Against Exclusivism: Maybe Street Activism Ain’t Your Cup of Tea

About a week ago, HipsterRacist lobbed an unprovoked attack on me because I’m not a Truther and I don’t believe Trutherism is all that politically relevant even if it were true. Consider that Harvard researchers have exhaustively confirmed with tons of credible sources that the Jewish Lobby tricked America with fabricated intelligence into a disastrous war on Iraq which cost trillions of dollars, more American lives than were lost on 9/11, and imperiled our nation’s geopolitical security. And, yet, the smoking gun didn’t matter, because “truth” doesn’t matter the way Hipster Racist and the rest of the conspiracy theory community presume that it matters.

It doesn’t matter how many documents you have if you can’t stand your ground on the street.

At this point, well over a decade after the incident, even if the smoking gun proving that Jews did WTC were uncovered, it would amount to little more than perhaps an official apology, some prominent retirements, and a few gallons of editorial squid ink framing away the incident. Power trumps truth. Truth is important, but even then one must be agile about which truths we focus on and wage battles over. There are too many fresh new battles bubbling up in the news every week to be wasting time and energy on historical revisionism.

I teased him in the comment thread of the post he ribbed me on for implying that all the different White Advocates who disagree about the details of 9/11 are themselves in on a conspiracy to discredit White Advocacy, and he goes on to attack the entire group and all of its work because I don’t personally share his Truther hobby. Most of our members and supporters reject the official story about 9/11. Even I sorta do, believing that high-ranking Western and Israeli intelligence services were probably aware of the plot and passively allowed it to happen because the incident served their agenda.

HipsterRacist has been on a jihad on par with the one Osama Bin Laden may or may not have been on ever since I poked him, posting multiple hit pieces on our entire group within the past week to get back at me. Heck, I heartily agree with some of his charges against us. Our “Lynch [abstraction]” signs included in a protest a few years ago were in poor taste, and we’ve been working on tightening up our messaging. We’ve certainly made a few mistakes in our several years of activism, spanning dozens of pro-white events and campaigns. Other issues he raises, such as our emphasis on religiosity and traditionalism are the sorts of things that I expect intelligent folks to differ on. Whatever.

But the primary thesis of his most recent hit piece, “Right in Front of Your Face,” is that street action is not merely pointless but downright counter-productive. He believes, along with most Whites, that street activism is a deeply uncool and shameful activity that’s beneath him. According to him (and most of our people unfortunately agree with his position here), people who advocate our views at public protests are all basically unsavory and narcissistic attention whores.

Often in the “White Nationalist movement” you hear certain people saying “we” need to “take it to the streets.” By this, they mean to engage in a bit of street theater called “protesting.” In this form of theater, you go out in public with a big sign and wave it around, hoping that people will look at you and your sign. The people who like to do this will tell you what they want is for people to read their sign, and agree with their “message” but if you are over the age of, say, 30, you realize that what these people really want is for people to look at *them*.

We should certainly be mindful of the need to always be improving our public activism and messaging, and to be watchful for narcissistic types who wish to make the event about themselves instead of their ideas. But politics is a public affair, and we categorically must have a robust street presence or we cease to exist. Street politics are certainly not the most important aspect of a balanced activist strategy, but they’re indispensable. All of the Internet activists and bloggers are doing great work, but there’s added value in confronting Tim Wise, in directly challenging Leftist radicals to their faces, and in intelligently participating in the timeless primate ritual of competing for territorial dominance in public spaces.

White Advocacy isn’t a conspiracy hobby, it’s a political struggle. Spreading the “truth” of our position is just one component of our struggle. It’s a critical one, but HipsterRacist doesn’t even get that right. While RamZPaul, Andrew Anglin, Paul Kersey, and numerous other identitarians are frantically scrambling to keep on top of an increasingly fruitful news cycle, HipsterRacist is stuck back in 2001. There are new conspiracies and scandals hatching every month or so.

Historical inquiry is fine and all, and historians should keep digging for the truth. But it’s decidedly more historical than political in nature, and shouldn’t be mistaken for targeted activism. As with Holocaust Revisionism, the underpants gnome logic goes that if we can spread the truth, people will care about the truth, people will be mobilized by the truth, and people will rally to our side because of the truth. Has that ever been how it works?

