Pope Francis Declares War on Europe

Neither Pope Francis nor the Catholic Church deserve all the credit. They’re just the most visible. Organized Christianity has declared war on Europe, America, and the entirety of White Christendom. Pope Francis has commanded that every parish, religious community, monastery, and sanctuary harbor the overwhelmingly healthy, young, and male economic migrants, not a single one of whom is a refugee. The other major Christian institutions, including my own Orthodox Christian institution, will assuredly follow suit with similarly pathological demands that we endanger our own families and imperil our own communities, because organized Christianity is at war with the European people.

Each and every one of these migrants–a large and growing plurality of whom have nothing to do with the Syrian war zone–passed through multiple nations where they were offered safe harbor to arrive at the most wealthy European nation that would have them. The vast majority of the migrants are Islamic, some of whom have even thrown the Christian migrants off of the boats to drown on their way here. They hail from the heartland of Islamic radicalization and terrorist training, and ISIS has even declared that thousands of their operatives are among the thousands and thousands of young men whom Pope Francis commands his flock to invite into their very homes to live indefinitely.

My Christian faith isn’t shaken in the least, and neither is my Orthodox creed, as a Jewish and Masonic subversion of my faith is categorically not my faith. No true shepherd of his flock would throw wolves among his sheep and command them to stand still and be eaten. No authentic hierarch would indulge in the racial particularist racism necessary to conclude that White Christians and only White Christians must ensure their wholesale displacement, replacement, mass rape, and eventual genocide. An authentically catholic and universalist Christian order would be one where the clerics of each nation serves his parishioners, and that’s exactly what’s expected and performed in every nation that isn’t White.

They think they can excommunicate nationalist Christians for the fabricated heresy of “racism,” but they only serve to excommunicate themselves. Loyalty to one’s folk is not and has never been a heresy in the Christian faith, and it never will be, because Christianity is eternal and universal. Radical Traditionalist Christianity requires one to honor legitimate hierarchy and authority, but one also bears an obligation to rebel against and defeat an illegitimate hierarchy.

And how does one discern whether one’s hierarchy is legitimate or illegitimate? When it’s kissing Jewish rabbis, hugging Imams, welcoming Islamic radical invaders into the very heart of Christendom, and leveraging its counterfeit “authority” to destroy ancient Christian communities, then you can know for sure that the Church has been subverted, perverted, and inverted against Christ, His commandments, and His followers.

As an Orthodox Christian, the theology of all this is quite straightforward for me, and has already been worked out long ago. When a naked conflict emerges between the titular hierarch and the ancient canons and traditions of the Church, one must stand with Christ and His Church against the corrupt clergy. Plenty of Ameridox hipster converts imagine that we (White, and only White) nationalist Christians are somehow cornered because the priests and bishops have invented a heresy of white nationalism on the spot and declared us heretics of this brand new insta-canon.

But the ancient Faith doesn’t work like that.

Other denominations with different theological precedents have different ways of dealing with this phenomenon. But one thing is certain; We must not allow Christianity to be redefined to mean obeying the Pharisees, absorbing ourselves into the marketplace, and surrendering to the Islamic invaders. We must fight, and we must fight now more than ever. If our remnant does not fight valiantly enough to prove that Christianity is not integrally anti-European, then Christianity will be defeated in Europe when the people rise up to cast out everyone and everything which is set on their destruction.

We Christian nationalists are fighting on two fronts. Within the institutions, we’re fighting a powerful masonic secret society which has redefined the Faith into a radical Marxist universalism which kisses the feet of infidels and spits in the faces of its most humble and vulnerable parishioners. Outside the institutions, we’re fighting the honest and open enemies of Christ who are relying on this situation to confirm that Christianity itself is evil because it entails our genocide.

The only way to defeat the latter is to defeat the former. The only way to save Christianity in the West, to guarantee that it isn’t purged along with everything else anti-European when the tide of identity and patriotism inevitably rolls in, is to fight this battle within our respective churches with everything we have. It is not a battle against non-White, interracial, or multicultural Christians. It is not a fight against the “Christians” who are actively set about destroying our cultures which happen to be racially White.

We are to fight for an authentically inclusive universalism, not a hypocritical universalism which excludes our race and ethnicities. We are to ally with the foreigner and non-White traditionalist Christians who are proving our most reliable allies. This is a global struggle, and it is our enemies, not ourselves, who will be shown to be the wicked ones consumed with racial hatred, racial hatred of Whites folks.

