Leftist Father Vows to Take Revenge on Gun that Killed his Daughter

The media cover-up of Black-on-White crime is so blatant and pervasive that you’ve pretty much got to walk up to the media while they’re filming and shoot them live on camera to get any coverage. Even then, it’s necessary to film a backup copy yourself and publish it directly to your social media account, then send a series of faxes and tweets clearly and directly stating that you’re committing a racially motivated hate crime against Whites.

After going through all that trouble to get the point across, surely the media and greater public will pay some long-overdue attention to the fact that Black-on-White violence is pervasive and epidemic, with Black males committing over 90% of the interracial murders and over half of all murders, despite being less than a tenth of the population?


In fact, even the father of the victim will keep plugging his ears and pretending that it’s really just some minor policy issue, that the killers aren’t accountable for their killings, but rather their instruments of choice. Andy Parker, the liberal politician whose daughter was mercilessly gunned down by a Black man boiling over with racial hatred of White people, is going to respond to the tragic death of his intelligent and beautiful daughter by ensuring that future victims are slaughtered less efficiently and effectively, perhaps with the knives and blunt force objects South Africa’s Blacks more frequently rely upon due to their strict gun control policies.

Perhaps after we ban guns, we’ll need to ban tires shortly thereafter.

I try to step out of the political back-and-forth and attempt to empathize with multiculturalists from time to time. Try to imagine how much conditioning, self-delusion, and social dread one must feel in order to continue pretending away the obvious problem of Black criminality when even one’s own flesh and blood has succumbed to it before your very eyes.

And Mr. Parker is certainly no outlier. A typical response to Black-on-White rape is to turn against the phantasm of “rape culture” in innocuous White fraternities. A typical response to being displaced and politically cuckolded by minority and immigrant populations redistributing one’s wealth is to retreat into libertarianism, deluding oneself into thinking that some impotent abstractions are going to serve as more than a mere fig leaf against the timeless phenomenon of inter-tribal resource competition.

“I’ve got to do something going forward that makes her life meaningful and will always be with me. And this is the way to do it,” Parker told AP in an interview earlier this week.

Demand that Obama and the political system respond at least as forcefully to the statistically real problem of Black-on-White violence in America as it does to the statistically irrelevant problem of White-on-Black violence. Better yet, demand that both Whites and Blacks be allowed to self-segregate into distinct and autonomous communities which would allow the potential victims to find safe harbor from the escalating racial strife and negate the stated motives of both the Charleston and WDBJ killers.

Make Alison’s life meaningful by demanding that the rest of the media and the federal government cool it on the rhetoric that fueled Bryce’s descent into a paranoid fever of vengeful mayhem. Make Alison’s life meaningful by making this a turning point where we stop having a fruitless and interminable conversation about “gun crime” and start having a conversation about racial discord, searching for pragmatic ways to ameliorate it.

In the wake of Dylann Roof’s horrific crime, the flag he claimed was summarily torn down and set on fire. The Black homosexual’s rainbow flag will receive no such opprobrium or vilification. In the wake of Dylann Roof’s horrific crime, peaceful White Advocates were stalked, harassed, and threatened to a positively criminal degree for the supposed similarity of their ideas to Roof’s. The Black homosexual’s ideas won’t be challenged in the wake of his very calculated, lucid, and politically-oriented crime. Hell, the Black homosexual himself is already excused as having supposedly been mentally ill.

The guilt has been firmly planted on the junk pistol he relied upon to realize his political goals, even by the victim’s own brainwashed father.

“Each time you think there’s a tipping point, with Sandy Hook or Aurora, and nothing gets done,” he said. Parker was referring to the December 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, that killed 26 children and educators and the July 2012 killing of 12 people in a packed theater in Colorado.

