Street Action: Eyes on Wise at Marshall University

delfin bautista

Comrades, this is a call to action to once again stand up and organize against Tim Wise at one of his upcoming speeches at the “Tri-State Conference on Diversity and Inclusion” being held on September 11th at the campus of Marshall University. Their event will kick off at 8 AM and last until 3:30 PM, our goal is to stand and oppose the anti-White and anti-Christian workshops being held and then oppose the keynote speaker Tim Wise.

Our protest will begin at 10:30am outside of the building holding the event and last about an hour, the exact meeting location to be released closer to the event date. We have the opportunity to once again show that the anti-White and anti-Christian hate-filled rhetoric of Tim Wise will not be spewed without opposition.

This “Diversity and Inclusion” conference is being sponsored by a large number of schools, all of them dedicated to advancing an agenda to socially and demographically replace the European population of America and force a radical agenda of Marxist “Social Justice” down the throats of students. Of course, the conference isn’t confident enough that it can fill the seats without some form of bribery, so students will be offered college credit to sit through seven and a half hours of anti-White speeches, workshops, and seminars.

But hey, at least they get a continental breakfast out of the deal.

The official website of the diversity conference statesThe Tri-State Conference on Diversity and Inclusion is pleased to announce that the conference attendees are eligible to receive CEU and University Credit.” These majority White student bodies are being corralled by their Leftist professors to work against their own self-interest, an especially disgusting display of the vile liberalism found within the ivory tower of American academia.

A group of nearly a dozen universities and departments are coming together to put on this conference. The list includes;

  • Ashland Community & Technical College
  • Lindsey Wilson College
  • Marshall Health
  • Marshall University School of Pharmacy
  • Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine
  • Morehead State University-Ashland/Morehead State University
  • Mountwest Community & Technical College
  • Ohio University Southern/Ohio University
  • Shawnee State University

All of these colleges are complicit in promoting a political agenda that supports attacking White culture, traditional values, and religious beliefs.

Sodomite delfin bautista having eyeliner put on before a drag show earlier this year

Sodomite delfin bautista having eyeliner put on before a drag show earlier this year

One of the workshops being held is entitled “Sacred and Sexy Intersectionality:  Engaging Religion, Gender, and Sexuality on and off campus.” The presenter is “delfin bautista,” who is the Director of the LGBT Center at Ohio University-Athens. His profile at Ohio University-Athens is truly a sight to behold.

It reads,

delfin identifies as trans*, specifically as Two-Spirit or genderqueer.  delfin is a social worker and queer feminist theologian who is passionate about engaging the intersections of religion, sexuality, race/ethnicity, and social justice–creating spaces were individuals and communities are both safe and challenged to wrestle through questions around identity and expression.  delfin has a Master in Divinity as well as a Master of Social Work.   delfin’s background includes:  chaplaincy, HIV/AIDS case management, LGBTQ advocacy, and trauma therapy.  delfin enjoys cooking, eating, laughing, writing, photography, eating more, and spending time with familia.  delfin is excited join the effort of finding ways to queer up Ohio University, Athens, and Ohio!

Mr. bautista has “preferred pronouns” of “they, them, we, our, us” and does not capitalize the first letters in his first and last name for some inexplicable Social Justice Warrior reason. Mr. Bautista is the perfect example of how degeneracy, modernity, and a spiritually sick society can result in creating a truly horrifying perversion of the image of God’s creation.

delfin rejected his Traditional Catholic upbringing to embrace the full spectrum of the degeneracy of the homosexual movement. The fact that Mr. Bautista is allowed around impressionable young people is simply another symptom of a dying civilization, a mark of shame upon the State of Ohio and its university system. While every society has its eccentrics and deviants, ours stands alone in according them status and privilege, not only tolerating them influencing our youth but actively goading them into his orbit.