The infidels are spilling through Vienna into the heart of Europe as we speak. The masonic conspirators have embedded themselves behind the iconostases. While physical battle isn’t tactically appropriate at this time, the battle of ideas, the battle of wills, must be fought with the vitality and vigor of a Crusader on the field of battle. The occultists in funny costumes (what is a cassock but a silly dress when the man wearing it is a political agent of subversion?) would have you believe that our immortal souls are imperiled because we fight for tribe and tradition when the opposite is the truth.

If you are among the few who recognize that our ancient Christian tribes and our ancient Christian faith are facing an existential threat, and you don’t call their ecclesiastical bluffs and crash through their saccharine moralizing excuses for White Genocide and Jewish Power, then your immortal soul is imperiled if you refuse to join the fight to rescue Western Christendom at this pivotal hour when its very survival hangs by a thread. Christianity is alive and strong outside the West, and we have brothers abroad who are our allies against the masonic conspiracy. Hold fast, brothers in Christ, because not only do we have allies in the East and Global South, but we have an invincible ally in God and His angels.

Gott mit uns!



Amen brother. I would love to hear more about the allies from east and south. The Catholic Church should have been the final bulwark against the serpent cult but sadly is becoming through papa gaia the foundation of antichrist one world religion. Pope and Obama work together in a sort of demonic mockery of Orthodox symphony of church and monarch , it’s really stunning the similarities between these two NWO warriors, and how closely their respective evil projects align.

Brian Windsor

Despite the high church tax in Germany, there is no support of the German people by the Catholic church. Germany is now doomed.


Yeah, but it’s tax from registred Catholics not people of Germany as they are. Besides Church in far game doesn’t care about existence of country named Germany or nation of Germans.


What do you expect to happen to a club anyone with a pulse can join? No racial doctrine or defense= Jew infiltration inevitable.


The Churches in Germany are doing what’s good for their institutions. Many of these invaders are converting to Christianity, which is filling the empty pews. It doesn’t matter who is going to church, it’s a club with no standards at all for members. It could be a serial rapist cannibal, but as long as he puts in the collection plate and goes to church every sunday, all will be forgiven.

What is happening in Europe right now as the Jew oligarchs and churches collaborate against the people of the West is disgraceful, and goes to show that “throne and altar” will never be on par with blood & soil in national maintenance.

Mostly irreligious (agnostic, atheist, catholic on christmas, etc) East Germans are the ones leading the struggle against the invasion of their country, with the Catholic and Protestant churches mercilessly shaming those who seek to use self-defense. Because they don’t take this stuff seriously, the Church’s pathetic attempts to use Jesus or threats of going to hell when Germans burn down asylum centers fall on deaf ears LOL.

If you absolutely need Christianity in your life, Orthodoxy is probably the only way you can worship without supporting your own destruction, and not even most of the branches and probably not forever.

I don’t see really what the point is in mentioning that the refugees are Islamic by the way. Would it make any difference if these Arabs and Africans were Christians? Absolutely not, the result would be exactly the same, but the disturbing universalism and globalism inherit to many branches of Christianity says different.

Blood and soil > Throne and altar. I’m not a “Jew -on-a-stick” critic, but really, anyone who thinks these clerics should have any sort of role in a future Western rebirth is utterly insane. How much more can certain trads rationalize and make excuses for these scum?

Raymond Daniels

“It could be a serial rapist cannibal, but as long as he puts in the collection plate and goes to church every sunday, all will be forgiven.”
That isn’t exactly how it works. I don’t believe financial gain is what is driving the Church’s pathological altruism. Most of the invaders are dirt poor and offer absolutely nothing financially. In fact most are an outright drain on the coffers. I would guess that most of their work is supported by the tithing that is paid by the locals, not the “refugees” themselves.


Has anyone ever asked Francis about the rapes and murders our christian and non-christian Arab and African brothers are committing against our most vulnerable, our elderly and our children? Will the Catholic Church stand up like men and answer for their Jew-enabling policies, or will they turtle up in their dresses and tell us to forgive the invaders while their adherents make excuses for them like a woman beholden to an abusive drunk husband?

Next time Francis visits, someone should infiltrate the crowd and ask this turd that question. Proddies and Catholics are quieter than a mouse as baptized elderly Germans who pay the extraordinarily high church tax to keep these ingrates in business are being evicted out of their own homes to make room for Arabs and blacks who don’t belong in Europe no matter WHAT their confession is reason is!


