HUD and HBO’s “Show Me A Hero”: Whites Aren’t Committing Suicide, They’re Being Murdered

Show Me a Hero

I’ll say it outright: I’m an anti-Semite. My perspective on Jews isn’t based on xenophobic prejudice, or because they killed Jesus–it’s about tracing seemingly unrelated threads (to the naked eye) and uncovering the point of origin of the deadly threat to my people, my civilization, and even my individual well-being. I don’t want to force them to convert to any religion, I don’t want to impede on their culture, I just want them to leave me and my kind alone.

The feeling is not reciprocated for reasons of blood, philosophy, and history out of my power; but ripping down the curtain is what we can do. Having an open forum about Jews in society ought to be seen as a national PATRIOT Missile that comes with the turf of any organization trying to intercept the social salvos being aimed specifically at our women and children, with their education system and cultural powers as the root of the problem. Any organization that purposely omits this factor is reprehensible, every dollar they spend and conference they host is in vain.

Unlike Israel, a warmongering terror state that would not last a day without the bread AIPAC’s well-dressed Gypsies snatch from our family’s dinner table, we have a moral right to exist, and resist.

That said, while Richard Wagner was a brilliant man, I don’t share his “retroactive” anti-Semitism either. The great German composer is alleged to have at times enjoyed some piece of art by a person of Jewish ancestry, and after learning of the creator’s ancestry, would turn on a dime and condemn it for being Jewish. This kind of “crackpot anti-Semitism” was criticized even by Doctor Joseph Goebbels, but just because some knee-jerk individuals share many of my views about Jews does not mean the case against them isn’t damning.

In my case, I go into every Jewish produced television show, film, book, or music with anthropological objectivity–a blank but attentive slate. The overwhelming majority of the time, the politicized “entertainment” and its toxic waste covers my brain in droppings like the rude Seagulls do to parked cars at Atlantic City. In fact, sometimes I’m forced to do the reverse of what Wagner does: I’ll see a vicious attack on my right to exist or even human dignity in general being put out under a really non-Jewish name, and usually have my suspicions confirmed later when the ‘Smith’ turns out to be a bona fide Goldblatt. Keenness and the ability to notice patterns is not a crime. If this means we “hate”, then that means the CSI investigator cracking the murder case also “hates” the perpetrator.

David Simon, known for the brilliant show The Wire , was one of my exceptions. His portrait of urban decay in collapsing America was refreshingly realistic, from the law-of-the-jungle stupid violence of inner city blacks, to the struggle for survival of Polish-American dock workers under attack by Jewish real estate capitalists and the “diverse” experience of being a white person trapped in Baltimore.

I respected The Wire because Simon let the characters speak for themselves, without too much of his Jewy input. This is because they were based on real people he covered during his tenure at the Baltimore Sun.

But his new mini-series, Show Me A Hero, is an explosive emission of the disgusting Judaic fart he’s been holding in this entire time. Show Me A Hero is also based on a true story, but it comes with a pre-packaged conclusion: demonize the white citizens Yonkers, New York for resisting a push by organized Jewry to expand public housing in their communities. For those of you in (what’s left of) Europe or elsewhere, “public housing” in America does not mean little old ladies happily tending the communal garden not having to worry about a roof over their heads, it’s an esoteric way of saying “we’re going to fill up your white neighborhood with violent blacks and Puerto Ricans after specifically instructing them to hate and kill people of European descent in their schools and in the mass culture they consume”.

The Artillery Softening Up White Defense

Show Me a Hero

Show Me a Hero

Before we recount the story of the battle of Yonkers, we need some primer first: Simon’s show has obviously been timed to “coincide” with the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) announcement that they will collect demographic data on majority white neighborhoods across the country, seeking to arbitrarily racially mix them by legal diktat.

The political effect Show Me A Hero is meant to have is similar to the role Jew Milos Forman’s The People vs Larry Flynt played while Congress debated legislation regulating the availability of internet pornography (The Communications Decency Act) in 1996. The movie was meant to morally undermine and quell the public’s fears of children accessing internet pornography. With great JudenSnark, the media dubbed it “The Great CyberPorn Panic of 1995”, which they painted the CDA as an extension of. It was soon after repealed, and 20 years later, every single concern of the “moral panic”–dismissed without debate by Jewish media–came true with no Jew contrarian in sight to take responsibility.

