Russia versus America: Gay “Marriage”, Jewish Subversives and Erasing History

My ongoing series about the differences in how Russia and America handle both international and national issues might someday become the equivalent of a Jeff Foxworthy “You Might be a Redneck” skit.

If you believe that destroying the entire moral foundation of your nation to appease a Jewish led global elite that hates you is a good idea…. You might be an American.”

The Russian version makes a little bit more sense to sane individuals around the world and might go a little something like “If you want to preserve your historical culture, make your nation demographically and spiritually healthy, and stand against subversive globalists both at home and abroad… you might be a Russian.”

The battle between the international globalists who are led by America and the forces of nationalism, Faith and Tradition who are led by Russia is heating up with every passing day. To nationalists and Traditionalists in America and in every nation, it is becoming increasingly clear that no matter what your Homeland is, Holy Mother Russia better embodies your worldview and values than any regime in the West currently does.

The great gulf between Russia and America can be found when evaluating issues of Identity, Faith and the view on organic society. The American-led Atlantacist forces desire to destroy Traditional Western Christian civilization and replace it with a globalist, consumerist, cultureless and secular world that will serve as the endless manpower to a capitalist oligarchy of traitorous Gentile business owners and Jewish bankers who will rule over all of humanity.

There will be no room for national identity, authentic religiosity, or unique cultures if the globalists win this fight. A globalist victory means total defeat for all peoples and cultures, White, Black, Brown and Yellow. All people who yearn to be free must unite together against globalism, we will either be victorious or all hang separately.

Russia has continually stood for the rights of nations to be sovereign and free from international influence and occupation. The Eurasian Alliance is just one of many examples of Russia protecting the rights of nations to govern themselves. A coalition of secular nations such as Syria and China, Islamic nations like Iran and Lebanon, and Christian nations like Belarus are coalescing around President Putin and Russia to become a united front against the forces of globalism.

A Traditionalist International is forming and American and European nationalists should come under this banner to chop the root of the globalist tree here at home.


There’s gotta be some White Privilege down here somewhere!

Almost everything America does is aimed at displacing the founding stock of the nation and attacking the spiritual and cultural values of those who work every single day to maintain the crumbling empire. America has not merely declined, it’s become an inversion, a threat to everything it once represented.

White workers need advocates. We need voices. The dignified middle class lifestyle our parents enjoyed is slipping away from us. We’re sinking into the welfare trap, the abysmal “service economy,” and in uncertain odd jobs. This isn’t about developing a Leftist class consciousness, it’s about gathering together and refusing to be left behind, refusing to be the scapegoats for the privileges enjoyed by others.

I support all nationalist and secessionist movements in America from a variety of different backgrounds and identities, but my first goal is to empower my own people to fight globalism, capitalism, communism, and secularism in our communities. My people deserve a voice, we deserve political control of our homes, and that is why we must challenge the American regime.

As a people we must look for global alliances with Russia and any global force standing for Identity and Tradition so we can throw the globalist bosses off our backs. This current system is the enemy of everything we hold dear; it is time to break free from this tyranny and live as free and healthy White men and women once again, united by our communities, families, and shared vision.

While White men in America trudge off to work every day so that they can work and pay taxes to maintain the infrastructure, social programs and globalist endeavors of the American Empire in an economic environment where wages are tumbling and both legal and illegal immigrants are taking the few remaining jobs that haven’t already been shipped overseas to the Third World. The System spends nearly all of its time attacking Whites through every available economic, social and legislative means.

Whites are the ones who have shed the majority of the blood in the wars for America, mine the coal so that the lights stay on, plant and harvest the crops that keep the nation fed, build the roads, maintain the complex infrastructure network, scan and bag the groceries for hordes of–legal and illegal–immigrants waving EBT cards, and perform the functions necessary to keeping the American Empire grinding forward.

One would think that if White Americans make up the vast majority of the military strength, industrial output, and tax revenue for America that we would be respected stakeholders in the project. They’re committed to degrading, disenfranchising, and destroying us, and they can’t be bothered to consider how attacking the White American worker impoverishes and endangers everyone, including themselves. That’s how hatred works.

