s and today, but unlike Rachel Haywire they went thought shit and back and had genuine anger about it, and recived censorship, and hate along the way. She said she was like William S Burroughs, Julius Evola, and Friedrich Nietzsche in the book, and I had to laugh, all there men build a following and are still being read even after they pass on. Rachel Haywire is the same type of chick I knew in the underground transgressive scene I was in, latching onto a scene, because it’s the cool to do, infact she stole many passages from Adam Parfrey’s Apocalypse Culture, and I can tell because that book was my bible as a teen and early 20 something. However I leave you with this juicy read about Rachel Haywire.


I love the Daily Shoah podcast, but what minute does the Haywire come in mind me asking? I’m in the mood for some juicy shit talk at the moment.

Melanie Saffka

Rachel Ellen “Haywire” Mendelson aka ‘Acidexia’ also has a long, long history of financial scams and petty grifting. She collects a fraudulent SSDI welfare check for mental illness and she has got away with several fraudulent crowd funding scams that did not deliver any promised product ie no cd ever printed or shipped, etc. Documentation is here:


and here


Wha…wha…what , a Jew lies, cheats, and steals? But…but…she’s in the Alt-Right, how is that possible.

Melanie Saffka

Some years ago after her free “Birthright” trip to Israel, she ran around calling herself “Rabbi Haywire” and she was also stridently antifa at that time, accusing music promoters and bands of being “Nazi”… google “rachel haywire” + “montreal kinetik festival” for details

Melanie Saffka

the house she burned was full of guns, she and/or friends did a cowardly 4AM arson and fled, photos here : Haywire narrowly avoided arrest and prison due to “insufficient evidence.”

Melanie Saffka

she never graduated high school, actually and had 1 semester of private art school only

Melanie Saffka

She ran away from home at age 16 to become a sex worker. she has had a few failed attempts at college since then, and the only one that checks out is Savannah College of Art and Design. She never came within a light year of attending an Ivy. He father Attorney Paul Mendelson answered directly to Janet Reno, who used to babysit little Rachel. I think that is where she got the pyromania from, “Auntie Janet” as Rachel has called her. Paul had a massive heart attack and crashed his BMW in the 90’s.


Is this all true about her family assoication with Janet Reno? Also how old is Rachel? She looks younger than most 20 year old girls I know.

Melanie Saffka

it is all true, her mother used to personally email me begging “please stop saying things about Rachel on the internet that harm her fragile self esteem” ; Haywire is 31 years old and only publishes old photos or massively photoshopped photos. She has a weight gain problem when she takes her anti-psychotic medication, but she doesn’t do that very often… she also has at least one hand gun, which is illegal in CA – mentally ill people who get SSDI checks are not allowed to have legal hand guns. Her mother also told me that toddler Haywire was sexually abused by a crazed Cuban nanny who cut up Rachel’s labia with scissors, requiring reconstructive surgery.

Melanie Saffka

her mother said that “you don’t know what Rachel has been through, the abuse is the root of all her mental problems that and losing her father at a young age”

Melanie Saffka

not personally, but if you google “instedfest” you will see some scary ones, the videos she is in especially

Melanie Safka

Here is a photo from the alleged Haywire/Justin Ordnung sex tape where she certainly appears to be licking on some National Socialist cock!

Melanie Saffka

Indeed, Haywire comes from very wealthy “Florida Political Royalty”

Melanie Saffka

her mother stopped doling out cash years ago, hence the sex work, financial scams and petty drug dealing


James O’Meara is a gross faggot, there are pictures of him floating around at queer BDSM events tied up and dressed in women’s clothing even.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he was one of the people who “found” Rachel Haywire. There are some disturbing elements and odd (not in the good or interesting way, just in the bourgeois way) people in some of the intellectual cliques in the nationalist movement. Some of them preach “disdain for plebes”, but have no qualms taking a dick up the ass and rolling around in feces.

