Astroturf vs Organic: TradWorker Against the Two-Party System

The Political System of America has been Astroturf for at least the last several decades. The Democrats and Republicans are funded now almost exclusively through big business, lobbyists, mega-donors, and Super PACs that have removed the voice of the people from American politics., a donor watchdog group found that in 2010,

The Democratic Governors Association and Republican Governors Association share 48 top donors, a Center for Responsive Politics analysis of the group’s top 100 non-individual donors indicates. Of these 48 donors, 45 are corporations and three are trade associations, the Center finds. This reinforces the maxim that companies seek access to politicians, and by donating to both parties, they ensure that access regardless of which party holds majority. High profile donors that give to both sides include Comcast, Wal-Mart, Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, Coca-Cola, AFLAC and Verizon. The majority of these corporations donate about the same amount of money to both sides with five corporations giving exactly 50%: Novartis Corp, Kolhberg & Co, KKR & Co, Jacobs Entertainment Inc. and Intuit Inc.”

With the two major parties sharing the same donors, the donors will be able to directly steer and influence political policy. In modern America no matter who wins the election, the voters and their families are the ones who lose.

Corporations like Wal-Mart support Free Trade agreements that hurt American business by flooding in cheap foreign goods.  Then Wal-Mart has been busted hiring illegals, refusing to hire Americans for the jobs they can’t outsource. In 2005, the company was fined 11 million dollars for knowingly hiring illegal immigrants to work and then trying to cover up this fact when the Federal government investigated.

Wal-Mart also actively supports outsourcing American jobs to sweatshops in China and around the world. It was found that,

Wal-Mart was responsible for $27 billion in U.S. imports from China in 2006 and 11% of the growth of the total U.S. trade deficit with China between 2001 and 2006. Wal-Mart’s trade deficit with China alone eliminated nearly 200,000 U.S. jobs in this periodThe manufacturing sector and its workers were hardest hit by the growth of Wal-Mart’s imports. Wal-Mart’s increased trade deficit with China eliminated 133,000 manufacturing jobs, 68% of those jobs lost from Wal-Mart’s imports. Jobs in the manufacturing sector pay higher wages and provide better benefits than most other industries.”

Wal-Mart just like many other large corporations has a vested interest in working both sides of the political aisle so that they can continue to ship jobs overseas and keep the borders open because it adds a huge amount of money to the companies’ bottom line, while hurting millions of working families as communities are ravaged by losing factories that provide major sources of income to the area and the loss of millions of secondary jobs for support industries.

Closing factories and other places for manufacturing sends a cascading avalanche of job losses through the local and national economy.  Just one example is when,

GM closed its 4.1 million-square-foot Moraine Assembly operation in late 2008, laying off 2,170 hourly workers. The event led to the loss of another 10,850 indirect jobs (for a total of 13,020 jobs lost) in the immediate vicinity of the plantjob losses cascaded through GM’s supply chain, with the elimination of another 3,334 jobs: DMAX laid off 645 workers; Jamestown Industries laid off 80 workers; Johnson Controls laid off 130 workers; PMG Ohio laid off 70 workers; Plastech laid off 88 workers; four Delphi plants that supplied Moraine laid off 2,120 workers; Tenneco laid off 118 workers; and EFTEC laid off 83 workersAs a result, the total number of indirect jobs lost due to the Moraine plant shutdown was 27,520. In all 33,024 workers were impacted by closing one large factory.

The Republicans and Democrats both support the current Free Trade agreements and even expanding Free Trade in the near future, this has not changed from the bipartisan coalition to pass NAFTA in 1993 that had over 100 Democrats join House of Representative Republicans in supporting what would eventually end up costing America over ten million industrial jobs. The two Parties are two sides of the same coin, both corrupt and both working against the interests of all Americans, but especially those of us who are White.