Note the media’s framing. For Black-on-White crime, the motive is always supposedly “random” or “insane,” and the parallels offered are other gun crimes. Imagine a media where the slant went as follows…

“Each time you think there’s a tipping point, with the Knoxville Massacre or the Snader Sister Slaughter, and nothing gets done about Black-on-White crime…”

You’ll never see it framed that way, of course. While I reject the conspiratorial claims that many of these tragedies are staged to push the elites’ agenda to disarm the American public, there’s no doubt that there’s an open conspiracy to exploit each and every tragedy to insure that folks of  both races, White and Black alike, are less capable of defending themselves against both federal tyranny and escalating interracial violence. Never will you see this government or its media or the men like Andy Parker who are deeply enmeshed in the government and media’s elite circles addressing the root problem. You’ll never hear them admit that America’s approach to racial diversity–forcing them to integrate and encouraging minorities and immigrants to blame Whites for their disappointments and frustrations, are fueling this death spiral of escalating interracial tension.


Charles Edward Lincoln, III

While I totally agree with you that segregation is the best solution, I’d say that (a) your statement doesn’t go as far as we need to go towards selling segregation both to the (politically left-leaning) majority and reachable (i.e. not totally brainwashed) elite and (b) I cannot comprehend why you are unwilling to see the “visible hand” of government/pro-government operatives in most, if not all, of the well-staged and well-planned “tragedies” that happen with such regularity (roughly every two months, major events every six months) in the USA Today. With regard to the first point, I think we White Conservatives have not taken the necessary initiative to emphasize why segregation was and will always be better for blacks, Hispanics, and whites (there’s really no need to persuade the Asians—they already practice self-segregation in many parts of the country). In my opinion, the way to sell blacks (and liberals) on segregation is to give blacks complete jurisdiction over their own people so long as they DO maintain segregation. I envision all black areas with all black police, juries, and judges, where white people will not want to go because they will be in the minority. This is the only way to make “separate but equal” a reality—and “REALLY separate but REALLY equal” is the only way to sell a new segregation, politically. I would offer a trade: no more whiteman’s justice and prisons in exchange for no more welfare subsidies. The black communities I envision will be free to compete with white communities.

Louis Marschalko

We established a community in Central Florida of, by and for the negro. It is called Eatonville. It still exists, right outside of Orlando. The idea was, and is, self-determination and autonomy. Crime, poverty, lack of ambition, municipal corruption, etc., etc., have proven to be limiting factors. But what else ya gonna do?

Charles Edward Lincoln, III

I would certainly like to know more about this Eatonville experiment. But unless it were freed from the “Uncle Sam’s Cabin” welfare nothing-growing, nothing-producing plantation mentality of the surrrounding world, unless it were excluded from the general jurisdiction of the “enabling” society as a whole, it is not what I am suggesting. What I envision is an empowering return to the concept of “separate developmemt” (apartheid) which made the Republic of South Africa thegreatest nation on all the Dark Continent until the tragic events of 1993-1994.

Charles Edward Lincoln, III

Talk about a video with no emotional or contextual credibility. I don’t know who produced this but it doesn’t feel very real to me. Any “African American” (at least any African-American not currently in jail or on probation) who wants to go back to Africa is certainly free to go, if they have the money to do so, but once they get there, I’m guessing they come back fairly quickly…. I really don’t know what to make of that video….. How many blacks would really trade the South Side of Chicago or South Central L.A. for Liberia? Rwanda? Burundi? that great urban Paradise known as Lagos, Nigeria? Non Credo. Den Pistevo. Ich glaube es nicht…. Je ne crois pas. Lo veo pero no lo creo.

Louis Marschalko

I think it’s a parody. It challenges the viewer to ask, “If you are so oppressed in USA, as you keep telling us that you are, why don’t you leave for a place where you will be treated better? And if you choose to remain, can it really be as bad here as you would have us believe?”