Against Jews and for whites I can make a very limited exception for fags and bourgeois narcissistic types that truly have their heart and soul in it. The problem is fags rope in other degenerates, consciously or subconsciously, and it creates a conditions for thieving Jew scum like Rachel Haywire to enter thanks to shared interests. They end up write new pages of needless drama that give the nationalist movement a collective black eye.


Eric, Greg Johnson who runs Counter Currents is gay, but he publishes Jack Donovan who is gay, but is critical of the degenerate behavior in the gay community. Dovonan said nationalists permoting that stuff you metioned was the poison pill.

Rachel Haywire’s idea of fascism is what’s in Pasolini’s Salo or in Kenneth Anger films. I know a few former strippers that are nationalists now, and I know a few homosexuals aswell. I’m not uptight when it comes to sex. However permoting self destructive behavior is not good, in the West where we are expierencing low birth rates and high divorce rates.


Big problem with the movement queers is that they opine on inappropriate topics. How is a homosexual going to talk about healthy masculinity, when fatherhood and the way you interact with women are at least 50% of what it means to be a man? No matter how big your muscles or how good you are in a fight, without this you will never truly be a complete man.

The movement queers should stick to topics they do know about. Like for example, why don’t they design some fashionable yet also masculine Fascist uniforms for us?


Jack Donovan I respect, James J O Meara is just a degenerate. If he’s an example of traditionalism, then I might as well be Marxist.
Ever seen the film Salo Eric.


No I haven’t, and I don’t want to. I have read De Sade’s book upon which it’s based off, it’s all for shock value and to pass MOSTLY baseless Freudian judgments on Fascists.


It’s actually a good movie, Pasolini mostly attacks capitalism and consumerism, the De Sade book no. DeSade’s Justine however is a good book.


James O’Meara is an entertaining and literate writer. I’ve read him now and then. He’s solid on the Jews which goes a long way with me. His biggest problem is he needs an editor. His second biggest problem is tha instead of keeping it behind the scenes, he shoots himself in the foot by dragging problematic ideas about sex into white discourse. People wildly overreact to it, but it’s a problem of his own creation.

Fr. John+

Thank you for saying in one article that which I have pointed out on numerous blogs, in articles I have written, and in comment sections going back to before Little Geneva, before SWB, before OD, before DS. The ‘neo-pseudo-Pagan’ wants to go back to a time BEFORE GRACE, before Christ, before Christendom. And, when I point out them that they can’t, all hell breaks loose. When I then tell them that the covenantal promises made for them at their baptisms forever bind them, or (in the event like above, when they are a Deicide) the culture/nation they are in has long been sacramentally bound to Christ and Christendom, they can’t stand it. Not knowing how to shake off the constraints of a loving God, they ARE like Verucca Salt- salt that has lost its savor.

“It’s typified by the self-contradictory complaint that their proud warrior culture was defeated by sniveling weakling Christians.”

This is what they SAY, because they (like spoiled children) cannot or WILL NOT admit that the verity of St. Paul’s words ‘All have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God,’ applies to them.

That this shiksa is a Jewess, makes her egotism clearly understandable. She is truly ‘revolting.’

Ezra Pound

She has a website now too called “Trigger Warning”. I’ve been seeing her around for the last few weeks, and even before reading this excellent expose, her ideas came off to me as totally vapid and her prose is cloying and sophomoric. We all need to literally destroy her reputation in the New Right/Reaction community.


I’ve never understood why people who put their lives and fortunes on the line with these projects don’t exclude Jews without exception or apology. It wouldn’t be a panacea for the various problems these people face in getting moving their projects forward. But it would help. It seems people are just absolutely determined to learn the hard way.

It should be pointed out that what resources Arktos wasted on this trash the likely obtained from more traditionalist buyers who support Arktos’ work. In effect, anyone who has purchased form Arktos likely helped fund this crap. This outcome, sadly, is what happens when you climb in and buy from people who have “no principles or the wrong ones “[1]. To publish such trash clearly indicates the people running Arktos have no principles or the wrong ones or maybe a combination of both.