The jobs that stay in America are also hurt by declining wages, benefits, and opportunities for working families. The New York Times reported thatincreased globalization, aided by a strong dollar that led to a persistent trade deficit, reduced the annual earnings of the roughly 70 percent of American workers without college degrees by about $1,800” with the number most likely being much larger. Every day as more legal and illegal immigrants flood into America the economic impact on the working and middle class increases.

Under George W. Bush and Barrack Obama the policies towards immigration and Free Trade have been in practice the exact same thing, the paymasters for the Republicans and the Democrats set the policy, not the candidates who are elected. This is what Corneliu Codreanu was referring to when he said,

Democracy serves big business. Because of the expensive, competitive character of the multiparty system, democracy requires ample funds. It therefore naturally becomes the servant of the big international Jewish financiers, who enslave her by paying her. In this manner, a nation’s fate is placed in the hands of a clique of bankers.”

We all live in a world that now is controlled almost exclusively by the banking elite and various corporations, all who are working in their own best interest to move not only America but the entire world to being a globalist nightmare. These forces move politicians to work against the interests of working families and everyday folks. HowCongressislikeTVs

The policies and actions of both the Republicans and Democrats are nearly identical to one another going back decades. As Governor Huey Long said in the 1930s,

The only difference I ever found between the Democratic leadership and the Republican leadership is that one of them is skinning you from the ankle up and the other, from the ear down.

Some things never change.

The 2012 election season showcased how big financial interests like Jewish mega-donor and Zionist war-hawk Sheldon Adelson were able to buy politicians with in 2012 the “casino billionaire spent around $150 million” on Mitt Romney. Of course on the Democrat side, Jewish globalists like George Soros pump money into campaigns and Super PACs to ensure that the only candidates able to to compete in the primaries and the general election are properly vetted and found to be acceptably kosher.

Just ask Governor Chris Christie about how severely Jewish power holds a stranglehold on American politics, especially after he accidentally referred to Palestine as being “occupied territories” in a speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s spring meeting in Las Vegas. Governor Christie wasforced to apologize to billionaire Republican party donor Sheldon Adelson” for the remark.

Governor Christie shills for Israel harder than almost any Republican politician, but one remark that offended the Jews was enough to guarantee that he will never be President. Without Jewish money and power behind your campaign you are never going to reach the highest levels of power, those are kept for Jews of course and the goyim who are able to follow the Jewish globalist party line one hundred percent of the time.

Beyond America’s rich elite lies another nation Astroturfing our politics, Israel. AIPAC is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and it is undeniably one of the most influential lobbying groups in Washington D.C. AIPAC is literally the paid arm of the Israeli government to bribe, influence and threaten American politicians into supporting pro-Israeli policies. Several influential professors wrote that,

AIPAC’s success is due to its ability to reward legislators and congressional candidates who support its agenda, and to punish those who challenge it. … AIPAC makes sure that its friends get strong financial support from the myriad pro-Israel PACs. Those seen as hostile to Israel, on the other hand, can be sure that AIPAC will direct campaign contributions to their political opponents. … The bottom line is that AIPAC, which is a de facto agent for a foreign government, has a stranglehold on the U.S. Congress. Open debate about U.S. policy towards Israel does not occur there, even though that policy has important consequences for the entire world.”

Democrats and Republicans have all learned to play ball when it comes to the Israel question. The entire foreign policy of the United States is held hostage by a foreign nation and a foreign people.

British political analyst Tanya Cariina Hsu wrote for the Centre for Research on Globalization that,

AIPAC works with a heavy but quiet fist. It has been using propaganda and threats for decades because it works. Having tried unsuccessfully to influence the British government in the 1940s, the Zionist body switched to manipulating the US Congress because it was an easier more malleable target, as the officials admitted themselves. Thanks to the multi-million dollar multi-generational policy of organisation couple with implied blackmail, every US Senator and Representative will at the very least look the other way when Israel continues to violate international laws, occupy and steal Palestinian territory, illegally blockade Palestinians, and bomb innocent civilians. The alternative is the end to a political career.”