One of the “accomplishments” of Mr. Bautista is pushing forward a policy in which the biological reality of gender is thrown out the window with students being able to self-identify how they choose. This is at a public university being funded by taxpayer dollars, but a far-Left agenda is in full swing at campuses subsidized by a population that is primarily against both the homosexual movement and radical Leftist ideologies.

A report on allowing students to not use their legal name at Ohio University said,

The preferred name and pronoun policy, which was approved June 4, will allow all OU students to state their preferred names and select their preferred pronouns in their Student Portal, said Delfin Bautista, director of the LGBT Center. This name and pronoun will then show up on professors’ class rosters, advising lists and anywhere a student ID card is swiped. …’Hopefully, what this will create is there may be faculty who may never know the legal name of a student,” Bautista said. ‘They may have Rachel in class, and Rachel has always been Rachel, but they may never know that Rachel’s legal name is Richard.’”

An interview Mr. Bautista gave with the Ohio University Compass said “We’re going to trek forward and be present. We’re certainly not going to back away from any challenges.” Given that he and his sodomite “partner” identify as Catholics and Mr. Bautista focuses his work to be a “queer theologian,” it is clear that his end goal is attacking the Church and the foundations of Western civilization.

Bautista organized homosexual activism at the University of Notre Dame, picketed against the Vatican embassy in 2009, and has organized homosexual organization at the Catholic National Youth Day in Rio. Bautista saidI was taking a step of publicly calling out the Church and the church on its teachings and practices based on discrimination, contradiction, and severe misunderstanding of sexuality, gender, and Christianity.”

His goal appears to be to redefine Traditional Christianity and attack those with religious convictions that oppose his sinful and degenerate lifestyle. Mr. Bautista has written a series of posts titled “Queering Catholicism” among other downright heretical positions denigrating the position of the Theotokos as the Mother of God and he even attempts to make the Theotokos into some sort of Social Justice Warrior by stating she was “marginalized because of gender, class, and neighborhood” and that somehow the Queen of Heaven helped him in his acceptance of a homosexual lifestyle by being “an inspiration for me in learning how to embrace life.” It is clear that Mr. Bautista’s positions is to work to promote a homosexual agenda in Catholic doctrine.

delfin is smart enough to attempt to use subversion to advance his agenda, stating in an interview “going into Notre Dame ranting how G-d is queer and trans, Jesus bisexual, and the Virgin Mary a feminist along with calling out discrepancies in church teaching and misuse of church power/authority…though this could be a lot of fun, it will also create barriers where conversations are not possible and where the encounter of mutual presence is not created.

His worldview is anti-Christian, anti-Catholic, and anti-Tradition but he wants to use his position as an educator to undermine and redefine centuries of Christian doctrine and the building blocks of Western civilization. The fact that delfin bautista is speaking at a public university that is partially funded by taxpayer dollars should be reason for protest enough, but that is not the only workshop being held at the Tri-State Conference on Diversity and Inclusion.

Even Leftists like LBJ knew that poor folks in Appalachia need help more than crazy far-Leftists

Even Leftists like LBJ knew that poor folks in Appalachia need help more than crazy far-Leftists

We must remember that areas like West Virginia and Ohio have been hit hard not just by the 2008 recession but the closing down and outsourcing of industry for the past several decades. Hard working family men are having their pockets picked by government bureaucrats who would rather promote homosexuality and anti-White policies than fix the crumbling roads, bridges and schools of the area.

These traitorous political leeches care more about approval from the mainstream media and far-Left activists than actually being stewards of their constituents who are in dire need of having their tax dollars put into rebuilding infrastructure, industry and programs to help the poor. We need to also take a stand against the political class who has once again sold out the common man and put themselves in bed with the forces that are actually looking to weaken and break down the families and communities of the people who put them into office.

Almost all of our supporters know how the keynote speaker of this event, Mr. Tim Wise, is the epitome of everything we stand against. Tim Wise has made a life-long career of calling himself “White” and then attacking White culture, those who organize for White political interests, and even the Christian religion. Of course Tim Wise isn’t White, he is Jewish, and is playing an elaborate con on thousands of college students every single year.