Unlike with 9/11, I’m pretty much a Holocaust Denier. I believe there’s a startling amount of fabrication and exaggeration that’s been demonstrated relating to the German persecution of Jewish civilians in WWII. But I don’t believe it politically matters because we don’t have the power to support our position. The Lavon Affair and USS Liberty are smoking guns, and have been exceedingly well documented, but proving they happened hasn’t achieved much for our cause.

The truth is useless if the men wielding it are powerless and politically invisible. In order for our truths to matter, we have to organize on the street. We have to build relationships of trust with normal folks at the local level. We have to physically engage the political process, demonstrate real courage, and win real fights. HipsterRacist implies that our protests are all about wasting our time protesting the antifa subculture, something we’ve never done. We challenge prominent anti-whites and stand up for white folks on contemporary issues; then the antifa show up to protest us. Organizing street resistance is profoundly difficult, but it’s important work, and we’ve been iteratively improving at managing the complete lifecycle of street action with each successive demonstration.

According to HipsterRacist, we make unsavory fools of ourselves at street actions. “I’m going to find unattractive and angry looking men and cover them harassing normal looking women.” We’ve never harassed normal looking women, and we’re even generally polite to the abnormal leftist women who show up to oppose us. At the SlutWalk Protest he’s referring to, our protesters were specifically ordered to be mild and friendly in their approach, and they remained so. He’s just making stuff up about the nature and tone of our street action.

He’s correct that the street action achieves media coverage, but his inference that we’re somehow stealing attention from well-spoken academics like Jared Taylor and Kevin MacDonald is false. We’re creating new attention for our cause which eventually leads people to learn more about Jared Taylor and Kevin MacDonald. Our campus activism has successfully created news stories about White resistance to discrimination which wouldn’t have otherwise existed, and we’ll continue doing that, because it works.

Brilliant professors and scholarly ideologues eloquently stating our position are great, and they should receive as much attention as possible, but the news cycle is something we must be actively injecting ourselves into, not a force of nature we must passively wait around for, hoping for it to include us. We must make news. Heimbach is indeed more controversial and polarizing than most other advocates, and that’s a feature, not a bug. Showmanship and boldness matter in politics, and the academics and engineers in the Truther movement would be nowhere without Alex Jones, his confrontational style, and his street confrontations.

Ultimately, HipsterRacist is guilty of what I call “exclusivism,” the notion that there’s one exclusive message which must be delivered by one exclusive faction in one exclusive manner, to the exclusion of all else. He can’t merely settle for not signing up for or supporting TradYouth because he prefers a more secular and conspiratorial tone. No. We must be stopped, because we’re supposedly ruining it for everybody else.

Exclusivism is especially insidious because it prescribes investing the majority of our time and energy in doing what he’s doing, which is attacking and defaming fellow White Advocates. Personally, I don’t think 9/11 Truth is all that useful, but I leave them be and I even respect that there’s an audience out there for whom that messaging resonates. Our religiosity gives him the creeps, and he claims to speak for everybody when he insists that the traditionalist tone gives people the creeps. Personally, I’m creeped out by conspiracy culture, its penis pills, water filters, hokey Illuminati imagery, and wild-eyed paranoid disposition.

It ain’t my cup of tea, but I’m not going to knock it out of his hand.


Matt Parrott


We’ll never come off as sharp as anonymous critics who would be doing everything flawlessly and successfully if they could be bothered to do anything at all.

Matt Parrott

HipsterRacist responded, “Parrott Responds To Me Calling Him a Liar by Lying More.”

First thing, right off the bat, Parrott lies.

This is a pretty bold and direct charge. What lie did I get caught in?

He says I called him out because he’s not a 9/11 truther. But of course, that’s a lie. Richard Spender, Hunter Wallace, and Gregory Hood are not 9/11 truthers, and I never called them out, did I?

Here’s the line I drew that conclusion from in the first in the anti-TradYouth series, “I see that Matt Parrott now does religious-themed LARP-ing with that Matt Heimback guy and also writes for Counter Currents once in a while. Matt Parrott is also anti-9/11 truth.”

He brought me into this because I’m not a Truther. Readers can decide for themselves whether I lied here.

Parrott calls you a “conspiracy theorist” if you notice his multi-year pattern of “mistakes” and outright lies.

I didn’t come out of left field with this claim. The original topic of this back and forth is 9/11. I don’t bring up 9/11 on my own, even when I’m wound up at somebody.

Greg Johnson is a tougher nut to crack because he’s actually smart and effective, unlike Parrott and Heimbach, who are simply attention-seeking costume clowns.