I’m afraid there’s very few real ‘men’ left in the Christian faith. the fact that many european nations are becoming rape hellholes tells me a lot; that the men of these women are doing NOTHING to stop this.. And I am speaking as a woman but not trying to demonise all men, of course!

Phillip Romanski

I think it’s pretty obvious who’s sending the migrants. Since ISIS officially threatened to send some half a million people this February (http://goo.gl/bLrbdb), migrants have been flooding Christian Europe non-stop. Curious enough, they don’t pass through Muslim countries like Albania, Bosnia, or Kosovo, but Orthodox Christian ones like Greece to Macedonia to Serbia and then enter the EU whose leftist and Jewish-influenced leadership is stupid enough to let them stay.
I’ve been unfortunate enough to come face-to-face with these so-called “REFUGEES” who pass through my country in their route to the EU, and can say first hand that these are some fierce extremists that’ll stop at nothing to reach their goal. Just yesterday they started trowing rocks and firecrackers at the Macedonian police who were checking them in to be transported to Serbia. I guess they perceive Europe as an open field they can fill-up and destroy, without any regard for the rich history, religion, and culture of the native peoples.
Thousands of Muslims flock European countries everyday now, destroying EU economies and currencies, making an environmental mess, stealing and raping along the way, and on top of that – are without any plan to even remotely assimilate to European culture. And even so, seats that mean so much to European religious/social integrity and sustainability like the Pope impatiently long to take their followers down the pit of Jewish manipulation that holds a never-ending desire to destroy European society, culture, and Christian traditions.

Phillip Romanski

I guess you’re right. But I didn’t meant like assimilate to Germans or anything – that would be preposterous. What I mean are the slightest social and cultural characteristics: like adopting the country’s language or the nation’s social norms. They’re unwilling to remotely change their ways and ideologies of prosecuting non-Muslims, Christians or otherwise. That’s the problem.


Why? “African-Americans” fill your criteria, and Baltimore, the Bronx, South Chicago and Detroit make Malmo and London’s Muslim “no-go zones” look like upper middle-class neighborhoods.

Don’t see why we have to budge or compromise here. Get the Jews out of power, send ALL the migrants HOME, built a giant wall across all of Europe’s borders with Asia and Africa, and stop supporting the terrorists trying to topple Assad for Israel’s benefit.

Phillip, this isn’t a war against your church, this is a war against your race. You need to fight your enemy on the same frequency, or you are doomed to lose.

Phillip Romanski

that’s right! I totally agree. Guess my thinking in this certain case might in
part be influenced by the situation in my society and the social problems my
nation faces every day. I suppose my upbringing in a strongly balkanized and
polarized “multi-cultural” society forces me to be more pessimistic in the
situation of finally destroying the Jewish dismantlement of European society. But, you’re right. This is a was against our existence.
A war we must fight no matter what.


What do you mean by saying “macedonia”?
Undoubtly you meant Vardarsca which borders on with the northern province of Greece which is Macedonia.



I don’t white knight for Muslims, I am stating the obvious fact that if
all these Arabs and Africans converted to Christianity they would still
be raping and murdering whites and destroying Europe. ISIS doesn’t rape
40,000 white women in America every year, “Methodists” (far more than
“Muslims” in European countries per capita do outside of Somalis) do.
The only white knights here are conservatives like you that think their
religion makes any difference when this is an issue of RACE. Even
social-democrats in Eastern European EU states are admitting this.

If your anti-immigration argument is going to be that these people are in
ISIS, then you are building it up on a deck of cards, since most of the mare not. It reminds me of the cuckservative argument that we need to control the US-Mexico border because Bin Laden might sneak in in the back of a tomato truck. ISIS is a fake
organization that depends on logistics and mercenaries from the Pentagon, Riyadh, and
Tel Aviv, it will be deactivated as soon as it fulfills its goals of
creating a buffer zone within the anti-imperialist, social-nationalist
and authentically traditionalist Shia bloc that Zionists and their
wahaabi lackeys hate and fear.


Another thing OrthoPrax, is that Shia Muslim organizations like Hezbollah, unlike the Catholic Church and Protestant groups, are condemning this invasion of Europe. They have their own reasons (they correctly assert that the USA, Israel ,and EU are draining Syria’s pool of young men to leave the Syrian Arab Army without people to conscript in their war against terror) , but this is laudable none the less. If you want to make this about an Islamic conspiracy, read about the snipped-prick Goy-haters that are racially replacing us with an iron fist.