Just as it has been found that former NAACP chapter leader Rachel Dolezal was pretending to be Black to advance her community status and financial situation, Tim Wise pretends to be White in order to run a scam writing books about being White, make documentaries starring himself about being White and “White privilege” and giving lectures to colleges about the horrors of “White privilege” all while belonging to a separate ethnic, cultural, and religious community than Whites in America.

Wise’s first priority is attacking White American culture, and he frames himself as a White Savior speaking on behalf of the non-White communities he purports to defend. Black activists are beginning to see through this tribalist shell game, and are increasingly organizing and speaking for themselves without the “help” of condescending Jewish “allies” whose cardinal goal is attacking the host culture, not helping the other cultures.

One amusing episode happened when Tim Wise ranted on his Facebook about other anti-racist activists trolling his Facebook page over this exact reason. One such writer said that Wise’s rant was “demeaning to anti-racist work done by people of color” and an example of “White privilege.” Tim Wise is losing his market as being the premier champion of “anti-racism” and as communities of color become more empowered and politically organized he will hopefully be soon out of a job.

Black activists in recent rallies over the past year have asked White supporters to stay off the microphones and to not give speeches because the events were being held by the Black community, for the Black community. It is only a matter of time before the entire “anti-racist” movement gets rid of the shilling Jews in their midst and instead become pure ethnic advocates for their own people. Gradually, the non-White activists are learning the degeneracy and Jewish subversion is a threat to their own communities, too; not just Whites.

Just take one look at Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Presidential candidate who now has had rallies shut down by #BlackLivesMatter protesters. These Black advocates can stand on their own two feet and engage the political system, the very core of what nationalism is. Folks like Tim Wise and other “White allies” whether Jewish or actually White, are finding themselves in a situation where the communities they want to profit off of are seeing through their charade.

Black folks should speak for Black people, they don’t need Tim Wise swooping in to “save the day” and then of course pocket tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars a year to fund his living in a posh White neighborhood in Tennessee. For all of his claims of loving diversity, Tim Wise lives in a majority White State and in a majority White city. If White people are the epitome of evil, oppression and everything wrong with America, why doesn’t Tim Wise go live in the ghettos of Detroit, Harlem or New Orleans? Simple, he is unwilling to actually put his rhetoric into action.

We must all challenge Tim Wise because he promotes an agenda that is antithetical to the continue existence of Europeans on the North American continent. He takes our tax dollars to promote a genocidal agenda and stirs up racial hatred against Whites. In his narrative, a disabled White Iraq war veteran has more intrinsic “privilege” than that of a Black CEO or  a Hispanic Wall Street Banker. His support for massive immigration from the entire globe will soon demographically and culturally displace Europeans from the nations, America and Canada, that we pioneered and settled for our extended families.

If this propaganda is allowed to be promoted to young White students without it being challenged, more and more people will fall into the trap of cultural Marxism, the dominant creed of the “anti-racist” Left. We must discredit the lies of the Left through our writings, podcasts, and books, but we must also face down these hucksters on the streets. These are our streets, and we are taking them back from swine like Tim Wise and delfin bautista.

United, our movement can take a stand against an event that promotes homosexuality, attacks on Christianity and a program of White demographic displacement and White suicide. Come together comrades and take a stand to fight for Faith, family and folk. There is no greater Cause in which to pledge your service to. Be there at Marshall University in Huntginton West Virginia on September 11th and make it a day for the history books. Hail victory!


Bulan Sabriel

And Nazis helping cultural marxists through idiot priviledge is what exactly?