The most recent attacks on the Confederate flag and Southern Identity are getting to what would be called ludicrous levels if we lived anywhere but the modern day Babylon known as the United States of America. It is not enough for the enemy to simply take down Confederate flags from around the land and use the Jewish controlled media to insult and denigrate both our Confederate heroes and those who keep the memory of their sacrifices alive in the modern day, now the Leftist forces are actually looking to disinter Confederate heroes and move the remains of the dead for the sake of political correctness.

A statue that has stood for over a hundred years in Memphis Tennessee and the graves of both General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife is going to be unceremoniously moved from the park that recently was also stripped of Nathan Bedford Forrest’s name; “A Memphis city council committee voted unanimously to approve ordinances to remove the statue — which depicts Forrest mounted on his horse — and the grave.

The new America, burning and destroying anything the oligarchs disagree with

The new America, burning and destroying anything that represents Identity

While Republicans have proven themselves totally dedicated to capitulation in the face of the organized Left, the legal process of removing General Forrest was too long for a group of Black activists that used a shovel to begin digging up General Forrest and his wife and have declared “We are going to bring the back hoe, the tractors and the men with the equipment to raise Bedford Forrest from the soil of Memphis.” The organized Left and their Republican shoeshine boys are moving on a path of total cultural destruction for Whites, another symptom of the disease of Americanism.

Memphis is not the only city working to tear down Confederate monuments, Birmingham Alabama is currently looking to remove a Confederate soldier monument that does not have a Confederate flag anywhere near it, the simply notion that a Confederate monument exists is offensive enough to deem it in need of being cleansed from the public sphere by the Leftist elite. Towns and cities across Dixie are having their culture and history actively attacked in a culture war where only total destruction is acceptable.

Hillary Clinton recently said that taking down the Confederate flag in South Carolina isn’t enough, the long march towards eradicating “racism” also known as “White people and White culture” is never over as long as White Americans are still alive. Clinton said “America’s long struggle with racism is far from finished,” a battle cry to continue and ramp up attacks on heritage and Identity. There is no way to get off the train of Americanism other than secession because the end goal of both the Democrats and the Republicans is total cultural and ethnic genocide.

Attacks on the ability for White communities to worship and maintain Traditional Christian values are also ramping up. No portion of our private or public lives is allowed to exist without a political correctness comissar there to ensure we toe the Party line of diversity, inclusion and modernism. If you don’t believe me, just askTwo Christian ministers who own an Idaho wedding chapel who were told they had to either perform same-sex weddings or face jail time and up to a $1,000 fine, according to a lawsuit.


Persecution, mocking and attacks against Christians and clergy in America is now commonplace. Not just in courtrooms, but on the streets of our cities and towns

Churches are now being told they might lose the ability to get insurance if they refuse to perform homosexual “weddings.” Lawsuits and attacks on the right for churches to maintain Traditional Christianity are bubbling up all around America, supported by high-priced lawyers, activists and government officials. National Review reported thatthe Iowa Civil Rights Commission has declared that prohibitions against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity ‘sometimes’ apply to churches and has stated that a ‘church service open to the public’ is not a ‘bona fide religious purpose’ that would limit application of the law. In 2012 a New Jersey administrative-law judge ruled that a religious organization ‘closely associated with the United Methodist Church’ wrongly denied access to its facilities for a same-sex wedding.

Modern America has no room for organizations or churches who disagree with the gospel of the false god of Americana. The System will use lawyers, lawsuits, laws and outright persecution to silence opposition and force churches and civic organizations to put in their pinch of incense, or else face being bankrupted or jail time. Traditionalism and America cannot coexist, from the highest levels of government all the way down to your local neighborhood Church.

In America those who stand for the rights of the unborn are labeled as “extremists” while multi-million dollar organizations like Planned Parenthood can discuss “less crunchy” methods to kill unborn babies so they can cut up aborted children to sell for parts to medical companies.

