Our Latest Civil Rights Campaign: Trannies in Combat

From time to time in the history of warfare, the victors would decide to be especially cruel, castrating the captives of their defeated armies, leaving them mutilated, humiliated, and impotent. Today, CNN has just publicized a report declaring that the thousands of men in the military who wish to castrate, mutilate, and humiliate themselves should not only be allowed in the military, not only be protected from any and all negative reactions, not only be actively encouraged; they should be paid in full to do it with taxpayer dollars.

The study is grossly partial and flagrantly dishonest…

Surgeries, hormones or both would cost an average of $29,929 over six and a half years per personnel receiving such treatment, according to the study.

This absurdly low (and amusingly precise) figure is made possible by “tucking” the wildly expensive surgery expenses into the combined average inclusive of those who are currently settling for hormone treatments alone. It operates on the farcical assumption that the ones who are settling for hormone treatments now while full surgical treatments remain prohibitively expensive won’t all stampede to the operating table when it becomes a covered medical expense.

“This detailed report underscores what we know to be true from the civilian world,” said Kris Hayashi, executive director of Transgender Law Center. “That health care costs for transition-related care make up a fraction of a drop in the bucket of overall health care expenses for employers.”

A cursory review of the treatment of disabled veterans, the deficiencies in mental health care treatment of active soldiers and veterans, and the deplorable conditions at military hospitals confirms that there’s no room in the military health care budget for even “a drop” of elective cosmetic surgery.

The estimated number of transgender personnel is double that of civilian employees, because transgender people are overrepresented in the military, according to Belkin.

God help us. Better yet, thank God. A weaker military makes for a safer America at this point in the game.

The actual cost may be lower, according to the study, because transition-related care has been shown to mitigate other serious conditions while potentially improving job performance.

Not content to merely make the case that it’s not all that costly, the report goes for broke: We can’t afford to not pay for thousands of our troops to hollow out a cavern in their pelvis and declare it a vagina. Offering free transgender surgery to our millions of soldiers and veterans is the fiscally conservative thing to do.

This report just won over those shrewd budget hawks at National Review.

Mike Huckabee was put on the spot about this fashionable fabricated issue at the Republican debate,

The purpose of the military is “not to transform the culture by trying out some ideas that some people think would make us a different country and more diverse,” said candidate Mike Huckabee. “The purpose is to protect America. I’m not sure how paying for transgender surgery for soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines makes our country safer.”

America’s so degenerate and delusional that the most socially conservative and reactionary contender in the very packed race isn’t quite convinced just yet that pumping our soldiers full of hormones intended to make them weaker and more sensitive is the best way to make our country safer. Just give the guy a few years to “evolve” on the issue.

Give it a couple election cycles. Cuckabee will love transgendereds as much as he loves trans-fats.

The plan includes a new protocol that any personnel diagnosed with gender dysphoria or who identify as transgender will have their paperwork for dismissal from the military reviewed at the highest personnel levels in the Defense Department.

Given that we’re being driven back on just about every geopolitical front, I’m not sure that carefully considering Private Ryan’s privates is the best investment of their time.

“We have transgender soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines — real, patriotic Americans — who I know are being hurt by an outdated, confusing, inconsistent approach that’s contrary to our value of service and individual merit.”

Next, we’ll have trans-unicorn otherkin Marines who wish to surgically stitch penises to their foreheads and then complain about the outdated, confusing, and inconsistent response from their colleagues. Honestly, at this point, how many Americans would dare react disapprovingly to that hypothetical scenario? A few years of lovable trans-unicorns being featured in popular sitcoms, championed by the right celebrities and athletes, and supported by bullshit studies like this one, and the military will be paying for the operations and Mike Huckabee will be extending his Christian love for and tolerance of them.

Our military is no longer a military in the classic martial sense. They’re government bureaucrats with rifle training. In the West, the authentic martial spirit lies in the reactionary political work being done by ourselves and our allies.

The single greatest threat to the authentic revival of Radical Traditionalist political action lies in mistaking the zombie corpses of our formerly traditional churches, armies, states, and even identities for authentically traditional entities. A common trope in zombie flicks is the heartbreaking moment when one’s loved one is infected, and the protagonist has the difficult task of killing it. It. It’s no longer your loved one.

Your military, your church, your regional identity, and your country are zombified. If you respect the United States military’s historic legacy, then that’s all the more reason to cease paying homage to this dangerous monstrosity infesting it. There’s hope, plenty of hope, but only if one looks to the future for radical and new manifestations of all that’s timeless and traditional.

The superficialities of traditional warrior culture remain in the Army, but the perennial values and virtues which make for a warrior are all carefully screened out at MEPS. Men with a martial disposition may still gravitate toward the military, but what they find upon entering is a cripplingly feminized and politically correct job of groveling to women and minorities who consistently receive preferential treatment while risking life, limb, and mental health to advance the Jewish and neo-colonial corporate agenda.

There’s fundamentally no difference between the ancient custom of castrating one’s enemies and what’s happening today. The only difference is that the process is much more abstract and esoteric. Rather than reach down and slice a man’s testicles off with a blade on the field of battle, the victim’s fed a steady diet of anti-masculine programming by his enemies which compels him to be a castrato, a sniveling and sensitive cuckold for whom self-castration is the ultimate embodiment and expression of contemporary American values.



TPTB must be pretty confident they can rule the world and degrade traditional forces at the same time. They may think they can dominate with nukes, WMDs, sea power, cyber power, drones and special forces, as well as, shortly, unmanned aerials operating under strong AI, soldiers with “iron man” exoskeletons and who knows what else, all backed by knowing every move everyone makes at all times through the NSAs global gulag.

Matt Parrott

I think you’re also seeing in the military what you’re seeing in the big IT corporations, which is an increasing reliance on shadowy contractors for the real work with the visible institutions serving as Potemkin Villages of diversity, faggotry, and feelings.

The formal chain of command will be a parade of chicks with dicks, military moms, diversity tokens, and mealy-mouthed cucks while exceedingly straight, white, and male Blackwater-type private military contractors will be tasked with the actual fighting and killing. Apple’s headquarters will be a delightsome assemblage of beady-eyed career women with flex schedules, well-dressed African and Caribbean Black immigrants, and such. The talented White guys who actually drive innovation and profit will be contractors remoting from their apartments and coffee shops sprinkled about flyover country.


Very good. Make Vladimir’s day. Let the Trannies fight for the interests of Israel, the Jews and their shabcolonial ZOGs. Put the girly hormones in the vegie burgers, soybeans and tofu and send forth the Trannie legions to gut the next nation on Israel’s hit list.

Looks like the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service in mufti and Al CIA’duh will still have to do the heavy lifting in the ZOG wars. And somebody has to lose.


American-US media propaganda is nothing if not consistent. Putin is an existential threat to the US. LOL. The only question that occurs to me is whether TDB writer and the 1000s of clones like him in the media know they’re lying or really believe it.


Speaking of Vladimir Putin, he has heard about the appearance of the Bl Virgin Mary at Fatima (the Great Sign – Apoc 12) and her requests for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart.

He has been asking Francis I about this – who, of course is not going there. But Putin is going there. He is seeking the consecration because he knows this is the key to throwing down Judeo-Masonry. He sees the key role that Russia is to play in this. He knows or he would not be meeting with Francis I about it. Not that I think Francis can consecrate anything, much less Russia to our Lady’s Immaculate Heart.


The worldwide Fatima Apostolate will be meeting in Washington in Sept. Whatever hope and assistance can come to Vladimir Putin to hasten the consecration of Russia, must come to him from both the Orthodox and the Roman Catholics.

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