Idols demand blood

originalThe series of shootings in public places over the last couple of years are related by much, much more than the simple fact that the each of the shooters were frustrated and angry men lashing out at the world.  The men who went out and shot up these places were sociopathic, mentally ill or just plain old crazy.  There’s no two ways about it.  You’d have to be nuts to just pick up a gun and go shoot random people.

However, there is some significance to this phenomenon.  Think about where these shootings have occured.  Adam Lanza shot up a school.  James Holmes attacked people in a movie theatre.  Dylan Roof attacked black people in a Church.  Americans, most of us, worship the almighty dollar, decadent consumerism and cosmopolitan multiculturalism. Movie theatres, shopping malls and colleges become our holy sites where we “religiously” spend money and the shrine upon which we sacrifice white identity.

American society is paying the price for the new religion of Liberalism, too.  The good news is that our Idols of Liberalism are not miserly in their gifts.  They comfort and pleasure us to wild abandon.  The bad news is they will demand a blood payment for services and products rendered.  These Idols are not picky about who pays, but they will get their pound of flesh.

These sites of decadent consumer pleasures and all-validating bad religion are where “unexplained” occurrences of mass shootings and violence are happening, and they’re also some of the most stringently “no guns allowed” places.  Obviously, the “no guns allowed” signs aren’t deterring any of these shootings, so why do they keep happening there?

What if all of the theatre, shopping mall and church shootings weren’t related only by virtue of them each being a “target rich environment” and the shooter being a pissed off white (or white-ish) guy, but because each of these attacks were a person’s violent rejection of our perverse religion of consumerism and anti-identity politics?  That’s what starts to give these shootings a stronger and more more cohesive narrative.

“Holy” places here are sites in which society has deemed that we are not allowed to commit any violence.  G.K. Chesterton said it best when he opined that nobody ever came to an agreement with another person by saying “I will not hit you if you will not hit me,” rather people come to an agreement that they “must not hit each other in the holy place.”  The inverse of this holds true as well.  White people, land and space bearing significant value to white culture and identity and spaces or places where white people gather are all “fair game” for ethnic cleansing and destruction.  White kids get shot by black cops, white pizza delivery drivers are stabbed to death by black kids and white women are victim to black violence and nobody cares.  One black thug runs at a cop in the middle of the street after robbing a store and his face is in the news for the last year.

Black-on-white crime is at an astronomically high level.  State-sponsored homo-fascism drives businesses into bankruptcy or into violating their religious conscience and convictions.  Marriage in Modernity is one big sorry affair comprising broken marriages on the one hand and failure to find lasting relationships on the other.  Illegal immigrants are entering, re-entering and terrorizing border-states while white communities are powerless to do jack shit about it.  Men and women of all ages are destroying their communities with pathological altruism, negrophilia and such an extreme compulsion to engage with all things non-white that Ash Ketchum would blush.

The most recent of these shootings was Dylan Roof.  Roof shot up an AME church in Charleston, South Carolina.  His motivation for doing so was plainly written on  Roof felt that white identity was universally under attack, and it is.  What he did to resolve this problem was inappropriate to say the least.  But, look at the metaphysical significance of his attack: He was trying to destroy a holy site to which anti-white Americans kowtow.  Roof and others were broken by a viciously anti-white society and they exploded on the public in the only way they knew how.  Destroying the “holy places” held up by anti-white Americans as a means of winning support or positive awareness for white people is similar to forced religious conversions: temporary, insincere and rejected by pious men of any cloth.  So, there you have it.  One more reason to condemn Roof’s violence as well as that from other young white men.

There is an entire young generation that knows more about Harry-fucking-Potter and the Hogwarts academy than they do about Christianity. Young people know more about those damned Kardashians than they do about what’s happening in politics. People today are more eager to get a new iPhone than to make an honest tithe.  Our Idols of multiculturalism are skinning our youth alive.  Young men are breaking under the strain of a society that hates them.  They should indeed be punished when they fail to submit to proper authority, but it is also our responsibility to lift them up, to help and encourage them to live a Heroic life.



Ben Garrison just emailed me pissed about people using photoshopped versions of his cartoons like you just did.

He told me to post the original instead so that his reputation won’t suffer:


Yes, they’re fake. And only tools or dedicated shills wouldn’t figure this out. I counsel all white americans to jump ship. Get out while you still can. Some european countries have the potential to fight and possibly win something at least. Some might consider that only banana republics will afford some vestige of freedom. But get out soon is what I say to middle class whites. Your future and kids’ futures have been determined. We are only months away from the full sovietization of the US.

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