A pro-life organization the Center for Medical Progress exposed  multiple Planned Parenthood officials for breaking Federal law when it comes to trafficking human body parts for profit but instead of prosecuting the offenders, Democrats are rushing to the defense of Planned Parenthood and Republicans remain almost nearly silent. A recent article describes howFour Democrats in Congress — Reps. Jan Schakowsky, Zoe Lofgren, Jerry Nadler, and Yvette Clarke — have written to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and California Attorney General Kamala Harris, asking them to open investigations into the Center for Medical Progress. ” America is a regime where those who expose lawbreakers who are using murdered babies like a shop for used car parts are facing investigation and prosecution for bringing crimes to light. There is no justice in America, only degeneracy and depravity.

If you think you can simply hide from this System, think again. President Obama has announced a plan to literally hunt down White enclaves and break up White communities for the crime of simply being White. President Obama has assembled a secret database to find White areas where Whites are demographically homogeneous or economically succeeding.

The New York Post reported that  “A key part of President Obama’s legacy will be the fed’s unprecedented collection of sensitive data on Americans by race. The government is prying into our most personal information at the most local levels, all for the purpose of ‘racial and economic justice.’

Unbeknown to most Americans, Obama’s racial bean counters are furiously mining data on their health, home loans, credit cards, places of work, neighborhoods, even how their kids are disciplined in school — all to document ‘inequalities’ between minorities and whites.”

The Republicans and Democrats will systematically dismantle and destroy all displays of our Faith, our Identity and even wipe out our communities. Working to retake America is like standing in an ocean with a bucket to try and protect a sandcastle and trying to throw water back to sea to stop the rising tide. Only a total break from the American System can guarantee the survival of our unique Identity, culture and Faith.

All is not bleak however, on the opposite side of the world there is hope, the Russian nation is leading the charge against these degenerate forces of globalism from America.

A picture is worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words

While the United States Supreme Court is legalizing homosexual “marriage” here in the States, in RussiaMoscow’s top court has upheld a ban on gay pride marches in the Russian capital for the next 100 years.” Gay marriage is called an “abomination” by both Russian Orthodox Church officials and elected government representatives.

While America is working to steadily erode our rights to firearm ownership and the ability to carry firearms for the protection of our lives, families and property, in Russia “the Russian government eases restrictions, allowing citizens to carry licensed weapons for the purposes of ‘self-defense.’”

The Republicans and Democrats are looking towards amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, increasing so called “sanctuary cities” around the nation and giving in-State tuition to illegal immigrants. In Russia the government is actually working to crack down on illegal immigration to protect the Russian nation and Russian jobs. Just recentlyThousands of immigrants from countries such as Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam have been detained across Russia over the past several weeks as part of a broader effort to weed out illegal immigrants living and working in the country.”

American police are not even allowed to enforce Federal immigration laws in “sanctuary cities” across America, even as illegal immigrants murder, rob, rape and beat law abiding citizens on a daily basis. In Russia however the State is ramping up enforcement of immigration laws with “raids on thousands of locations, including work places, markets, lodgings, hotels and people’s homes” to hunt down and deport illegal immigrants.

Russians celebrate their history and fight for a brighter future for their children

Russians celebrate their history and fight for a brighter future for their children

Russia also actively celebrates its history with marches, parades, concerts and events that bring out hundreds of thousands of Russians a year to feel pride in their heritage, their Identity and their shared Russian Orthodox Faith. While the American government is doing everything they can to rewrite history, destroy landmarks and dismantle feelings of national pride, Russia actively is advancing national Identity and promoting a healthy form of patriotism to the youth.

One of the biggest victories Russia has accomplished recently is cracking down on NGO’s or Non-Governmental Organizations, one of the biggest ways that the globalists pump money and resources into nations to work to destabilize the government, the Identity of the people and the culture. RecentlyRussia’s parliament has passed a law banning ‘undesirable’ international organisations.. According to the legislation, the prosecutor general and foreign ministry can register as undesirable any ‘foreign or international organisation that presents a threat to the defensive capabilities or security of the state, to the public order, or to the health of the population.'” 