Outside of “fringe” conservative media (Breitbart, et al), the press has been anemic in its coverage of this outrageous program, either for or against. They know how the silen[ced] majority, instincts intact and not suicidal at all, will react when they start to see what they think they heard. Show Me A Hero is psychological propaganda (like in any war) to hurt morale and take the winds out of the sails of a potential backlash, so that when the targets finally decide it’s time to act, their neighborhood will already be a defeated war zone.

Who’s Running HUD

Conducting business as usual, Breitbart and Rush Limbaugh blame Obama for HUD putting into motion a plan that they know inevitably will lead to a spike in the already high number of whites getting raped and murdered by non-whites. What the “edgier” conservative liars that’ll talk about black crime won’t do is tell you whose actually in charge and came up with the plan. Obama certainly doesn’t oppose it, he’ll even catch the flack for it, but even he lacks the chutzpah to invent it.

The three most important people at HUD are Secretary Julian Castro, Deputy Secretary Nani A. Coloretti, and Senior Advisor Jennifer Ho.

Jennifer Ho

In case the grotesquely fleshy, attached earlobes weren’t a dead giveaway, Ho is a Jew

Coloretti, that’s Italian-sounding…white liberals, ain’t they suicidal? Wrong! Coloretti is married to David Goldstein and is a member of the Temple Micah Jewish congregation in Washington, DC (Check out the “B’nai Mitzvah” list ).

Is Jennifer Ho a Vietnamese SJW communist, looking to get revenge for the war? It’s a swing and a miss for #0, the strike out king: Kosher Conservative. Ho is at least half-Jewish (and looks like a lesbian) as well.

Julian Castro is not Jewish according to my research, but the ex-Mayor of San Antonio has an unusually close relationship with the fairly small Jewish community of the city. In his profile on this question for the JNS news service, it’s suggested between the lines that Castro got the HUD job through his connection with powerful Jews he sees eye to eye with, such as real estate developer David Adelman:

“My personal development agenda is very much aligned with the mayor’s agenda and public policy,” said commercial real estate developer and Jewish community member David Adelman. “I’m excited he’s going to HUD because I think he truly will be able to get his head wrapped around some of the issues facing our country as it relates to housing issues.”

“I think that the most sustainable neighborhoods are mixed income neighborhoods,” continued Adelman. “I think that a lot of [current] housing policy could lead to segregation or has led to segregation and he is for mixed income neighborhoods.”

Inspired by the book “Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle,” Castro led a San Antonio delegation, including Adelman and both Block rabbis, on an economic visit to Israel in 2011.”

Castro’s private audience with Israeli President Shimon Peres and his trip to the Zionist entity is somewhat unusual for a no-name Mayor in Texas who isn’t Evangelical. He presides over a city of barely 1.4 million that is home to few Jews.

It’s doubly odd how Nani Coloretti, who is obviously proud enough of her Jewishness to be religiously active, has not taken her husband’s very “ethnic” name of Goldstein. The names Castro, Coloretti, and Ho are associated with HUD’s tyrannical plot in order to divert the near-future storm of white rage when theory becomes practice. They don’t want you to know who’s behind the federal Zionist machine’s decision to build non-white “settlements” in your idyllic little town with the same gusto as the ones Jews also illegally build on the West Bank.

Irish and Italian Struggle For Living Space: The Whole Story

Show Me A Hero is the screen adaptation of a 1999 book with the same title. It’s an account of the drawn out battle between the people of Yonkers and the plan to engineer large numbers of Bronx blacks and Puerto Ricans into their quiet neighborhoods via Municipal housing. This is all told from the slanted perspective of venomous New York Times Jew Lisa Belkin.

First blood was drawn in the early 1980’s, when the Jew Michael Sussman of the National Association For The Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) secured the backing of the Jew Joshua P. Bogin from the U.S. Justice Department to force the city of Yonkers to build a new public housing development in the peaceful and majority white side of the Saw Mill River.