Melanie Saffka

Rabbi Haywire “Real” – In what could be the strangest of all of the new home recorded music to surface so far in 2004, Rabbi Haywire (who is not actually a rabbi, but instead a “Jewish female freak machine” according to her website) sings lyrics about the nature of reality, cybersexuality, and living in a post-apocalyptic dystopia over samples and beats in a little girl voice, like something out of a Philip K Dick fan’s jailbait fantasy. Of the six songs that she’s posted on her site, “Real” is the most mellow and mature, but those of you who would like to hear something far less restrained and much more mental should check out the bizarre “Hot Cybergoth Bitches,” in which she raps like some kind of cross between Strawberry Shortcake and Thurston Moore.

Greg Johnson

Yes, thank you for asking. A few years ago, a conservative fellow bought into Arktos and went to work there. He got the idea that Arktos needed to publish what I call “alibi Jews.” So they published a book by the faileocon’s chief alibi Jew, Paul Gottfried, who is now firmly ensconsed at Radix, along with Michael Hart and Byron Roth. Haywire, who was the “edgy” alibi Jew at Alt Right got in for the same reason. Fortunately, the fellow at fault is no longer involved with Arktos.


Says Greg Kohnson, the biggest failure there is, and a self-admitted supporter of Post-Maidan Jewkraine.

John Morgan

As Editor-in-Chief of Arktos, I want to point out that this isn’t correct.

Matt Parrott

Very well.

Can you tell us what the gimp’s understanding of humanity is, John? Perhaps one of you accidentally edited out a clarifying portion? Ms. Mandelson has not been forthcoming with a clarification.

I promise my next review of an Arktos title will be positive!

John Morgan

I can’t offer much insight into that. The original decision to publish the book was one of my colleagues’, not mine, and someone else edited this one. So I haven’t even read everything that’s in it, apart from Mark’s excellent intro and a few of the essays. For those who wonder why Arktos published this, it has nothing to do with some sort of “Jewish alibi” strategy or because we were somehow “duped” or whatever. We don’t want to get stuck doing just one sort of thing. Rachel’s essays are unorthodox, but it’s one particular take on an alternative to the current order of things. Some may disagree, and that’s their prerogative. We have offered many different viewpoints through Arktos over the years, all of which are unique in their own way, Rachel’s is just one of them. Also, we thought Rachel’s essays might be good for people who have never encountered Rightist thought before, and they could be seen as a sort of gateway for them, in the hopes that maybe they will get into the deeper issues later on, if this book whetted their interest. Whether that was a correct assessment or not remains to be seen, but we have received some positive feedback on the book as well.

Not all of our books fall within the purview of the New Right/traditionalism. We never wanted Arktos to be only limited to those areas. But rest assured that will always remain the main focus of what we are doing, even if we occasionally publish things that some people might not like.

In any event, I appreciate the review, Matt, even if it wasn’t positive. I’m happy to send review copies of any of our other books to you if you get in touch with me, however.

John Morgan

It actually took almost no resources to publish “The New Reaction.” And what little it did take has already been more than paid for by sales of the book itself. No other projects were bumped to publish it. As for why we published it, see my reply to Matt somewhere else on this page.

Diabolus Candidus

She’s like a kosher version of Miley Cyrus. But Miley has Illuminati handlers and a brainwashing team, so her culpability is debatable.

Greg Johnson

That’s very white of you to consider the issue objectively and even to hope for some sort of rapprochement. But it only works if one’s opponents are sincere, as opposed to inventing bad faith pretexts for movement drama.


Don’t care for the drama, this is an ideological issue. Are people who support hyper-individualism, wear their sexual depravity on their sleeves, and have quite a Jewish (because they’re Jews) outlook worthy of having their books published in one of the few pro-white and radical publishing houses around? The question is how it happened.