Give credit where its due. Even the plague that is Albanians care more about Europe than Pope Francis or the Protestant leadership of Germany. They are demanding Germany stop giving incentives for third world invaders to flood the continent.


That’s because you keep deleting your “objections” like a coward. You literally just did it again Ortho Prax

I was being facetious when I said Methodists instead of negroes. It was
to demonstrate a point that people like you have cognitive dissonance
about: the problem with the immigrants is their race, not their
religion. Making this about Christians vs Muslims when most Europeans
don’t even believe in Christianity, and most Muslims fleeing obviously
share at least some of these secular feelings (if not they wouldn’t be
immigrating to degenerate Europe) is cuckservative-rooted fear of
talking about RACE.

Europe and Western civilization are a racial
phenomenon, the Christian aspect is just a footnote that could’ve taken
on any other form had history swung differently (including Islam, or
Buddhism), since it reflects from the blood. That is why 85 million
Christians in Nigeria will never produce a Bach.


Yeah, that’s why we Catholic doesn’t care much about European civilisation. Civilisations are just vessels of divine truth, but they themselves belong to material world, they’re just temporary.


It has never been harder to defend Christianity than right now. Every sect and denomination has gone all-in on genocide, from the SBC, to the Catholics, to the top Orthodox leaders in Greece denouncing Golden Dawn.

This isn’t the Christianity of Dante and Aquinas. Anyone who believes otherwise is delusional.

Fr. John+

Actually, it is! This is why the Orthodox have long held that the RCC (Roman Catholic CULT) is not, and has not been part of Christendom, for over 1000 years, whereas the Protestants have known it for ‘only’ 500 years…

As someone once wrote of Dr. Farrell’s book, “God, History, & Dialectic”-
“The whole point is that with the filoque phrase the Catholic Church adopted, Catholics don’t even worship the same God as the Orthodox. Here is a blog entry that touches on the essence of that book:

“It would never be enough for the Papacy to simply scrap the filioque, let alone to
simply ‘clarify’ it. To become Orthodox, the Roman Catholics would have to
dispense with the entire piety and the entire system of ecclesiology,
eschatology, soteriology, theology, christology, mysteriology, pnuematology,
etc. that are the product of the filioque.

The papists are not simply in schism but are in fact worshipping a different god, a
god that does not exist, a god of their imagination. They are no church, their
bishops are not bishops, and their mysteries are no mysteries at all.

No merely formal and juridical act of either lifting anathemas or God forbid
con-celebration would change that. It might, however, change us, if we join ourselves
to the cup of Belial. Better that we die in flame and agony than be united to
those who created the filioque out of their heresies and impieties, who
repudiated their apostolic succession by altering the apostolic creed.

Let me be anathema if I be joined to them.”

Rome has now ‘fully self-actualized’ her own apostate character. More’s the pity. Europe needs Christendom now, more than ever.


General Martin Dempsey was quoted as saying US military analysts believe the refugee crisis will continue for at least another 20 years. The US military has access to all kinds of information and analytical ability that most people don’t. I can’t help but wonder if that’s someone’s formal timeline projection for genocide. Dempsey’s main concern was right-wing parties coming to power not the impact of refugees on Europe.

I think in Europe it’s hard to see many options for people at this point besides guerilla warfare, insurgency, assassination and other violence against the ruling elites. Probably futile, but maybe better than going out as a slave.


This might be unrelated, but it’s also sickening to see how priests and clerics in America are by and large leaving Kim Davis out to dry. They’re telling her to RESIGN rather than stand her ground and fight. Some of them are so pathetic that they’re bringing up her divorces as an excuse not to provide her moral support she deserves.

I’m starting to see a pattern here. If you think you can carry the 20 ton boulder on your back that is 90% of all Churches towards resistance and succeed, think again. Keep the Church and politics separate, because if you’re expecting them to march with you against the Jews and their paid tyrants, don’t be surprised when you turn around and nobody is there.

The Church’s opportunism is by no means a modern problem either. Take a look at how the Catholic Church supported Protestant Jew-pawn William of Orange against James II, even as thousands of Catholics shed their blood in their own defense. Catholic Church cuts off its nose to spite its face thinking it will lead to short-term privileges and riches to please the powers that be .

Diabolus Candidus

No true shepherd of his flock would throw wolves among his sheep and command them to stand still and be eaten.

This for me is the worst part as a papist. The Supreme Pontiff has invited wolves not only into the homelands, but the homes of Christians. It’s hard to re-evangelize Europe when the Bishop of Rome has signaled that it’s not worth saving.