The Timster is coming to Marhall U to run his Jew schtick on the White student population. Like a lethal tick, he has a potent brew of neurotoxins to deliver to the host – White Privilege, ‘geysers of blood’ shoahbiz fables, Christchurch hatred and atrocity fables and the whole whine of victim pieties, greivances and entitlement pleas. To hell with him and his ilk.
Russia in Catholic Prophecy


This Delfin Bautista fag seems to be really deeply entrenched with the Jewish “community” for a “christian”. He does a number of events with vicious, genocidal Jewish power projectors like the Jewish National Fund. Check this out:

Jewish National Fund owns something like 96% of land in Israel, and forbids any non-Jew from buying or selling it. Most of that land was stolen from ethnically cleansed Palestinians, 10% of them who were Christians killed or deported. How does Bautista rationalize this with his left-wing politics?

That shows you there’s more to him than meets the eye. The guy is a sociopath that knows how to push all the right buttons and say all the right things to get fame and a nice pay day from the powers that be. Not an actual well-intended activist.

Bulan Sabriel

Not true at all. Arabs not only own most private land, but have the same rights to public land as Jews.


Literally, 5 minutes of wikipedia debunks your chutzpathic lies:

In late 2007 a deal was proposed to swap land between the state and
the JNF, thus rendering redundant the Ariel Bill, deemed by some to be
racist, while allowing the JNF to continue leasing its lands only to
Jews. After the initial land swap, urban JNF land sold in future to
non-Jews would include an automatic swap mechanism: the fund would
transfer the land to the ILA, and in exchange would receive the purchase
price plus a similar-sized plot in the Negev.[51]

But yeah, keep insisting the JEWISH National Fund leases to Arabs or any non-Jews period .

Bulan Sabriel

So they lease good lands to Arabs and get access to crappy desert to improve.

Jeff Davis

Why are you citing LBJ as a noble White man? He signed the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Immigration Act, both of which are a scourge on White society.

Matthew Heimbach

“Even Leftists like LBJ knew that poor folks in Appalachia need help more than crazy far-Leftists” I called him a Leftist, he just wasn’t as bad as the breed we have today

Bulan Sabriel

Remind me how an atheist and communist who is dedicated to destroying Judaism and Jewishness, is an anti-Israel activist, and who has 3 gentile grandparents is a Jew?

You guys are lying your way into being the useful idiots of cultural marxists. That’s just retarded.


Jewish is a race. That is why Tim Wise identifies as Jewish and an atheist Jew can make Aliyah to Israel. That is why Tim Wise went to one of the most Jewish universities in the entire country (Tulane). That is why Tim Wise claims to be a renegade Jew, but at the end of the day still lies and obscures Jewish political power while libeling whites.

Bulan Sabriel

A 3/4 non-Jew who is an atheist is in no way Jewish. That’s like calling him a woman, if he pretended to be one to attack women.


Well, obviously thinks its relevant enough to mention over and over. And like I said, according to Israel’s race laws, he can get citizenship. Stop pissing on us and telling us it’s raining, Zionist Jews like yourself defined what a Jew is a long time ago, now you’re playing dumb in front of the goyim.

Bulan Sabriel

“Well, obviously thinks its relevant enough to mention over and over. And like I said, according to Israel’s race laws, he can get citizenship.”
Israel’s law of return isn’t based on Judaism and is so poorly written that there are Russian neo-Nazis running around Israel. (Talk about mentally ill people). Israel is willing to take in those who may suffer because of anti-Semitism. But remember, Wise is an atheist anti-Israel activist who wants Israel destroyed.

If you don’t know the difference between between Israeli civil law and Jewish law, you are more than playing dumb,


Instead of denying that anti-white Jews are Jews, if you were honest you would be condemning these Jews. Instead you lie about what Jews are. You’re just as bad as Tim Wise, or worse, because you actually convince some conservative idiots out there that “right-wing” Jews or support for Israel is somehow compatible with Western civilization.

Bulan Sabriel

Look, Nazi Salute boy, I attack leftist Jew and leftists of Jewish descent all the time. I would be happy to join such a rally in NYC against Wise.
Jews helped create Western Civilization and have been part of it for at least 2100 years.

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