The vast majority of our activism has been in our regular clothes, and the closest we’ve come to ever wearing “costumes” is donning armbands at a couple events, which look rather snappy. If I’m doing this for attention, I’m certainly using the wrong end of the wedge, as the clear majority of my activist work is in web programming, editing, back office paperwork, and other geek stuff.

Before Parrott makes up wild “conspiracy” claims again – let me be clear. Parrott is not in any “conspiracy.” The media is in a “conspiracy” to find and publicize narcissistic idiots like Parrott and Heimbach and show them on the TV precisely because it makes White people look bad.

HipsterRacist is trying to walk back his remark where he directly implied malicious intent on our part. If we make White people look bad, it’s not showing up in the generally favorable responses to our work in social media and other venues where those metrics can be discerned.

By all the metrics we have access to, we’re being quite successful in reaching large audiences and successfully transmitting solid and simple pro-white talking points when we achieve access to those audiences.

Heimbach gives speeches about reinstating a monarchy and LARPs as a “Legionaire.”

Radical Traditionalist themes are the ones connecting with the younger dissident audiences we’re targeting. We certainly miss the mark with secular middle-aged conspiracy theorists, which is not the demographic we’re shooting for. Monarchism, spiritual warfare, and spirited militance works. And contrary to what HipsterRacist implies, we leverage the media microphone to deliver simple and direct advocacy, as evidenced by Heimbach’s most recent mainstream media interview.

The myth that we’re going around distracting from White Advocacy with religious radicalism is a canard which doesn’t hold up to a review of what we’re actually doing. We are militant. We are religious. Many of us are monarchists and religious radicals. But our work is not as tone deaf relative to the relevant audiences as HipsterRacist would have one believe.

Simply compare and contrast the idiocy (and utterly insincere religious posturing) at TradYouth vs. the smart and effective activism coming from everywhere else.

Circling back to my original point, he implies that we all have to choose between our supposedly idiotic and insincere work and everybody else’s. Our rapid growth speaks for itself. By all the metrics I have access to, and I try to be highly responsive to metrics, we’re doing quite well.


I’m with you Matt who cares about 9/11 truth, it really doesn’t matter, that was over 14 years ago. Do we really need Alex Jones types on our side? I think not.


Homosexuals like this Hipster Racist are empowered by the lack of martial virtue in the modern West. If he knew the price of lack-luster bloviation was a possible duel, he’d be far less adamant about his criticisms.

As it is, even if challenged, he’d never accept.

Web anonymity and disassociative retardation, for the win!


While truthers are goofasses, the disinfo some of them put out doesn’t take away from the fact that WTC 7 collapsed yet was never hit with a plane. And all the circumstantial evidence puts Jews and nothing but Jews at the scene of the crime or obviously showing signs that they knew it was going to happen.

Truthers were taken over by InfoWars hucksters, but that doesn’t mean 9/11 isn’t a pack of lies. Is it worth debating? At this point it’s virtually common knowledge that what they said happened on 9/11 is not true, so when talking about it, it’s best to simply assert this naturally and matter of factly rather than going off on 20 page screeds about nano thermite and how Larry Silverstein said “PULL IT”.

Light Division

Anyone who publicly stands with Christ will be persecuted by a certain segment of the population. This has been true since the Lord walked the earth, and I suspect it shall remain true until He comes again. Ezekiel 25:17 comes to mind, the Pulp Fiction verse. You guys at TradYouth seem to attract the ire of both “friend” and foe. This is probably a sign that you’re doing something right.

While I don’t share your Orthodox faith, I absolutely love the fact that you’re unabashed Christian warriors who publicly stand up for Faith, Family, and Folk (a great motto, btw). I probably speak for many readers when I say that you make a lot of us think long and hard about our own involvement, or lack thereof.

And critically (to me, anyway), you guys approach the Jewish question/problem in the proper manner– that Jews are the spiritual enemy, truly anti-Christ and anti-Christian since breaking their covenant with God, and should be treated as such. I’m always suspicious of anti-Semitic non-believers, because if they truly reject Christ and Christianity, as the Jews do, then what exactly do they have against the Jews? Jealousy/bitterness because of their success? And do these people really think Jews are biologically deviant and/or evil, with no Satanic influence involved? Again, I’m mistrustful of these types, and yet I enjoy consuming media that frankly discusses the Jewish subversion of Western civilization, because I believe it’s the great untold truth of our time. So thank you– both for your physical activism and for approaching such a critical matter in what I believe is the only proper manner.

btw I know nothing about “HipsterRacist”. Guess I’m not hip enough.