To put it a different way, imagine that the Rigby family was approached by their parish priest to house an Eritrean family.

In case anyone wants a different Catholic perspective on the migrant situation and the Pope’s invitation, take a look at this.


The Catholic Church and the “Bergoglio Party” are at odds also on the immigration question. Bergoglio states that there are masses of people, who, because of hunger, have the absolute and unmitigated right to emigrate to our Countries.

However, if the current flow of migrants were really caused by hunger the drama of [lack of] food should be dealt with there [in their own countries] not by forcing the hungry to uproot their lives and find themselves in the hands of the merchants of death.

The Church has always taught differently from Bergoglio on this issue. John Paul II for example, said that: “the primary right of man is [to be able ] to live in his own country: a right, however, becomes effective only if the factors that spur immigration are constantly monitored”.

And Benedict XVI repeated: “In the current socio-political context… the right not to immigrate must be affirmed even before the right to immigrate, that is to say – to be in the condition to remain in one’s own country”.

Likewise, the African Church, in line with the perennial Magisterium until Wojtyla and Ratzinger, speaks even now of the duty not to immigrate.



Well, dude. Europeans for 300 years were mostly trying to destroy and subvert church. Their lands and lands conquered by them (USA) were those to oppose primate of Holy Pontifix.
And now you’re surprised that Vatican see us as a cannon fodder not primal ground for New Evangelisation. Sorry those guys on boats have better chances to convert on Catholicism than this rotting corpse of sub-continent.


Brilliant read, thank you. On the one hand, it is obvious that the terror in Syria is the work of the satanic zionists/talmudists – depopulating Syrias native population to make way for what – Jewish migration into thse regions in order to fulfil their greater Israel project. This also will flood European Christian nations with non europeans and non christians (even though SOME are genuine refugees having suffered horrifically) hence leading to the destruction of european nations – exactly what the Jews want. I am too sickened by the cultural marxism poison of so many so called christians, and yes even ‘orthodox’ christians. I see orthodox christians grovel at the feet of europeans who commit the horror of misgenation and therefore self-genocide and if you say anything, oh you’re just a ‘racist’, you know, a word invented by jewish communists mass murderers. I have been ostracised by so called christians for calling out the jews and their war on christanity, for example the bolsheveik revolution, and for pointing out the fallacies of the holocaust narrative. And there’s no doubt that orthodoxy has been infiltrated by masonic forces; we have this problem in Australia and I know family who have suffered as a result of trying to expose this. Nothing is being done to address WHY the war on Syria is happening; who is behind it. It’s simlply – oh let’s flood the nations of our ancestors with millions of foreigners, most with no paperwork, and to hell with the consequences. I’m afraid the hierarchy of the church, well certainly many, have proven themelves to be self serving fraudsters and brainwashed cultural marxists, but they don’t realise it. And God forbid if we want our fellow european brothers and sisters to marry within their own kind; I have no shame in expressing my distaste when a fellow kin decides to bring some oriental and negroid into our community. Usually the smug arrogance on their face tells me everything I need to know about these freaks. I’m not saying that because I dislike negroies or orientals; they are people of God as well, of course. We are going from bad to worse.


May I ask what Trad Youth thinks of the Patriarch Bartholomew’s dialogue with

Pope Francis? Is this good or does it expose something sinister about the Patriarch. I have family who dislike him but I am just not sure as I don’t know enough

Mac Tírě

Eric Striker seems to be the only one here who doesn’t have his head up his ass. No universal creeds. Whites have been in Europe for tens of thousands of years, Christian in some places for less than a thousand. There are other paths to the divine more appropriate for us without the need of a belief in the desert demon yahweh or his fictitious son.


The crypto-Jew Jesuit Pope Just Asked Every Catholic Parish In Europe To Take In A Refugee Family: Anti-protestant, Anti-white, and White genocide.

Neither Pope Francis nor the Catholic Church deserve all the credit. They’re just the most visible. Organized Christianity has declared war on Europe, America, and the entirety of White Christendom.






Pope praises Sweden’s genocide against White



Aaron Gross

Interesting article as usual, Matt. Your reference to “fighting on two fronts” reminds me of Carl Schmitt’s Theory of the Partisan and his discussion there of his concept of the “real enemy.” Schmitt used the example of the French general Salan, who believed that he was fighting on two fronts, against the Algerian rebels and against the real enemy, the French government at home. You might want to read it if you haven’t already.

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