AIPAC has also been used as a domestic spying front for the Israeli government as proven when Lawrence Franklin, a Pentagon analyst pleaded guilty to espionage charges of giving top secret information to several head members of AIPAC. This is not just day to day intelligence that is being collected, but top secret intelligence that is being directly stolen by a foreign government.

Jonathan Jay Pollard is one of the best known spies that Israel hired to work against the United States, convicted in 1987 for giving the Israelis military secrets, schematics of equipment and other pieces of high value intelligence. Newsweek reported that “the Jewish state’s primary target: America’s industrial and technical secrets” and that “No other country close to the United States continues to cross the line on espionage like the Israelis do.” The Israelis are stealing our secrets, killing our military like in the case of the attack on the USS Liberty and buying our politicians through Israeli and Jewish billionaire donations. gggg

The list of groups that promote an entirely Jewish agenda like AIPAC and Super PACs like JStreetPACNorPACJoint Action Cmte for Political Affairs, and the Emergency Committee for Israel all work to bribe, cajole and threaten our election politicians into putting Israel first, not America first.

Through the ever increasing number of Super PACs mega-donors like Adelson were able to funnel ridiculous amounts of money they did not have to disclose to organizations that promote an agenda of Free Trade, open borders, increased legal immigration, an abandonment of Traditional values and warmongering. In 2012 alone  Adelson was able to hide donations to the tune of tens of millions of dollars,

“[…] by giving to political nonprofits, which don’t have to report their donors like super PACs and other political groups do. Huffington Post reports that Adelson gave between $30 and $40 million to Crossroads GPS, the Karl Rove-founded political nonprofit, and at least $15 million to organizations linked to the Koch brothers, such as their nonprofit Americans for Prosperity. He also gave millions to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, another political heavy hitter that doesn’t disclose his donors.”

The political elite of both sides of the aisle are in bed with one another and with the globalist power structure leaving the common man and his wife and children left out in the cold, ignored and abandoned by those who are supposed to be their advocates and stewards. We need leadership and political organization that is not bought and paid for by the Jewish bankers and their corporate whores. We need organic leadership based in the principles of Faith, family and folk. This is the mission of the Traditionalist Worker Party, to be the embodiment of the will of the people, to fight for the interests of the common man and to secure for our entire extended family a better and more glorious future then our people have ever known.

While the Republicans and Democrats have top down leadership, with lobbyists and donors at the top, dictating the policies for candidates and the voters, the Traditionalist Worker Party is going to be a movement run from the bottom up. We believe that the people have a right to a voice and therefore our Party must make that voice heard.

While the two major Parties tell people what to think, we aim to listen. Currently the Traditionalist Worker Party is organizing town hall style meetings in areas where we have had locals contact us about starting chapters and getting involved. We will be hosting our first community town hall meeting in the Cincinnati area on October 3rd, one in Western Kentucky on October 17th and several others planned over the next two months.

These meetings will focus on hearing what issues the people are facing and develop strategies to help them and their local communities. Just one example of how town hall meetings are effective to building a political base can be shown by our recent meeting with locals in Beattyville Kentucky that awakened us to the issue that the majority of the town and local area does not have reliable high speed internet, cell phone signal is unreliable, there are poor educational opportunities for young people to learn real skills and drug abuse is rampant among many sections of the population. Beattyville and hundreds of towns like it have been abandoned by the political class and allowed to grind to a halt economically and socially, with no relief in sight.

LBJ when he launched the “War on Poverty” promised relief to Appalachia but instead over the past five decades the area has lost millions of jobs and has continued to fall behind the metropolitan areas of the Empire in everything from infant mortality to nutrition, life expectancy, quality of infrastructure and overall happiness of the residents. These people, our people, need help and no one in the GOP or the Democratic Party is going to help them, only the Traditionalist Worker Party offers hope and can bring the needed reforms and changes that Beattyville and many places like it need.

These children deserve a future, it is our duty to fight for it!

These White Appalachian children deserve a future, it is our duty to fight for it!