The NGO’s that Russia is specifically looking at is ones backed by the United States, the European Union and Jewish billionaires like George Soros who back the homosexual movement, abortion, moral relativism and the principles of globalism.

Under this new lawthose who work for such organizations could be sentenced to as much as six years in prison” which is a good start towards bringing those who push degeneracy to our youth and work to degrade our cultures to justice.

It must be understood that many NGO’s around the world both in America and in Europe are the activist arm of organized Jewish power. The Jewish financiers use their money gained from globalist trade deals, usury and marketing moral decay in the form of “popular culture” to the West to then fund pet projects to wage open war against Faith, family and folk.

NGO’s in many cases work as fronts to get money, activists, resources and lawyers to more radical organizations. Groups like FEMEN and Pussy Riot are backed by Jewish oligarchs such as George Soros, German Jew Helmut Josef Geier and American Jewish businessman Jed Sunden. Prostitutes and Leftists activists are given a “salary allegedly around $1,000” a month, a large amount in Eastern Europe, to be the foot soldiers of the New World Order. The cause of disrupting church services, desecrating crosses, attacking clergy and working to promote decadence is a fanatical organized Jewish hatred for Christianity, European Identity and Traditional Western Civilization.

Jewish oligarchs have been promoting groups like FEMEN in Eastern Europe for years, who consider attacking bishops to be activism

Jewish oligarchs have been promoting groups like FEMEN in Eastern Europe for years, who consider attacking bishops to be activism

Jewish forces from around the world unite behind causes that are funded with Jewish money to promote their anti-Christ agenda. A combination of media moguls, “intellectuals” and various dissident groups all get behind the work done by groups like Pussy Riot and FEMEN to use their activism to promote a wider agenda to the European people. From Jewish writer Alek D. Epstein to Jewish TV station owner Viktor Shenderovich and Jewish political activists Garry Kasparov and Boris Nemtsov the forces of organized Jewry and globalism all work to promote the insidious worldview set forth by organized Jewish oligarchs.

President Putin and the Russian Duma have taken a huge step to work to clamp down and crush these various front organizations that are funding Atlanticist backed protest groups by banning NGO’s that are bad for the best interests of the Russian State, the Russian culture and the Russian people. Already the law is having a positive effect for the Russian people.

Within weeks of the law taking effectThe MacArthur Foundation, a US NGO that supports academic and human rights initiatives, will shut down its activities in Russia after lawmakers included it on a ‘patriotic stop list’ of foreign groups… The 12 organisations listed on the stop list also included business magnate George Soros’s Open Society Foundations and the US pro-democracy NGO Freedom House, as well as Polish and Ukrainian non-profits.

These recently banned NGO groups have been actively working to attack Traditional Christian values and the stability of nationalist governments in Eastern Europe for years. Now as Russia asserts Herself as a global power and the defender of Traditionalism the traitorous elements of Russian society that are backed by the Zionist Occupied Governments of the West and various business leaders are being kicked out of Russia so Russia can be governed by the Russian people, not globalist oligarchs with a plan for total global domination.

We as American nationalists, as Christians and as supporters of self determination should continue to enthusiastically support the advances Russia is making in regards to becoming the Third Rome. May we learn from their example on how to take your country back from the globalist Jewish elites and create alliances with the Russian people to fight our common enemy, the globalists, organized Jewry and traitors within our own nations. Long live Mother Russia and may she continue to fight the good fight for Faith, family and folk.



Putin still supports mass immigration into Russia, and Russia still ranks high in drug and alchool addiction. Divorce and abortion are common there, but it seams the government is trying to fix that problem, also Holocaust revisionism and racialist literature is banned by the Kremlin. Is Putin is ally against the gobalists yes, but a hero for the future of Europe no. He is however taking on the NATO/EU axis.

