Trumped by the Real Thing: The Ron Paul Revolution is Dead

Pinpointing the exact moment that a human is dead is a tricky medical conundrum. Doubly so for political movements. Perhaps we should wait until Rand Paul’s campaign folds up its tent. Perhaps we should wait until Dr. Paul heads off to the one place with more gold than his investment portfolio. Maybe we should call it when Jack Hunter announces in his grating moralistic tone that he’s had a change of heart about his libertarian principles.

Rats are, after all, the surest indicator that a ship is drowning.

I consider last week’s Republican debate the moment that the paleo-libertarian insurgency died. This moment, Rand Paul’s big debut as a presidential candidate, was supposed to be a crowning moment for a revolution which was decades in the making. It didn’t only end with a metaphorical whimper, but with Rand literally whimpering about constitutional errata after the American mind, the debate audience, and even his corps of notoriously rabid supporters had already moved on to bigger and brighter things.

The biggest and brightest thing on the stage last night was, of course, Donald Trump. Trump isn’t what we’ve been hoping for, which is a national populist challenge to the status quo, but he does represent a different sort of populist challenge to the Beltway establishment. Trump is an American oligarch who has stepped out from behind the curtain and invited you to vote directly for him.

In a more honest election, Trump would be standing at the podium alongside the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, George Soros, and Michael Bloomberg; a devious and decrepit coven of cannibal capitalists and Jewish financiers who place their bets on charismatic goyim like gamblers at the horse track. When analyzing the actual men with power rather than their interchangeable political puppets, Donald Trump is perhaps the most virtuous, least crude, and least dangerous man in contention.

All of the other candidates, including Rand Paul, are stand-ins for the interests of the oligarchs who operate American politics. Even when they have their own ideas, as the Paul Dynasty surely does, the American political system runs on big money, money that the Paul family simply doesn’t have. The Ron Paul Revolution has soared all the way up from its very humble beginnings in the backwaters of American fringe politics, only to finally slam into a ceiling on libertarian ideology in America; the fact that actual rich people don’t actually subscribe to richpeopleism.

Actual rich people only wish for more liberty when it makes them richer, then wish for less liberty when that’s what makes them richer.

Rand Paul’s libertarianism is the purest distillation of the mercantilist theory undergirding the American system. It is the Masonic dream that the peasant merchant’s wealth can triumph over both throne and altar. Warlords, military dictators, and emperors find the radix of their power in force. Priests and bureaucrats find the radix of their power in influence, institutions, and traditions. What came into full bloom with the French and American Revolutions is a relatively new power dynamic where wealth rather than martial strength or traditional hierarchy, is the sole radix of power.

While the Paul Dynasty may be the ultimate standard-bearers of the theory that the people with the gold should make the rules, Donald Trump stands before America in practice as that man with the gold who makes the rules. The libertarian vision of lowering taxes, regulations, and restrictions on the pursuit of wealth arrives at its apex in the personage of Donald Trump. Shred your silly Constitution and set aside your abstract ideologies. Behold the messianic arrival of America in human form: shamelessly greedy, beholden to no man, lacking in self-restraint, bursting with animal vitality, and invading and conquering you as an act of love. Vote Trump!

Rand Paul is a bull prepper for the West’s gentile oligarchs, and it’s only fitting that he take a seat in the corner and enjoy watching his bull ruin America. Why vote for Ayn Rand when you can vote for Howard Roark?


White Trayvon

I liked Jack Hunter and thought his schtick as “The Southern Avenger” was pretty cool. He has totally disavowed that which seems cowardly to me, or I just don’t agree with his playing political football. Ron Paul also disavowed “racist” comments. Rand trashed the Confederate flag and called it an “inescapable symbol of racism” while posing with Al Sharpton. That’s going too far for votes, because he well knows the flag is not just a racist symbol, though in fairness it is popularly considered as such. Trump made his offensive comments and stood by them; as a consequence, Trump is #1 and Rand is trailing at least in 4th place and beyond. The Rand and Ron Paul “revolutions” were designed to fail. I put energy into the 2012 election season, and this time around I wasn’t going to get too worked up only for the powers-that-be to prevent Rand from having a chance. Rand endorsing Romney last time around was enough. There was no “Rand Paul revolution”; it just never picked up. Trump is possibly controlled; if he’s in it to get Hillary elected, he can do that by splitting the vote with a third party run or throwing the race after getting the GOP nomination. Whoever’s elected, they’re going to be a Zionist shill; Trump just appears to be the most electable least of evils IMO ATM.
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Ron Paul’s appeal was never his awful ideology, it was that he went up on stage and was consistent–he spoke his mind rather than read a script.

Rand never will have the same appeal as his father despite greater resources, because he is far less consistent. I give him credit for presenting the idea that financing Israel’s terror state by borrowing money from China is a bad idea, but that contradicts everything he has been saying last few years in a futile attempt to court Jew donors. It’s too late for him to have any principles.

Libertarianism is the twin sister of the New Left. Both are manifestations of extreme narcissism, motivated by the belief that the constellations revolve around you.

Seeing goldbugs polluting racial discussion is pretty obnoxious, and the Pauls are a big part to blame (along with the market of Jew gold-vendors/hucksters like Peter Schiff that get play in John birch society type of circles). Austria under Dollfuss was one of the last nations to have the gold standard, and had jew Von Mises himself in charge of the economy.

The result was a basketcase economy with 30% unemployment. After Anschluss, Socialist Nazis in 1 year almost eradicated unemployment and substantially improved the standard of living. Libertarian heroes of the Pauls have economically failed in a more measurable way than the Soviets they mock.


Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life by Gregory Hood on The Occidental Quarterly should be forced-fed into the mind of every idiot that even remotely thinks Ayn Rand or Libertarianism has anything of value for whites. Good article. Rand Paul’s a joke.

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