Charles Edward Lincoln, III

Well, some parodies are funny. This one is just kind of lame…. The best part of Africa is South Africa, and it’s the only part of Africa where Black Americans might find the level of comfort and development to which they are accustomed. So, if there were only the political will to do it, we could have a “population swap” where we take all South Africa’s whites and they get all of our blacks and mulattoes. It’s about as likely as a real Jurassic World Park going up with live genetically regenerated Dinosaurs in our lifetime…. but as at least one Blondie has taught us, “dreaming is free”….


Gun control isn’t about public safety, it’s goy control to make sure average people are unarmed when whites are pushed against the wall by the Jewish controlled government they will have no means to defend themselves. That’s why despite the overwhelming majority of gun crime being done with illegally owned handguns, the Jew gun-grabbers always aim to take away assault rifles and military-grade automatic weapons.

With that said, Americans that constantly talk about how their guns are going to defend their freedumb are silly goofs. There’s a good chance the government will let them keep their guns because they know that no matter how bad or oppressive things get, they will use them as they always have: as a collectible, customizable toy to shoot targets and make lots of noise with, rather than an instrument to protect your freedom and dignity.

Louis Marschalko

What do we know about Andy Parker? He speaks like a media savvy person. Is he an actor, maybe? He looks kinda jewish to me. Dunno?!?

Charles Edward Lincoln, III

This certainly supports MY position, but it doesn’t really support what Matt Parrott’s position that, “…I reject the conspiratorial claims that many of these tragedies
are staged to push the elites’ agenda to disarm the American public…” I would say that failure to acknowledge the staging of these acts of violence, from 9-11 to Aurora to Sandy Hook to Charleston, is willful blindness that simply plays into the hands of those who want us to believe that the world is such an irrationally dangerous place that we must welcome a Police State as protection. Now admittedly, real Police States such as Franco’s Spain (in times of peace, and there were close to 35 years of peace after the Spanish Civil War was resolved in favor of the Fascists) may not have been such bad places to live…. but I, for one, don’t want to go blindly into the future believing these stories that are clearly incredible, and utterly unbelievable…

Ed Edgerton

It is an ambiguous situation. I think it is unwise to categorically reject the possibility that some of these events were staged. In an interview on the Political Cesspool, Paul Fromm said he wasn’t sure whether the Charleston shooting event was genuine. That seems like a more reasonable attitude.

Charles Edward Lincoln, III

I certainly admit that none of us on the outside who weren’t actually involved can be absolutely certain of anything. But the patterns and the circumstances are so strongly suggestive:

(1) there are murders scattered around the United States every day;

(2) only a very few of these murders, at regularly spaced intervals, draw massive media attention;

(3) those that do draw attention are invariably used as tools of propaganda in favor of Gun Control and Increase Police Surveillance of the Population generally;

(4) the theme of the “lone gunman” (which started with Lee Harvey Oswald) has gotten old, but it is one most outstanding unifying characteristic of all these events;

(5) except for the Boston Marathon “event”, and apparently the recent Virginia on-air event, all the suspects are young white males, who have no accomplices;

(6) this is exactly the opposite profile of most “ordinary” murders which arise either from domestic family disputes or gang activity, mostly among non-whites/non-Asians;

(7) the coordination of huge media attention and the lack of media focus on obvious questions, such as the suspect’s seemingly constant drugged out bug-eyed look during the arrest and early hearing on the Aurora “Batman” cinema killings;

(8) oh yeah, unlike most murders, these murders get solved VERY quickly and arrests made very promptly and without incident, and there’s almost never any real doubt that the Police have arrested the “right” suspect;

(9) the investigation of the crimes that get national propaganda publicity never focuses on facts and rarely receives any media attention, again, unlike, say, the OJ Simpson murder case, just to name a really major “unplanned, unstaged” event.

Anyhow, my respect for Paul Fromm knows no boundaries, but I can’t possibly explain why he or Matt Parrott would hesitate to classify Charleston and Dylan Storm Roof as a staged event.