Fr. John+

Dear Matthew:

I will pose some questions that need to be asked, as we watch the dissolution of the USSA. (United Socialist States of Amurrika)

As a Christian, and an American, who came to Holy Orthodoxy later in life, my tastes, thoughts, and attitudes are not those of a Russian living in Russia. Indeed, from my forays into the pre-2000 ROCOR, my attitudes are not even those of a Russian living in America. To paraphrase our Lord, ‘there is a great gulf fixed between me and thee.” And I read voraciously about St. Tikhon, Isabel Hapgood, the attempts at a native Anglo Orthodoxy in the USA, over 100 years ago, and speak Russian to a degree, know the real story of the Royal Family’s Regicide at the hands of Jews, etc.

Russia, in the person of Putin, has said that they will uphold the worldview that Traditional Christians and pre-modern Europeans have held for centuries; ok, well and good- but how do WE keep that faith alive in our own lands, if those lands are descending into barbarism, forced conformity to godless laws and abominations in high places?

Does Comrade Putin desire us to emigrate to someplace in the Russian motherland, there to be given refugee status? What if the US Gov’t strips my family of our SSI, our pensions, annuities, etc., just to escape from the hell that is the Obamanation? We do not and would prefer not to be penniless in a country that might have to take in millions of such refugees-is that fair to Russia?

How else, though, could one continue to live in a land that is now Satania, and no longer even a state on the “Pale of Settlement’ between the Kingdom of God, and the Hell of a Jewish-led state?

What of our local customs, our art, music, etc.? Will we be vilified by the Ethnic Russians (even if we are White- and I am assuming it is white’s that Putin is auguring for, and not our ‘a-hem’ “brothers” from another planet, as it were…. Will we be forever second class citizens in such a situation? How could we EVER assimilate? What if we didn’t WANT to, as much as I love Russia- because I believe, simply, that God Made me, predestinated me to be an American Orthodox, and not a pseudo-Greek or pseudo-Slav. What of the sin of Phyletism?

That sin (unlike the fallacious sin of ‘racism’ per Fr. Andrew Philips, in his more recent posts? How can we reconcile the phyletism of wanting to deny our very ethnicity, and at the same time, believe a lie that racism is somehow a ‘sin’ when God is the ultimate racist!? With statements like Amos 3:2, Christ’s ‘Ye did not choose me, but I chose you,’ etc. and the witness of every verse in Holy Writ delineating ONE people, ONE race, ONE family, ONE set of “Tribes” – even after the Resurrection [Jas. 1:1, I Pet. 1:1] how could we follow the Russophiles like Philips, and not sin against our own bodies? [I Cor. 6:18] For, is not marriage of emigres with the host population, a form of ethnic/racial fornication, even if we are of the ‘same face, same race’ mindset?

Many of these questions are long standing in my mind, as I have longed for SOMONE to step forward and LEAD America out of her bondage. I also hope for a renaissance of Holy Orthodoxy in the USA, but apart from Trump’s awakening the White Racial Consciousness of the Electorate (and being reductio ad hitlerum by the Deicides) it appears a little, too late.

have you thought through any of these premises? What good is it for us to praise Russia, when we do not live there? I would welcome any insights you or your readers may have. I write this not as a cleric, but merely as a man with a family, who fears for his children’s future.

Matt Parrott

I know. I know. I’m the wrong Matt.

As a Christian, and an American, who came to Holy Orthodoxy later in life, my tastes, thoughts, and attitudes are not those of a Russian living in Russia.

There’s certainly nothing Russian about us, either. And aside from Dostoyevsky and Solzhenitsyn (who are arguably more Orthodox than Russian), I don’t have any special interest in Russian identity or culture. Nothing for it or against it. Like you suggested, it’s just not us.

Do we expect St. Vlad to come charging over the sea, to liberate Dixie and make it an Orthodox protectorate? (Not a bad idea, I do day dream from time to time…)

I’m hopeful that historical processes will favor authentic tribalist and traditionalist Christianity when austerity finally arrives in America. A lot of the degeneracy and buffoonery is predicated on a steady influx of government and oligarch money which is not guaranteed to continue at its current firehose volume indefinitely.

