Traditionalist Parties: Reasons

“Traditionalism” broadly represents faith, family, kinship, fertility, honor, respect, honesty, work ethic, and duty. These are the pillars of a healthy society and even civilization itself. These are the pillars of advanced civilization, stimulating harmony and prosperity wherever they’re upheld. Today, however, traditional and family values are stigmatized as “outdated” and “undeveloped” by the biased media and political elites in the Western world.

Present-day Western culture forcefully frames these values with so much disgust as antiquated bigotry to cure and eradicate. These same tactics that were used by European colonialists to obliterate Third World traditional communities and drive them into submission and poverty are today fiercely imposed by the American society on itself, a fashion that also seems to soar in popularity at Euro-Atlantic countries. The final stage in the global advance of the colonial capitalist oligarchs is the reverse colonization of and cultural destruction of the nations in their own backyard.


The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God. (Psalms 9:17)

This insidious Leftist agenda dominated America’s political institutions and has infected nearly every element of public life in America. It wants to wipe out all traces of traditional heritage and create a society with rampant immorality, widespread gender confusion, overindulgence in luxuries, and disregard for the religion and tradition of the people. It’s a social situation in which Family, the central institution of a stable culture, is destroyed by pervasive depravity.

Sadly, these symptoms that in the past brought the fall of the Roman Empire are once again prevalent in our society. And the present situation makes it clear that unless we revive our traditional and moral values and bring amelioration to human society – the nations, just like Rome, will corrupt from inside and ultimately die.

Because this isn’t just a problem for American society, but everywhere in the world where the globalist propaganda has influence, people with their respective nations need to unite against the Marxist butchery of their cultural and religious integrity. Forgetting the traditional and religious nature that’s been imprinted in the cultural DNA of every nation doesn’t only mean distorting our national heritage, but demolishing the very foundations of the natural God-given laws that prevent societies from falling into demise.

Unfortunately, many nations throughout the Middle East and North Africa have already experienced this kind of cultural destruction by globalist and terrorist organizations like ISIL and its satellite formations. Through force, the oldest and holiest of Christian communities sitting in the very lands where Christianity was born are being destroyed. The globalist forces committing these brutal atrocities in Syria and Iraq have made their message of expending their system of obscenity and barbarism across the whole world very much clear.

Identity is all about belonging. And belonging is all about standing side by side with others in the wider community of nations. All nations have to stand together in this cultural match between the Globalists and the people who uphold their national identity. We need to band together to confront the declared war on our traditions, our languages, our religions, and our cultural identities. We need to define ourselves in the common heritage that binds us as separate nations and venture out to revive the social order.

In modern times, liberal and leftist bigots prefer propaganda over reality. Through the use of distorted media coverage, deceit, denial, and overall bias they push wrong political ideas in the minds of people. Globalists hold the key and main factors driving the means of public information and therefore are the main influence on public opinion.

The people endorsing traditional values never had a clear voice on the world stage. Traditional communities are next to extinct and the supreme institutions running the System do little to nothing to prevent their destruction. Untraditional ways of “marriage” are being legalized, billionaire oligarchs rule the economy, existential threats to society erupt every day, everything is being globalized so that those at the top can run everything, and all of this on the backs of the middle-class and working-class peoples.

It is prime time that the nation unites itself and raises its voice against the inhumanity, against the abuse, against the obscenity and violation of its beliefs and practices. Raising its head up high and putting a final end to the societal oppression it’s been under for so long. If not through revolution, then through political activism, organization, and mutual support.

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Let’s focus on what we can do. Another great article by TradYouth, now how can we spread these values? What has the Left down to spread their degeneracy and immorality? Incrementalism, for one. So what small battles can be won, right now?

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