Traditionalist Youth Network to Demand #WhiteLivesMatter

 Cincinnati Ohio

July 14th


The Traditionalist Youth Network will be assembling in front of the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati at 6:30pm to demand that hate crime charges be pressed against those who beat Christopher McKnight and left him for dead.

A mob of several dozen Black youths targeted Christopher McKnight, a White man, because of his race, in an assault that left him with a concussion, a broken nose and severe injuries to his face. The police officer at the scene deemed in his incident report this attack was “anti-white” violence.

The fact that no hate crime or attempted murder charges have been filed in the Christopher McKnight beating case, the brutal attack of Pat Mahaney in North College Hill in 2012, and countless unreported violent assaults in Cincinnati show that there is a clear double standard in prosecution for hate crimes and media attention of crimes in Cincinnati.

This protest will be demanding that our State and local government stop bowing to political correctness and prosecute criminals based on their offences, not giving special treatment based on race to how the law is applied.

The Traditionalist Youth Network is a Traditionalist organization that seeks to mobilize young people in the defense of Western civilization both on college campuses and on the streets of our cities and towns. We are actively recruiting in Ohio and excited to bring our message to the people of Cincinnati.

Local organizer Matthew Heimbach can be reached through our contact form and would be happy to address the media about our message.


Swiss Kinist

I agree. But I think the point being made is, that if there are going to be “hate crimes”, then let them be applied across the board, and consistently; not just when someone white does something against a non-white, as the current situation is.

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