(1) Just the fact that he’s got STORM in his name sounds staged to me (I do know exactly one person in the whole world named Storm, and although he’s definitely white, he’s not associated with any right wing ideology at all, in fact he’s kind of a pro-bank, pro-establishment guy);

(2) Charleston murders took place in the summer of the sesquicentennial of the end of the “American Civil War”,

(3) In a historic sector and extremely old, historic, early 19th century Church City where that war began,

(4) by an attack on the most conservative and respectable black people imaginable, at one of the most conservative and respectable and ideologically, definitionally SEGREGATED black Churches (seriously, “African Methodist Episcopal”?)

(5) From the standpoint of a truly fanatic White Nationalist, one capable of murder, I think it’s obvious that the AME is just about the LAST GROUP in the Universe he would ever attack; a real White Nationalist would go for making a statement by trying to kill potentially objectionable black people at an all-rap bar in the Ghetto or something (I have visited such places in South Central LA & Watts, so I know they exist, and they ARE extremely objectionable from the standpoint of even the most liberal middle class values….);

(6) the conversation reported before Dylan Storm Roof started shooting included lines like, “You don’t have to do this,” “oh yes I do, because blacks (like those who go to the AME) rape, rob, and murder.” I’m not saying this is brilliant script-writing, but it’s not even remotely the sort of thing even the most deranged person would be expected to say under the circumstances.

(7) No one at the AME really physically resisted or tried to stop this from happening. This is NOT typical behavior in a crisis situation….

(8) So Dylan Storm Roof left the scene of a heinous crime unobstructed, but when he was found and approached, didn’t deny he was involved and surrendered so easily that the arresting officers took him for a hamburger at Burger King. Really? Totally normal arrest routine? NOT! Not even for the mildest-mannered white collar criminal, never mind a suspect believed to have killed nine….

(9) All the photographs of Dylan Storm Roof look so awkward and posed. The Confederate Flag, the Republic of South Africa Tri-Color three-state Flag, the Rhodesian Flag. Teenagers or young adults “acting out” usually have a little more flare if they’re doing outrageous poses. And people who really are racists don’t usually have tons of black friends on Facebook.

So in short summary—it would take a LOT for me ever to believe that Charleston was not the MOST staged, the MOST artificial, and the MOST utterly unbelievable staged event—until this latest in Virginia where the morning newscaster’s Dad and Boyfriend seem so comfortable within a day or so after the murder…. as to be utterly beyond belief.

Sorry for the long screed….but it is important to focus on the details…!

Ed Edgerton

Anyhow, my respect for Paul Fromm knows no boundaries, but I can’t possibly explain why he or Matt Parrott would hesitate to classify Charleston and Dylan Storm Roof as a staged event.

There is a difference. Paul Fromm says up front that he is unsure either way, while Matt Parrott seems to be outright rejecting the possibility that Charleston was staged.

Charles Edward Lincoln, III

I think that the sooner we accept that “all the world’s a stage”, the sooner we will be able to start writing the script the way WE want it with the right outcome for us. To the degree that we think that there is any possibility that Dylan Storm Roof was really “one of us”, we are admitting self-doubt and a lack of confidence in the inherent justice and righteousness of our cause. I simply do not accept that possibility. Members of my great-great grandparental generation were members of the First Klan and similar groups. There are records of what they did and not all of it is really squeaky clean and pretty—because Guerilla Warfare against a powerful occupying force and recently freed slaves is just not conducive to “pretty situations.” But I am not the least bit ashamed of anything they did, in fact I am proud of their love of family, home, and freedom that made them act as they did, because I know that the situation in the Reconstruction South was just horrible.


Two ways we can go about this, either dramatize the gun control position to make it seem extreme and illogical, or everyone could argue that they’re a special case and need protection like the father does now, and eventually everyone realizes they’re a “special case that needs protection”.


I have guns myself and live in Roanoke, Virginia. As does half the population. I also lived with an ex boyfriend that semi automatic rifles in the apartment. I never felt totally safe as a woman.

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