If China ends up aligning with Russia and the Shia nations, for the first time in any of our lifetimes, it will be possible for an identitarian and traditionalist movement in America to genuinely make geopolitical sense. How that will play out in practice is anybody’s guess. Perhaps it will amount to as little as those nations speaking out against our being persecuted at some point in the future.

Does Comrade Putin desire us Anglos longing for stability, to emigrate to someplace in the Russian motherland, there to be given refugee status? What of the Rus already there? What of the already confusing mix of races and nationalities already present in Russia? How would that be better for us, there? What if, in becoming an expat for religious reasons, the US Gov’t strips my family of our SSI, our pensions, annuities, etc., just because we sought to escape from the Hell that is the Obamanation? Let alone a Hillary regime. (misericordie, Domine)

At some point in the future, becoming refugees abroad might outweigh the risks and drawbacks. I wouldn’t do it unless it were an actual settlement, even a modest one. To emigrate alone is incompatible with my communitarian ideals. I could rationalize going along with a remnant into an oblast in the Far East or something.

That’s all very speculative and over the horizon.

How else, though, could one continue to live in a land that is now Satania, and no longer even a state on the “Pale of Settlement’ between the Kingdom of God, and the Hell of a Jewish-led state? Are there options?

For me, I see a complex web of distant hypothetical options which may or may not prove realistic for our Orthodox Christian remnant, and I have no special foresight. All I know is that if we don’t toil away at ethnogenesis and basic solidarity, there won’t be a riddle to resolve.

And what of the Deicides? They won’t LET us have our own ‘Aliyah’ to a White Homeland… and you know that is true.

Globalist open borders flow both ways, and there’s every reason to believe that as America sinks back to a more humble geopolitical position that the most virulent Jewish oligarchs will fan out to Argentina, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Johannesburg, etc. I’m hopeful that Jewish domination of the anglosphere has peaked.

Will we be forever second class citizens in such a situation, in a land we can never belong in, even if we all converted to Orthodoxy? How could we EVER assimilate?

If we had a community of a viable size, we could serve as a bulwark against Chinese demographic pressure on the Far East, have the critical mass to perpetuate our identity, and enjoy a symbiotic relationship with Moscow. If we’re unified, there’s hope; if we’re not, there’s no hope.

Moreover, why should we submit to “Byzantine Bigotry”? That’s a real thing, which you (being an Eastern Riter, already have capitulated to) As a liturgical student, I know that the West had as valid a Liturgy as the East, and none are so rabidly hateful, as the convert Byzantines, with beards longer than the PHanar, to be blunt.

Orthodoxy doesn’t take Western Rite seriously because there is no evidence of Westerners taking it seriously. If we develop a thriving Western Rite Orthodox Anglo community with families and neighborhoods that pay tithes and support parishes, they’ll take us seriously.

What of the sin of Phyletism?

Phyletism is an obscure ecclesiastical concern of no practical political significance.

how could we follow the Russophiles like Philips, and not sin against our own bodies? [I Cor. 6:18] For, is not marriage of emigres with the host population, a form of ethnic/racial fornication, even if we are of the ‘same face, same race’ mindset?

I’m an advocate and steward for my folk. God save the Russians, but they’re not my people. They don’t see themselves as my people. Russians are moving in a fantastic direction and I look forward to becoming reliable and loyal allies with them, but it’s an alliance, not a marriage.

Many of these questions are long standing in my mind, as I have longed for SOMONE to step forward and LEAD America out of her bondage.

We get teased a lot for our Avalonian vision, but the idea is more of a lodestar for ourselves and our families than a realistic near-term political project. The goal of an ethnogenetic Avalonian identity, a chrismation of the White American identity, is our lodestar. Even if the Western Orthodoxy never expands beyond my own family and circle of close friends and comrades, it’s a solid bedrock upon which to anchor ourselves.