Lying about Hitler and calling him a pansy? Hitler went from a homeless wounded corporal with no family to the helmsmen of one of the world’s great powers–something that has granted him the infamy (and today, quickly rehabilitated by the market place of ideas known as the internet) most historically known revolutionary figure ever. Some trust-fund kike trying to subvert renewed interest in the real Hitler using a pro-white platform is worthy of controversy.


Well as someone of Serbian orgin I could bitch about the Croats and the Both Balkans Wars all day long, but hey Serbs killed Croats too. I believe Croats are my Slavic brothers. Anyways there are people in this movement I can’t stand, it doesn’t mean I’m anti white. You’re a very smart man Greg, and are very useful to this movement. However Rachel is Jewish BDSM dominatrix, and that’s the new face of traditionalism count me out. I’m no prude about sex or have don’t many issues with homosexuality, and heck I was even involved in the kink community at one point as a woman myself. So don’t you dare say I’m blindsided, for questioning someone’s moral character.

Greg Johnson

The first I have ever read of her is in the quotes above. It is worse than I ever imagined. I never wanted to read her, because I took one look and saw a Jew with weird hair and tattoos: a dumpster fire. But let’s not let creeps make a dumpster fire into a holocaust.


The fact that the Nrx community takes seriously skanks like Rachel Haywire and Ann Sterzinger perfectly explains why reactionaries never achieve anything.


Rachel Haywire and Ann Sterzinger basically compete with each other who is the most obnoxious and pretentious cunt of the two, much like their male counterparts, Greg Kohnson and Colin Cuckan Liddell, but thanks for filling in.


I don’t have a credibility problem, asshole, obviously that’s something that bothers you, and for good reason, which is why nobody reads your pathetic site so you feel the urge to drag your sorry existence to forums to remind others that you still exist by whining, because everyone has thrown you to the crapper a long time ago.

Greg Johnson

Actually, you are just an anonymous troll. There is no you there. But the things you say are pretty much self-impeaching. So you’ll run this persona into the ground and just invent a new one.


Meet your nemesis called “track record”. Greg’s idea of a white revolution and expression of the most noble traits of the white race is a crowd jumping up and down like monkeys screaming “Putin fucker” at the tune of a Jew with a broken megaphone. Stay classy, Greg, it’s good to know that you hold onto your high standards despite this world of buzz-words and pitiful slogans.


My due condolences if you haven’t figured out that she’s a skank, but it’s to be expected, from all the people posting here you’re the least qualified to do so.

Greg Johnson

No it doesn’t, not really. Because Haywire is not all that important. Just another lapse in taste and judgment by people who think they can “use” Jews and come out ahead. It just isn’t true, but it’s a widespread folly.


The lightest ass on the block is making judgements about how important others are. It’s better to realize this mistake and move forward than being used by Jews and still relegated to being a non-entity for what remains of your life, as in your case.


Me and pretty much everybody know that you are a sell-out imbecile, with even less credibility than that of Hyawaire. At least she’s fun at parties, while you suck at everything.


Greg parties on the forums, which is why I hope to scare him off to go back and do some “productive” work.

Matt Parrott

There is a debate to be had about how to respond to counter-cultural left hand path types like James O’Meara and Camille Paglia. Rachel Haywire is beneath that debate. She’s a posturing degenerate with no intellectual depth, and it’s an insult to authentic and thoughtful degenerates to lump her in with them.

While writing this, I strongly considered holding back all of my remarks about her decadent lifestyle and Jewish identity in favor of a dry critique of her ideas and her ideas alone, because I knew she would ignore the intellectual critique and make it about a nazi prude picking on her for being 2edgE4u.

Ultimately, I concluded that it’s really impossible to explain what’s going on with Rachel without her BDSM influences and Jewish identity. Rachel Haywire is an unthinking clusterfuck of Jewish neurosis and BDSM dominatrix cliches. There’s nothing else going on with her “ideas.”