The Italian and Irish residents at the time–mostly the sons and daughters of poor immigrants–were white refugees who had fled the Bronx (only 2 miles away from Yonkers) during the systematic flooding of blacks and Puerto Ricans to the borough in the sixties that transformed it into one of the most dangerous parts in the whole country. The traumatic memory of what they had experienced in their childhoods during the demographic shift was still fresh just twenty some odd years later.

The Jew York Times got on the ‘Kill Whitey’ beat as soon as they heard about it, and used their national spotlight to make the residents of Yonkers sound like the affluent country club bigots and racist klansmen they abuse as race-bait tropes in Hollywood. But it was a lie, most of them were small business owners, mechanics, teachers, taxi-drivers, and firefighters who had to work twice as hard so that their children could go to school without getting stabbed or raped.

They weren’t prejudiced against the poor, the Bronx they had all grown up in has always been poor (yet people slept with doors unlocked before “diversity”). It wasn’t an irrational hatred of blacks either. Members of Jack O’Toole’s “Save Yonkers” resistance group even worked helping handicapped colored children in the Bronx school system. They were simply standing up for common sense and their right to a safe, dignified living space, where their children can roam freely. That’s no social-construct, it’s animal instinct.

Patrick McLaughlin, one of the Yonkers resisters, succinctly illustrated this concern to New York Times Jew Sara Rimer in 1987:

“There was a transition [in the Bronx]. It was no longer working poor, it was welfare poor. It wasn’t color, it was the way they acted.”

When the case was heard by the United States Federal District Court of Manhattan in 1985, Jewish Judge Leonard B. Sands’ gavel struck at the white working man’s unusually strong spine in favor of his co-ethnic Plaintiffs. He promised swift punishment for the “segregationists”.

But the “Save Yonkers” community organizers stuck to their guns. They accomplished a major breakthrough when Bronx natives and City Councilmen Nicholas Longo and Henry Spallone stood up for the people and refused to recognize Jew Sands’ decision, even after he began fining the community $1 million dollars a day to break them.

In 1988, Nicholas Wasicsko became the youngest Mayor in American history, when at age 28 he was elected on a pro-white platform vowing to fight involuntary race-mixing (particularly of schools) by any means necessary. But after winning the election, he rescinded on his promise and said he would comply with Federal orders, much to the dismay of his constituents. He was rewarded for his “courage” and “peacemaking” by the system with praise and prestige-trophies from the usual suspects. Even though he was taken out of power a year later and considered a pariah in his community, he was given his own radio show, academic positions, and a new city council seat elsewhere.

Four years later, in 1993, the disloyal Wasicsko committed suicide overlooking the grave of his father. Jew reporter Joseph Berger was literally “baffled.” Why would he do it with all this money and acclaim he was given? But not everyone is a sociopath. Perhaps it was the gnawing guilt of betraying his people for thirty pieces of silver.

The Save Yonkers Federation dragged on its intense standoff with both the state and its Left-wing stormtroopers, such as the historical Judeo-Communist International Ladies Garment Workers Union. Public battles were characterized by the community under the leadership of Jack O’Toole engaging in shouting matches with the pretentiously ostentatious forces of New York plutocracy and Zionist-organized ostentatiously pretentious black protesters. One of the most spectacular moments was when the white citizens of Yonkers publicly burned an effigy of Judge Sands outside of City Hall, which was reminiscent of the kind of anti-American imperialist protests you’d see in the Middle East.

In 2007, the same year O’Toole passed away from cancer, the City of Yonkers lost its legal battle against the Jewish octopus and its numerous tentacles. They signed an agreement to allow the housing projects to be put up with haste. But aside from that, it took 27 years for residents to surrender, proof in the pudding that people are not consenting to what the system is doing to them.

 Yonkers: Suburban Gang Capital of New York

Sussman, Sands, Bogin, and the other Jews behind the destruction of Yonkers all argued to a sympathetic press that the concerns of citizens were totally baseless. They were just ignorant “racists”.

Yet, 5 years later in 2012, NPR published a story titled “As Gangs Move To New York Suburbs, So Does Crime”. As a “liberal” and heavily Jewish media organ, NPR has always supported NAACP and HUD building efforts. Yet, in this article, they profiled Yonkers as an area with the second most gang activity in all of New York.

