Globalist Propaganda: Its Effect on the Orthodox values of Macedonia

August 6, 2015


A collection of beleaguered Orthodox Churches has played a vitally significant role in the development of Eastern European culture and society. They have established significant traditional values, moral codes, and beliefs in the frames of their respective cultures and communities that were accepted from the earliest stages in the development of the Balkan nations and were strictly important in the building of the free and prosperous nations and nation-states during the national revivals in Eastern Europe.  With the absence of those values it’s unlikely to think that the societies we see today would have existed without falling in decline.

The Slavic tribes from Macedonia, who initially settled on the Balkans between the 6th and 8th centuries AD, were among the first to accept the Orthodox faith from the neighboring Byzantine Empire. The people from Macedonia were also the first to realize that the use of local vernaculars in the preaching of doctrines and beliefs by the Church, instead of the till-then exclusive Greek language, would bring the support to the faith from the rest of the Slavic people in Europe.

To this end, two clerics from the town of Salonica, Saints Cyril and Methodius, took the roots of the Macedonian Slavic dialects and created the first all-Slavic language (today known as Old Church Slavonic). With it, they preached the Orthodox faith to Slavs from Macedonia all the way to Moravia (present-day Czech Republic), and is still used by all Slavic Orthodox churches. So, in a way, the people of Macedonia were the initial Slavic adherers to Orthodox Christianity and helped spread the values, moral codes, and ethics of the faith throughout the whole “Slavic world.” Even the first autocephalous Slavic Orthodox church, the Patriarchate of Ohrid, was founded on the territory of Macedonia by Samuil, a Bulgarian king native to Macedonia.

The long-lasting Christian tradition in Macedonia today sees a new challenge in a long series of consecutive existential threats. Maybe one that works less conspicuously than the previous, however I think brings a lot of damage, not only to the Macedonian Orthodox tradition and identity, but also the national values of other traditionalist societies on the Balkan Peninsula and in Europe.

I’m speaking, of course, about the liberal and globalist propaganda carried out by the present US government and the European Union that tries to preach its homosexual, so-called “multi-ethnic,” “democratic,” and downright destructive agenda to the people of this region. It’s interesting how the people and organizations pulling the strings of the United States government and its puppet formations like the European Union don’t want to force these ideas exclusively in their own jurisdictions, but the whole world, as it seems.

Maybe Russia adopting those laws banning homosexual propaganda and destructive Western NGOs brings some light of hope to the traditionalist nations in Europe swept under the radar of liberal propaganda machines financed by the US and the EU. However, this year, maybe more than any other since the 2001 ethnic conflict, the Orthodox Macedonians saw more escalations and tensions in their society as a consequence of the activities and influences made by these organizations. In 2015, Macedonia saw:

  • Muslim Albanian terrorist and Islamic extremists entering its borders from the disputed territory of Kosovo and engaging in deadly shootouts with the authorities in which 8 Macedonian police officers lost their lives;
  • extremely violent demonstrations and rallies with Albanian, communist, and homosexual “rainbow” flags that hospitalized 40 police officers and were organized by US financed liberal and communist groups;
  • thousands of illegal immigrants entering the country’s  southern border,  every day, destroying Macedonia’s economy and transport systems;
  • the removal of the Macedonian nationalist prime minister Nikola Gruevski from office just one year after an election that was described as “free and democratic” by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe took place.

Even though Macedonia is the only country in the world with a governing Orthodox Christian traditionalist party, the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization-Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity (VMRO-DPMNE), there are still many obstacles that prevent the current government from returning Christian values to the society after a long and destructive Communist regime.  The Party of European Socialists-backed opposition party, the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia, last year successfully brought down a government proposed change in the Constitution that would make marriage exclusively a “union between a man and a woman.”

The Orthodox community in the country, although making the vast majority of the total population, is harshly segregated in Muslim-dominated areas. Many Orthodox Macedonian settlements in Albanian-dominated regions were brought to ashes during the 2001 ethnic conflict between Muslim Albanian rebels and the Macedonian Army.

Last year, five Orthodox Christian boys were gunned down by automatic rifles by Albanian Islamists near the Macedonian capital of Skopje. Even the Kosovar insurgents that crossed the Macedonian border this year planned on attacking government institutions, Orthodox churches, and events. Those were the same people that were supplied with arms and financed by the US government during the Yugoslav wars and fought the Serbians for Kosovo.

Through the use of extremist left-wing groups and NGOs, the United States Embassies and the European Union are undoubtedly pushing a Globalist idea much to the expense of the centuries-old values and social orders of the traditions in Eastern Europe, with a sole purpose, as it seems, of creating a stateless people-less form of anarchy in which the people, ripped off their moral and religious beliefs, serve only one purpose – money.

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