And neither the MP, ROCOR, or the Dukakis/Stephanapoulos Democratic faction are really willing to actually GIVE US AUTOCEPHALY. Or have you not seen/heard of the OCA? Just saying;…

If we can achieve numbers and momentum, then we have options, either here or abroad.

I write this not as a cleric, but merely as a man with a family, who fears for his children’s future.

My political work exists in three separate compartments; which we’ve been steadily working to develop and roll out over the period of several years. The final one is TradWorker, a secular political party which will serve to achieve practical political goals at the local and regional level. The middle one is TradYouth, an advocacy and educational vehicle which exists to develop and spread the identitarian and traditionalist ideals. The first one is Avalon, which is my answer to the question of identity in 21st century America.

TradYouth is more general than Orthodoxy and Avalon, and TradWorker will be even broader, still. Both of those vehicles exist to propel more identitarians and traditionalists forward than just Western Orthodox traditionalists. Even if every bit of the political work fails, I intend for my children and their children to share that goal of keeping Western Orthodoxy alive in their hearts and homes, regardless of what’s going on outside those homes.


“What of the already confusing mix of races and nationalities already present in Russia”

That seems to bother more western WN who are aspiring Russophiles and misplace their faith on Putin as a white savior than it does Russian themselves, since it was never a problem for them and never threatened their social cohesion, never had to resort to banning language as not offend the “other”, that’s degraded Anglo stuff, that stem from your inherent racism and It was never a problem for Russians and should be non of your fucking business. Tribalism is as sick as globalism is.

Fr. John+

racism is a red herring, literally. Your terms mean nothing, other than you are a self-hating antichrist… with a foul mouth. God will judge.


Doesn’t matter either way whether any of them were of either Jewish or Christian background, they were thoroughly secular by that point.


The issue is not whether or not I am Jewish, but whether what I have typed in is true or not.


That comment does not address the issue.

Namely, that if Heimbach is claiming that Putin is putting radical traditionalist ideas into actions, then the facts contradict Heimbach’s claims.


Mr. Heimbach I think you might be a bit more favorable to Russia because Russia is more orthodox than the U.S. and you are now orthodox.

Pope Leo XIII wrote favorably about America’s founding:

“Americanism” was also identified as a heresy, however:

The U.S. is still predominantly “Christian”:
“According to a 2014 study by the Pew Research Center, 70.6% of the American population identified themselves as Christians”

Nevertheless, a lot of your criticism of the U.S. stands. But I think there is still a lot of good in the U.S. and potential to bring what has gone awry back onto the right track!


Well the Jew-controlled west is obsessed with taking Putin out, since he is clearly an obstacle to their plans so your BS and obsessions about “Holocaust Laws” doesn’t mean sh*t. You play the Jew card on Putin, you’re the one who loses.


Still does not change the fact that Putin made it illegal to justify or deny Nazi atrocities.
Face the facts. He is not on your side.


It’s a fact that that only clueless-narrow minded WN ascribe importance to that stems from their limited understanding of the world and that resistance to ZOG is reduced to Holocaust revisionism, because they don’t understand how Jewish power works and how it subverts nations, no wonder they have been kicking your ass for the last 70 years. So fail again.


Jewish power, if it exists, is limited to Israel and no further. It has not “subverted” any nation at all. If anything, Jewish identity is subverted to obedience to the national interest of the USA, in which Israel does America’s dirty work in the Middle East. So if anyone has failed, it’s you with your ridiculous conspiracy theories.


Go f*ck yourself, lying kike. Jewish power is limited to…Israel and..Putin forbidding Holocaust denial. It doesn’t get more obvious that you are a pathetic Jewish shill. You should team up with Greg Kohnson and Colin Bucuck Liddell.


The issue is not whether or I am Jewish, but whether what I have written is true.


Perhaps in the confusion you call a mind, certainly not in the real world. Jewish power “limited” to Israel is as pathetic and stupid as claiming that Jews did not exist before Israel.


Thus, I submit to you, that Jews have no more or less power over international affairs than the reptile people from another dimension.

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