I have always suspected that Jews were responsible for the 9/11 attacks. The consequences and outcomes of that globe- and history-altering event aligned with Jewry’s aims just a little too well on numerous issues. But there is the problem of what can be proven. One should never go beyond evidence because it invites being discredited. Reasonable suspicions aren’t proof. Their direct, hands-on involvement in the attacks is certainly plausible, but there is just not enough out there to prove it. That said, I don’t know what version of trutherism this man promotes, so I can’t comment on it.

Ed Edgerton

I agree about exclusivism.

I didn’t give the “truther” view of 9/11 much thought until I had already been consciously pro-white for a number of years. My gateway to the “truther” perspective was through Red Ice Radio.

Early on, while I was becoming pro-white, an important question for me was “why is this happening?”. In other words, why are whites doing what no other race or ethnic group has ever done in seemingly choosing to give up their entire civilization and racial existence? There is a first level answer that has to do with racial characteristics and historical circumstances. The second level answer (for me anyway) is to understand the special role of of Jews in this process.

Now, here is a question some of us might want to consider. Is there a third level answer? What sort of force/entity could pull off a deception like 9/11? If the truthers are right and the official story of 19 hijackers is wrong, then U.S government personnel at the highest levels must have been involved. How could something like this be kept secret? I think it is worth considering.


If I don’t get censored here, I’ll chime in that Hipster’s attacks were uncouth and supercilious. I happen to agree with him on most points of conspiracy realism, and vehemtnly decry pro-white’s reckless and suspicious repression of it. His tone and some basic assertions were serious fouls, however. But who cares what X chromosomes think on these issues.

Matt Parrott

We let just about everything go up here.

I happen to agree with him on most points of conspiracy realism, and vehemently decry pro-white’s reckless and suspicious repression of it.

I don’t feel that I repress it at all. YMMV.

But who cares what X chromosomes think on these issues.

Oh. Hrm. That puts the repetitive complaints that we’re not sexy in context.


Thoughts on “Did Israel’s Mossad do 9/11”? “bro” nate:

Well, I don’t self-identify as a “Truther”, but there are many things wrong with the “official 9/11 report”. It’s not clear who exactly did 9/11 and all of what happened but I agree with the above video. You may know all the details but I will recall a few off the top of my head: more money was spent on Cilnton’s trials than the official 9/11 report. The U.S. air force was doing “war games” that day and there were like 4 planes available to protect the U.S. Building 7 wasn’t hit by a plane and fell down; Larry Silverstein profited from the buildings’ demise by insurance claims and has now built new, better buildings – he also said on TV they decided to “pull” the building, demolition term for bring it down by explosives. The meme “jet fuel can’t melt steel beams” comes to mind – those buildings were built to withstand an attack. Also, they fell at free-fall speed and directly down like a controlled demolition rather than topple over to the left or right.

I agree with you though that in order to work on some goals like preserving heritage, it does not require that one believe that the 9/11 official story is incorrect. In fact, many “good movements” today are sidetracked by issues which aren’t related to the main focus/goal/movement, so it’s good to bring up how “exclusivism” as you term it, is indeed a problem which leads to “divide and conquering” of a movement.

The 9/11 Truther movement is important to some people because it started them thinking about alternative views – a lot of people saw what happened and how it was explained and that it didn’t make sense, and so videos like “Loose Change” or Infowars videos got them started into the patriot or libertarian movements and so on, along with the Patriot Act being passed. A lot of these things happened simultaneously, so “Trutherism” kind of got caught up as being part of “dogma” or “creed”, if you will, of being part of some of these “alternative” groups.

It’s a bummer HipsterRacist wanted to attack you personally rather than your ideas and try to explain why 9/11 Trutherism is true!

There is a point to be made that a lot of “sign waving” and “protesting” is for naught and can be political theater. Writing letters to the editor and getting elected to political office can be examples of perhaps more effective actions. On the other hand, some “protesting” can be done to intentionally or unintentionally discredit a movement – like the Westboro Baptist church’s protest of homosexual funerals. So I think HipsterRacist had something good to say in that one should try to best use one’s resources, and if protesting to make sure to do it well so it doesn’t backfire.