I like the writings of Peter Sotos, Camille Pagila, and Jim Goad, and watch John Waters and Pasolini films. Would they be seen degenerate to some sure, put to them Rachel Haywire is a joke. She compared herself to Peter Sotos and Camille Pagila on her Twitter, I had to laugh my ass off. Unlike them she isn’t a good writer. She’s really not edgy just some fucked over used up woman. Sotos and Pagila actually intellectual in their writings, while stil stay decadent, Rachel is none of these. Arktos should pull it.

Matt Parrott

Pasolini was a talented director, to be sure. Though I read his association of Sade’s libertines with the Axis in Salo as more of a cheap shot smear of fascism than something constructive or thoughtful.

“We’re going to have some scoundrels rape a bunch of kids. Who should the scoundrels be? Nazis, of course!”

I’ve been trying on Twitter to get Rachel to explain what ideas she were trying to convey in her book, to no avail. Evidently, we just kicked Princess Pixel’s gimp for the hell of it.

She just wants to make it about antisemitism and prudishness rather than ideas, and now I’ve got her fetish subbies DMing me about how I’m an evil nazi who’s being a big meanie by challenging her ideas.

She’s advocated for a philosophy of being a sadistic bully to weaklings, then cries about being bullied by nazis and calls out her nightmare swarm of cloying orbiters to white knight in her defense when challenged.


As a half Serb I think I’m more of a victim than the Jews, but I’m not complaing.
I thought Salo was a pretty good film actually, but De Sade’s work I’d have to go with Justine personally. Rachel however is just a joke she’s not very smart, latches on to subcultures, because it’s from industrial music to BDSM. Despite not knowing much about either. I only about her from the Radix podcast, she sounded like dump valley girl. She can’t even wrap her head around what her ideas should be. Jews like Paul Gottfried who’s work is at Arktos, don’t even in the same category as her, also Tom Sunic and Alain de Benoist. Also the thought of Rachel Haywire having sex is scary, she looks like a cyborg. Having been invloved in kink myself as woman in the past not now, most of us are actually quite normal. Fringe subcultures of any type attract crazies. You’re review is excellent however. Don’t let her minions get you down 🙂


Arktos for some time now aren’t offering much else but the same repackaged shit from last year. They’re looking to cash-in from the overhyped and “controversial” status Haywire enjoys before it fades. I can see them putting some shitty figurine of her and charge an extra $50 or more for it.

Greg Johnson

It is clear that SJWs aren’t the only people who always lie. We really need better enemies, not witless, brick stupid tweakers.


I agree with most of the commentors. The real problem is Jesus was a Zionist. He was a Jew and desserved to be nailed to a cross for being a Jew. The Romans had the right idea.

Eye of Magnus

The Jews were the ones who actually wanted him nailed to the cross for challenging them.

Eye of Magnus

Well, she made a few good points, but as soon as she said “you don’t have to sit back and attempt to win over the homo inferior.” she destroyed her own credibility. As an individual, the Oligarch is nothing. All people, no matter how great they are, will still be weak if they don’t have any followers who are loyal to them, and that’s what her arrogance is preventing her from seeing. She can’t possibly be one of the “Homo superior” because she’s trying to abandon the social pyramid instead of taking her place on top of it. Radical individualism is just as much a form of weakness as its opposite.


“You can post your ideas to ‘radical Right’ websites, but what if you are Jewish?”

You make sure 100% without a doubt that you’re not an infiltrator by the way you communicate or we assume you as such!

“You must be a Zionist infiltrator. See the problem here?”

The problem is that this author, by being so obvious here as to try to openly deny that they are an infiltrator and shame those who would assume her as such as being overly critical, shows herself to be likely that which she claims she is not.

John Morgan

While I’m sorry you didn’t like the book, Matt, I nonetheless appreciate the review and the fact that you respect Arktos as a publisher. For those who share Matt’s opinion, all I can say is, hopefully you will find something more palatable in one of the over 100 other books we have published thus far.

John Morgan

That’s good to know! “Pulp Fascism” is actually Counter-Currents, not Arktos, however.

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