Yonkers’ situation is so bad, that only 5 years after forced integration was put into motion it had more gang arrests in its city’s population, less than 200,000, than all of New York City sans the Bronx (about 7 million people). NPR clearly implies that this is due to the waves of blacks and other non-whites being shipped by the state and NGOs into the area, but journalist Carrie Johnson is forbidden by the political correctness industry manual, the Associated Press Stylebook (the brain child of Norm Goldstein), to say it bluntly.

Violent crime in Yonkers is a creeping shadow that the relatively modest (compared to New York City) tax-base behind the police force is struggling to contain. Life savings (traditionally invested in home ownership in the United States) are being destroyed, innocent people are being gunned down and assaulted, entire white no-go zones have been created in the once popular downtown districts, and every doom and gloom prediction Jack O’Toole’s Save Yonkers organization that was met with vitriol by the New York Times is now, according to the very Jewish media itself, rapidly coming true.

Yonkers just five years ago was still the second safest city in the entire United States. Today, police are asking for your help in solving six separate shootings that happened over a 2 week period.

The story of the Yonkers resisters is one of many. Forced integration of working class Irish and Italian neighborhoods in New York City was met at times even with violence. Who can forget the 1991 stabbing of Al Sharpton by Michael Riccardi in historically Italian Bensonhurst during one of his racial agitation marches in the window between “changing demographics” and white flight in South Brooklyn.

Howard Beach, a white island surrounded by a black sea once again created by HUD, is nationally known for fighting back. In these situations, a special NYPD task force is dispatched to suppress the community’s rage when whites are accused of bogus “hate crimes”, like Nick Minucci’s intervention during an attempted 2005 auto theft.

Today, the barriers that once protected white neighborhoods in the concrete jungle of New York City have been destroyed. These barriers were not always glamorous, sometimes they were tweed cap wearing hard-drinking Irishmen hanging out in smokey pubs that would come out when the niggas were following and harassing a teenage white girl, or mobbed up Italians who were dirty as can be, but had an honor system that kept things civilized for those not in the “business.”

Rudy Giuliani got rid of these guys, some cheered, but the power vacuum forced what was left of white people to go to the suburbs as Crips and Bloods moved in. But he didn’t touch the Russian-Jew mobsters of Brighton Beach, who still rule that part of town, and keep it as segregated as their little shriveled up black hearts desire.

Jews Can’t Leave Whites Alone Anywhere

Jews in New York City that choose to be segregated from Gentiles are considered to be outside of federal law and HUD engineered multi-culti efforts. They have their own autonomous, state sanctioned racist police force, Hatzolah apartheid ambulances (the catalyst for the 1991 Crown Heights Riots, after Jewish emergency workers treated an uninjured Jewish man instead of the dying black child he ran over), and even a Talmud-based community legal system that operates above the law of the United States of America.

But that does not stop a child of this state-within-a-state from attacking and working to destroy every last bastion of white existence in her proximity. With most European-ethnic neighborhoods in NYC having been destroyed, there are only a handful of targets left.

One of these targets is Breezy Point in Queens. It’s one of the most well-known and vibrant Irish neighborhoods in all of the city. Like Howard Beach, it was forced to erect a gate to keep out the surrounding chaos of majority black Far Rockaway. The neighborhood was completely wrecked by Hurricane Sandy. The New York Times in February 2013 wrote what started off as an inspiring story about a community coming together to rebuild in the wake of disaster, but Jewish journalist Sarah Maslin Nir then took a dramatic shift after a few paragraphs to bring up something completely out of left field:

[Breezy Point’s] ethnic and racial makeup has also been a source of controversy. It was once called an “an apartheid village” by the Rev. Al Sharpton during a protest. Steve Greenberg, the former chairman of the Breezy Point cooperative’s board, said that to his knowledge, no black family had ever held a share in the private community.”

Meditate on that next time people tell you political correctness and forced integration are phenomena birthed by the immaculate ideological conception of “well-intentioned suicidal liberals.” We’re victims of premeditated murder, and being stripped of our land by people who kind of look like us, pretend to be us, but definitely aren’t us. I’m following the footprints and they lead to a blood-drenched six-pointed star.