Ezra Pound

If someone can just give me an intelligible account that is consistent with the known laws of physics of how the buildings actually collapsed, then I am fully willing to accept the official narrative about jet fuel and box-cutters. No one has yet done that. While I can’t pretend to know what happened on 9/11, what I can say for sure is that the official narrative, as it currently stands, is a obviously a pack of lies, even if solely by omission. If anyone out there truly believes unconditionally in the official 9/11 story, please contact me because I have a big, beautiful bridge in Brooklyn to sell you, cheap.

Matt Parrott

HipsterRacist just won’t let it go, Traditionalist Youth Network Harasses Waitress.

Notice this guy Robert Ransdell.

HipsterRacist spends about half of the post shitting on Ransdell for his “With Jews You Lose” senate campaign. First, Ransdell is not a member of TradYouth and strongly disagrees with core aspects of our platform. We do indeed ally with and support a broad variety of identitarians and we won’t apologize for doing that, or apologize on behalf of Ransdell for supposedly being tone deaf with his messaging.

Whatever you think of his senate campaign, Ransdell was confident, courageous, informed, and eloquent at the event shown in the video. He shouted down the anti-whites with relevant facts and played a pivotal part in making the event successful.

Now look at tubby, unattractive Matt Heimbach pathetically attempt to flirt with this waitress. The woman is on the clock. She’s wearing her uniform. She HAS to be polite. So she sits there listening as Robert Randsdell explains to her what a “dindu” is.

We turned the camera on after she asked us to stop while we were walking down the sidewalk. While reflexively panicking at the thought of sharing our ideas with normal folks confirms what a pissy little faggot HipsterRacist is, we’re not even guilty of the “social crime” of bothering strangers with our political ideals. She bothered us for our political ideals, and continued asking open questions until her manager pulled her away.

The best thing that Traditional Youth Network, Matt Parrot, Matt Heimbach and Robert Ransdell could do for the White movement is SHUT THE FUCK UP.

According to autistic hipsters, everyone who’s insufficiently stylish and secular must SHUT THE FUCK UP. According to religious exclusivists, everyone who’s working with or allying with people who don’t belong to their denomination must SHUT THE FUCK UP. According to the paleocons, everybody who addresses Jewish Power must SHUT THE FUCK UP. And on and on and on.

Personally, I wish exclusivist poseurs on all sides would SHUT THE FUCK UP.

But they will NEVER do that, because the cause of White people isn’t what they care about.These are “theatrical” people.

He deliberately ignored the firm fact that the overwhelming majority of our activism is not street action. Once every couple months, we mix in some street action with our writing, our networking, and our local organizing. What’s amusing about this is that we get just as many haters claiming that we’re cowardly basement losers.

Exactly how we suck is contradictory, inconsistent, and shifts to fit the narrative of the respective hater, with the only consistent theme coursing throughout all the haters screeds is the unified conviction that we are fat and ugly.

If you happen to believe White people should be allowed to have their own nation – good. But that is no reason you have to accept these clowns as legitimate spokespeople for the cause.

Then go do your own speaking for the cause. We all acknowledge that this effort can only succeed as a broad, diverse, ecumenical effort. Plenty of folks don’t like our messaging, and we respect that. Go do your own thing.

Do you think any of these people have the introspection to even ASK themselves the question: “do my public performances help or hurt my cause?”

You act like being the most prominent activists is some kind of job we signed up for on Craigslist, rather than something we earned by working and fighting harder than others. If there are more homoerotic guys who are better suited to speaking up for White people, then I hope they speak up as loud as possible. And if they speak up so effectively that they drown us out and we’re no longer so prominent, then so be it.

He can’t even get his fat ass down to the gym.

He goes to the gym regularly, actually. He’s a stocky guy.

In any case, my guess is that Robert Ransdell is the “handler.” He’s the fully conscious one that knows what he’s doing. Parrott, Heimbach, and the little blonde midget guy are the suckers. They are driven by oversized egos and extreme narcissism which makes it EASY AS PIE for Ransdell to manipulate them.

True to form, HipsterRacist sinks back to doing what he always does. He’s discovered the nefarious conspiracy afoot! Robert Ransdell, who we only started working with regularly when we moved to Ohio a few months ago, is the man behind the curtain, the mastermind with an elaborate scheme.


Then again, I’ve been observing these people for over five years now and since I wasn’t born yesterday it’s perfectly obvious to me what is going on.

HipsterRacist is hip to the conspiracy deets because he reads Occidental Dissent.

No one should take this as a “friendly-fire attack” on Parrott or the youth network. I have nothing to do with those people. I am not in any sort of “movement” with those people.


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