Our activists in that region will work in a coalition with residents on bettering the lives of the citizens economically, socially, physically and morally. Our people don’t just need to maintain our heritage and Identity, they need hope for their region, they need jobs with living wages, they need access to medical care and they need to be fully represented politically.

We will be signing up new members, distributing activism packets and selecting candidates to run in both the 2016 election cycle and the 2018 midterms. By building our ground game within local churches, social organizations and other groups we can become part of the community and thus be able to better be stewards and representatives of the people who give us their support.

Another project the Traditionalist Worker Party is beginning is talking to employees in businesses that currently have no organized labor representation, often due to the fact that most modern unions have become tools of the Democrats, the anti-White agenda and various globalist interests. We will work to begin organizing workers to promote Third Positionist economics to find ways to work with employers to not only take better care of the workers, but make businesses more productive and effective.

The Traditionalist Worker Party does not promote class war, instead we promote class collaboration to help synthesize the interests of workers and owners to find ways to help both sides. Workers have a right and a duty to organize to ensure they aren’t taken advantage of in regards to wages and working conditions but employers also have a right to be able to reap profits from their investment of time and money they spent in creating the business.

Ultimately, employers win in the long-run, too, when their employees are healthy, fertile, prosperous, and secure. While going will be slow, the way to take the working class away from the Left is to provide them stewards who will fight for their interests, their values and their families. The Traditionalist Worker Party will organize and mobilize workers to help them fight for their interests both on the factory floor and at the ballot box.

The great Louisiana Governor Huey Long said “I do not want the voice of the people shut out” and he showed it with building thousands of miles of roads, hundreds of new schools, universities, giving textbooks to the poor, creating new job opportunities for thousands of unemployed men and also by giving the people a political voice against the interests of the Standard Oil Company and other corporate interests that had long run Louisiana politics through both bribery and threats.

Like Governor Long and the European nationalists of the 20th century believe that the voice of the people should no longer be shut out from politics. From soapboxes, the beds of pickup trucks, tables in small town diners and everywhere we can find, the Traditionalist Worker Party will be fighting to give a voice to the voiceless. The silent majority no longer has to be silent because a movement by them and for them is rising up.

The future belongs to the bold and the righteous and that is why we will brush aside the corrupt and treasonous Democrat and Republican Parties and fight for a State that will secure a future for our blood, our culture, our Faith and for generations to come. Tomorrow belongs to us comrades, the corrupt traitors and globalist evil shall one day soon be purged and in its place will rise like a phoenix a civilization, once again healthy and whole, free from stain and corruption, and moving united towards a glorious future. United, we will win. Hail victory


ps mike

Great piece, Matt. I follow your work and I have read about Corneliu Codreanu on the internet, as you mention him frequently. It seems the battle between the working class and elites is as old as time eternal. I don’t know if you have read about Shay’s Rebellion, but that was my confirmation that there really never has been freedom after I questioned everything I’d ever been taught after the banker bailouts in 2008. I have come to hate Alexander Hamilton for what he did. Anyway, I thought you might find John Taylor of Caroline, a contemporary of Thomas Jefferson, to be an interesting figure. He was a strong states rights advocate, and he though the threat of succession was both a legitimate and powerful tool. Here is a passage on paper money and bribery of the legislature that I believe is relevant today as ever:

“Taylor took solid liberal ground in holding that men were a mixture of good and evil. Self-interest was the only real constant in human action. . . . . Indeed, while other thinkers, from Thomas Jefferson to Federalist John Adams, agonized over the need for a virtuous citizenry, Taylor took the view that ‘the principles of a society may be virtuous, though the individuals composing it are vicious.'”[6] Taylor’s solution to the effects of factionalism was to “remove the base from under the stock jobbers, the banks, the paper money party, the tariff-supported manufacturers, and so on; destroy the system of patronage by which the executive has corrupted the legislature; bring down the usurped authority of the Supreme Court.” [7] “The more a nation depends for its liberty on the qualities of individuals, the less likely it is to retain it. By expecting publick good from private virtue, we expose ourselves to publick evils from private vices.” [8]

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