I am an anti-Semite.



you are completely correct. I heard someone sent jew sands some bullets. Mafia should have taken him out.


God get a fucking life you people and your fucking conspiracy theories about Jews. You deserve everything you get bet your life is fucking shite you cunt. I’m white and fucking embarrassed that people in this day and age think like this.

Lev Davidovich Bronshtein

People have douped into accepting the change in this country since the beginning of the 20th century as a natural progression. It is not, infact its not supposed to be this way at all


Tactically, I’m not sure if openly identifying as an “anti-Semite” just makes people equate you with “EVIL HITLER”. I have said I just oppose Jewish supremacists, since people accuse people of being “EVIL WHITE SUPREMACISTS”.


I’m not being tactical. There are actually people who read this site and follow this group that think Jews are no big deal. It’s time to get them comfortable with talking about this, because if they don’t get with the program, then our race will all but perish in the next hundred years.

Larry Sullivan

I used to have a friend from Yonkers, he said that back in the day the whole thing was run by the Italian mafia. It’s pretty sad when your neighborhood is better off under the mafia than the government.


The reason urban whites had to organize in Irish, Italian, etc mafias is to defend themselves from foul Jews and savage blacks.

Ezra Pound

I plan on attending a local city council meeting to inquire as to what the response of the council would be if it were approached or extorted by HUD. This was an excellent article, but it would have been helpful to explain a little more about what HUD is actually doing (withholding federal money from cities who don’t comply with their ethnic cleansing diktats.)


What happened with Yonkers is that when the city took HUDs money and built housing in the black part of town, the Jews worked with the Justice Department and NAACP on federal lawsuits to specify they be built on white majority streets and neighborhoods. They most notably used the mainstream media to poison the case, which we have no access to, but with the internet this is now changing.

That was back when HUD wasn’t 100% racial, just 85%. Now this policy, which was once considered “left-wing” (Jew wing) fringe, is going to be federal mandate. Heartland USA is going to be reconstructed by Zionist power to follow the experience of Lewiston and Minneapolis (where Somalis are running amok). A city can survive the state with-holding housing funds, but imagine a place with 25,000-100,000 people (the type of enclaves white people generally live in) getting fined $3 million dollars a day?

The whites in New York fought back, but eventually gave in because they could still move away. HUD’s plan takes that option off the white man’s table, add in that now many middle class families can’t afford to move because of the awful economy. This means that if the system isn’t graceful and intelligent in imposing this new plan, they’re going to have a revolution on their hands.

Ezra Pound

The new/alt right needs to be plugging this issue a lot more I think. Excellent article, Eric.


People need to start organizing and informing the public about what’s just over the horizon. Political infrastructure, city council infiltration, get on the local newspaper and stay dormant about your politics, public outreach, and legal resources need to be pooled so that whites can coordinate a simultaneous push.

Civil disobedience is not a bad idea either: next time there’s a census, what will happen if people bubble in black or latino instead of white? The government will use racial data as a weapon against you, and just like some people are “gender fluid”, whites can be “race fluid” to! Especially since we all come from Africa ya know.

HUD plans on using census info to implement its plan. That requires white ignorance and innocence when they willingly fill out the forms.

Ted Bundy

Excellent work Eric. It is encouraging to see younger whites beginning to understand and speak about the subversive jooish shit. I can’t wait for karma to turn around on these kikes. I pray I get to experience it.


Great article Eric. E Michael Jones talks about how Jews used similar “social engineering” methods to break up ethnic European Catholic neighborhoods in major U.S. cities in his book “The Slaughter of Cities”. This video is a speech of him giving a good summary of the topic:

By the way, in The Wire, were those “Greek” criminals in the 2nd season supposed to be Jews? I haven’t seen it in a while but in hindsight it seems like the whole deal of them human trafficking, not really being Greek and having multiple forged passports to commit crime throughout the West freely seems to line up with that idea.


I’m 99% sure the “Greeks” were supposed to be Jews/Israelis. Notice how they had connections on the Federal level that was tipping them off and covering for them during investigations?

Mr Simon knows full well what their identity was. But as a journalist who always omits facts like those, he leaves it obscure and “up to interpretation”.

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